Scam-busting Mayor in Disguise Strikes Soft-chord with Netizens

In disguise in the market

Just a week after Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon won the hearts of netizens for his hard-line attitude towards the price-hike of Line 9, Park has hit the headlines again, for all the right reasons. In recent months, Korea has seen an sharp increase in the number of scam related complaints lodged by tourists (mainly Japanese and Chinese). Articles in both English and Korean highlighting the problem have emerged, and hidden camera reports are now being featured on the evening news reports. One of the country’s main broadcasters SBS even ran a 3-part program entitled ‘Rip-off Korea’ (‘바가지 코리아’). With all this said, Mayor Park has decided to take matters in his own hands by posing as a Japanese tourist trying to get scammed himself. Unfortunately for our favorite incognito Mayor, rather than busting the the rip-off merchants, it would seem that in the end he was seoul-ed out by the scammers. Netizens were in their thousands praising Park’s hands-on resolution to tackle the problem.

From Daum:

Mayor Park Won-soon disguised as a Japanese tourist tried to hail a ‘call-van’ but…

Park Won-soon, the Mayor of Seoul, visited a market in downtown Seoul disguised as a Japanese.

At 4PM on the 2nd of May, Park, along with his daughter, posed as Japanese tourists visiting the country, making an appearance in Jung-gu’s Nandaemun Market. His aides and journalists were also embarrassed of Park’s “Guerilla shopping trip” to the market, whose unsuspecting outfit sported a fishing hat and black rimmed glasses.

Park said the reason for him to go out in disguise was because of the rip-off prices foreigners face. But thanks to conscientious market traders Park could not experience these rip-off charges at first hand and was turned away. His master plan of camouflagerie was a flop.

Firstly, Park wanted to hail a “call-van” in Dongdaemun Market in order to investigate this so-called “call-van rip-off rate”. He waited for about a dozen minutes for a call-van, but was not able to get on one, so in the end just hailed a regular taxi. But the taxi driver only charged him the correct price.

His daughter too, who was dressed up as Omura Hitomi (aged 26), went to Nandaemun Market deciding to buy some cosmetics and a bag speaking in Japanese. Hitomi hinted that “the cosmetics were ok, but the bag, priced at 65 000 won ($65) was slightly expensive”. However Mayor Park seemed to be at ease. He said “it is a relief that the cosmetics and ginseng were sold at a fixed price”.

Park, who finished his shopping trip, returned to Seoul’s Jung-gu Myeongdong Art Theatre back into his original outfit, without anyone noticing. He removed his fishing hat exposing his head drenched in sweat.

He said the reason to go out in camouflage was that “it is often reported in the media that there are many rip-off charged [with tourists], so I thought I should go out and check it out for myself”, while adding that “it was my attempt to bust those merchants’ rip-off rates on the spot, but this did not happen.” Even so, he said that his sudden “guerrilla shopping trip” was a success.

In the meanwhile, because Park’s aides and journalists flocked to whatever spot he went to, he feared his identity would be revealed by other journalists, and after asking for their understanding held a separate news conference in front of the Myeongdong Art Theatre.

Mayor Park Won-soon in camouflage

Comments from Daum:


You really really did well choosing Park Won-soon.. He’s so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ Let’s try and pick a great guy like this as our President come December. And not another bird-brain bastard ke ke ke ke


He’s the secret royal inspector! he he He is a politician who knows how to directly divert his attention to both the livelihoods of the people and evicting corrupt officials. Mr Park, nowadays you are the only good thing to come out on the news. [History: A secret inspector was an official in disguise who was sent out by the king during the Joseon Dynasty, in order to gather information on the circumstances of the people and on local politics.]


At first, I personally thought this guy had not formally been verified and what not, but from what I’ve noticed, I really feel he does his work for the people, especially in dealing with Line 9 uncompromisingly, and for this, I once again really want to applaud him. He are a quick-thinking individual.


He’s a politician who quickly puts his words into practice!!! Both you rat and you fucking stupid conservatives from the Shit-nuri Party should take learn a lesson from this!!! Park Won-soon, live long and healthy!!!!!


It just looks like everything he does is good


That’s so cool. He is the human face of politics.


Hey Busan, Pohang, Gangwon-do!!!!!!!! You guys watching?… Oh and Daegu!!!!!! This is how to vote in elections!


Wow you guys properly selected your Mayor of Seoul.


