Controversial Military ‘Sandbag Puppy’ Assault Video

'Sandbag puppy'

Along with Korea’s and thus koreaBANG’s ongoing Ladygate scandals, animal abuse seems to be another unfortunate trend that seems to have captured netizen imagination. Previous articles have referred to two poor dogs attached to the backs of cars and dragged to some unpleasant ends. This most recent animal-abuse has sent netizens into a frenzy trying to find out the identity of what seems to be a military man and his friend who string up a puppy and use the poor animal for some boxing practise.

Hint: Don’t watch the videos if you’re an animal lover.

'Sandbag puppy'

'Sandbag puppy'

'Sandbag puppy'

From Nate:

Controversial Military ‘Sandbag Puppy’ Assault Video

Video of a man in a military uniform hung a puppy up like a sandbag before assaulting it have sparked public indignation amongst netizens.

The 17th Day Animal Protection Group has issued a statement for information for this man.

The released footage show a man in a military uniform a puppy up like sandbag before using his fists to beat the dog’s flank and abdomen.

The uniformed man who continued the beating used a tool to beat the dog into mincemeat before also stamping the dog with his military boots.

The terrified puppy soiled himself prompting the man to beat the dog with a broomstick and swearing. ‘You sh*tted you dirty dog.’

The voice of an amused cameraman can also be heard in the video. The footage ends with the man asking the hanging puppy ‘Isn’t this fun?’

The individual who supplies the information to the video discovered the footage on a Cyworld Mini Homepage when surfing with ‘Pato-tagi’. ‘Pato-tagi’ is a function that allows users to visit others’ Mini Homepage randomly. The original post made in 2009 has been deleted.

It’s said that an indictment has been filled out on the case and referred to the police.

Comments from Nate:


Wow…I really want to kill him. I’m too scared to even look at the caption. Can’t click the link… Something needs to be done. I could kill him. Really hate.


That puppy must have been in so much pain. We shouldn’t hurt helpless animals. This article really brought tears to my eyes. This person really needs to be punished.


A person who really enjoys committing exercising violence like that even though animals feel like humans is unacceptable so it would be good to strengthen animal protection laws.


That’s lovely. Typical soliders.




Makes me wanna hang that soldier up and hit him in the same way


Nothing more than a piece of shit. Go to Hell.


People are really shit. We live in a really scary world.


When are we gonna stop killing animals in this country? The public, monks and now soldiers?


I really hope you get run down by car in the road.


Really need to strengthen the law, continuing this way means many animals suffering without a sound.


Humans need to act humanely…there’s no point in swearing.


I hope you die like that too you fucking bastard.


Definitely need to catch this guy. Bastard.

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  • lonetrey

    I like the idea of sandbag man. We can kick/punch the crap out of him, and name him the Sandman.

  • dim mak

    Pure sadism… I hope they get court martial-ed

  • Yohan

    These people are dangerous, people who hurt animals for their own amusement will oftentimes go on to assault people as well since they don’t possess any sentiments of sympathy whatsoever. Find this guy and lock him up before he kills more!

    • Paul M

      I wonder if the is a link between animal abusers progressing on to human targets. Is there a correlation and what percentage of people who abuse animals go on to assault or murder people. It’s interesting to note that the guy wanted in the recent case where dismembered human remains were posted to members of the Canadian government, had also put up on the internet videos of himslef abusing cats.

      • Paul

        Pop culture seems to believe so; this is a common thread on everything from Western TV dramas to Eastern comics. But I’ll admit to having never actually read a related academic paper.

        • Paul

          Here we go! Apparently there is a correlation noted in the USA, but a link is thus far undetermined. There’s a bunch of papers on the topic (although fewer that look at the “graduation hypothesis” specifically as opposed to childhood signs of sociopathy) but I’m locked out of accessing full papers. If you want to read more, the Reference section of the Wikipedia page on the “Macdonald triad” has enough links to start off your search.

  • Chris

    The RoK military is a cesspit, the reason their conscripts take out their stress on stuff like this is because their corrupt, lazy leadership has nothing better to do but **** with them all day (sleeping while they make the conscripts do pointless stuff, calling dabang girls in and forcing the conscripts to stand watch over the door, etc). It’s a result of their societal values, and I can guarantee you in this case that you would probably get more done by holding their leaders accountable rather than getting angry at the conscripts themselves. Yes, they were the ones who physically beat the puppy, but for psychological problems like this, there is alot more under the surface.

    At face value, the RoK military seems close to a NATO/ANZ military in terms of professionalism and accountability, but underneath, they’re only one notch away from the terrible enlisted culture of the Afghan National Army or the current state of the Russian military.

    Whatever, not like it matters, because the DPRK military is even more undisciplined and demoralized once you get past the photo ops.

