Mangate: ‘Metro Assault Man’ Slaps Station Attendant

In light of all the Ladygates, koreaBANG is happy to finally present its first Mangate. Set once again on a sprawling metro system, netizens have criticised a male commuter in Daegu for taking out his travel card woes on a station employee by slapping him across the face. Netizens praised the staff member for his impressively calm and collected response.

From YouTube:

From Nate:

Metro Assault Man slaps Station Attendant for his Invalid Ticket.

Footage of a man appearing to assault a station attendant has emerged attracting netizen criticism.

A 1.16 minute video titled ‘Station Staff Assault Man’ was uploaded onto video streaming site, YouTube on the 23rd.

The video contributor explained, ‘This happened on the 23rd at around 9 in the evening. The employee is really incredible, enduring even whilst being hit.’ The station in the video is assumed to be in Daegu.

The man objects to the station staff member when his travel card fails to behave normally at the ticket gate. He rains abuse in an aggressive tone leading the station employee to respond, ‘Don’t swear.’ The man then replies, ‘this jerk…’ and strikes the station staff on the cheek. Despite being hit the station employee makes an effort to make the man understand the situation.

Even so, the man loudly scolds the station staff with a number of expletives, ‘XX bastard etc.

Various reactions judging the man who struck the station employee can be seen, ‘Why did he hit him?’, ‘We should catch and punish him legally.’, ‘Station staff have a lot of hardships.’, ‘The station employee handled it well. That man should fix his behaviour.’ And so on.

Comments from Nate:


That guy
Swears at waiters if he goes to a restaurant,
Swears at the bus driver if he rides the bus,
Swears at the shop attendants when he goes clothes shopping,
And probably swears at his kids when he goes home.


He [probably] even swears at his parents. When he’s old maybe he’ll be sweared at and beaten by his own kids.


He doesn’t seem very patient.


That’s not acceptable, make him recognise his mistakes~!


That person really needs to recognise [his mistake] and change. Changing him would be really difficult…


The wife of the station employee will cry when she sees this…


Who is this…I want to know…Where does his live, how old is he? I want to know his identity…I want to see him once…how can I see him…how is his family? Why does he hand his head…I want to know…


A kid like Lee Myung-Bak

Comments from YouTube:


I’m embarrassed that this is a true Korean –


Totally embarassed the country ke ke
Can’t do that to an older person…
People like that in this country should be ashamed.


I thought that monster was gonna kill him


It seems like Jungangno Station. This happened in the middle of the centre so lots of people saw the incident and yet…

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  • Andrew

    Can Daegu’s two line, one interchange metro system be referred to as ‘sprawling’? See possibly the cutest metro map in the world:

    • What!? First the ticket doesn’t work, and now this!?

    • skippy

      Webpage not supported on Firefox.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Here it is in English for our webpage navigationally-challenged.

      Andrew’s right, it is cute.

      • Ian

        I’ll take Daegu’s simple (cute?) subway system any day of the week over Seoul’s tangled mess.

        • Brett Sanbon

          Really? I find Seoul’s metro to be one of the easiest large systems I have ever ridden.

          • Brett Sanbon

            …easiest to navigate*

    • Sunshinefiasco

      I’ll say this much: we do have an adorable little subway system, but by Daegu standards, Jungangno station IS sprawling. It’s a massive clusterfuck shopping mall that meanders all over half of downtown, and being a green-liner, I got turned around the first few times I was in there.

  • actionjksn

    That guy really deserved to be slapped. Good for the angry man!!! Don’t you people understand there was a problem with the card? Anytime the subway card doesn’t work any nearby subway employee deserves to be slapped if he doesn’t react to somebody’s stress over it. Just like if you get some slightly cold soup at a restaurant then the waiter should be slapped. The subway employee should have to pay the man a million Wan for letting this criticism go public. This guy should have hit him much more and harder. How can you people not see that?

  • Matt

    Ladygate: Woman assaulting a man
    Mangate: Man assaulting a man

    Hm, someone’s getting the short end of this…

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