Man Crashes Truck Into Gate of Japanese Embassy

The damaged truck Mr. Kim used to ram the gates of the Japanese embassy.

On Monday, a 62-year old man angry at Korea’s new favorite Japanese politician crashed a 1 ton truck into the gates of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul. No one was injured (with the exception of the gates, which he damaged but failed to break down), and the man was arrested.

The man, identified simply as Mr. Kim, was protesting both the actions and words of Nobuyuki Suzuki, the Japanese politician in question, and the Dokdo/Takeshima issue. The South Korean government offered an expression of regret to the Japanese Embassy and said it would tighten security to prevent a recurrence from happening.

CCTV footage showing the old Korean man ramming his truck into the gates of the Japanese embassy.

Surveillance camera screen shots of Mr. Kim driving his white 1-ton truck into the Japanese embassy in Seoul. (Images provided by Seoul Metropolitan Police)

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Suzuki, he is a Japanese right-wing politician who recently caused outrage in Korea when he erected a post next to the comfort women statue by the Comfort Women Museum in Seoul. He also referred to the comfort women as “prostitutes” and the statues or memorials dedicated them as “prostitute monuments”. A group of surviving comfort women has asked the Korean government to bar Suzuki from entering Korea in the future.

Mr. Kim told the police after he was arrested, “If I die, please cremate me and spread my ashes in the waters off Dokdo.”

From Nate:

Truck crashes into Japanese embassy, protesting ‘Prostitute Stake’

On the 9th at 4:55am, a Mr. Kim (age 62) crashed a 1 ton truck into the gates of the Japanese embassy located in Junghak-dong in Seoul.

Mr. Kim was arrested by the police guarding the embassy. The impact of the crash pushed the embassy’s gates inward 1 meter; however, there were no injuries.

Police are investigating his precise criminal intent based upon his own report that he was protesting the designation of comfort women as ‘prostitutes’ by the Japanese.

Comments from Nate:


It was the gate of the Japanese embassy that damaged one of our people’s properties. So, the Japanese government should immediately compensate him for damages!


What a man, [how manly].


Isn’t this man a man of great national merit? ke ke ke. He is willing to go to any expense of his own possession to express his patriotism.


He actually did something wrong, but I feel like he did a good job.


ke ke ke…So they let the Japanese asshole go who put up the stake [by the comfort women statue] and arrested the old man who crashed the truck into the embassy? ke ke ke…Aren’t they completely nuts? ke ke ke


Give him recognition ke ke ke


[This old man is] a hundred times better than our government…much respect to him.


“Criminal intent” seems very inappropriate [to describe this case].


[He is] a true patriot…spanking is the best medicine for the island monkeys [Japanese].


Kim Jang-hoon and this guy are much better for politics than a hundred trucks of Korean politicians.


The insurance company better cover this guy’s fine.


What a man of merit. But our own government calls him a criminal.


This man should be in the Blue House.


A righteous man. [His act] warmed my heart after a while.


[Korea] needs to compensate him for the damaged truck.


The reporter left something out…[the old man] did a great job by putting the words “Dokdo is our land” on the front of the truck. Why did you not mention that?


They better compensate this guy tsk tsk


How mad he was -_- When an individual [is compelled to] do such an action, what has our government done?


He’s a criminal? ke ke ke. So are the patriotic martyrs An Jung-geun and Yoon Bong-gil criminals as well?


That guy is much better than our clueless government. He was very brave. Why is a patriot being arrested?

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  • somesojuslammer


  • tim

    While the actions of Japanese politician were outrageous, the driver is still nuts.

  • lonetrey

    Meh. It was a dramatic gesture indeed, but consequences still will fall on this guy. Unless his theatrics will garner the support of some financial support.

  • Brett Sanbon

    I don’t think he really thought this through. I mean, its one thing to protest the actions of a Japanese official. Its another thing to perform what others could easily view as an attack on Japan. He most likely did more harm to his cause than good.

    I often don’t like to compare to the US, but I have a feeling that this would be made up much bigger should the man had driven into the US embassy instead. Because of recent events, however, he could merely walk away with little more than a comparable slap on the wrists.

  • Josh

    As for the comments: all this racism could drive someone to think that Koreans were fundamentally less educated and less able to think critically about issues (ie it could cause one to be racist against Koreans). On top of sounding incredibly ignorant, the commenters are instead tapping into this hive mind mentality and embracing all the master race/Korean exceptionality bullshit. Patriotism is disgusting everywhere.