Hey Oh Se-hoon [former Mayor of Seoul], did you see? …………. [double play on words, first being that the number 5 is pronounced ‘oh’ in Korean, and the comment’s spelling is similar to Se Hoon-a, from the boyband EXO]


Seriously, he so so cool ㅠㅜ


Dare I say but…… he’s so cute…….ke


Just wonderful. He’d make a great president….


I’m envious of Seoulites ^_^


I’m from Gyeonggi Province.. and I’m jealous…ㅠ,ㅠ


It seems you really did great in picking a mayor for Seoul~


Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Just as I expected! I hope we vote for him again next time round


It’s just that you guys did a good job in picking a mayor.. He is the only happy news I see everyday…


Park Won-soon, the secret royal inspector


Of course, if you go to experience the place at first hand, you can directly sense the reality of the place, isn’t it?.. Really wonderful guy.


You citizens of Seoul make me so happy.. ㅠ,ㅠ Ah~ jealous!!


Isn’t this how politics should be? I wish. He is 100 times better than mb.


Our mayor is so cute ke ke ke ke ke

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  • Joey

    How’s that for on-the-spot guidance?

    • are6729


      • Brett Sanbon

        Actually, while you agree with Joey, I cant help but feel he was comparing this mayor to Kim Jongil or Kim Ilsung.

    • Jack

      We need more people like him…

  • Bruce Tutty

    Now that’s how a leader does it, by example…praise for his efforts

    • acorn

      i guess his campaign pledge as a “impartial administrator of Seoul” was no bluff. He’s been diligently fulfilling his promises, a good man of action :)

    • Wang that!

      Politicians from around the world should look at his example… Mr. Park, sir, I salute you!

  • 소지섭

    We need to see photos of his daughter

    • linette

      The Koreans do that allllllll the time with the Chinese and Japanese customers. I had countless bad experiences dealing with these thieves. They always lie about the price and mark it up when they see Chinese an Japanese. They have no shame. The worst thing is when they sold you a defective items, they refuse it was their fault and won’t exchange or rectify the problem. On top of that, they lied with their eyes open making it sounds like it’s the customer’s fault.
      The China Chinese always try to sell you everything and the longer you talk to them the cheaper the price get. They are happy to sell you stuff and willing to exchange or help when there’s problem.
      The Japanese are very polite and helpful.
      The Koreans are rude and liars and always trying to cheat you for more money and give you as little as possible and are not ashamed to ask for more. They are beggars and liars. They are fake and phony…and copy cat of Japan.

      • sxx6360ees

        I’d happily cut your useless windpipe in two. Fucking cunt.

      • sxx6360ees

        Isn’t the internet great. It allows shitheads like yourself to say shit that would, in real life
        get your head cracked open.

        Hopefully you’ll suffer the same fate fucking cunt.

        Please turn to the loaded gun in your drawer, put it in your mouth, and pull the trigger,
        blowing your brains out. You’ll be doing the whole world a favor. Shitbag.

        I would love to smash your face in until it no longer resembled anything human, faggot.

        Can you please remove yourself from the gene pool? Preferably in the most painful and agonizing way possible? Retard

        Die painfully okay? Prefearbly by getting crushed to death in a
        garbage compactor, by getting your face cut to ribbons with a
        pocketknife, your head cracked open with a baseball bat, your stomach
        sliced open and your entrails spilled out, and your eyeballs ripped
        out of their sockets. Fucking bitch

        I really hope that you get curb-stomped. It’d be hilarious to see you
        begging for help, and then someone stomps on the back of your head,
        leaving you to die in horrible, agonizing pain. Faggot

        Shut the fuck up f aggot, before you get your face bashed in and cut
        to ribbons, and your throat slit.

        • linette

          A typical Korean. Hard temper and violent. That’s why you always see the Koreans always protest and set things on fire in the public. And being so barbaric they still insist they are very righteous. crazy Koreans.

          • Wang that!

            LMAO!!!! that is funny how righteous your are trying to make yourself sound.

        • ami

          What she said was ignorant but what you’re saying is psychopathic.

      • sxx6360ees

        You fucking shithead. I’d gladly smash your cranium open and let your brain matter spill out.

        • acorn

          chill dude….

      • acorn

        linette, please try to substantiate your writings with something more than bad generalisations and anecdotes – i understand it’s fun to poke fun and get some reactions out of people but at the end of the day you do want to exchange ideas/opinions with others and not just piss them off.

        or else get banned.

        it’s up to you from now on


        • linette


          Everything I wrote is based on experience and reality. You can’t handle the truth and reality of your people Koreans I can’t help you.

