Student Finds Secret Sex Tapes on Foreign Teacher’s Computer

Foreign teacher stores dozens of hidden camera videos on his laptop

Possible scenario of hidden camera scene [photo used for demonstration purposes]

An American student studying in Korea towards his Masters course while teaching English on the side, is caught by a student who finds a stash of hidden camera sex videos on his laptop. To her frustration, she is unable to report the crime because she is not the victim, so contacts the Christian Broadcasting System’s Nocut News newspaper instead. While the article below points out that shooting hidden videos without the other person’s consent is a crime in Korea, few netizens critisized the criminal act, but rather, had a mouthful to say against those girls who lead themselves into this situation in the first place, reminiscent of those comments in this article.

From Nocut News:

Foreign English teacher lives a double life… Caught red-handed with dozens of ‘Hidden Camera Sex’ tapes

News of a foreign English teacher working at a language institute attached to a famous private university in Seoul who kept a collection of dozens of videos of secretly filmed sex scenes with Korean women is expected to send considerable shockwaves.

The problem surrounds American native Mr. A (male, 30 years old) who came to Korea to study a Masters course, and while attending his course, teaches English conversation to students to elementary school to university students among others.

It was by pure accident that Mr. A’s ‘breakaway’ [from his teacher life], who has been an English teacher in Korea for approximately 4 years now, became public. Mr. A’s acts almost became buried forever.

Ms. B, who was a university student and an acquaintance of Mr. A who had met him in a private meeting, became shocked as she found strange videos stored on Mr. A’s laptop while using it recently. In one of the video clips, Mr. A could be seen in a sex scene with another woman. The angle of the video was such that when the woman in the video looked around, she would not notice she was being filmed.

By snooping on Mr. A’s SNS, Ms. B found the woman from the video, and let her know about the video. The woman in question flipped out and said ‘I had absolutely no idea about that video.’

The woman from the video immediately called Mr. A demanding him to ‘please delete that video,’ but was not able to report it to the police. This is because of fear Mr. A might be vengeful and distribute the video, as well as anxiety the problem would spiral out of control had she reported it to the investigative authorities.

But as one can expect, Ms. B, who had accidentally found the video, could not bear the sense of betrayal from Mr. A.

During club activities, Mr. A was of good character, had good people skills, was popular among other members and had a good reputation. Especially because while teaching English to elementary and university students while attending graduate school, for anyone who saw him on the outside, they would think of him as an ‘intact’ man.

Ms. B said that the first time she saw the video ‘the shock I got was worse than that of disgust, and my body was shaking,’ while adding that ‘I came to know Mr. A as a clear-cut individual, so I could not imagine he would have done a thing like that.’

Ms. B said that ‘I discovered over 20 videos of hidden camera sex tapes on Mr. A’s laptop, and they featured a certain number of women.’ She conveyed that it also seemed that for most of them, they similarly had no idea they were featured in these videos.

When Ms. B directly asked to Mr. A about this, his excuse was ‘Those women all knew about me filming it. There is no problem,’ but then after continuously scrutinizing him, he eventually admitted the videos had been shot secretly.

Ms. B thought that in addition to the victimized woman who she had contacted, there must be more victims, but to find and contact every victim one by one without even knowing a single one was basically virtually impossible. Also, after having gotten in touch with the cyber police, Ms. B was told that unless she was the party involved in the video, it was difficult to report [the crime].

However Ms. B thought that if she leaves things as they are and turn a blind eye, the number of victims would successively continue, and so she came to tell CBS Nocut News the facts.

Currently, article 13 of the special law related to the punishment for these kind of sexual violence crimes clearly states that ‘It is possible to be punished when filming or photographing someone else’s body against their will by using devices such as cameras or other mechanical instruments capable of similar functions for sexual desire or that can cause sexual humiliation.’ Because ‘hidden camera sex’ is not an offence subject to complaint, even if the victim does not file a complaint, Mr. A, who shot the videos, can still be charged for the crime.

