Ladygate: Violent ‘High Heel Girl’ Batters Other Girl on Head

High heel girl on the attack

From Nate:

Violent High Heel Girl Makes Debut, Many Left in Dismay

On the 22nd, a 19 second video entitled ‘Busan violent high heel girl’ was uploaded on an online community noticeboard.

The video which was made public shows two women, believed to be in a bookings nightclub, collectively battering another woman.

The women wearing a white top in particular can be seen beating the victim so violently with high heels and her feet, hurling abusive words such as ‘let go of me, fucking bitch’, while the victim protects her head with two hands.

Netizens who watched the video exclaimed ‘this world is really scary, first the recent knife rampages, and now the high heel girl?’, ‘who is the high heel girl?’ while another responded ‘she should be severely punished.’

High heel girl on the attack

From YouTube:

Comments from Nate:


Those bitches have effectively established what I’d call attempted murder. The girl who was hitting the other one’s head with high heels should be killed. But judges will only jabber on about ‘simple assault’ or ‘drunken assault’


It isn’t even a competition to find out who’s the biggest asshole, there are crazies everywhere. We should just take all of them together, send ‘em to a deserted island and make them battle it out among one another


Last time I saw on this program on TV, and they were asking whether hitting someone with something like a high heel was like a knife assault, and I remember disagreeing, but [from watching this video…] tsk tsk tsk


It’s bitches who have nothing better to do than hang out in nightclubs that fucking fight [‘nightclub’ in Korean is where men lure women with alcohol with the hope of scoring victory by the end of the night]


It’s Busan, no surprise there


Gyeongsang bitches stay true to their name


That’s like a deadly weapon…


At this rate, girls from Gyeongsang will be criticized. They’ve officially got no brain. But nowadays these crazies are everywhere. Both men and women are crazy, regardless of sex. We should publicly humiliate those bitches by exposing their faces.


So that’s how Busan girls are


Just look at your face for a minute~~ no chance you can marry anyone~~


Bitch 1: Do you know who did the arson attack on Sungnyemun Bitch 2: Who was it? Who set fire to it? Bitch 1: Someone from Jeolla province……Bitch 2:Really? So it wasn’t those gang-raping fuckers during our seven year struggle, the Imjin waeran. Right? Passing person from Seoul: The Sungyemun arsonist is a seeder from Gyeongsang province. Bitches 1 and 2:…..are you from Jeolla?


Shouldn’t we be seeing this as an attempted murder???


ke ke ke ke ke ke Joseonjok= Gyeongsangian [derogatory term for people from the Gyeongsang province] ke ke ke Scum, beating someone like that he he he Sons of bitches~!!!! Must be in the breed~~!!!!


Now they’re taking a high heel and fighting, and it’s an incident where one of their real names has come out, and there’s a big fuss….High heels are a weapon…And it’s just like a drama, where there is a scene where a woman beats the hero with a high heel, don’t make a scene like that. Kids, watch and learn.ㅡㅡ


If this article had kicked off in Jeolla province, then people would say, ‘Oh, that’s so Jeolla’……..and if it comes up in Gyeongsang province, people say ‘Oh, that’s so Gyeongsang’……I mean, wtf ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Fuck They’re all just the same, so don’t set off their pointless regional sentiments ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Seems that’s all this is, biting at each other……………..


This is like, no different from being armed or fitted with a lethal weapon..they should totally be punished…


Gangs of Gyeongsang Province


She got pissed because the whore made the wrong choice ke


Gyeongsang province is made from different stuff. No matter how many stabbings there are in Seoul, it can’t compete with Gyeongsang.


It’s Busan, it’s Gyeongsang province, just stop it…Aren’t they Koreans who live in Korea before being from Gyeongsang province,

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