Lawmaker Faints after 15-Hour Grilling Over Bribery Scandal

Korean bribery scandal lawmaker Hyun Young-hee faints in front of cameras after a lengthy grilling session
Member of the National Assembly Hyun Young-hee made the front page of Korean newspapers with the image of her fainting in front of the Busan District Prosecutors’ Office. Hyun, who had just undergone 15 straight hours of questioning from prosecutors in connection with a bribery scandal, was quickly loaded into a car by aides and driven to a hospital.

The investigation that led to Hyun’s public collapse began on August 2nd, when the National Election Commission requested that police look into suspicion Hyun bought her nomination for proportional representative of the Saenuri Party. [Note: South Korean members of the National assembly can be elected directly by their constituents or automatically take office if their party receives sufficient votes, a full explanation of the system can be found here]

Hyun is accused of paying 300 million KRW (265,000 USD) to Hyun Ki-hwan, a member of the nominating committee in the Saenuri Party. She is also under investigation for giving 20 million KRW to then-chairman of the Saenuri Party Hong Joon-pyo, donating political funds under another person’s name, and paying her election volunteers (an act which is illegal in South Korea). Reportedly, Hyun’s alleged crimes were first brought to light when one of her aides who had been passed over for a promotion tipped off the National Election Commission. The aide had been personally involved in handing over the bribe (cash stuffed in a Louis Vuitton bag) to another official.

Korean bribery scandal lawmaker Hyun Young-hee faints in front of cameras after a lengthy grilling session

Hyun firmly denied reports about her bribery, saying she would fully cooperate with the police investigation and even waive her privilege as a sitting member of the National Assembly to be immune to legal prosecution.

The investigation against Hyun could affect the upcoming presidential election in South Korea, as the lawmaker’s misconduct is used to imply unethical behavior from her entire party. Critics are calling on presidential front-runner from the Saenuri Party Park Geun-hye to take responsibility and resign from her position as member of the National Assembly, since she was the one who oversaw the nomination process as the former head of the emergency committee of her party. There are also accusations that Hyun’s bribery was part of systematic selling of the proportional representation nominations.

From YouTube:

From the Chosun Ilbo:

National Assembly member Hyun Young-hee Collapses

Hyun Young-hee (no party affiliation) fainted after undergoing fifteen hours of questioning in the Busan District Prosecutors’ Office in connection with suspicion of paying bribes.

After emerging from the building at around 1:00 a.m. on the morning of August 20th, Hyun gasped “ahhh~” and collapsed. One of Hyun’s aides immediately put her on his back and loaded her into a car, which soon left the scene.

Hyun underwent what was the third of a series of intense questioning sessions at 10:00 in the morning on the 19th. On August 6th and 17th, Hyun also underwent questioning for a period of 14-15 hours, in both cases ending after midnight.

Korean bribery scandal lawmaker Hyun Young-hee faints in front of cameras after a lengthy grilling session

Comments from Daum:


I wonder why she fainted in front of the reporters…
You’re too obvious, corrupt old bag


I don’t know, maybe the next interrogation can be conducted while she is in a wheelchair or lying in a bed…


So I guess we’re putting on a show now? That’s all it takes to make you faint? If that’s true then by now all of the lower classes would have died already…


Interesting, isn’t it?
Of all places to faint, she goes right in front of the camera flashes.
Cute. An enemy of the people with her hands up


Nice moves~~~
Almost as good as a movie star haha


What a show, show, show


So natural for a National Assembly member, you’ve got to recognize her acting skills… Just bury them in the ground


Why? Why? Why? Every. Single. Time! Is our country, and our country only, like this? One after the other they commit their crimes and then collapse after investigation from the prosecutors–? It’s happening as if it’s scripted…


We ought to make a national hospital just for people who are being handcuffed.


The people laugh at the show put on by the New Corruption Specialist Party (In Korean: pun on Saenuri Party)


Hey lady they’ll catch you either way, what kind of show is this!! In any case, she’s just carrying out the orders of the Dog Brain Party [pun on Saenuri Party in Korean] to make a show.. They must have given her a treat and promised that if they get the presidency everything will be resolved


What kind of bs is it to call her unaffiliated with a party, you bastards. Call her “former” member of the Saenuri Party. How can it be possible to be unaffiliated with a party and still be nominated as a party’s proportional representative? It seems like the director for this show was the party

Korean bribery scandal lawmaker Hyun Young-hee faints in front of cameras after a lengthy grilling session

Comments from The Chosun Ilbo:


A prosecutor who thinks that he has to carry out an interrogation throughout the night in order to do a full investigation is the problem here. Are you only capable of carrying out an investigation when the plaintiff is old and must be forced to stand for questioning late into the night? Interrogating someone late into the night is torture.