          I understand Koreans like all people only want people to write nice things about them. When a foreigners like me point out the truth and reality they don’t want to hear it. They want to be all cover up and nicely packaged , when it’s really rotten inside.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Linette I am also not Korean Why do you feel like you need to point out the “truth”? Is it not only to make people angry?

          • linette

            Brett Sanbon

            So a discussion forum is really not a discussion forum. This forum should be called “Forum for compliments only” site.

            Do not tell the truth and reality or state your opinion and experience or else you are offending people. I haven’t cursed out using vulgar languages like these Koreans here using vulgar words. Who is being offensive?

          • Kai

            No one is asking you to only write nice things about Koreans. What people are asking is that you “substantiate your writings with something more than bad generalisations and anecdotes”.

            Plus, if you think Koreans are hypocritical, it doesn’t help your case when you behave hypocritically as well. In this case, there are plenty of examples of Chinese merchants trying to cheat customers and providing poor customer service, refusing exchanges, etc. There are also plenty of examples of Korean merchants being honest and providing good customer service. You’re not telling the “truth and reality”, you’re making generalizations you yourself know to be false and unreasonable only makes you obnoxious. Many Koreans do this too. Do you think you’re behaving better than those people? Vulgarity is not offensive, intentional stupidity is.

          • mr. wiener

            You didn’t “curse them out” or “use vulgar language” …..?
            Ahh! enlightenment dawns. ” Beggars, liars, fakes, phoneys and thieves” are compliments where you come from, hmm?

          • Gabrielle

            “Everything I wrote is based on experience and reality. You can’t handle the truth and reality […]blah blah blah”

            The problem is that what you equate (presumably your) ‘experience’ with (general, known to everyone) ‘truth’, which is a false assumption to begin with.
            We all have different ‘experiences’, none of them are ‘truth’, they are ‘opinions’, at best.

            That mayor seems indeed nice. I hope we had a Robin Hood like that back home.
            That said, there is some trouble with scamming those days. certainely not on the “dreadful problem”‘s side, but given those kind of things spread like wildfire, it’s a good thing that the issue is tackled now.

      • Wang that!

        Please tell me what market you are referring to in China… LOL

        The cheaper price is still a rip off in China for the quality they sell.

        • linette

          Wang that:

          And the price the Korean sell is a rip off for the poor quality products they make. Price is high and poor quality products. You better off buy American and Japanese. Don’t buy Koreans. Poor quality and they NEVER stand behind their products. Once it’s sold it’s your problem not theirs.

          • Wang that!

            You are right! that is why Sony licenses Samsung’s B-Grade displays to sell in their TV’s… LOL sorry that will the last from me on this… From here on out I am going to heed my own advice I am going to type out bellow…

            I shouldn’t have generalized because it just added fuel to your hate…

            linette, you need to stop thinking shit from one smells better than shit shit from another… and just accept that everyone’s shit stinks… ^__^

            There are tons of stories that can be said about Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Singaporean, British, American, etc…

          • Tippy Long Stocking

            never had a problem with a korea product. from my phone, to my car, tv, dvd player or anything else. sick of japanese products, and definitely don’t want that overpriced bullshit known as apple. i’d rather go with something like samsung. sorry

        • linette


          Unfortunately the number of honest Korean merchant is far too small compare to dishonest merchant when it comes to Japanese and Chinese customers….or maybe even other foreigners. This article clearly point out what’s going on in reality. Now the Korean mayor has to put on a show to show us Chinese and Japanese that they are taking action on so many complaints.

          I say the safest bet from now on for the Chinese and Japanese is avoid going to South Korea or buy Koreans products so they don’t have to get so mad when they get rip off. It’s safer to buy American, Japanese, or Chinese……well, it’s American and Japanese but everything is made in China. But at least the Japanese and American stand behind their products.

          • linette


            Vulgarity is not offensive?…

            Do you want me to tell you what I think? Should I get pissed at you for making this ridiculous low IQ remark, or should I just forgive you because I expected you to think like that because….that figures…a Korean.

          • piercehawthorne

            Stop feeding the troll.