    • James

      Highly doubt that you can verify ANY of this but I wouldn’t, for a start, assume that this video is somehow representative of the entire ROK military. Making such an assumption is, frankly, stupid.

      • Chris

        I’ve worked with them for 4 years. You clearly did not read my message, as I am not saying the ROK military a bunch of puppy punchers, I am saying that there is a deep-rooted cultural problem where young men take their stress out in stupid ways because their leaders shovel **** down their throat all day.

        • An anonymous boy…

          I think he is talking about your sweeping generalization about corruption and comparisons to the known ANA, DPRK, and Russian Military…

          Your anecdotal evidence does not prove any of your allegations btw and is not very reliable in its own right. I cannot find any sources that would put the corruption anywhere near the level of the ANA or anything about corruption at all. Man if it was as bad as the ANA you think it would be leaked by now…

          To me your “clarification” sounds totally different from what you first wrote. Your implication that their army is where shit/piss is collected is enough to make anyone confused about what exactly you meant.

          • Mich’insaeki

            So what your saying is the Kwangju Massacre is a fairy tale? And the fact that the one of the two military leaders who oversaw the Kwangju Massacre was actually elected president… that’s like a senior SS Officer being elected president in 1947 and then saying he’s squeaky clean because nothing was ever proven…. except… then, in 1993 KYS gov’t actually _did_ prosecute Roh Taewoo and Chun Doowhan for corruption and overseeing the Kwangju Massacre. No wait… I see what you’re saying… Chun and Roh were two bad apples. They weren’t just exercising what they saw as their divine right… just two bad apples. The rest of em are all squeaky clean. What Chris is saying is that there is a culture of endemic corruption and institutionalized violence that still exists to-this-day. Nothing “anecdotal” about it. Just go back to watching SNSD and soak up the Hallyu. You may not have noticed in your extensive immersion in Korean culture, but dredging up dirty laundry is not exactly a Korean forte. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

          • An anonymous boy…

            Nice straw man. As for it: that was in the 1980s – more than 30 years ago to oppose an authoritarian regime and lead to a more democratic South Korea. That does not prove systematic widespread abuse here now a days.

            Anecdotal evidence is just looking at something from an a few experiences. Just because Chris saw something as he claimed, doesn’t mean there is widespread abuse. He didn’t say anything else other than inflammatory stuff and claimed the ROK military was almost as crappy as ANA etc. You can reinterpret whatever he said if you want, but that doesn’t change what he said.

            As I stated I can find no evidence. Even if it was corrupt there is pretty low chance it is as close to the ANA without it leaking. I mean the UN and US army are there. You think US/UN/ROK soldiers would experience it from time to time and leak all this terrible corruption to the world…and as more people came forward it would lead to change.

            I mean if you have experienced something, you guys should get together and contact the Korean government, your embassies, news agencies, and get the word out. I mean if you cared that is what you would do right?

          • Chris

            You’re one-hundred percent right. I mean, the Korean government+society does nothing meaningful to stop anmas, which means that they must not really be a widespread problem, huh?

            It’s beyond puzzling that editors of a Korean news aggregator site find it difficult to believe that abuse is widespread in the military; it is well-documented, and every month or three there is a shooting/suicide, usually due to hazing. It isn’t exactly difficult to find this stuff, as it even pops up on foreign sites like CNN or BBC. The dabang incident really happened (twice, and it was reported by them, and the guy got moved to a different base). Yes, comparison to the ANA is exaggeration, but I do feel they really aren’t too far off from the Russian military in terms of what leadership gets away with regarding how they treat conscripts.

            Probably the worst thing that I have heard and have suspected as actually happening in front of me is that many females in the Korean military are expected to perform sexual/submissive favors in return for promotions or cozier jobs. Yes, such things happen in other societies/militaries, obviously, and there are a few institutions in the US military where it has been documented to happen, especially aboard US Navy ships where alpha male types maybe the highest person in command for hundreds of miles. The difference is that if one were to report in the RoK military, a lawsuit is far less likely to succeed for the victim. Defector testimony states pretty much the same thing happens in the North Korean military as well, for what it matters.

            Since you seem completely unable to use web search functions, I was able to find pages incidents with a very simple one:


          • Mich’insaeki

            @Anon… Honestly dude… who gives a shit what you believe or want to believe. Chris seems to care enough to attempt to educate you, my hat off to him. Go back to your lil pink Hallyu hi def bubble and keep your head firmly planted up some KPop dollie’s cuty lil mini skirt.

            Best of luck with your English exam.

          • Mich’insaeki

            @Anon… Honestly dude… who gives a shit what you believe or wanna believe. Chris seems to care enough to attempt to educate you, my hat off to him. Go back to your lil pink Hallyu hi def bubble and keep your head firmly planted up some KPop dollie’s cuty lil mini skirt.

