President Criticizes North Korea Sympathizers at Memorial Event

President Myung-bak Lee gave a speech at the Memorial Day event on the 5th of June.
After the havoc caused by Lim Su-kyung [covered by koreaBANG here], the President directed strong criticism against the pro-North force [or jongpuks], implying that they are denying South Korea and they are practising patriotism only with their tongues. This was part of the speech (5 June) given at an event commemorating Korean War veterans and victims (Memorial Day, 6 June)  The political embroilment that has taken over Korea has reached  heights on the Internet, now trending and becoming on of the most talked about topics on the internet, the following article attracting close to 10,000 comments alone on Korean portal site Daum.

From Newsis:

President Lee says ‘it is miserable there are people who deny the Republic of Korea’

‘Anyone can be patriotic from their teeth forward’ – strong criticism of the jongpuk force

President Lee Myung-bak launched another attack of criticism against the ‘jongpuk force’ in the Korean society on the 5th of June, saying ‘it is miserable to see people who think negatively inside while the rest of the world is recognising [South Korea].’

On this day, President Lee had a luncheon with people of national merit and their families who were invited in remembrance of the month of patriots and veterans. He emphasised that ‘we come to think of those present here, more as the relationship between South and North Koreas stiffens and the society becomes confused.’

‘What length (we) went to save our nation; how we protected the Republic of Korea from a divided country, until it achieved the present state,’ he added, expressing regret about the confusion of identity in some parts of the country.

President Lee emphasised that ‘North Korean people are still suffering from starvation, whereas our GDP is over $20,000 and population over 50 million,’ and that ‘I think you should feel proud [of your country].’

His words seem to exhibit a strong dissatisfaction about the behaviour of some politicians in the opposition party, including that of Lim Su-kyung of the Democratic Union Party, who lighted a new spark on the ‘jongpuk controversy’ by insulting a North Korean defector student as a ‘traitor.’

Previously, on the 28th of May, he has also made an intense criticism during his online and radio speeches, saying ‘claims by North Korea are problematic, but the jongpuk force within the country who repeat their claims word by word is even more problematic.’

‘Anyone can be patriotic from their teeth forward…but not everyone can be a patriot who sacrifices his life,’ he criticised.

‘Every single (man of national merit) protected the present Republic of Korea and contributed to the safety of our society that we have today,’ he stressed.

‘For that reason we should always thank them, and appreciate them even more as the history moves on,’ he added.

The event this day included words of thanks from Kim Deok-nam (Head of Disabled Veterans’ Association), a proposal of toast by Kim Eung-su (elder war veteran) and speeches by families of war victims, such as Park So-young (wife of the deceased Colonel of the Air Force, Oh Chung-hyeon).

About 240 people participated in the event, including Baek Seon-yeop (former Army Chief of Staff), elder veterans of the Korean War such as Eung-su Kim (former Commander of the 6th Corps), the bereaved of the victims of wars and attacks in Yeonpeong-do and contributors to the spread of patriotism, as well as members of the veteran association who have attended the event every year.

Comments from Daum:


Well, there is even a fucking rat [referring to President Lee] who denies the BBK incident.


I get the impulse to sock him in the jaw way too often.


This country allows a conman to be the President.. a shitty country this is….


It is miserable for me to see the present and future of the Republic of Korea that voted for a President like you.


It is miserable to see the President.


I want to say ‘anyone can be a President from their teeth forward.’


It enrages me to see an Osaka Jap who denies Korea.. [President Lee was born in Osaka, Japan]


That’s a bloke who dropped out of the Army diagnosed with lung disease [Lee was dismissed from compulsory military conscription], and then got drunk overnight with Chung Ju-yung of Hyundai just a month after that ke ke ke ke Please show us your patriotism from your teeth forward, to do the least… Every time that fucking rat [President Lee] opens its mouth, it jabbers lies and nibbles at the dignity of our country.


When he didn’t even do the National Service…. His words have no power at all….


This man probably felt noting else worked so far…. So he just goes… Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie!! Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie!! Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie!! Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie!!


How many days does he have left [on his presidency]? Ah, so frivolous and directionless…

쟈니 유:

Lim Su-kyung who called Kim Il-sung her father… resign from your lawmaker position and return to North Korea.


It doesn’t seem right to criticise the President of a country by unearthing his past and calling him a rat, however many wrongs he had committed, until his presidency is over… Anyway it really doesn’t feel right to make a personal attack.. And also it’s wrong to shift all blame to Mister President. Some people even say, ke ke, that it is all Mister President Myung-bak Lee’s fault that the shares are not rising in value~


Let’s give him what he has done well. President Myung-bak Lee has made not so small a contribution towards improving our national dignity and the country in general.


All the jongpuk albas are mobilised to the comment list. This board is red all over, spit-spit! The North Korean 2nd cyber company members.


The advanced countries have [GDP of] about $40,000 to $50,000. Even the Eastern European countries like Slovenia and Croatia have [GDP of] $20,000. So how is our country advanced?


‘Anyone can be patriotic from their teeth forward.’ Sure, you said that.


Who’s in denial here……Go on and care about wrapping up [your term].


It is fucking miserable to me that I am living under the same sky as you (the fucking rat).


Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say ‘denying oneself’ rather than ‘denying the Republic of Korea.’;;;; I like and love my country.

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