Yui Hwa-young, manager of the Korea Women’s Hot Line’s Sexual Violence Relief Center, pointed out that ‘even if a foreigner commits a crime, because of communication problems, handling the case is difficult, and there are many cases whereby men who have done wrongdoings leave the country, so it is difficult to punish them.’

Yui Hwa-young said that ‘because of the warped view of society that you become vulnerable to crime because you befriend or date a foreigner, even if the victimized women report the crime, it is difficult to punish the foreigner’s crime.’

In the meantime, the ongoing lectures from Mr. A are set to finish in the beginning of August and we were told he will be returning to the United States.

Comments from Daum:


Crazy bitches. If there’s a bastard Westerner they just go nuts and spread their legs for him.


I reckon Ms. B just can’t shut up because she feels betrayed by Mr. A….Why are you being like this?


If there’s a Western man, Japanese or Korean women all emigrate for him. If an East Asian guy asks them the way, they avoid him, if a Western man asks them they take him there, kindly. The Western guys have come to know about all this and they go to mess about with Eastern women, they come with the whole thing planned. Bitches don’t even have any self-respect.


Women will slip off their underwear if it’s a Western bastard he he


Looks like they don’t get foreign language education but sex education..Must be a hard life…


I thought it was for private use, but clearly it was for public use…


Falling into a new form of sadae; if there’s a foreign bastard, they just can’t help themselves, the sluts are just crazy.


This is the true nature of Korean bitches ke ke ke Serves them right ke ke ke


Western-style toilet.


Ms. B is Ok. If you look at the fact that she even used his laptop……Whose fault is that?


Tell me who these women in the videos were, including who Ms. B is! Who could they be!!


They became the target of a crime because they dated a foreigner


More so than the two-faced foreigners =====>the two-faced Korean women are more frightening…..They’re like that and then they pretend they’re modest and get married…We know about the white stallions; the greater problem is the pathetic women who spread their legs for them.


So jealous…just one yank could have a free pass to fuck tens of female Korean university students…we try our hardest just so we could fuck one…it’s just jealousy


Those kimchi girls will start dribbling and throbbing if they even see something like a white guy ke ke In fact, in their own countries they are total losers, but this is about the level of a kimchi bitch ke ke ke Slut-queens of South-East Asia.


It’s true that Mr. A is in the wrong, but Ms. B is also really stubborn…he he he In the end is it justice or jealousy?! It just kind of looks like Miss B’s persistence is ‘Instead of me, he’s had relations with all these women…’~?!


He’s teaching them English, the yank, calls them friends and teaches all the women with his body.


Circulate it! We have to make all their identities known and make it so that they can’t go around with their heads held high!!


Are their bananas that good, bitches? When those white bastards are fucking East Asian women, then the goal is to have a Chinese bitch for a week, a Japanese bitch for a day, and a Korean bitch for an hour..not even prostitutes..So embarrassing.


The bean-paste girls who unconditionally open their legs for a yank are the ones in the wrong.

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  • glenn

    Im just wondering why he allowed other people to use his computer when he knew that some of his private stuff are in it?

  • W


  • Anonton

    I was expecting the comments to be racist but they are much more sexist.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Never underestimate a Confucian society’s will to hate on women or the youth at any opportunity.

  • 참을수없는가벼움

    Many Asian women, including Korean girls, tend to think of men of western nationalities as more attractive and well disposing–a tendency that some ill-purposed western males never fail to cash in on. The best way to prevent a simiar incident is exercise self caution, bearing in mind that flirtation with foreigners without deeply konwing each other will lead to disasterous twists.

    • John Holmes

      filtration with anyone despite their nationality.or you think this kind of things don’t happen with koreans?

  • somesojuslammer

    Why was the stupid whore snooping on his computer in the first place?