    • Bananahammock

      Pick up a history book my man. Let’s say, hypothetically, that a country colonized, raped and killed the people of your country for 35 years, and then not only continually refused to apologize for it, but vehemently denied that aspects of it ever happened. Now, let’s say, a representative of that country came to your country and publicly defaced a monument dedicated to women who were taken as sex slaves during that time period and called them ‘prostitutes’.

      How do you expect them to react?

      • Kiwa jako-tako

        The only problem that they have is it’s ‘island monkeys’ who dared to invide and conquere 50000 years old civilization … Taiwanese, who have not such a superiority complex don’t keep any strong anti- japanese sentiments, although their land was quite longer under Tokyo’s rule.

      • Attaboy

        2001. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi (Also signed by all the prime ministers since 1995, including Ryutaro Hashimoto, Keizō Obuchi, Yoshirō Mori). “As Prime Minister of Japan, I thus extend anew my most sincere apologies and remorse to all the women who underwent immeasurable and painful experiences and suffered incurable physical and psychological wounds as comfort women. We must not evade the weight of the past, nor should we evade our responsibilities for the future. I believe that our country, painfully aware of its moral responsibilities, with feelings of apology and remorse, should face up squarely to its past history and accurately convey it to future generations” (Letter from Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to the former comfort women).

        Though the stunt pulled by the right-winger tends to make people forget all about this apology.

      • Josh

        My reaction would be “that guy’s a wanker” not “ALL JAPANESE ARE MONKEY PEOPLE.”

      • Alice S

        Mexican Americans boycotted American goods during certain times for America’s invasion.

  • 참을수없는가벼움

    What a cartharsis!!

    Many westerners have little, if any, comprehension of historical animosity among the invaded(most notably Korea and China) and unrepentant aggressor Japan during the era of colonization. The primary cause of the persistent feud is completely in Japan’s continuous brazen denial of any accusations for its war atrocities. Taking the controversy about territorial claim over the islets of Dokkdo for example, Japan’s preposterous claim is simialr to Germany’s hypothetical claim that Alsac-Lorraine belongs to its sovereign territory. Another methapor in point is that Japan’s repudiation of coerced sex slavery of Korean women is equal to Germany’s imaginary disclaim of bloody Jewish holocaust.

    In addition to Japan’s hypocrisy, what makes me exasperated is Washington’s stance of ignoring historical enmity and prodding its two allies Korea and Japan to get together for its strategic interest–a stark contradiction revealing how easily a self-proclaimed beacon of freedom for the world easily turn into a cold-blooded power-game master.

  • Matt

    It never ceases to amaze me that a country with a median age of 37.9 acts like a bunch of 13 year-olds.

  • somesojuslammer

    Japan did horrible things to Korea, and even worse things to China. They refuse to apologize because they think denying it will make history go away. The US should of nuked a bigger city than Hiroshima.

    • Joey

      Except that, you know, Japan has repeatedly apologized for its actions.

  • Chris

    North Korea kills thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Koreans every year. yes, Japan should atone for war crimes, as should any country accused of such (including the US, we’re not above that), but priorities, people. instead of focusing on the past, look at the crises unfolding at this very moment. yes, the japanese politician was an idiot with all the subtlety of Donald Trump or Newt Gingrich, but it’s not like he actually harmed anyone.

    i’m not asking for a war since i’m a derp derp soldier, but come on, every time i hear a korean say “i want to help an apuhrican nara ommo ommo apuhrica is too bulssanghae”, it’s like, come on, there’s a country to the north of you that is probably the worst country on earth to be born into. ignoring it isn’t going to stop the eventual implosion, whether it’s the regime collapsing or the regime lashing out because they are on the verge of collapse.

  • Lee

    If this Korean brother really wanted to do some damage; he should have packed that truck full of immonium-nitrate fertilizer and then ram it into the gates..

  • Cleo

    We need media support for a boycott – every Chinese and Korean has to boycott Japanese and German goods. If you own a Japanese car as my family does, you are basically collaborating and supporting the Japanese war machine aimed right at us.

  • Ryan

    I think my favorite part about this article was the CCTV footage you see above…it looks like the Korean policemen are just standing there like “meh”, watching the truck heading for the embassy gates. Of course, the photo is very grainy and you can’t see where exactly he’s driving it.

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