Student Finds Secret Sex Tapes on Foreign Teacher’s Computer

Foreign teacher stores dozens of hidden camera videos on his laptop

Possible scenario of hidden camera scene [photo used for demonstration purposes]

An American student studying in Korea towards his Masters course while teaching English on the side, is caught by a student who finds a stash of hidden camera sex videos on his laptop. To her frustration, she is unable to report the crime because she is not the victim, so contacts the Christian Broadcasting System’s Nocut News newspaper instead. While the article below points out that shooting hidden videos without the other person’s consent is a crime in Korea, few netizens critisized the criminal act, but rather, had a mouthful to say against those girls who lead themselves into this situation in the first place, reminiscent of those comments in this article.

From Nocut News:

Foreign English teacher lives a double life… Caught red-handed with dozens of ‘Hidden Camera Sex’ tapes

News of a foreign English teacher working at a language institute attached to a famous private university in Seoul who kept a collection of dozens of videos of secretly filmed sex scenes with Korean women is expected to send considerable shockwaves.

The problem surrounds American native Mr. A (male, 30 years old) who came to Korea to study a Masters course, and while attending his course, teaches English conversation to students to elementary school to university students among others.

It was by pure accident that Mr. A’s ‘breakaway’ [from his teacher life], who has been an English teacher in Korea for approximately 4 years now, became public. Mr. A’s acts almost became buried forever.

Ms. B, who was a university student and an acquaintance of Mr. A who had met him in a private meeting, became shocked as she found strange videos stored on Mr. A’s laptop while using it recently. In one of the video clips, Mr. A could be seen in a sex scene with another woman. The angle of the video was such that when the woman in the video looked around, she would not notice she was being filmed.

By snooping on Mr. A’s SNS, Ms. B found the woman from the video, and let her know about the video. The woman in question flipped out and said ‘I had absolutely no idea about that video.’

The woman from the video immediately called Mr. A demanding him to ‘please delete that video,’ but was not able to report it to the police. This is because of fear Mr. A might be vengeful and distribute the video, as well as anxiety the problem would spiral out of control had she reported it to the investigative authorities.

But as one can expect, Ms. B, who had accidentally found the video, could not bear the sense of betrayal from Mr. A.

During club activities, Mr. A was of good character, had good people skills, was popular among other members and had a good reputation. Especially because while teaching English to elementary and university students while attending graduate school, for anyone who saw him on the outside, they would think of him as an ‘intact’ man.

Ms. B said that the first time she saw the video ‘the shock I got was worse than that of disgust, and my body was shaking,’ while adding that ‘I came to know Mr. A as a clear-cut individual, so I could not imagine he would have done a thing like that.’

Ms. B said that ‘I discovered over 20 videos of hidden camera sex tapes on Mr. A’s laptop, and they featured a certain number of women.’ She conveyed that it also seemed that for most of them, they similarly had no idea they were featured in these videos.

When Ms. B directly asked to Mr. A about this, his excuse was ‘Those women all knew about me filming it. There is no problem,’ but then after continuously scrutinizing him, he eventually admitted the videos had been shot secretly.

Ms. B thought that in addition to the victimized woman who she had contacted, there must be more victims, but to find and contact every victim one by one without even knowing a single one was basically virtually impossible. Also, after having gotten in touch with the cyber police, Ms. B was told that unless she was the party involved in the video, it was difficult to report [the crime].

However Ms. B thought that if she leaves things as they are and turn a blind eye, the number of victims would successively continue, and so she came to tell CBS Nocut News the facts.

Currently, article 13 of the special law related to the punishment for these kind of sexual violence crimes clearly states that ‘It is possible to be punished when filming or photographing someone else’s body against their will by using devices such as cameras or other mechanical instruments capable of similar functions for sexual desire or that can cause sexual humiliation.’ Because ‘hidden camera sex’ is not an offence subject to complaint, even if the victim does not file a complaint, Mr. A, who shot the videos, can still be charged for the crime.

Yui Hwa-young, manager of the Korea Women’s Hot Line’s Sexual Violence Relief Center, pointed out that ‘even if a foreigner commits a crime, because of communication problems, handling the case is difficult, and there are many cases whereby men who have done wrongdoings leave the country, so it is difficult to punish them.’

Yui Hwa-young said that ‘because of the warped view of society that you become vulnerable to crime because you befriend or date a foreigner, even if the victimized women report the crime, it is difficult to punish the foreigner’s crime.’

In the meantime, the ongoing lectures from Mr. A are set to finish in the beginning of August and we were told he will be returning to the United States.

Comments from Daum:


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