    • dontevencare

      Are you joking? What the hell did she do to deserve being called a ‘stupid whore’? Perhaps she should not have been snooping but I feel that the guy is way more in the wrong for taping those women without their consent.

  • Ami

    If he was recording it with their (the women’s) permission I see nothing wrong with it. It is possible that the lady said she didn’t agree to it because if found out she would “lose face”. But if he did it in secret he is a creep and should be reprimanded.

    The crazy,misogynist and jealous comments are hilarious. I bet they all consider themselves “nice guys” too.

  • Paul

    Regarding this comment: “They became the target of a crime because they dated a foreigner.”

    Yep. Koreans, take note, all foreigners lead double lives. They will secretly record you while you are having sex. And then they show it off to their friends. I know, because all my foreign friends exchange sex tapes.

    But at least we are not rapists.

    • Brett Sanbon

      I know, because all my foreign friends exchange sex tapes.


      But at least we are not rapists.

      No foreigner in Korea has ever committed rape?

      • Snarl

        No foreigner in Korea has ever committed rape?

        As a percentage, probably less than the general male public (accounting for the fact that most westerners in Korea are male). Of course, then you would have to account for Chinese in Korea and westerners in Korea separately, and that will never happen, because most of Korea’s xenophobes are afraid of what kind of inconvenient information would be revealed if they did. Statistics know no politics.

        • Josh

          Statistically, you are much more likely to be raped by a Korean than a foreigner. The foreigner crime rate of foreigners living in Korea is lower than that of Korea itself. If Koreans acknowledged it, it still wouldn’t matter because foreigners would still not be Korean.

          • Snarl

            Are you paraphrasing my comment for any particular reason?

        • Brett Sanbon

          Well, actually I was too quick to jump on Paul because I don’t know if he is Korean or foreign. He didn’t give any clues either way so I just assumed.

          I, also, was not talking percentages. Foreigners make up, what, 2% of Korea’s population? Statistically, foreigners should then commit about 2% of total reported crimes or 2% of reported rapes. The statistics themselves would not be a good indicator because, from what I have heard, most Korean women who are raped will never report it.

          But, again, that’s not what I was talking about. Foreigners have committed rape in Korea and will most likely do so in the future.

          • Snarl

            What you’re saying is true; I was just adding to it with different filters. The point I was getting to, in a roundabout way, is that most expatriates are not exactly the unwashed masses. They don’t represent the American rejects who can’t get a girl in their own country, as many Korean guys like to say. The majority of expatriates I have met are well educated and well put-together, which is more than I could say of the random strangers I meet state-side. The crime rate I would expect of westerners living in Korea would reflect these characteristics, and so they should be proportionally lower than their make-up of the population. I would never go by officially reported statistics in Korea–foreigners are too demonized for agencies to report objectively.

        • Josh

          Ah, I was just turning your fragmented thoughts into cohesive ideas. Instead of merely speculating on what would happen if they were to compile statistics, I’m letting you know that they already have and did exactly the thing you said would never happen. Secondly, “Korea’s xenophobes are afraid of what kind of inconvenient information would be revealed” would not be properly paraphrased as “If Koreans acknowledged it, it wouldn’t matter…” In my case, it doesn’t matter regardless of the statistics. In your hypothesis (which is actually already researched and thus not a hypothesis), this would have grave consequences for Koreans everywhere (it hasn’t). This is why I chose the word “acknowledged” and didn’t choose to speculate on “what would happen if…” So, leave the snark at the door before you decide to half-heartedly mumble through any other potentially good ideas you want to talk about.

      • Paul

        Of course, there are famous cases of foreigners commiting rape. But attitudes towards rape in the west (and rest of the developed world) are less accepting. Koreans are dangerously accpeting of rape. Especially date rape.

        I only have the abstract on this computer… but I can find other studies too.

  • Chris

    get all mad at korean girls for dating foreign men. but as soon as megan fox asks a korean out, she gets rejected. fucking hipsters.