        • Linette

          What I said about the racism and how the Koreans in South Korea mis-treat and cheat foreigners are based on my experience and many of the blog goers from other sites like Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Philippines, indo,(South east Asians) and dark skin people. We share discussions on Topics.
          I love all my multicultural friends.
          We came to conclusions that when Koreans see Chinese and Japanese = $$$$
          When they see south east Asians and dark skinned people = second class
          However the Koreans worship White people and kiss up to them and treat them like God. That is why you see the White Americans and Europeans all say nice things about South Koreans. The Japanese and Chinese feel it’s a disgrace that Koreans are white man worshiper and kissing white men asses. The Koreans even say that their blood are related to Turkish and not Chinese from anciet time. They said it. I didn’t make it up…hahaha…..sorry.

          I had already told the Koreans off in their face defending my two girlfriends who are Phili and Indian during our travel in South Korea. We called the south Korea police but they did nothing. I told my two girlfriends they must file an official complaint and I will be their witness. I was trying to get the names of all the people involved. The Koreans wouldn’t give it to me. It’s probably useless anyway to file with the korea authority but at least file it with international tourist bureau. The south korea culture and gov’t behave like communist and everything is cover up. Lots of bribery. My friends who are foreigners with dark skin will find themselve without justice.
          This is just one incident. Go around the site of Japanese and Chinese, and other South east Asian site and you will see what they are discussing when it come to tourism or living in South korea as foreigners, especially for those who are south east Asian and indians.

          Haven’t you notice this site majority of the people are Koreans or non chinese, non japanese, non south east Asian, non black?
          I am sure the Koreans and their “friends” kicked these people out and stop them from posting. Meanwhile all day long the Koreans on this site insult and put down the Chinese and Japanese defaming them. Korean Chucky on this site even said….” admit that you are Chinese…that figures.” Of course when I replied, Chuck complained I am trolling.
          This is the site they created and should only be called “Compliments for Koreans only and do not expose the ugly truth forum.”

          I won’t be visiting this site anymore. I will put down these statements in other Chinese, Japanese, South east Asian discussion site. Bye Koreans.

          • James

            Last time I checked, I was white. And very, very English.

          • Willie


            I would like to thank you for your participation in this thread. You have successfully proven to us all the purpose of this website. That we are not so different from Koreans after all. In any country you go to, there are the good, the bad, and the ugly, in any country. Which category do you fall in?

            While I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience in Korea – to selflessly generalize the entire populace into one demeaning category is, put simply, ludicrous. Since most readers seem to be based in the US, let me put your argument into context. And no offence to any of our friends in the States :) I use your words, not mine, except in replacing Korean with American:

            “The Americans do that allllllll the time. I had countless bad experiences dealing with these thieves… They have no shame…The Americans are rude and liars and always trying to cheat you for more money and give you as little as possible and are not ashamed to ask for more. They are beggars and liars. They are fake and phony…”

            “A typical American. Hard temper and violent. That’s why you always see the Americans always protest and set things on fire in the public. And being so barbaric they still insist they are very righteous. crazy Americans.”

            “Everything I wrote is based on experience and reality. You can’t handle the truth and reality of your people Americans I can’t help you.”

            How does that sound? Pretty accurate picture? As you can see, the above argument falls apart from the minute you mutter those absurd words.

            You condemn Koreans for mistreating your Filipina friend. But what words do you use to describe Koreans? “they are beggars”. I think I saw that word somewhere else in this forum. Maybe was it here?


            I believe it was a racist Korean blurt saying Filipinos were “beggars”. And guess what? Not many people agree with that statement, but you on the other hand are absolutely NO BETTER than that racist Korean netizen. Some call it xenophobia.

            Shall we take the skin card out too? Yes, ‘racial’ discrimination exists in any, if not every country in the world. I’m pretty sure that your supreme country too has its fair share too. Since I was talking about the States, I will play the same game as you.
            It’s simple. These cases exist in every country.



            My favorite though is in London:


            If you watch the video, you will notice that our ‘brown’ friend is subject to the same ‘racial generalization’ as you so righteously argued. And guess what? I am ‘brown’ skinned too, like your Indian friend. Not once have I had a problem or racial slur. On the contrary, all the locals treat me well. All the old women down the road smile when I pass them. All the street vendors say hello to me. And like you, I’ve dealt with the police already. They were most cooperative. While I am not saying everyone has the same experience, I have found, more often than not, that it all comes down to mutual understanding, and integration begins with mutual understanding. I’m not too sure on what business you came to Korea, but clearly your time in Korea was not one of enlightenment.

            Linette, I once again thank you for your contribution to this thread. You’re right, you probably did land on the wrong website, but I don’t think your presence will be missed.


          • linette

            Willie (brown skinned friend and so you claimed)

            You welcome. I have no problem pointing some facts about Koreans.

