Celebrity Tweets Photo of Fat Foreigner, is Forced to Apologise

Lee Chae Young struggling to remove a sports top

As an actress, Lee Chae-young is perhaps better known for her body than her body of work. Never one to shy away from showing her talents, in recent times she has treated her followers to a set of bikini photos as well as flaunting her enviable figure in a revealing dress at the Seoul Drama Awards in 2010.

But Lee’s body-con complex doesn’t draw the line at her own “S-line”: a few days ago she caused Internet uproar when she posted a picture of a large caucasian woman queuing at a fast food shop on Twitter, noting that the trauma had made her reconsider her meal and her own figure. Such was the netizen reaction to Lee’s post, that she removed the problematic photo and comments, replacing them with an apology.

Chae Young Lee posts bikini pictures

Far from being just another celebrity mishap article, Lee’s observations are hardly unique. Any girl who is attentive about her figure might have thought along the lines of what Lee wrote, and may actually have shared it with others, whether in conversation or on social networking sites. But what did Korean netizens have to say about Lee’s offending tweet?

From DCinside News:

Lee Chae-young quickly apologises for her tweet belittling a foreign lady for her body shape – ‘I will repent and mind my manners’

Actress Lee Chae-young previously uploaded a photograph taken in secret of a chubby female foreigner and wrote contemptuous remarks about it on her Twitter account. After some criticism was raised against her tweets, she removed the remarks and the photo, and quickly made an apology.

Chae-Young Lee's original Tweet about a fat foreign woman

Lee tweeted her apology on the afternoon of the 16th, saying

I’m sorry. My heart feels heavy for disappointing many people with my flippant behaviour. I will repent and mind my manners. I apologise sincerely.

Earlier that day, she wrote:

I was so tired and had been waiting to grab something to eat at Denny’s, because I can get there without driving. But there’s a scary pink shadow…

Then she added that ‘she looks a lot skinnier in the photo. Really. Should I leave this place without eating?’ and made contemptuous remarks about the large body of the foreign woman, which led to an uproar, saying:

It made me want to lose 10kg when I get back to Seoul. Sorry about taking photo in secret. Thanks for motivating me.’

Netizens who saw her tweets criticised Lee, calling it ‘belittling remark about a woman’s figure.’ They commented that:

She may think so to herself, but she seems to have been a bit rash because she is a celebrity and so her Twitter account is seen by many people

It’s not wise of her to take a picture of a person in secret from behind and post that sort of comment. If someone took a secret photo of me and wrote something like that, I would be really offended.

Would she understand even a little of how the woman in the picture would feel, if someone else uploaded Lee’s photo on their account and criticised her thoughtlessness?’

Due to a flood of such criticism, Lee soon deleted her remarks and the photo. But they had already been re-tweeted and captured, spreading online and sparking relentless public criticism.

On the other hand, there are some self-reflective opinions that refrain from criticising her, following the flow of scornful comments about Lee. Some commented that:

The behaviour of the netizens who criticise Lee is not so different from Lee’s behaviour.

Her remarks were rash, but I don’t see if she really deserves so much kick in the pants. Just think how much she would be suffering and hurt by the harsh comments

It’s not like she swore at anyone, but she just seems to have indirectly expressed that one shouldn’t get fat. Is it wrong to think of refraining from tobacco, when looking at a photo of a smoker with cancer?

Comments from Nate – OSEN:


I should at least know who this person is if I were to point out her mistake…..


She is proving the purity of her brain.


Her build is pretty large, too…

Lee Chae Young Shows Off Her Curves

Comments from Nate – Star News:


Being female myself, I understand that you could say something like that among your friends but, that is a very private thing. I don’t even know who the hell Lee Chae-young is, but it looks really thoughtless to take a picture behind someone and ramble on [about that person], when you are someone who is seen by the public. You apologise, but the public has already seen how you openly and publicly belittled someone who looked ugly compared to yourself. I wish the foreign woman had sued Lee.


It’s really embarrassing.. Her tweets made me cringe….. I cringe with shame and awkwardness at her writing style ke ke ke ‘I had something quick to eat at SEOUL for lunch today… My COMPUTER is a laptop from Samsung. I’m having COFFEE while making comments on NATE~~’ [She wrote the large-lettered words in English, which is awkward and pretentious because they are commonly used in their Korean forms.] Let’s vote ‘up’ for this article so that many people can see it!


