Korean Soccer Fans React to World Cup Loss

Article from Newsen:

[Korea vs. Belgium] Despite defeat, Red Devils stay up all night in Gwanghwamun to cheer on Korea.

Fans cheer on Korea at Gwanghwamun Square.

Fans cheer on the Korean team at Gwanghwamun Square.

"Red Devil" fans gather at Gwanghwamun Square to cheer on Korea.

“Red Devil” fans gather at Gwanghwamun Square to cheer on Korea.

Korea defeated at the hands of Belgium in the 2014 World Cup.

Korea defeated at the hands of Belgium in the 2014 World Cup.

A cheering area was opened in Gwanghwamun Square last Friday at 5 a.m. (Korean time) to view the Korea-Belgium match. This was the final match in the group stage for group H in the Brazil World Cup.

After the match concluded, people are returning to their everyday lives.

At 5 a.m. Korean time at the Sao Paolo arena, the Korean team played against Belgium in the final group stage match for group H. While the match was close, Belgium scored the first goal at the 35th minute of the second half, causing a 0-1 loss for Korea.

Meanwhile, Korea’s dream of advancing to the round of 16 will surely have another chance to be realized at the 2018 Russia World Cup.

Comments from Naver:

This is the present state of Korean soccer, ke ke ke. Losing 1-0 to a Belgian team that was down a player. Reform the soccer association that runs on personal connections and loyalty. Let’s use some foreign coach. Park Ji-sung said we still have got to get a foreign coach.


They should’ve utilized Kim Shin-wook and Kim Seung-gyu from the start….


Park Chu-young was warming the bench but it seems he possessed Lee Chung-yong on the field.


Kim Seung-gyu and Kim Shin-wook did a really great job.


Lee Chung-yong frigging sucks…Just make a shot, you hopeless guys.


Let’s not say bullshit like they still played well.


They lost to 10 running Belgians who were not even their best squad, ke ke ke.


Those players who’ve gone abroad should just come back to the K-leagues. Like those students who go study abroad to run away from their failure, they pretend to be cool on the outside and talk themselves up in interviews, but their minds are a mess. They can’t even speak English, ke ke ke. Lee Geun-ho who is serving in the military was playing better than them.


I’m more upset because Kim Seung-gyu did a good job, hah.


I gave up when Lee Chung-yong wasn’t taken out and Kim Bo-gyung was put in… Lee Chung-yong kept missing chances and why was Kim Bo-gyung just jogging around and not passing the ball?


Korean team is just too much… They should’ve used Kim Shin-wook, Kim Seung-gyu, and Lee Geun-ho earlier!!


What is certain is that the Ulsan trinity of Lee Geun-ho, Kim Seung-gyu and Kim Shin-wook who chewed up Asia also chewed up other Korean players who were playing abroad, ke ke.


From now on, our national goalkeeper is Kim Seung-gyu!!


Those who were listening to the MBC announcers will know, ke ke ke ke. You’ve all pissed off Ahn Jung-hwan and Song Jong-guk.


There were no bold moves after all.


What if Park Chu-young and Jung Sung-ryong had gone on the field?


This match was the most interesting out of the three anyway. They should’ve put in Kim Shin-wook and Kim Seung-gyu from the start… This being his first World Cup match, Kim Seung-gyu did a good job.. much better than Jung Sung-ryong.


Go dig the ground and come back. [through an underground tunnel]


I enjoyed watching Lee Chung-yong’s samba-dribble. [Sarcasm]


Lee Chung-yong and Koo Ja-cheol, ke ke ke ke ke.

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  • Digitalsoju

    It amazes me how the national soccer team fails to get better. I used to work at a public high school here and the soccer players would be training and playing soccer all day. They were much less educated than the regular students because they didn’t really attend class. In countries like the US, you need to be academically eligible with a 2.0 GPA to play sports. You’d think with all the extra training these guys get that they’d be decent, but nope. Something is obviously broken.