            Best of luck with your English exam.

          • Brett Sanbon


            Unwarranted douchebaggary.

        • An anonymous boy…

          Chris, you’re the one making the claims. The burden of proof isn’t on me. All your proofs are anecdotal evidence, availability heuristics (news incidents that you don’t provide), sarcasm, inflammatory language, and some straw man. I never said anything about the government response being evidence of anything.

          As I stated: I could not find evidence to put the corruption at the levels you claimed or anything about widespread abuse. I didn’t say or mean I couldn’t find any evidence at all. I found a few incidents about abuse/sexual assaults for the ROK military, but that is no means representative of the ROK military as a whole. And that doesn’t exactly imply corruption. Furthermore, just because some dudes committed suicide/shootings, doesn’t exactly imply anything either. Maybe they just can’t handle the military. I mean it is mandatory. Maybe some were abused… Who knows?

          If I compare on a case by case bases of the news on say the US vs the ROK military, I can find incidents of abuse, sexual assaults/rape, hazings in both. How can I tell which one has widespread corruption or abuse? I can’t. Both have their share of problems. Does that put them near the levels of Russia, ANA, DPRK? Does that mean it is widespread?

          As you yourself stated, there a numerous cases of abuse in military/societies around the world. If I used the news as a representative source, I would assume the US military is really really bad due to all the numerous abuse incidents during the Iraq War that got leaked into the news media. I would assume it is pretty corrupt/abusive compared with most military. That is just availability heuristics though.

    • ntfarang

      the easy way out for you WHITE TRASH is always putting the blame on Asian countries. Imagine giving america,new zealand,australia,etc….back to the native people & U WHITE TRASH are only an invented race!The bottom line is – without you mother fuckers war monger WHITE TRASH propaganda & DemoCraZy BullShit, the world will be a better place to live. FUCK U WHITE TRASH & FUCK OFF from ASIA!!!

      • Brett Sanbon

        Do you know what “white trash” *really* means, or did you merely hear it while watching CSI Miama?

      • Brett Sanbon

        Come to think of it, you sound A LOT like ACE from over at chinaSMACK… He liked to use the terms “white trash” and “democrazy” as well. I remember someone telling him that he should use a thesaurus. Food for thought.

  • Brett Sanbon

    Im not surprised by the stupidity of 20 year old kids… especially those that dont get to see any girls for 2 years. What I am surprised by is that the netizens aren’t accusing the two of them of being from Cheolla-do.

  • skippy

    The F***er!

  • glenn

    I don’t condone violence but i would give this one an exemption. Somebody get this guy and make him a public punching bag.

    I wonder what happened to the dog. Did it die?

  • Lee

    You know, this is a warning sign for you Koreans;

    ALL Serial Killers start by abusing and killing little animals before moving onto humans. That is a FACT.

    Not sure if anyone saw the latest news recently of a Chinese student in Canada that was stabbed with a ice pick, cut up, beheaded and then raped by a crazy white man from Canada. That same white guy posted videos of himself killing cats for fun.

    America’s notorious serials killer Jeffery Dhalmer also started off by killing animals, then eventually moved onto human beings.
    All serial killers are like this.


    • Brett Sanbon

      Id like to see some hard evidence for your “FACT” that “ALL serial killers” start like this and how it equates to your assumption that all people who abuse animals become serial killers.

      • Regina.

        I mean, there’s no way to prove that every single serial killer started off killing animals, but the fact is that a huge number of them do. If you’ve read anything about psychopathy or sociopathy, you’ll find that children who exhibit these behaviors often torture animals or express interest in animals corpses. Animals abuse HAS been a stepping stone for many notorious serial killers.

      • An anonymous boy…

        It is not true as in the “ALL” part. Just some do it.

        It is in general used to identify future sociopaths as young children not just serial killers. It is part of the Macdonald triad. I think there is some study somewhere, that puts it at like 50% violent offenders admitted to abusing animals.

        However, no link or study has been done on serial killers and animal abuse as far as I know other than some case studies.

  • rin5

    sneaks in on to the sofa while everyone debates by the door…

    • rin5

      is honestly very disappointed by the inhumane behavior… poor puppy.

  • ntfarang

    What a Coward Shit Ass. South Korea & Japan is just a PAWN for the EVIL west and these sissy assholes who called themselves ‘soldiers’ are really Sons of Bitches!!!

  • JoJo

    Psycho. I wouldn’t trust anyone who can display this amount of viciousness.

  • Kirby

    Sick bastard!

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  • Lynda

    I’d love to point a gun to his head and see if he shits his fucking pants.

  • shar scotland

    Kill this sadistic bastard, NOW!

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