I can’t tell if these bastards are trying to question someone or trying to kill someone. Late night interrogation after late night interrogation, even if the person had been strong as an ox they would begin to say anything regardless of true guilt if you interrogate them for that long.


Taking 4 a.m. classes when I was a student was tiresome, would someone have any strength after 15 hours of interrogation?


The guilty party should receive punishment. But doesn’t there seem to be too much of a difference with the treatment that Ji-won got? [Note: Park Ji-won is a legislator from the opposing Democratic United Party who also underwent interrogation recently] 15 hours of interrogation is torture. To Ji-won they asked nicely for him to come in for questioning and made every effort to have him be comfortable, but to a weak person they do this kind of excessive interrogation?


I hereby submit National Assembly Member Hyun Young-hee for consideration for first prize in the annual contest for acting in a broadcast medium.


I guess if you are going to become a National Assembly Member you have to have those kind of acting skills…


What’s the world come to? You thought money would solve everything? You couldn’t even manage a single political aide, what kind of political creep are you!


Lee Myung-bak, Lee Sang-deuk, and Hyun Young-hee [Note: all members of the ruling party which are accused of corruption] actors and the rest of the creeps in the Saenuri Party, just go visit Dokdo and you will be acquitted

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  • Ruaraidh

    Just make sure you’re outside and in front of the cameras when you make your ludicrously over dramatic swoon. It’s about as convincing as a pantomime, all that’s lacking is a crowd to roar and hiss, but I guess that’s what internet posters are for.

  • my 2 cents

    If you put a gun to her head and pulled back the hammer – CLICK! – The corrupt slut would jump very quickly!

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    15 hours is a long time to do anything.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    If she make a full coperation with the prosecution as she stated previously, why was there 15hour quizzing by prosecutors? Incomprehensible.

    If she is not physically strong enough to endure such a questioning, how she could perform a lawmaker’s role which, if undertaken serioulsy, requires huge stamina? Also hard to understand?

    If the first female presidential contender, who supervise assessment and selection of party candidates for the April election, does not know, how she could govern the nation which needs leadership of both merticulous and farsighted views?

    If the proportional representation in parlimentary( referring to giving a lawmaker’s seat to a professional or a minority leader for diverse voices in parlimentary, based on a part’s vote turnout) is abused and venal, is the system worth being maintained?

    If this scandal broke out in a year when there is no elections at all, would the ruling party leadership be cooperative with the law enforcing authorities?

    Finally is the allegedly corrupt lawmaker, who made an ostensibly theaterical move, is the only one who buy the seat in parlimentary for cash?

    Given that,without her vindictive aide, cash for candidacy scandal would never erupt, the possibility cannot be ruled out of another or many professional misconducts.

  • 바나나

    rofl this nigga man

  • glenn

    She is old and 15 hours is a very long time. I tried to attend a meeting for straight 3 hours, i didn’t faint but i did fell asleep.. =))

  • Paul M

    I blame the new government regulations concerning public buildings and air-conditioning. I almost fainted after spending an hour at the Gu-office last week.

  • Cuddycream

    Can anyone clarify why she was said to be unaffiliated in the Choseon Ilbo? Is it because it’s a Saenuri-supporting newspaper and they wanted to distance themselves from her ridiculous histrionics or what?

  • Cleo

    I think Asian women should wear mandarin collars year-round. Those scoop necks are not flattering and invite sun damage to the fragile skin on the breastbone.

    I remember when DKNY debuted (1989 or 1988), they did roomy mock turtlenecks for summer weather.

    • Brett Sanbon

      I have to say, I enjoy these fashion opinion comments much more than the uh ‘regular stuff’.

  • Cleo

    I’m really against open toed shoes of any kind.

    • Greasy Curls of Destiny

      And toe cleavage. It’s disgusting and scandalous.

  • YaoGalau

    I guess there’s no sympathetic for a bribery scandal suspect.

  • hardyandtiny

    carried on the back! hahaha

  • Stories of butts

    Seems like a dramatic way to not answer the press questions but 15 straight hours is a long ass time.

  • lonetrey

    …. To be honest, I can’t tell if that was a fake fainting or not. I can’t say I’ve seen many people faint, so yeahh……

    15 hours is a REALLY long time to be doing something you don’t want to be doing. It’s plausible that she really did faint. But then again, the timing was a little too convenient… so that’s also suspicious as well.

  • Tom Ku

    After watching this, she seems fake…

  • Seanshine

    QUICK!!! Get that man some fermented skate! That would definitely get his ass up.

  • Seanshine

    In the words of Dr. SUESS, THE LORAX.. ” THATS A WOMAN?” I seriously am just noticing that. :-))

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