    • magicmodelol

      Asians aren’t as athletic as Africans, or Europeans, sadly. So there’s always that physical disadvantage. Though, with a better coach you can eliminate that factor quite easily with smart tactics. But I think the days of 2002 Semi-finalist Korea are long gone…

      • x1sfg

        Um, no, this isn’t track where only three countries dominate. Else, there wouldn’t be so many Olympic medals in weightlifting, wrestling, boxing, judo, which are much more physical, as in natural talent than soccer. As far as pure athleticism goes, the SK team has a more athletic and faster team than most others. The problem is their game. The European countries have their gameplay down pat, and you can usually tell which country they’re playing for just by their style of play. Same with the LATAM countries. Brazil especially has an eclectic and unique style of play.

        The ROK, and Japan, need to develop their talent skill wise and get a game plan together utilizing their strengths. They have horrible defense, don’t have the long ball play the guys in the Premiere League have perfected, or the creative, nonlinear style of the Brazilians. The past champions didn’t win on pure athleticism, they won on developed talent and game strategy.

      • magicfail

        Ding Ding Ding Ding! I was wondering when the obligatory racist ‘Asians are not athletic’ comment was going to pop up. well done magicmodelol!

      • ChuckRamone

        Look up the pro skateboarder Dae Won Song and tell me Asians aren’t athletic.

    • Boris

      Coaching and mindset.

      England has similar issues as it lacks the amount of qualified coaches at grass root level and those that do, are pressured to win at all cost. That results in the boys who are bigger and more developed going to the field rather than having players of all sizes develop their skills.

      Korea’s issues are different that they don’t like players that stick out. chucky might be better able to explain that.

      What both countries need is to look at what the Germans and the Belgiums did and do something similar to their country. I think the German approach might work better in Korea. Belgium’s probably would work better for England.

      There also needs to be a shift in the mindset of the coaches and the philosophythey play with. You will find that each team has it, especially the top teams. Even when they change it from the traditional way they play, they still have an ‘ideal’ that they play with. Take Brazil for example. They use to be a very flair side, but since they lack flair, they became a lot more hard working and do use the one flair player (Neymar) they have to add something that they lack.

      • x1sfg

        Thinking about this, I can see the German style working with the current ROK team.

        The ROK team is still very young, but in time, I can also see them incorporating elements from the old Brazilian style as the younger guys seem to favor more flair and flash and play shorter and more eclectic, they just need to develop their upcoming talent.

        All in all, a lackluster world cup. The ROK and other countries’ game plan sucked from the start. The whole turtling in defense strategy when a team has the lead is stupid, especially when the opponent is playing a man down.

        • Boris

          To be honest, defending at this world cup has been pretty dire. France and Nigeria could have ended with a much higher scoreline if it weren’t for poor finishing or excellent keeping from the Nigerian keeper (or the goal line clearence).

    • Smith_90125

      The Koreans did better with Guus Hiddink as coach because he forced the team to play against better competition. In his first year of coaching the Korean team, his nickname was “5-0” because the Koreans lost 5-0 to the French and the Czechs. But it was because they played tougher competition that they improved. Winning games against Vietnam and India doesn’t accomplish anything. The US, on the other hand, plays European countries a lot more – they had to step up their game to compete, so they did.

      • Boris

        It is quite simplistic to say it is because they played tougher opponents that they improved. It helps to what you are up against and the level you are facing but to put it down just to that would be plain stupid. A team in the lower levels of the football league in England will not improve unless they have better players, coaching, training and tactics. These things take time to implement. Even the US lost to a German B side in a Friendly a few months back but did quite well against them in the World Cup. There are small margins for teams in the World Cup. As we saw, Algeria could have gone through had they taken their chances.

        Hiddink is a smart and very capable coach. He knew what had to be done. He changed Park Ji Sung from a Defensive Midfielder, as he was being used at club and under previous managers, into a Winger.

        • Chucky3176

          There’s a myth to that. It’s not because Korea doesn’t want to play against tougher opponents. It’s always, why would any big teams in Europe or S.America wants to play against S.Korea? Each time South Korea matches up their opponents, they have to pay big money each time the opposing teams to play against Korea. And the Korean league where there are no TV rights even, it’s tough financially to justify and arrange something like that. Just because you want to play the big teams, doesn’t mean the big teams are eager to play against you.

          • Boris

            the KFA, like The FA have to sort out their coaching systems and leagues in order to allow produce talents. But as they are, they will hold their nations back.

