Ladygate: ‘Assault Woman’ With Dog Beats Up Bus Driver

A Joam Village to Suwon bus.

From Nate:

“Nice To Meet You…What Do You Mean My Dog Can’t Ride The Bus?” “Assault-Woman” Indicted After Hitting Bus Driver

Suwon Police reported that they have booked a Ms. Park (age 43) who is accused of causing a scene and hitting (assaulting) a bus driver.

According to the police, on the 20th at around 9pm in Woncheon-dong, Suwon, Park tried to board a bus when a Mr. Kim (45), the bus driver, would not allow her on with her dog. When he was about to report her to the police, Park started hitting Kim and took away his cell phone.

Ms. Park and Mr. Kim had met before, on the 18th, when she tried to board the bus with her pet dog. When he told her that her dog could not ride on the bus with her, she grumbled, “Why can’t dogs ride the bus?” Mr. Kim accused her of creating “emotional distress” and so Ms. Park was fined by the police.

After this incident, Ms. Park coincidentally bumped into Mr. Kim again [on this bus ride] and said, “How could you do that to me the other day?” and started hitting Kim.

In her police statement, Ms. Park explained herself by saying, “I thought Mr. Kim was going to report me again so I got upset and took his cell phone.”

Comments from Nate:


Are you sure the dog isn’t really the woman’s owner?


She’s 43 years old but apparently her mental age is that of the dog’s.


Just like a bitch…


A bus is clearly a public place…if you like having your dog with you so much take your car instead.


What crime would apply when a person hits a bus driver? Isn’t that a serious crime? He was just concerned about the safety of his passengers…what the heck is that, wanting to take a dog on the bus? She should’ve just used a dog carrier. What a lack of consideration for others. Pets’ hair sheds and may make others uncomfortable. Anyways, I hope there is a good result from all of this.


Buses, subways, taxis, etc. should not allow dogs to ride along…lots of people use these services and many people are uncomfortable [with dogs].


The dog that rode with that person should be embarrassed…


While I have to admit that dogs are needed for those with visual disabilities, the rest, no matter how cute they might be, are only cute to their owners…they might harm someone else.


I am not saying that people who raise dogs should only take their cars and not ride the bus. If you’re going to take your dog on the bus, at least take the effort to have a dog carrier for it. Don’t nitpick as if it is natural to ride the bus with a dog. I have a large dog, a Samoyed, in my villa, and I bear with the discomfort. I haven’t received inquiries from [other] neighborhoods. If dog owners put forth a little effort neither dogs nor their owners have to be uncomfortable…my dog is crazy cute for me but it is still just a dog [not a person] to other people.


2012 Dog Days: (The first 10-day period of dog days) July 18, (The middle period of dog days) July 28, (The final 10-day period of dog days) August 7. Boiled dog is the best ~ !


Dog lovers…if you want to take your dog with you put it in a cage. People who have cats always do this so why can’t you? I like dogs too but people need to be considerate of the people who don’t like dogs.


The comfort of the other passengers riding the bus is more important than your dog, sorry.


Why wouldn’t you use a cage for your dog if you use public transportation? -_-


Fuck, what is this, the “bitches with dogs” generation?


The men who smoke on the street and the women who carry their dogs with them all the time are the same…the police need to start cracking down on having dogs in public places…I really hate dogs but I see them here, there, and everywhere. So annoying.


There are more people who don’t have dogs in this world than there are who do.


You might like having your dog with you but you shouldn’t have it with you in a public place. It’s very inconsiderate to people who are allergic to dogs, etc.


I don’t understand people who can’t just put their pets in a cage when using public transportation…the dogs can be animal companions for them, but [to me] they are just animals that shed. It must be torture for people who are allergic to animals.


What’s Lee Hyori doing? She probably tweeted this woman a thank you.


A dog holding a dog…


She may have a dog but has no common sense.

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  • 바나나

    Sad thing is
    If a man beat a woman
    Wouldn’t be in the news

    • statis

      You’re full of shit, banana.

      • Josh

        good argument…but, banana is still right.

  • lonetrey

    I could understand why she started hitting him. The dog issue is something that I can agree is a sucky situation but she had to obey the rules. On the other hand, he is a dick who didn’t need to report her but did anyways.

    I had initially typed “beat the crap out of him” instead of “started hitting him”, but then I realized the man in this story is a guy who can’t even take a punch from a bloody freaking 43 year old lady.

    I’m not on the lady’s side here, but I definitely don’t like this guy.

    • statis

      What if the bitch looked like Nicole Bass?

    • Josh

      So if someone came to your job, which provided them with a fairly cheap and efficient service, started acting all entitled and hitting you, you wouldn’t want to report it? The guy’s just doing his job. You just don’t hit someone, period. You especially don’t hit someone just because they don’t let you break the rules on your 1,000w bus ride (rules that you are aware of but want to break anyway). I think the real issue is that he is a lowly bus driver and she’s obviously super important and how dare he tell her anything. He is lucky that she even wants to ride his bus.

  • Josh

    my favorite are the comments that express concern over the dog hurting passengers. has anyone ever seen a korean dog? if a woman owns a dog, it’s usually big enough to fit in the palm of your hand. the rudeness isn’t the endangering of the passengers, it’s bringing a yappy monster to a public place.

    • mr. wiener

      I see no one has said it yet, so I guess it’s down to me….
      “What do you mean I can’t bring my lunch on the bus?”
      I have now earned my place in the ninth tier of hell.

      • galap

        best comment ! +1

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    The job of a bus driver is very tough here. The pay is meager, but the driving schedule is so tight that it requires a great deal of hardwork.

    In fact, the reason why blaring sounds from the radi, bordering on noise, often come out on the bus is bus drivers try to fight off their sleep by raising the radio’s volume.

    Given this background, a woman who wrongly felt a humiliation at the driver’s right refusal of not allowing a dog in, to all intents and purpose, has no sensr.

    She should be mire harshly punished as she endanger other passengers’lives by hitting the driver, which could have led to a traffic accident, had the assault been done while the bus is moving.

  • Stories of butts

    I really want to see what kind of dog it is, it should be noted whether or not its for her assistant too but she overreacted by taking his phone and hitting. If I were her, I would have just waited for another bus or something.

  • That would be a fabulous beginning of a drama, just imagine. A true, grreat love starts from man’s refusal to board the dog, and lady beating him to the pulp for that. And then usual thing, you know, going abroad to be better driver, and her learning that maybe dogs should have leash and muzzle?

    On a serious note, if dogs are not allowed, they are not allowed. Period.

    • doug

      Really, now that you mention this, it would be a good drama-two lonely, middle-aged people start off on the wrong foot, but grow to have feelings for each other,while still pretending to detest each other,trading insults as she rides his bus every day.

      • h3ll

        Lol ,You developed an interesting plot here ^^ Good korean dramas involve this kind of love-hate relationship all time,women will always storm off because they’re mad and the man will stoically grab them by the arm and swing them back- and by magic, not dislocate their shoulders.

        Maybe the driver will date her after she pays the fine^^

  • Jeffli

    I find these near psychotic women of the ladygate series somewhat arousing!
    Honestly I do.
    If any of you have a somewhat “eccentric” aunty that is single (divorced ok) drop me a line.
    Hell I may not be normal either but as was said in Space balls the movie – “smoke ’em if ya got ’em”

    c’mon what better way to spend a sunday – argue/ wrestle / drink whisky / smoke and leave a turd. After that get in to some really insane antics! ;-) Yeehaw!

  • Yu Bumsuk

    Aren’t you allowed to bring dogs on buses and subway cars if they’re in a carrying container?

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