    • Chucky3176

      change the “dating foreign men” part with “shooting AV movies unknowingly”. LOL.

      • John Holmes

        in comments they clearly complain because koreans girls have date with forigners.. we can say whatever we want, but it’s just that, simply angry to see korean women with forigners..

    • FYIADragoon

      She isn’t that hot though. Now if it was that Brit lass from the third movie…

      • Snarl

        So you admit that although she was supplied, she was not sufficiently demanded to exceed the opportunity cost of dating her, and therefore rejecting her was a rational choice. Those are market forces.

  • LoveTheDJ

    I always just LOVE how the goofy Korean guys bitch whine and moan about how “stupid and slutty” Korean women are who go for western guys. They just spread their legs for “anyone.”

    Such. Utter. Nonsense. EVERYONE knows that Korean guys treat Korean women like shi$ just as much as any other people-group. It’s almost like we are ACTUALLY going to believe that somehow Korean men are the best men for Korean women. Korean women will be treated the best by Korean men–right?

    And if you believe that, let me tell you about all the times, living in various part of Seoul, that I heard the screams of a woman being beaten by a Korean man…I still hear them begging for mercy… And guess what? I was powerless to intervene, because it would be likely that the brainwashed women would resist any help from a western guy because the creepy nutzo Korean guy beating her would go berzerk….


    • John Holmes

      same happen in china.. must be an easter tradition.. you know.. their old culture that make them so proud.

    • DK420

      You didn’t help because you a punk bitch .. I would have jumped in to help out .. why do western douchebags have white knight-geisha complex going on?

      If you going to date Korean women shouldn’t you at least respect some of the Korean men? All I hear is nothing but dumbass generalizations ..

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the comments above show a shocking amount of misogyny, racism, and what seems to be pretty blatant envy.

    If a Korean did this, would it even be in the news like this? I’m thinking it might be a small notation on one of the back pages of a newspaper… Why does this have anything to do with race at all?

    Trust me, it is NOT easier for White guys to get Korean women just because they are white….if anything it is more difficult, language barriers, not to mention because of all the shame they have to face from racist, close minded old men. My girlfriend told me most Koreans who date foreigners are labeled as “Dirty” or “Tainted” and have trouble finding relationships in the future for the simple fact that they once dated a foreigner.

    • Snarl

      My girlfriend told me most Koreans who date foreigners are labeled as “Dirty” or “Tainted” and have trouble finding relationships in the future for the simple fact that they once dated a foreigner.

      Can’t you smell the manipulation? She just wants you to feel too guilty to dump her.

      • John Holmes

        however it’s likely true.

  • k

    Ms.B is very persistant about the videos and such, I mean Im just sayin if I were on a man’s computer and found sex tapes of him with legal aged women then i would quickly not look at those videos and give comp back…..most people dont store sex vids on the desktop…it sounds like Ms.B was snooping and digging around his comp, looking for something and then found it and then got jealous of all the girls he has been with because she probably had a crush on him. Plus come on, how does she k ow that those videos werent done with permission from the women? And the comments about korean women are SOOOO hypocritical cause trust me, Korean men wouldnt pass up an opportunity to sleep with a pretty foreign girl…..i was propositioned for sex by korean guys and groped in clubs by them ALOT and had one crazy assh*le stalk me back to my apt. It isnt just foreign men who do those things, Korean men and ALL men do them as well!

    • somesojuslammer

      Preach sister!

  • hawkeye4077

    It’s wrong that he did this without their knowledge and consent. But it’s also immoral for them to sleep around! Stop being whores! No man wants a whore. Who wants a woman as a wife that has slept around!?

    • Snarl

      You sound as misogynistic as the original commenters. Obviously most men want “whores” — that’s why it’s so easy for them to sleep around in the first place. Men grow up eventually, and so do women. Then those same women who slept around in their prime are at the top of their game later in life. The ones who really lose are those who are too concerned with protecting their precious virginity, because they have no idea how to market themselves to guys.