            I’m really surprised they haven’t looked at the German Model, which might help their national team. I am also surprised they are relying so heavily on the big companies to sponser these teams when so much more can be done to improve the teams and get in more revenue.

  • Boris

    I heard that when the SK team returned to Korea, they had toffee thrown at them (meaning to get lost), can anyone confirm if that is true?

  • I Love K-POP!!…and plastic surgery

  • Smith_90125

    Belgium didn’t eliminate the Korean team, the Koreans eliminated themselves. They blew their chances to score points against Russia and Algeria, nobody’s fault but their own.

  • King

    Korea has been given this ridiculous delusional expections about our football team. 2002 was a fluke. An anomoly. It will never happen again. Korea was the beneficiary of home advantage mixed in with massive favoritism from FIFA directed referees wishing to expand the Asian game. They did really well. But it will not happen again. The game is still underdeveloped in Korea, K-league is a fifth rate competition. Also sport isn’t seen as a main focus in the vital childhood/teenage years. Kids are too busy studying to get into univerisites and to put time into sport is seen as wasteful and pointless. But the fact is that is when natural talent is developed. When kids into their 20s it’s too late to break bad habits or introduce new ones.
    We should be glad we got into the competition, as there are many teams that were better than us that didn’t qualify in the European, South American and African qualifying groups.
    Also, we should stop being fucking glory hunters. How many of my friends on facebook had their profile picture as the Spanish team emblem, or some other team they support. I ask them why they are supporting Spain ? “Oh they are the best they will win. Korea sux we can’t score”. Nice attitude. Follow the team who is successful not your home country. Now i notice all the Spanish profile pics have disappeared. hmmmm. I guess they will replace them with Germany or something. Support your team through thick and thin. Standing around in a red shirt once every four years isn’t support. Be passionate and then maybe we can pressure for some change in the KFA.

    • korean

      Amen, brother.

    • jonny

      fairweather fans. long live them

  • I Love K-Pop!

  • David

    I teach at a Korean International school in China and all my students came in dead tired the next day. They ALL stayed up to watch the game, even those who don’t like soccer. They said their parents made them do it. lol Granted I am not a fan of the sport but I would not allow me son or daughter to stay up to 5 am to watch the SUPERBOWL if they was still 17 and had school the next day. DVR.

    • bang2tang

      their parent made them watch this? hahah, wtf.

      • David

        Uniformity above all. : )

        • bang2tang

          sounds like CCP style…

    • The power of World Cup

  • commander

    Expectations that the Korean national squad will demonstrate a superb performance at group stage matches to advance into the knockout stage are far fetched when K-league football games remain lackluster for local fans.

    Without revitalizing the local football scene to stage more exciting games and attract more enthusiastic fans, appointing a foreign coash to head Taegeuk Warriors will not be an ultimate solution.

    We need to inject vigor into local football clubs and pave the way for young talents to realize their untapped potential under efficient and scientific training with the help of able coaching staff.

    The disturbing elimination at the 2014 Brazil Word Cup should serve as a lesson for a long term overhaul of local football systems.

  • wuju

    Korean soccer team was the worst for sure.

  • What?!!!

    I don’t get it. Korea has never been a good team, not even in 2002. They can’t in all seriousness have expected to get through to the second stage.

  • mokpobeer

    Doesnt matter who they field, this team was probably one of the worst ones out of the 32 teams. They lacked fitness which is just terrible for such a big event.

  • dark

    This is the most ridiculous country I’ve seen. You see, Koreans subconsciously still think the physical work/activity belongs to the lowly class. What I mean by that is if you don’t have money go do sports. You have to understand you have to do BOTH: be great at your studies, and be great at your sports.
    People don’t do it because you love it. You need to love the sport. You need to embrace it. You have to also understand you need to be intelligent and smart to be a good player. JS Park is the quintessential soccer player: loves the game, incredibly smart, and works incredibly hard at it.
    With that kind of hypocritical attitude, you are only going to get mediocre players.
    2002 was both a fluke and an incredible opportunity. It’s no surprise FIFA favors the host city, but it was also up to the host city to rise up and take that opportunity, which is what Korea did (dunno what Japan was doing). But, when it comes to world stage, you have to rise beyond that.
    Otherwise, you can just be like China: 1.3 billion and all they do is sit on their arse and watch.

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