Ladygate: Violent ‘High Heel Girl’ Batters Other Girl on Head

High heel girl on the attack

From Nate:

Violent High Heel Girl Makes Debut, Many Left in Dismay

On the 22nd, a 19 second video entitled ‘Busan violent high heel girl’ was uploaded on an online community noticeboard.

The video which was made public shows two women, believed to be in a bookings nightclub, collectively battering another woman.

The women wearing a white top in particular can be seen beating the victim so violently with high heels and her feet, hurling abusive words such as ‘let go of me, fucking bitch’, while the victim protects her head with two hands.

Netizens who watched the video exclaimed ‘this world is really scary, first the recent knife rampages, and now the high heel girl?’, ‘who is the high heel girl?’ while another responded ‘she should be severely punished.’

High heel girl on the attack

From YouTube:

Comments from Nate:


Those bitches have effectively established what I’d call attempted murder. The girl who was hitting the other one’s head with high heels should be killed. But judges will only jabber on about ‘simple assault’ or ‘drunken assault’


It isn’t even a competition to find out who’s the biggest asshole, there are crazies everywhere. We should just take all of them together, send ‘em to a deserted island and make them battle it out among one another


Last time I saw on this program on TV, and they were asking whether hitting someone with something like a high heel was like a knife assault, and I remember disagreeing, but [from watching this video…] tsk tsk tsk


It’s bitches who have nothing better to do than hang out in nightclubs that fucking fight [‘nightclub’ in Korean is where men lure women with alcohol with the hope of scoring victory by the end of the night]


It’s Busan, no surprise there


Gyeongsang bitches stay true to their name


That’s like a deadly weapon…


At this rate, girls from Gyeongsang will be criticized. They’ve officially got no brain. But nowadays these crazies are everywhere. Both men and women are crazy, regardless of sex. We should publicly humiliate those bitches by exposing their faces.


So that’s how Busan girls are


Just look at your face for a minute~~ no chance you can marry anyone~~


Bitch 1: Do you know who did the arson attack on Sungnyemun Bitch 2: Who was it? Who set fire to it? Bitch 1: Someone from Jeolla province……Bitch 2:Really? So it wasn’t those gang-raping fuckers during our seven year struggle, the Imjin waeran. Right? Passing person from Seoul: The Sungyemun arsonist is a seeder from Gyeongsang province. Bitches 1 and 2:…..are you from Jeolla?


Shouldn’t we be seeing this as an attempted murder???


ke ke ke ke ke ke Joseonjok= Gyeongsangian [derogatory term for people from the Gyeongsang province] ke ke ke Scum, beating someone like that he he he Sons of bitches~!!!! Must be in the breed~~!!!!


Now they’re taking a high heel and fighting, and it’s an incident where one of their real names has come out, and there’s a big fuss….High heels are a weapon…And it’s just like a drama, where there is a scene where a woman beats the hero with a high heel, don’t make a scene like that. Kids, watch and learn.ㅡㅡ


If this article had kicked off in Jeolla province, then people would say, ‘Oh, that’s so Jeolla’……..and if it comes up in Gyeongsang province, people say ‘Oh, that’s so Gyeongsang’……I mean, wtf ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Fuck They’re all just the same, so don’t set off their pointless regional sentiments ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Seems that’s all this is, biting at each other……………..


This is like, no different from being armed or fitted with a lethal weapon..they should totally be punished…


Gangs of Gyeongsang Province


She got pissed because the whore made the wrong choice ke


Gyeongsang province is made from different stuff. No matter how many stabbings there are in Seoul, it can’t compete with Gyeongsang.


It’s Busan, it’s Gyeongsang province, just stop it…Aren’t they Koreans who live in Korea before being from Gyeongsang province,

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  • raket

    It looks like a scene straight out of the movie 써니.

    • Brett Sanbon

      You mean where the mothers/friends kicked the crap out of the school bullies?

  • Ruaraidh

    I’ve seen a lot of fights, and I’ve never seen a single shred of decency or honour in a bitch fight. Drug dealers battering each other in a Glasgow alley can’t beat angry bitches outside a nightclub for viciousness and brutality.

    Also I’ve never seen a woman throw a proper punch in a fight, they never seem to put their pecs and obliques into it, just swing their arm like it was a fucking hammer or something.

    • lonetrey

      oddly, that was the first thing I noticed too! The flailing is just so fail…

    • makaveli-killuminati

      theyre women so they punch like women,simple no ? stupid much? gay much? retard dumb white cunt much?

    • poktanju

      Bitch fights do look the same all over the world! But this one reminds me somehow of how girls fight in China

      • Nyancat

        I thought guys in China fight like this too

        • Ruaraidh

          I studied Arabic for a year and a half Syrian guy I met in Alexandria once told me that the Arabs have no tradition of using the fist as a weapon. I’m not sure whether to believe him, but he said fights quite often just involve men slapping each other.

          • Nyancat

            I lived in the middle east specifically the united arab emirates and studied with arabs, syrians and other middle eastern folk, they aren’t really masters of fighting so I would think that you’re friend is right, although there are those that can brawl pretty well.

  • Cassidi

    Holy shit, could you imagine getting beat in the head with a heel?
    I can only imagine the amount of pain she’s in. A concussion, some internal bruises, maybe she even got cut up pretty bad.
    Is this area the jersey shore of korea? By the comments it sure does seem like that lol.