      • FYIADragoon

        Please avoid using terms like “market,” when you don’t know what you’re talking about. Supply and demand don’t work that way. Thanks.

        • Snarl

          Supply and demand are indeed at the core of who gets laid or who gets married and why. If you don’t know anything about markets, then you have a lot of learning to do. FYI, if you have any friends at all (a questionable proposition), then you have engaged in marketing behavior to earn them. You even engage in marketing behavior to keep them. Bear in mind, money need not be exchanged for a market to be in effect, but even you should know that.

      • hawkeye4077

        There’s nothing to market, and there’s nothing to be proud of having lived a life with poor morals. A life that was built upon being popular and screwing around. That isn’t what makes you a true man or a true woman. A whore is a whore, be it a man or woman. Adultery is adultery. I’m a 28 yr old virgin man and I will be until I’m with the one I’ll marry and I do not want a woman that slept around. How can she be a good wife? A good mother? Unless she has changed of course! Without the family unit civilization falls apart. Go ahead and live your care free lives in fornication. But if you get an std, you deserved it!

        • Snarl

          At 28, being a virgin male is not exactly the norm, but kudos to you, and I hope you get what you want. Although, I believe you will have a hard/impossible time finding a girl in Korea that is attractive, around your age, socially well-adjusted, and still a virgin. Frankly, it is a market; it’s just low in supply and high in demand. In my opinion, virginity is way over-valued in Asia, but each unto his own.

          • hawkeye4077

            I’m an American of scots irish ancestry. It’s the norm for people that were raised in a conservative home. I’ve loved women but held them in my heart only. Sex without real love is just so cheap and disrespectful to both involved.

          • Snarl

            hawkeye4077, I have had the misfortune of living in west Texas for a while, and I have known many conservative families of Scots-Irish stock (there are quite a few in the Texas panhandle). What you are saying about the norms of conservative families is probably true for the 1960s. In the past few decades, that has changed. With the exception of the socially maladjusted, only the most conservative guys in Red State America are virgins at 28 years old (I am being polite to suggest that being extremely conservative is not a social handicap–as being extremely anything tends to be). With that said, only the most prudish girls in East Asia are still virgins at 18 years old. So I will concede that a few in that group may be everything you want in a woman, but most of them would not be anyone’s top choices.
            As for the sex without real love comment. I would absolutely agree if you could give real love an abstinent definition that satisfies everyone.

          • Brett Sanbon


            “only the most prudish girls in East Asia are still virgins at 18 years old”

            How could one know this information, let alone pass it on as fact?

            I liked your last paragraph about love and sex, but I can’t possibly let you skate by with the virgin statement.

          • Snarl

            Brett, obviously there are no reliable statistics about virginity, but it is something that you have to be perceptive to discern. Women who have had sex recently have telling kinesics. And you can also look into society. Plastic surgeons offering hymenoplasty services are surprisingly common. And then there are stunts like the billionaire in Guangzhou who opened auditions to find a virgin wife (you probably read about it on ChinaSmack). The most revealing thing, though, is that men in these countries are so narrowly focused on virginity, and would they be so, if virginity was the norm? So while there is no way of knowing if it’s a fact, even the money in our bank accounts is just an estimate; perceptions of these trends tend to be quite reliable.

          • Shaun

            I’ve never understood the idea that a woman must be a virgin to be suitable for marriage. As if a woman’s virginity is the most valuable thing she could give to her husband or wife. What about her intelligence, or commitment to the relationship, or other attributes. What’s up with the high value attached to something as trivial as viginity? It doesn’t offer anything of value…

        • doug

          Wow! I thought I was backwards, waiting until I was 19 to unload my virginity to a very amused Chinese bargirl. 28? What are you waiting for? By that age, I had been married for three years, and had a son already. A sucessful marriage is full of compromises, adjustments, and the wisdom to ignore certain things. If you are waiting for the Perfect One, you’ll be keeping the handlotion companies working overtime for the rest of your life.