One can see what a frightening price you pay for speaking carelessly. I shall reflect on my own manners, taking a lesson from people who are placed in an embarrassing situation with their comments such as Tweets. Miss Lee, thank you for the motivation.

Comments from Nate – Sports Chosun:


So this is why you should close your Twitter account. I really don’t understand…why people blabber nonsense and make it into news articles… Some celebrities who are devoted to Twitter are increasingly behaving ugly… Are you one of them, too?


Why should you repent… There are blokes who haven’t repented their marijuana use and simply laugh, sing and go about…[this is referring to celebrities who were charged with illegal drug use, but re-appear in media soon after the incident.] Your behaviour is way off their standard. This would have served as buzz marketing for you, so take this chance to get on the roll – go on the Healing Camp and Strong Heart, sob and say it was unfair. Healing Camp and Strong Heart are two of the popular talk shows in South Korea. Seungseung jang-gu, or ‘Win-Win’) is also the name of another talk show. Celebrities usually talk about their personal incidents, some of which were previously sensational or controversial, in these shows.]

Comments from Nate – Sports Seoul:


I think she is just thoughtless.


‘Imprudent’ describes her the best. Didn’t this girl talk rash about some guys before? I didn’t think so highly of her ever since that time, because she seemed thoughtless.


Ah..she’s the one who was cocky with her breasts at the award ceremony,,,,tut tut [Lee wore a very revealing dress at an award ceremony. See Lee’s dress at Seoul Drama Awards 2010]

Comments from DCinside News :

She did make a mistake, but you should honestly say something about super-obesity because it’s root of lifestyle diseases.


Fat gals may as well get angry at her, since they will be under stress about their weight.


Lee didn’t take the photo with a malicious motive and she even made an apology, so why are the fucking netizens over-reacting again?


ke ke ke ke it’s a buzz marketing for Samsung Galaxy Note. [Lee wrote in the Tweet above that the photo was taken with the particular model.]


Fat people can make fun of skinny ones but the skinny ones shouldn’t make fun of the fat ones… Isn’t that unfair?


It is insulting to call a fat person fat, just like calling a bald person bald. By the way isn’t Lee pretty? Her body is quite glamorous, too.

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  • W

    Ugly Korean

  • Ryan

    One thing that always struck me as funny about this story…she said she wanted to lose 10kg after seeing this woman. What is she (Lee) doing at Denny’s then? Lol

  • Backus

    What is interesting is how shallow people are…many comments are not about good will toward others but rather how to keep people from knowing their cruel and shallow thoughts by “minding manners” and “only telling friends”….it’s known, vane, and famous people are not loved for their kindness. Any one you make fun of could turn out to be a real life hero…but all some see is the surface. It really says a lot about how we think, shallow, base and primitive.

  • Sunshinefiasco

    I think my favorite part is how blatantly airbrushed she is in the top photo, and how “candid” her candid photos are.

  • Geitujungo

    Interesting. I would probably think exactly like her if I saw someone that fat. Stupid to tweet about it though. Oh well.

  • k

    Her comments were tackless and mean spirited and made her look uglier than the person she tweeted about. Id like to see how she would look without her obvious nose and eye jobs and makeup and photoshop. God forbid she ever get into an accident and not be picture perfect then have someone take her pic secretively and say mean things.

    • Chucky3176

      I noticed you have some serious complex towards all Korean women, the way you constantly describe them in every thread.

      But seriously, if I was in her shoes and saw the same thing, I would have thought the exactly the same thing, and if I was with family or friends, I may even have joked about it. I’m just being honest. But i would not have twitted it for sure.

      I just don’t see what the big deal is here.

      • An anonymous boy…

        She is a celebrity. Lots of people pay attention to her. So anything she does gets magnified. Case in point this story. You have to realize, she posted a picture of these people for the whole world to see and many people follow her. What she did is sorta like public shaming, but obviously the women in the photo will probably never know because they aren’t Korean. So I think people’s reactions are understandable if not predictable.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Have you never an obese person at a fast-food restaurant and thought, “that person sure doesn’t need to be eating here” or “maybe consider mixing in a salad”?

      You’ve never seen a smoker hacking up a lung and then light up a new butt and thought, “how ironic”?

      You’ve never seen an ajossi go making a scene on the subway and thought, “wow, he really needs to drink less”?