            The poor guy can’t even get the korean police to help him because.

      • mr. wiener

        “Koreans are….[hate, bile, turgid, spincter. vomit etc..etc].”
        Yeah. And they generalize a lot about other people too.

  • Stories of butts

    Refreshing to see a politic get so involved with his work.

  • Brett Sanbon

    Clealry people are going to troll Korea and Koreans on this site. We have 3 choices on how to react.

    1. Form a rational response.
    2. Ignore every post that poster makes.
    3. Get offended and sling insults.

    This site will become really boring really fast if all you guys do is fight like children.

    • skippy

      Scam busting mayor did a great thing. I’m not too sure if it should be called a “success” though. It seems like the market folk / taxi drivers got a heads up or something beforehand (and not because of the journalists following the mayor).
      Here’s hoping the mayor will continue to take up the initiative!

    • Raphael

      Maybe because it’s Children’s Day

      • acorn


      • Kai

        LOL, nice one, Raphael.

    • acorn

      good one, Brett san. well, the admins should moderate it so that people could avoid 2 and 3, and encourage 1.

      I don’t get offended when people say bad things about Korea that is well-grounded and well-thought out. I’m sure people have plenty of reasons to hate Korea (I can personally think of many), and I know for a fact that foreigners get ripped off in Korea (the WHOLE point of this article, duh…).

      But that’s not why linette won’t be posting here no more – I terribly mind stupid trolling comments. That just dumbs us down to the lowest common denominator (plus he just offended the CEO of ChinaSmack (a Chinese dude), lol – he that dumb).

      I believe the whole point of KoreaBang was to give accurate insights into and inform about the opinions and events taking place in South Korea, NOT be abused as a venue in which to propagate mis-information and blatant stereotypes.

      People’s been incredibly patient with each other in sharing thoughts and writing LOOOOOONG responses, which is very appreciated. But linette just seems incapable of that.

      My 2 cents :D

      • Brett Sanbon

        I hope that if koreaBANG decides to moderate more that it is only to set standards, considering this site is still in its infancy.

        I also hope that they do not need to moderate heavily because racism and posting untrue information is the nature of the internet. These types of posts are even translated from the Korean netizens so that we can all read and discuss.

        I would like to see this sites posters set a higher standard for how we post. I have been reading chinaSMACK since 2008, commenting since 2010 and it gets pretty ridiculous over there.

        • Christina

          Couldn’t agree more.

          Let the moderators of KB enjoy their newfound power a bit more, though, I’m sure the exhilaration of deleting unsavory comments has not worn off quite yet. Have you noticed that on ChinaSMACK the moderators hardly ever comment anymore? They’re probably sick of all the trolls. :/

        • Stories of butts

          Fully agree with you. Every time on the comment section, you see nothing but an endless discuss of racist twatheads and people talking about other things. I hardly bother with Chinasmack because of that and think it would be good to moderate this site as well since Im sure some of the same trolls might come over here.

      • SFGigantes

        Trolls like Linette is disgusting as it gets. Active moderation would be ideal, but if the moderators are lazy, then the regular posters here can team up to form continous rational responses against these disgusting trolls. Eventually trolls will tire out and look to other sites to troll on just like what Linette is claiming to do. Ignoring doesn’t work since trolls don’t encounter resistance and leaving their puke all over the forums is the pride of their life. Slinging back insults is not good, since that’s exactly the type of reaction trolls want out of it, and they’ll continue to return for more in order to achieve a rise just like how a drug addict works. This site will quickly turn into a jungle if there are no moderation and/or no solid regular posters here to team up against these disgusting trolls.

        Trolls are who they are because they possess a major character flaw, and their flaw can be attributed to poor parenting or even worse no parenting. So many trolls on the net and then there are notorious trolls like Linette, who falls in the category of “OCD Trolling” (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Trolling). Picture on this link called “To Those Who Can’t Stop Trolling” perfectly depicts notorious disgusting trolls like Linette:

        Trolls need help with their deep rooted issues especially notorious trolls with OCD, obviously they don’t realize their sickness. Maybe Dr. Phil can chime in.

  • This would NEVER EVER happen in Japan.
    Shame on you, Korea!

    • Wang that!

      You right, they are still too busy working with the disaster relief scams to pay attention the slow tourism seasons since the earth quake and tsunami.

      Everyone’s shit smells. ^__^

      • Linette

        Wang that!