          • John Holmes

            well between a guy who is still virgin at 28 years old and one who need a prostitute to unload his verginity a 19… but i agree on the second part.. looking for the perfect woman and you’ll end up like the movie 40years old virgin.

          • doug

            Hey, Johnny Wadd,what can I say? I was a shy, timid kid in a small town many years ago. I have no regrets about the bargirl,though.

  • Lee

    That American guy probably has some child porn on his computer too;
    the Korean authorities should check up on this matter..
    Most Americans go to poor Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, etc. to teach English, and have sex/rape little Children.

    • somesojuslammer

      1/10 for trying. Too obvious

    • Snarl

      I’ve never personally seen an American guy in an inappropriate relationship with a child, but I’ve seen more than a handful of Korean and Chinese men in Cambodia with 13-14 year old local girls. It’s disgusting, and you’re disgusting for talking about something that you have no knowledge of in an obvious, blatant attempt to spread lies and hate. Shame on you.

      • Lee

        Yes, because Asian men are known to be around little children in Cambodia, good one, mate lol
        Not only do white Americans go to poor Asian countries to have sex with children, but they also do that in their home countries; look at how many kids have been raped/sexually abused with white guys in church. 10,0000s…

      • KOREAN

        search PEDOPHILE in google and you see all middle-aged white guys

        • Jones

          Have you seen the movie “The Crucible”? You even rape your own school children.

        • WellOKthen

          Oh yeah, KOREAN?

          FACT: Korean men are champion child sexual predators in South Asia to the point that south asians are literally petitioning the South Korean government to stop the sex tours by KOREAN middle aged men, AND younger men.

          Don’t believe me?

          Just google “korea times korean men child sex tourism”

          Yep. Don’t see middle-aged white guys come up much when you ask south asians who is the race exploiting little kids for raunchy sex.

          Nice try, though. I suggest therapy for your burning hatred for white guys, cuz I for one will not put up with lies anymore from insecure Korean men–the very ones who do the things they accuse white men of doing.

      • TheKorean

        Handful of Korea men? Cough Cough, do you ever been to Thailand and Cambodia, most of them are White men who love to prey on children for sex.

        • wasurai

          Maybe the white guys stand out, but there will be other ethnicities there doing exactly the same thing. I once lived in Vietnam and I’ve never seen so many scummy Korean men, trust me. Or maybe it has nothing to do with being white or not, you pathetic bigot.

    • John Holmes

      ahah like koreans don’t.. they’re well known in the south-east asia for this kind of things. So much that as for korean’s laws thay cannot be persecuted for what they do in other countries (while americans (and also europeans) can).

      • Snarl

        Also Europeans? If you are referring to the Theft Act 1978 in English law, then yes, I suppose that applies the objective theory of jurisdiction, but the United States is the only country in the world that applies the objective theory of jurisdiction to all of its criminal laws.

    • WellOKthen

      AHHHH, OK, Lee. I see. Sorry to interrupt your attempt to feel better about yourself by trashing the shit out of white men, but here’s the facts, buddy (Not that you care about facts, but hey…)

      FACT: Korean men are champion child sexual predators in South Asia to the point that south asians are literally petitioning the South Korean government to stop the sex tours by KOREAN middle aged men, AND younger men.

      Don’t believe me?

      Just google “korea times korean men child sex tourism”

      Any more questions about who “goes to poor Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, etc. to teach English, and have sex/rape little Children?”

      But thanks so much Lee for making it abundantly clear that creepy Korean men are everywhere…and also making it clear that even the sane Korean men don’t even have the fricking sense to speak up when creeps like you say shit like this.


    • wasurai

      What a ridiculous thing to say, you spiteful little man.

  • FYIADragoon

    What crime? Sluts gonna slut. They knew what they were getting into. And look at that belly. Christ.

    • Snarl

      “And look at that belly. Christ.”