      • An anonymous boy…

        There is a fuzzy line between criticizing someone’s behavior and degrading them. I think some people feel like she was mocking the women and others feel like she is shallow: so they condemn her behavior. Others feel like what she said was just a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Her actions have created misunderstanding of her intentions.

        Additionally, most societies have rules were you can’t express yourself publicly the way you would privately otherwise people may misunderstand you and condemn your behavior (shame you) . I think this a good example of what is happening here.

      • Tj

        I disagree. There’s a difference between a smoker with stage 2 lung cancer smoking or a disorderly alcoholic on his 10th shot of JD and an overweight person at a fast food joint. Why? Because everyone regardless of weight needs food, that 300lbs at McDs can’t just starve themselves, they have to eat, true they’re making wrong food choices but neither here nor there On the other hand cigarettes and alcohol aren’t a requirement for life in fact they’re like the opposite. So comparing drunkards/smokers to overweight people in the way you did is unfair and a little pointless.

        • Brett Sanbon

          You missdd the point. I wasnt comparing those to say that they are similar. My point was that it is hard not to make a judgement about something when you feel it is wrong or ironic.

          Of course people need to eat. Drinking and smoking are luxuries. But abusing food is the same thing as abusing any other substance.

          Regardless of all of that, my point was the old “let those who have not sinned cast the first stone” argument.

          • Trisha Tolkien

            Drinking and smoking are disgusting and they aren’t “luxuries” they are simply crutches for people too weak to handle life without dulling themselves in some way. Don’t confuse a luxury with a vice.

  • Brett Sanbon

    I guess I have 2 thoughts on this.

    First, she is a celebrity and with that comes responsibility. She should know that she has many followers and needs to watch what she says in public. In my mind this is the same as Kim Yuna doing beer commercials and Lee Hyori on soju bottles; all being bad role-models. However, no one really makes a stir that they promote drinking a specific brand of alcohol to children.

    Second, yea, it’s kind of lame that she took the picture secretly, but she didn’t reveal the person’s identity. The fact that she considered losing 10kg after seeing this woman makes her an airhead in my book. Then again, pretty people usually aren’t famous for what is inside of their heads.

    • Sunshinefiasco

      I don’t think she’s “responsible” to be nicer, I just think that if she thought this was an okay thing to do, she’s probably a really inconsiderate/shitty person.

      She didn’t reveal her identity, but it only takes one person that knows her for it to ruin things for that lady. What about her co-workers/neighbors/students? Just because the ex-pat community isn’t quite as vigilant about chasing down the ID of everyone in a famous cellphone picture doesn’t mean that no one will recognize that woman.

      If it were a normal citizen’s twitter account, it would be lame/in bad taste/trashy. Doing it when you know you’re a celebrity with a bunch of twitter followers is just bitchier–even if it’s by accident. It’s part of her job to realize that her mic is turned up louder than other peoples’. But then again, vain people aren’t really known for not being bitchy, either.

      • Brett Sanbon

        1. I don’t think she is “‘responsible’ to be nicer” either. She is responsible to watch what she says because “her mic is turned up louder”.

        2. I don’t think Korea has Denny’s so she could very well have taken this overseas. If that’s the case, there is no ex-pat community to recognize the “victim”.

        3. Your third paragraph basically reiterated what I wrote. I don’t know if you were refuting me, or just adding your 2 cents.

        • Sunshinefiasco

          1. She doesn’t have to be nice. She just needs to keep it to herself. They’re similar, but slightly different. I don’t care if she’s a good person. She should be a quieter shitty person– or not. But I have absolutely no sympathy for her being loud & mean and then people coming back on her (even if those people are idiots too).

          2. I assumed she was in Korea (I live way outside Seoul, so I just assumed they must have Denny’s). If she’s in the US, living next to a Denny’s, then I’m not sure where all the surprise is coming from. It ain’t her first time over there. Maybe she thought people in Korea would just agree? Or have there just been too many cute foreigners at her shoots lately?

          • Brett Sanbon

            Right, she probably talks like this with her friends all the time and expected her followers to agree with her.

    • ric

      that losing 10kg was a joke…are you thick or just really want to stamp her as an airhead… fyi people make fun of other people…

      • Brett Sanbon

        “are you thick or just really want to stamp her as an airhead”

        Are those the only two options you will allow as reason for my comment?