        Be quiet and stop fuming fire. Stop trolling. That is REALLY REALLY LOW making fun about Tsunami situation and their victims in Japan. What should I say? Should I be angry that you behave like a garbage or should I just forgive you because…..that figures….a typical Korean.

    • James

      Adrianojapan: why wouldn’t this happen in Japan?

      • Linette

        A Country of Liars by Kim Dae-joong

        Corruption and bribery in their Korean gov’t.


        “Koreans Torturing Dogs & Cats On Video! BUSTED!!!
        Apparently most Koreans do. In fact their government is trying to pass a law to legalize the already ongoing torture of dogs and cats while tons and tons of dog and cat meat is sold daily in several cities of South Korea. But…”

        Torturing cats and dogs eating them….and the Korean gov’t lied and covering up. Eating dogs and cats are part of the Korean culture. Majority of Koreans in Korea already have eaten dog meat at least once in their lifetime .

        • Linette

          “Over 300 cosmetics companies, drug manufacturers, and baby powder companies purchased the tainted talc from Duksan Reagents(a big south korea manuafacturer), which imports more than 20 percent of Korea’s talc
          While some companies are conducting voluntary recalls of their products, other Korean companies are refusing to accept responsibility. Asbestos exposure is linked to mesothelioma, a cancer that can affect the lining of the lungs, abdomen, and heart…”

          The south koreans will continue to sell you their poisonous products and insist they are the best and safe to use. Once they sold you the products it’s your problem. Korean and their gov’t don’t accept responsibility. Buy Korea products at your own risk. The Korean gov’t don’t do anything nor criminal investigation neither. Buy South Korean products at your own risk.


          Why a big city like South Korea the people have no sense of public sanitation? Lack of good bathroom hygiene. Koreans don’t believe in using garbage bins and throw garbage everywhere on the street. Men spitting.. cigarette butts on the street every where. Street smell like urine and vomit from drunken men and they don’t clean.
          A big city?? Can’t be compare to Japan and Hong Kong.

          • Tippy Long Stocking

            First, I wasn’t aware that South Korea was a city.

            Linette, littering occurs in every big city. I can go in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and just about every other big and find the same thing all over the place. I don’t see how that makes Japan superior to anyone. Such a small thing to quibble about, though I agree, people all over the world should maintain good sanitation in their big cities. But that wasnt your point, was it? Please find something a better to quibble about when you make your point.

          • h3ll

            1.- About cosmetics:The article you quoted is from 2009.It mentions also the KFDA would take actions like banning these products. I have bought cosmetics from Korea and they are pretty good quality.
            Take a look at this: and this
            2.-The public sanity problem you point happens in any city in the world.
            This is not a talent show of which country is better than the other . This site is to know popular and original reports from korean netizens .It´s ok you sharing your experiences and knowledge about Korea,just please,do it but without being too trollish (or exposing yourself to be trolled…).
            Remember: “There is no mirror that best reflects the image of a person than his/her words”.

          • piercehawthorne

            Hello Troll,

            Your worry for other people is heart-warming but probably fake. Anyways, these companies may not have recalled their products because it may cost more to deal with these products than to let them be. I’m sure you hear drug companies lying about their products before, right? Seeing as how you delve into this issue. Drug companies, not just Koreans, but other countries, have lied about possible side-effects, lied about clinical trials and so forth.

            Second, you point out sanitation issues within Korea. Sure, there are problems, but what country doesn’t. You don’t think that salary men in Japan and Hong Kong don’t drink and piss all over their streets? Keep living your utopian fantasy. Chinese and Indian slums are well known. Finally, i’ll point out a recent event. Italy has faced a sanitation issue where trash was not picked up for weeks. Does that discredit whole country. Does that make Italy a country worse than France, Spain or England. I do not think so. The sanitation issues does not take away from the beauty that lies within the nation.

            Cherry pick some more Troll.

        • James

          Just to quote a chunk of that Slate article about dog meat in Korea that you quoted Linette (perhaps so everyone else can help you understand it since you’ve ironically missed everything it says about prejudice etc):

          There’s more than a whiff of cultural supremacy, if not racism, in French attacks on Korean dog-eating. When Bardot’s radio interviewer told her that some Western visitors eat dog meat in Korea, she replied: “French people, German people, and Americans never eat dogs. If they did, it is most likely that South Koreans served them dog meat, saying it was either pork or beef.” The French soccer team supports Bardot’s campaign. A French state TV channel recently ridiculed Korean dog-eating in a piece full of distortions. Never mind that some Frenchmen eat horse meat or snails or that, according to a Seoul waitress, more than one staffer from the French Embassy has sated his canine tooth at her restaurant. Norwegians didn’t stop eating reindeer during the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics. American restaurants didn’t stop serving bull testicles during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. No one forced Spain to outlaw cat stew during the 1982 World Cup, and no one is hounding Japan, the co-host of this year’s World Cup, to shut down its sushi bars.

