Korean Soccer Fans React to World Cup Loss

Article from Newsen:

[Korea vs. Belgium] Despite defeat, Red Devils stay up all night in Gwanghwamun to cheer on Korea.

Fans cheer on Korea at Gwanghwamun Square.

Fans cheer on the Korean team at Gwanghwamun Square.

"Red Devil" fans gather at Gwanghwamun Square to cheer on Korea.

“Red Devil” fans gather at Gwanghwamun Square to cheer on Korea.

Korea defeated at the hands of Belgium in the 2014 World Cup.

Korea defeated at the hands of Belgium in the 2014 World Cup.

A cheering area was opened in Gwanghwamun Square last Friday at 5 a.m. (Korean time) to view the Korea-Belgium match. This was the final match in the group stage for group H in the Brazil World Cup.

After the match concluded, people are returning to their everyday lives.

At 5 a.m. Korean time at the Sao Paolo arena, the Korean team played against Belgium in the final group stage match for group H. While the match was close, Belgium scored the first goal at the 35th minute of the second half, causing a 0-1 loss for Korea.

Meanwhile, Korea’s dream of advancing to the round of 16 will surely have another chance to be realized at the 2018 Russia World Cup.

Comments from Naver:

This is the present state of Korean soccer, ke ke ke. Losing 1-0 to a Belgian team that was down a player. Reform the soccer association that runs on personal connections and loyalty. Let’s use some foreign coach. Park Ji-sung said we still have got to get a foreign coach.


They should’ve utilized Kim Shin-wook and Kim Seung-gyu from the start….


Park Chu-young was warming the bench but it seems he possessed Lee Chung-yong on the field.


Kim Seung-gyu and Kim Shin-wook did a really great job.


Lee Chung-yong frigging sucks…Just make a shot, you hopeless guys.


Let’s not say bullshit like they still played well.


They lost to 10 running Belgians who were not even their best squad, ke ke ke.


Those players who’ve gone abroad should just come back to the K-leagues. Like those students who go study abroad to run away from their failure, they pretend to be cool on the outside and talk themselves up in interviews, but their minds are a mess. They can’t even speak English, ke ke ke. Lee Geun-ho who is serving in the military was playing better than them.


I’m more upset because Kim Seung-gyu did a good job, hah.


I gave up when Lee Chung-yong wasn’t taken out and Kim Bo-gyung was put in… Lee Chung-yong kept missing chances and why was Kim Bo-gyung just jogging around and not passing the ball?


Korean team is just too much… They should’ve used Kim Shin-wook, Kim Seung-gyu, and Lee Geun-ho earlier!!


What is certain is that the Ulsan trinity of Lee Geun-ho, Kim Seung-gyu and Kim Shin-wook who chewed up Asia also chewed up other Korean players who were playing abroad, ke ke.


From now on, our national goalkeeper is Kim Seung-gyu!!


Those who were listening to the MBC announcers will know, ke ke ke ke. You’ve all pissed off Ahn Jung-hwan and Song Jong-guk.


There were no bold moves after all.


What if Park Chu-young and Jung Sung-ryong had gone on the field?


This match was the most interesting out of the three anyway. They should’ve put in Kim Shin-wook and Kim Seung-gyu from the start… This being his first World Cup match, Kim Seung-gyu did a good job.. much better than Jung Sung-ryong.


Go dig the ground and come back. [through an underground tunnel]


I enjoyed watching Lee Chung-yong’s samba-dribble. [Sarcasm]


Lee Chung-yong and Koo Ja-cheol, ke ke ke ke ke.

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