  • Lee

    Her apology sounds trite and insincere. It seems to completely escape Chae Young that she makes a living sticking her tits in peoples’ face, however pleasurable to all the men out there hardly something any mother would aspire for her daughter. A more philosophical consideration of the matter would be–hmm… on the one hand there is a culture where women are so obsessed with consumption that they will destroy their bodies and health to appease their urges… and just don’t care about their appearance…. on the hand a culture where women are so obsessed with their appearance that they will mutilate themselves with all sorts of procedures and surgeries in order to achieve someone else’s definition of superficial beauty. Talk about irony. In reality neither is a healthy person. On the one hand the large girl is suffering from the same low self esteem issues that pretty little Chae Youngi suffers from… it’s just that Chae Youngi’s low self esteem happen to be commercially successful. And to doubt for one second that this isn’t about a self-esteem issue… why on earth would a self-confident so-called famous beautiful woman even care one second about some poor large girl? She wouldn’t. Only someone trying to elevate themselves at someone else’s expense does this kind of low blow tactic. Chae Young, please go marry some other celebrity and go cherish your much aspired home-maker status and get your tits out of the spotlight before you say something that embarrasses the whole country.

    • Brett Sanbon


      “before you say something that embarrasses the whole country”.

      Too late

  • Lee

    I bet that fat woman was an American lol
    Yanks really do love their Mac Donalds.

    • Matt

      What does “Mac Donalds” have to do with a story about a woman in Denny’s?

      • Trisha Tolkien

        I think the poster was drawing the obvious comparison between Denny’s (a place with fatty, unhealthy food) and McDonald’s(a place with fatty, unhealthy food).

  • ric

    not something you tweet about…a lot of people including myself would have the same thoughts as Chaeyoung. she is very pretty that’s a fact…. could she have pull a little publicity stunt or does she really have no foresight?

    • Brett Sanbon

      Publicity stunt? No way. This is something I see all Korean women do (sounds bad, but I dont see men doing it nearly as much) and that is whisper behind the backs of people they deam too fat or too thin. She probably jokes like this with her friends and thought her twitter followers would agree with her.

      I think, also surprising to Koreans, obese Americans still wear tight clothes and super-short shorts. Cant say I have ever seen an obese Korean dressed so revealingly. Even fit Koreans are more conservative.

  • Bri

    She’s just another shallow b-lister. *Shrugs* Nothing new. I’m fat, but if this happened to me I’d just laugh. I’m losing weight and not ashamed of myself, it just makes the other person look bad, not me. lol

  • Marc

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones, because it was reported in the Korea Times that 33% of Koreans are fat, what business of yours if people want to eat ,, its their body , besides maybe she has a medical problem , I am not defending obesity , but its her business,, if you want to start to pick on foreigners than start with your own kind,, I;ve seen alot of obese Koreans ,why doesnt she take a picture of them ,, or I can send you some pictures of really fat Koreans ,, Koreans really love their pork ,, , this is the hyprocrisy of Korea ,, nothing is perfect, ,, this is how you start trouble,, why dont you take pictures of the Korean girls who were working as prostitutes ,, at least the fat lady isnt a prostitue and spreading disease,,

  • marc

    what a shame because the newspaper called KIDS TIMES wrote a similar article about all the fat people in america ,, ,and showed a picture of a fat lady ,, many kids saw this picture , , but they forgot to add that 33% of the people in Korea are fat tooooo,,,the newspaper for kids are even printing this ,, but they did not apoligize

  • lonetrey

    Hmmmm. Quite a dilemma. This question was also brought up in the movie “Supersize Me”, where it was debated whether it was socially acceptable to approach a fat person at McDonalds and tell them off. In the movie, parallels were also drawn between social acceptance of criticizing people with smoking habits and future potential for criticizing people with obesity.

    I mean… I’m not quite sure where I stand on this. I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t really care if someone smokes, just as long as they don’t do it around me. And a person being fat around me doesn’t make any difference to my health, so I feel like I would never really go out of my way to criticize someone for being overweight.

    But on the topic of whether it’s right or wrong to do so…. I feel like that will only be answered by what the future brings, and has no straight answer right now.