          As for everything else, it doesn’t even seem worth the energy.

        • piercehawthorne

          Hello Troll,

          I’m glad you decided to bring this up because your idea of Korea is very interesting. Korea may have the numbers against them but what of America and Japan? America has probably one of the lowest civic participation rates in the world for a democracy based nation, it is also considered one of the most litigious countries. And Japan well, what can i say. They have underwear dispensing machines so the salary-men can sniff them while on the shinkansen, but also the fact they are willing to create video games that glorify raping women. (

          I really hate doing this arguing with you but here is number two. Korean government is plagued with corruption and bribery. Woop di doo. There is nothing new here. Whatever country, society your from there is corruption.

          The dog issue is well known and publicized. By the way which country are you from? Because I’m sure they eat some nasty stuff too. Are you from Japan? Have you tried horse? Or are you some other country, maybe you eats bugs? Hell, even Barack Obama talked of how he ate dog. Cultures differ, and change. Also, most Koreans nowadays do not eat dogs. They actually stay away. It has now become somewhat of a social taboo to the point that they have to go to certain parts of the country to enjoy dog or cat.

          Your worry for other people is heart-warming but probably fake. Anyways, these companies may not have recalled their products because it may cost more to deal with these products than to let them be. I’m sure you hear drug companies lying about their products before, right? Seeing as how you delve into this issue. Drug companies, not just Koreans, but other countries, have lied about possible side-effects, lied about clinical trials and so forth.

          Second, you point out sanitation issues within Korea. Sure, there are problems, but what country doesn’t. You don’t think that salary men in Japan and Hong Kong don’t drink and piss all over their streets? Keep living your utopian fantasy. Chinese and Indian slums are well known. Finally, i’ll point out a recent event. Italy has faced a sanitation issue where trash was not picked up for weeks. Does that discredit whole country. Does that make Italy a country worse than France, Spain or England. I do not think so. The sanitation issues does not take away from the beauty that lies within the nation.

          Cherry pick some more Troll because like someone said everyone’s shit smells.


  • h3ll

    Good strategy used by the Mayor,next time maybe without his entourage or wearing a moustache^^

    • Raphael


      • linette

        Vigilance, South Korea technology plagiarism

        The United States” defense news” weekly website says, more and more reports that Korea stealing American weapons technology. Message personage said, The United States officials suspected of Korea a series of weapons to copy and use the American technology, about ALQ-200K Radar jammer,Fire control system,Multiple launch rocket system, torpedo and so on.

        People don’t care how South Korea how to steal technology from the United States, because we are concerned about piracy in China. According to some sources, South Korea in the economic field also sent a lot of information collection staff, may be included in the apple, Nokia, Ford, Toyota, sharp and other large companies, in order to obtain the relevant product design technology, replication and upgrade their product.

        The South Korean company to get the technology, use since the product shape design advantage, develop the Korean style shape product, but use the core technology is still questionable. South Korean companies spend large amounts of money to invest to train technology plagiarism personnel and maintain the relevant technical Americans.

        South Korean companies use the USA-South Korean alliance, to copy and use the United States technology, technology research and development cost saving, large investment and the development of their own products with competitive price.


        THE WHOLE KOREAN MUSIC INDUSTRY SONG AND DANCE AND MVs are based on copying illegally.
        South Korean pop queen Lee Hyo-ri’s fourth album reignited discussion on the country’s plagiarism over the internet as Hyo-ri came to admit that six songs from her fourth album ‘H-logic’ are the illegally copied. Bloggers are debating over what really happened, who is to blame and why plagiarism is plaguing the nation’s music industry.

        • Raphael

          What has this got to do with Mayor Park’s moustache? Please keep the discussion relevant to the topic, instead of regurgitating your one woman/man quest to propagate your supremacy. Thank you.

        • piercehawthorne


          No, I’m sure you are talking about espionage.

          By the way, any country that has a self respecting intelligence service has a spy to steal state secrets. Why, do you ask? Well, obvious they have something to gain. For example, America is the world’s foremost defence and technological leader. And with that many are interested in them. So its no surprise when you hear that Israel and China are the worrisome bunch when it comes to espionage within America.