      Didn’t you read the first line of text after the article title?
      “Possible scenario of hidden camera scene [photo used for demonstration purposes]”

      In other words, that photo has nothing to do with the story.
      And also, if you don’t know anything about the laws of Korea (especially Korea’s ridiculous sex-related laws), then please don’t ever go there. Thanks.

    • dontevencare

      What the fuck is up with this comment? So many of these comments are just as misogynistic and awful as the comments left on the original article…what a shame.

  • doug

    Have you heard about the new Korean underwear?

    One good Yank, and it’s off.

    • lonetrey

      Wowwwwwww. Now I feel bad for laughing at that joke for a second.

      • doug

        It’s actually a very old joke from WW2 England (with “British” in place of “Korean”, of course). There were many thousands of Americans stationed in England, and the British men were quite upset that British girls seemed to prefer the Americans.

        • Thor

          Hence this Brit saying about the Americans, “they’re overpaid, oversexed and over here”.

  • lonetrey

    Several issues I have with this article.
    1) Foreigners getting a bad reputation.
    I feel like there’s a lot of hate for foreigners immediately because people get all butthurt about white guys with asian girls. Sure, you can complain all you want, but all it does it make you seem whiny and racist, while asian girls will keep getting with white guys. Not sure why so many asians are so gungho about asian girls sleeping with white guys.

    2) How bad is filming the sex in secret?
    Yes, filming the women who have sex with you without getting their consent for the video is a douchebag thing to do. I understand that it’s a violation of their trust, and it really puts Mr. A in a bad light. However, I feel like Ms. B went completely overboard when judging the deed. The problem lies with whether Mr. A went and distributed the videos of the women. If he did, then it’s a clear cut case of invasion of the women’s privacy. On the other hand, if no proof is found of him showing the videos to others exists, then how is it different from Mr. A simply remembering the sexual encounters?

    That said, I still disapprove of him recording the videos.

    3) What is driving this rage Ms. B displays?
    Even with this situation, I noticed a lot of comments directed toward her reaction; she had an attitude of betrayal. I’m not quite sure what significance this has yet, but I keep getting a feeling that something about that bugs me. I’m not sure what it is.

  • bultak

    at least he didn’t shoot them all

  • Paul

    Women are whores if they sleep with someone before marriage, and they deserve misfortune if they have casual sex.

    If a woman dates a foreigner she is lucky if something unfortunate dosen’t happen.


    • Brett Sanbon

      Women are whores if they sleep with someone before marriage, and they deserve misfortune if they have casual sex.

      If a woman dates a foreigner she is lucky if something unfortunate dosen’t happen.

      Again, I am not sure if you are serious when you write this stuff…

      Are men not also responsible for having sex before marriage. Is sex not a (at least) 2 person job?

      Why would a woman be lucky if something unfortunate doesn’t happen after dating a foreigner?

      • mr. wiener

        Is he quoting Korean postings or saying that stuff for real?

        If so I assume he will be a virgin up until the time of his wedding night? Unless of course he’s been seeing some “whores” before hand.

        The “unfortunate” thing that usually happens to these women would be attracting the attention of some bile spouting nationalist because they’ve been seen walking down the street with a foreigner.

        • Paul

          Wasn’t quoting, just deducing what is going on in the mind of some Korean men. Quotes from above:

          This is the true nature of Korean bitches ke ke ke Serves them right ke ke ke
          외국인과 사귀었기 때문에 범죄의 대상이 됐다
          They became the target of a crime because they dated a foreigner
          Circulate it! We have to make all their identities known and make it so that they can’t go around with their heads held high!!

      • Paul

        No, I’m not serious. But there are many people that believe the shit I wrote. Did you check the links I posted?

        • Brett Sanbon

          Yes I did, but I wasn’t sure if you were stating your own views or criticizing the netizens. I got you now.