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  • marc

    who’s this actress the next Hitler , telling the rest of us how to live, by whose standards…The way to start trouble is by slinging mud,, does she think she is better than everyone else just because of her body,,well the reality is in the end it doesnt matter , we all die,,the fat lady didnt do anything to anyone ,just herself,,let her alone to live her own life.it is just a way to steal energy from someone else by picking on an easy target,,.how low to try to make youself look better ,by picking on someone else ..does she think her poop doesnt stink? Doctors say heavy people have less of a chance of developing osteoporosis when they age because of the weight against their bones helps keep the bones strong,,should I take a picture of the old ladies who are bent over because of lack of eating proper nutrition when they were young, it is the opposite , they didnt eat enough , didnt have proper nutrition, so now they are bent over,..what about taking a picture of people throwing up because they drank too much,, , just stay out of other peoples lives ,we dont have to live up to other peoples standards

    • Brett Sanbon

      I think, after your first sentence, everything was fine…. but Hitler? C’mon. Everyone makes judgements, even if they don’t intend to. Actually, you judged her by calling her Hitler.

      • Matt

        Well, he was referring to eugenics, and Hitler is the most well-known example of that. He obviously wasn’t referring to the genocide part…

        • Brett Sanbon

          Definitely… even if a wee bit hypocritical, hypocritical marc was.

  • Tickle Monster

    Who gives a sh*t? Everybody makes fun of Koreans getting plastic surgery, so why can’t a Korean make fun of fat people? F*ck you self righteous hypocrites. Fat people need to lose weight!


      And you need to get a brain, you judgmental piece of crap. At least being fat is not being a fake.

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    ugh denny’s is disgusting and nasty. would never eat there. anyway, she seems extremely vain and self-obsessed with her on looks. i found myself frowning at her photos more than the fat woman’s.

    • C84

      She probably took this picture at a Denny’s in the US, since that’s where most of the Denny’s restaurants are (and there are none in SK, I just checked). Very inappropriate to make fun of someone’s looks. She’s just clueless of internet etiquette and very vain – not good characteristics. The woman in the photo seems relatively thin compared to other people I’ve seen in stores and restaurants, ironically. Speaking of people making fun of others, what about that website “People of Walmart” where people just post photos *anonymously* to do basically what Lee did publicly: make fun of people who are too fat or dressed strangely/poorly. There’s a whole internet culture devoted to making fun of people – most of them just do so anonymously. It’s bullying in the internet age.

      • Trisha Tolkien

        I think she just wanted to #humble brag about being in the USA- probably for some sort of event.

    • Trisha Tolkien

      Yeah, it seems odd that a “famous” actress is even stepping foot in a Denny’s. I live in the USA and I’m actually closer to the lower class than the middle class and even I feel eating at Denny’s is beneath me. They are open 24 hrs so they never really get cleaned properly and a lot of rednecks and long haul truck driver types eat at Denny’s.

      • soratothamax

        Because her money doesn’t mean squat in the USA. Their celebrities don’t get paid what American celebrities get paid.

  • bultak

    Racism isn’t cool, except for Korea.

  • 404 name not found

    Why are Koreans SOOOO obsessed with looks?

  • Chucky3176


    Everyone, read all the generalizations of Korean comments posted here. Then read all the mature Korean netizen comments criticizing the actress.

    Now tell me who are the real racist ones.

    Besides, if the Korean netizens didn’t complain about this, it wouldn’t have gotten this big, nobody would have known about it, the celebrity would not have apologized, and everything would have been hunky dori.

  • h3ll

    Her thoughts indeed went too far when she purposely grabbed her phone,got the pic and tweeted it. Belittling someone publicly is nothing more than the first step of Bullying.
    I know many people think that overweight people are nothing or do not deserve anything, but being famous or being an ordinary person, everybody should care for all our words, there is nothing more hurtful than them … maybe she is not aware that being overweight can be caused by many things and not mainly by overeating?

  • marc

    Thats right ,obesity can be a medical problem,besides beauty is only skin deep,,,what about considering people’s character. I have known some really nice fat people that have beautiful characters,, but I have met beautiful people that have really dirty characters, so dont judge a book by the cover,,remember
    Beauty and the Beast?

    • Brett Sanbon

      Enough already! She didnt demonize the fat woman. Ms. Lee is just a stupid young girl who thinks that everything (even another person’s body) is about her. Fin.

  • TheStigYay

    Wait isn’t SHE THE FOREIGNER in the land of Dennys? I mean she had no right to say foreigner in a land where she is the foreigner. Stupid idiot

    • Lee


    • YouNeverKnow

      Where in the article DOES SHE SAY foreigner, youre implying that because thats what the article calls the white woman. She did say in teh article though “when she gets back to seoul”. SO before you bash her, read the article.