          I think this is where the word plagiarism fits. However, I don’t think you know the whole situation about the Lee Hyo-ri case. Most singers pay and have songwriters composer to create music. With that, Lee paid a songwriter. However, he betrayed that by using copyrighted music and making that his, and selling that to Ms. Lee. He’s currently incarcerated for his crimes. Also, bloggers aren’t really debating this issue. If you know anything about Korea, then you would know that Ms. Lee has many Anti-Fans. Yes, you are probably talking about them. The respectable Anti’s of Ms. Lee’s.

          Finally, I think i wrote it before, but people please stop feeding this troll. This troll obvious cherry picks issues, issues that plague any society. This troll is willing to point out how bad Korea and its people are. However, Linette does not understand that her ignorant narrow minded casts a dark shadow on her own community. Maybe they too can be compared as terrible bunches of people.


          • Chucky3176


            China should look at themselves in their mirror, before accusing others.

            It’s like the dirty drunken homeless bum pointing out another person’s pimple and laughing at him.

            This is too funny.

  • Chucky3176

    An anti-Korean Chinese ranting on about corruption, filth, rip offs, and reputation of Korea…. now I’ve heard of everything. Who would have thunk it, and what’s the world coming to? What’s more, this is coming from a person who has obviously never been in Korea before, and is using to search for dirt on a country to post here.

    Rip offs happen anywhere, but what’s the difference between Korea and China? In Korea, people try to do something about it (read what the mayor is doing). It becomes a huge media story because of a few rotten apples. This becomes a big deal and makes the problem look far bigger then it really is, as opposed to China where problems are swept under the carpet.

    So, foreigners posting here in this forum, this is your chance to let your opinion known. Are you ripped off often in stores in Korea? Do you really think foreigners are charged more for the items and services than the natives, as this news says?

    • quill

      so have you been to china before and got ripped off there?
      in china you can always bargain half the price first, bargaining is the the key, if you think the price is still expensive after bargaining so much then leave if and they’ll call you back if they agree with the price you offer.

      • Brett Sanbon

        I dont think he was conplaining about getting ripped off and needs advice. Thanks for the tips though Mr. Bargain shopper, we salute you.

        • quill

          these are what he says
          Rip offs happen anywhere, but what’s the difference between Korea and China?
          This becomes a big deal and makes the problem look far bigger then it really is, as opposed to China where problems are swept under the carpet.
          his is coming from a person who has obviously never been in Korea before.

          so i my conclusion is he has been to china before and got ripped off there so he knows that in china the problems are go unnoticed. he said these comments here are made by person who has never been to korea before, so i want to know if he had been to china before to make such comment

          • quill

            i traveled to beijing last year and most of the tourists and tour groups i saw was korean. usually the travel agent take the tourists to the government owned store, restaurant, and tea house, where the price is higher but the quality of the product is guaranteed.
            i dont know about the independent travelers though but if you are going on your own i think the bargaining skill is one of the key point of traveling
            i dont know about tourist being ripped off in korea until i see this article, but is visiting this ripping off store part of the tour schedule (by the travel agent of course) or just some independent traveler got themselves ripped of by some random stores they visit??

    • Kai

      Don’t get too excited there, Chucky. There are people trying to do something about rip-offs in both countries just as there are rip offs in both countries. There are people sweeping problems under the carpet in both. The way you look down on China is the way Japan looks down on Korea. Don’t forget the past. They important and intelligent thing is to recognize problems where they exist and not use them as a pretext to assert authority or inferiority. Doing that just suggests insecurity and vanity. Both chinaSMACK and koreaBANG have shown us that ridiculous and embarrassing things happen in both countries, and that the people in both are capable of both introspection and laughing at themselves, as well as being insecure nationalistic retards. Let’s aim for humility.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Honestly I dont shop in Insadong, and Dongdaemoon requires knowledge about how much something should cost. Same tactics for bargaining applies to both China and Korea. You only get ripped off if you end up paying more than you are willing to pay, in which case it is the shopper’s fault for not walking away earlier.

      If shops charge me more than a Korean but I still pay, who is at fault? As long as the shopper thinks they got a fair deal then no harm done.

  • Jim Maport

    Dear Linette,
    If you avoid going to Korea or Japan, I am certain that you shall never have any problems with vendors – other than those in your neighborhood. Then you can then be a happier person who does not need to spout unsubstantiated criticism on the internet.

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