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  • mouse

    And yet Korean men fall all over themselves if even an average looking white girl comes their way. Of course, to them, all white girls are sluts to them anyway, so it doesn’t matter if they make her sluttier by dating her and screwing her.

  • k

    You know its so stupid how people assume ” (insert any race) women are slutty/whores”. Yes white women are ALL 100% slutz and 100% of them are also 400 lbs, look 100+ yrs older then they are, and are hardcore femnazis. 100% of all asian women have had 900 plastic surgeries, 100% of asian women with any other guy not from their country is 500% a prostitute and is after a green card, 100% of all asian women only care about house and income of man. 100% of all black women have 15 kidz and 15 baby daddies, 100% are morbidly obese and 100% are man eaters. True story.

  • k

    Oh dang, my daughter is half white and half asian……she is all kinds of messed up according to stereotypes…..°-°

  • sai

    Why Korean men are comparing their women and Japanese/chinese women?annoying.

  • cocaopuffs

    Mr. A kept videos secret at least. Ms. B is troublemaker and she has Korean guys hunting the girls down to beat them with words in public. Mr. A seems nicer than Ms. B and angry Korean guys.

    Mr. A or Mr. Lee (recorded 900 korean girls at toilet)…who is worse?

  • xyzyxz

    I know a Swedish expat who could never get laid in his home country, but to his surprise, he’s gotten laid in Seoul. Korean women are so well-known among white men as easy women, ready to spread their legs for foreign guys, and don’t care if those guys give them std’s. Watch out folks, South Korea is on the way to be the number one country with sexual transmitted diseases. It’s so crazy that these young girls desperately want to have sex with these low-life criminals just because they are white. Those young stupid girls deserve what they got!

  • Take responsibility

    It is amusing how everyone of you blame the Korean women and the white men for this, but most of these behaviors are due to how Korean men treat their own women. Blame yourselves…. It is amazing to me as a white men how most of you Korean men treat your women. As though they are lesser than you. Over time white men have been type casted as men who typically respect their women more and because of this Korean women find us more attractive as mates. Keep in mind though I am not by any means trying to say white men are angels….I know that is far from the truth..but when it comes to how we typically treat our companions we completely dominate you in that market.

    I know there are a lot of ignorant white men who come over to Korea and act rude and have little regard to the customs and I hate that, because it is embarrassing for me as a white man who loves Korea. I was stationed there for only a year and in that year I would of gave my life for your country if at anytime someone such as N. Korea would of attacked. I am someone who respects the customs and speaks the language…which is rare from that I have seen. But you guys really need to stop pointing the finger at everyone besides yourself….seriously…..nothing will change if you continue to blame others for mistakes that you continue to make.

    Thank you

  • Truth Detector

    Over 70% of Korean women have worked in the Korean sex industry at some point in their lives. Fact. These brothels are EVERYWHERE in Korea. Barbershops, anmas, noraebangs, red light districts, foot massage parlors, room salons, and women Koreans and non-Koreans can call from pornagraphic cards Koreans drop all over their sidewalks for men, women, and children to pick up off the ground and see. This is Korean culture.

    • Isaac


      Aren’t there women in Vietnam who want to escape your 3rd world sh!thole just to be paid to be wife of a white guy? (Mail order brides)

      • wellOKthen


      • wellOKthen

        Sources for the fact that Korean men are child sexual predators and do the mail order bride circuit more than any other race, and also have a horrible reputation? Hmm, I’m glad you asked. Be careful what you wish for, buddy…..

        Just google “korea times korean men child sex tourism”
        and “mail order bride wikipedia south korea”

  • Speaking as a foreigner, please arrest, expose and deport the idiot. He gives a bad name to those who aren’t causing problems.

    I may no longer live in Korea, but what I say still applies.

  • Guy Forget

    News flash for Korean girls: White men that come to Korea are the bottom 10% of their group. So no, they are not “Tom Cruise” like you naively believed for all these years LMAO. Wake up lol.

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