  • jodie smith

    To make fun of someones personal appearance and then tweet about it is a very malicious thing to do, especially when you are a celebrity knowing many people will read your comment. If you want to do that sort of thing, do it privately with your friends. She sounds like a very vein person.

  • queenkat

    I agree with the commenter zz.
    Fat people can make fun of skinny ones but the skinny ones shouldn’t make fun of the fat ones… Isn’t that unfair?

    I used to be very skinny for my height,not because of some sickness and not because I dont eat,it is just the way my metabolism is. I worked very hard to gain 30 lb that I can look normal.Weight shakes and everything.But when I was skinny,people used to stop me on the street and ask me: You dont eat,are you on drugs?Etc.
    So if it is ok for them,it is ok to criticize fat people too. Lose weight because too fat is not beautiful,just like too skinny isn’t.

  • Rusty

    I hope the woman in the picture sues this twat.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Lee Chae-young has to be one of the sexiest women alive.


      Not even close. Get your eyes checked.

  • expatrick

    Too bad most Koreans get PLASTIC SURGERY. Who is this dumb twat to make fun of Westerners? Korea has always been racist, but this is also hypocritical since Koreans cannot be attractive with going under the knife and TONS of makeup. Otherwise, all Koreans would look like Kim Jong Il.

  • ys.y

    I’ve heard about this a while ago but haven’t paid attention to it. Now that I’ve read this, She made me feel so ashame about having a Korean heritage.

  • KoreanChic

    The lady in the pink getup is very obviously huge and does serve as motivation for watching what one eats. Obese people and obese people sympathizers are funny. Usually they are the jealous people who get along with others who are akin to them. It wasn’t nice of this unknown celeb to tweet such a thing, but it wasn’t untruthful of what people really think when they are honest with themselves. People judge, but it’s easier to hate on the fabulous vs the lot similar to yourselves.


      Typical Korean. Thinking that bullying someone because of their weight is “motivation”. Some people eat more when they’re bullied and depressed, you ignorant twit. There is nothing to be jealous of when it comes to a walking plastic doll. You’re judging too. It’s not right. There are no “sympathizers” it’s called not supporting this type of bullying behavior. This isn’t helping the obese woman in any way.

  • Cat

    She didn’t mean a word of her apology, everyone knows that. It’s basically human nature to have opinions and think certain things, but it’s cruel to make fun of someone publicly just because you think they look “ugly” or “fat” (in your own standards), especially someone who holds such status on social medias and we know she posted this because SHE knows what authority she has on Twitter. I could say a lot of hurtful things about her pictures and the way she looks, but where would that get me? What would it do positively for me? Nothing. She obviously has no common sense or worth of self/diginity for the comments she posted, and that’s not a rude remark I am making about her, that’s a fact and goes for all people who copy this type of behavior.

  • Trisha Tolkien

    I know I’m really late commenting on this story but thought I’d point out that this actress is a no-name in the USA and the fact that the article quoted her as saying she wanted to go to Denny’s because she could just walk from her hotel… Most Denny’s are in the same parking lot of budget/cheap motels- like $100 U.S per night or less. So if she is sooo famous and sooo wealthy why is she frequenting cheap motels usually like a La Quinta Inn and eating at Denny’s? She sounds like an uppity asian hooker.

  • Guest

    Who is this girl??? A celebrity? Never heard of her. Furthermore.. she’s in a Denny’s line. Need I say more. :(

  • Choice Bro

    I know this is an old story BUT … do people not understand that an overweight person KNOWS that they’re overweight without others pointing it out for them? I know it’s up to the person who is overweight to change their ways for a healthier lifestyle – but some lack that will power or have such low self esteem that they do not believe in themselves enough to make that change & resort to eating themselves to a temporary happiness. Even the happiest overweight people – can be a whole different person behind closed doors. So her taking that pic with them remarks aint going to help or better anyone but make her look like a dick. As an overweight person (due to illness) who LOVES anything Korean & was planning to travel there soon – has been put off from this ONE person’s actions.

  • AiAi

    So if I go to S.Korea will they bash my mother for being fat?
    I am just kidding guys I don’t judge a country by just this crazy woman.
    Anyways, sorry but not everyone is hot and fit like this Chae girl.

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