  • makaveli-killuminati

    most of the time people get beat down to the ground for a reason.

  • Chucky3176

    ” It’s Busan, no surprise there”

    ” Gyeongsang bitches stay true to their name”

    Take all these comments.

    Now replace them with “foreigner”.

    Then watch this site blow up and people ask why Koreans are so racist.


    • Brett Sanbon

      Was there a need for any of that? You shouldn’t push your own insecurities onto others, Chucky. Its not very becoming of you.

      • Brett Sanbon

        Also, I think the point here is that these netizens are consistantly posting misogynistic remarks whenever a “Ladygate” pops up. Such is the nature of the internet, granted, but it doesn’t make our criticisms less true when we comment on the regularity of it.

        • Lee

          I can’t believe people still reacting to that race-baiting Tojo troll every fucking time he opens his mouth with some jackass kill whitey comment.
          Ignore the fucker already.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Nice moniker. As for chucky, in my eyes its better to reason with him than to just let him spew prejudiced sentiment as he pleases.

    • Sojubang

      The common thing with some of the top commenting netizens we see, is that they just seem to generalize whatever kind of group is involved of even slightly related to the article. Whether thats what city/province they are from, what gender they are their country of origin or whether they are foreigners or not. Obviously this site is mainly aimed at foreigners, so there is of course going to be more of a negative response on those particular articles since they are involving what I’d assume is the majority of the readers.

    • Ruaraidh

      Take the story and involve Joseonjok somehow, and watch Korean internet posters call for all Koreans born in China to be thrown into the sea.

    • Matt

      Granted, this girl made the news for attempted murder, whereas those foreign girls made the news for manicuring their nails…

      Can you imagine the reaction if this “violent high heel girl” were a foreigner? o.O

      Anyway, just because someone is bigoted toward fellow countrymen doesn’t mean he/she can’t also be racist as well. We’re all aware of white American conservatives who hate white American liberals and nonetheless still manage to be “racist” against Muslims, and perhaps white American liberals who hate white American conservatives and still manage to be racist against, say, Chinese people.

      [/not intending to start a massive discussion. Just sayin’.]

    • sunshinefiasco

      What did he say that was so awful? If they’d written those things about foreigners, we would be upset. I don’t think chucky was commenting on the gender aspect at all (not that I have ever, including now, agreed with a Chucky post). But sure, Korean regionalism is nuts. It’s nuts in my country too.

      What I don’t understand is why he thinks we should be just as outraged about Korean regionalism– it doesn’t effect us or really touch our daily lives, and it’s a difficult topic to learn anything about. So, SURPRISE!, a good chunk of the Gyeongsang/Jeolla drama goes right over our heads.

  • hun

    What’s ke ke ke ke? If that’s a laugh then it’s fucking annoying.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Yea, its laugh. Its written like “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”. And yea, its annoying. I have truthfully seen it written for like 2 or 3 lines, then 2 words, then 2 or 3 more lines of ‘ke ke’s. Its the equivalent of kids writing “lololololololololololololololololololololololol” etc

      • Ruaraidh

        Doesn’t ㅋㅋ represent snickering, whilst ㅎㅎ represents laughter?

        I’m sure I read about Korean representations of laughter, and there was even more than two, but I can’t find it again.

        • Brett Sanbon

          Well, there is also “ㅅㅅ”… But its all the same. Just used in different ways like “haha”, “lol”, “hehe”.

  • 바나나

    they were fighting over me

  • Yu Bumsuk

    When a bar cat fight makes national news you know it can’t be that violent a country.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Haha, so true. In the west, that’s what Youtube is for… entertainment more than news.

  • mouse

    This is ridiculous. The girls can’t do damage with their weak punches so they have to resort to using heels?

  • k

    ….. the hair ripping….hurt just watching it… hair grabbing is like ball punching, there should be an unspoken agreement against it in a battle

    • Jeffli

      being punched in the nuts is like…well …… don’t wanna hear it because you’re a lady but its more than just hair ripping ;-) “know what I mean”

    • glenn

      Im pretty sure that hair ripping is in not the same as getting your balls punched.. one direct punch to a man’s balls and he’s down.. =))

      • k

        True, I don’t know what it is like to be punched in the balls…maybe it’s like being punched in the boobs, that hurts pretty bad.

  • Paul M

    So this was believed to be in a booking nightclub? The ‘high-heel’ girl was probably pissed as she kept getting dragged to the drunken middle-aged lecherous married men tables whereas the other girl kept scoring with the hot young law-school men tables.

  • Lee

    T-ARA jumping in a new group member.

    • Cassidi

      Best ever

  • Jeffli


    I want to marry one of these crazy kinky lady gate types! seriously!!!!

    SHe can be as crazy as a cut snake on itchy grass!

  • Stories of butts

    Is it attempted murder?

  • YaoGalau

    Poor high heel..
    It’s made to beautify women’s leg, not to dig a hole on human’s skull.
    Really tragic ending for the high heel. LOL

  • Chris

    When in korea, do as the koreans do hrmhrmhrmhrmhrmhrmhrmhrm

  • Seanshine

    Do as Koreans do huh? I’ll pass.

  • A tall order of whoop ass

    To be honest.. All of them needed a man to step in and punch the shit out of every last one of them. Out cold! They’d get the message. Stop acting out like alley cats.

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