Conservative Netizen Humbled After Losing Debate to Professor

From Nate:

Netizen pundit studying abroad challenges progressive pundit Prof. Chin publicly apologises after losing debate

A 30-something netizen who goes by the name ‘Gan-gyul’ [meaning brevity] challenged Prof. Chin Jung-kwon on the 28th from 9:30 AM until 11:00 AM on GomTV over the issue of the Northern Limit Line and the Jung-soo Scholarship Foundation. The online debate was sparked by a comment Chin made on SBS recently in which he maintained that the late-president Roh did not make a comment alluding to the surrendering of the NLL after the North-South Korean Summit Meeting in 2007.

After the TV debate was aired, ‘Gan-gyul’ uploaded a post to his blog titled ‘The list of lies by Chin Jung-kwon – The NLL episode.’ Chin countered this claim by inviting him to an online broadcast debate with the fee of $1,000 USD (one million won). An anonymous netizen donated the money and the deal was reached.

Following the near-unanimous verdict of crushing victory by Chin, Gan-gyul posted on his blog admitting his defeat. In it he said ‘I cannot even make an excuse, that is how bad it was. I did not realize it was a battle and I could not say anything properly that I prepared and ended up making up stories on the spot.’

Gan-gyul concluded his blog entry by saying ‘I apologise for this. I wanted to initiate productive discourse but I ended up parroting unfounded facts. I accept all criticisms’ and added ‘I am annoyed by my own arrogance. I wanted to drag Prof. Chin out to the debating floor, but in looking back that kind of arrogance misled me to use the wrong motive and methods. I therefore apologise to Prof. Chin’.


Comments from Nate:


Prof. Chin sayeth: ‘In matters of loserish-ness, educational background doesn’t matter.’


The Ilbe collective was forced to donate the fee [paid to Prof. Chin] and had to apologise. Chin was a class act here. It’s as though Messi decided to tease into a lesson or two to a full-of-himself high school kid.


From a viewer perspective, I could not for the life of me figure out what Gan-gyul was saying. He did not substantiate any of his points and only answered with yes, no, that is not right etc answers. Was that a debate or just an opportunity for him to voice his opinion unilaterally? Gan-gyul just asked him a few questions and Prof. Chin answered him in return. I just want to see the Chin Jung-kwon vs Byon Hee-jae death match soon.


It was better than most of the matches on the Starcraft League. If it were broadcast on OnGame.Net it would have been even better.


At least he knows what he lacks, not entirely devoid of gae-nyeom. There are many who never stop being losers.


Gan-kyul: I brought you a novel I wrote >b<
Prof. Jin: Bring me facts, keep your fiction in your diary —


I think Gan-gyul is not from Ilbe but an anti-Ilbe spy from Jeolla province


He looks learned but has nothing but false logic in his head. Well, being logical and being a pig-headed conservative are not compatible.


Chin Jung-kwon’s best comeback: Go write a novel why don’t you ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Pretending to not hear him??? ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Honestly, Ilbe bugs were known to be rubbish so this really does not change anything but this at least shows that those zero-logic keyboard warriors for who they really are. So much like that time when DC Politics users got raped by Jyun Yeo-ok.


What troubles me is that these people will eventually become the ruling class…. That really scares me the most.


Never have I seen someone who comes onto a debating floor with any preparation and starts making up stories. He really should not have come out in the first place. And from now on, it should be off-line debate, no looking up ‘facts’ in the middle of the debate


If you are surrounded by people who only agree with you, fiction could be fact as well. That’s how he got his confidence up.


FYI, all the stuff that Gan-gyul said comes straight from Ilbe. Gan-gyul really deserves an award, exposing all the masturbation that Ilbe members have been giving and receiving to one another. He is a shithead just like Tojo Hideki, ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


C’mon guy, why can’t you say that your sources are from Ilbe


Surrounded by elite graduates and stonewalling themselves thinking their information and opinions are the truth and their arguments logical, and believing that the popular opinion is ignorant, and that you too will be the select few by following them.


Wow such a double standard ke ke ke ke ke ke. Everyone had a hate-on for Chin Jung-kwon but now that he crushed that Ilbe bug he is on your side ke ke ke ke ke ke ke, this really trips me up ke ke ke ke


So gobsmacked. There is no winner or loser in debate, nor is it correct to assume that just because you won the debate it means the progressives are right. If you accept the logic then does one have to accept social inequality and temporary employment? Sure you progressives must reject what naturally occurs in the free market, no? You guys divide the national opinion just like gae-dok and socialism.


I personally do not like Chin Jung-kwon’s so-called ‘attitude’. He is so arrogant, provocative and acerbic towards others. And I do not like the idea of someone beating someone else in the debate. But watching this I have to admit my change of opinion. I expected much better from someone supposedly so well-educated but he hit the rock-bottom in the first twenty minute… Chin Jung-kwon did not win by fancy rhetoric or talking his way out of any corners. He clearly and coherently organised the main points and deriving from them all the necessary logical outcomes, and where things gets muddy he was able to clean it up quickly. And he was able to expose Gan-gyul’s hidden motives for this debate which contrasted with his admirable attitude… And the last impression by Gan-gyul is not restricted to just Ilbe-bugs or conservatives. As Chin pointed out several times, fabricating fiction out of unfounded rumours and conjectures and making it all up until someone refutes your claim, then suddenly turn around and back away by saying ‘well that is what I was about to say, we should clarify this now’.. this is not just limited to conservatives, but equally applicable to progressives as well… For those who do not watch TV debates, this is better than most movies ke ke. It is well worth an hour of your time ke ke, and it clarifies a number of contentious points related to the Northern Limit Line.

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  • dk2020

    Get ’em Professor Chin! Hwaiting!~

  • Sillian

    I didn’t expect Gan-gyul to be THAT bad. I forget that some people can be confident or brave without much to back them up. These debate shows can be more entertaining than MMA matches. What’s next?! Hopefully with someone who knows better.

    • Melon

      There’s actually evidence to suggest stupid people are more confident than intelligent people, because stupid people are often totally oblivious of (or don’t understand) any contrasting views. What’s the saying, “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know”.

  • Ruaraidh

    Well that was somewhat inevitable, a random internet conservative vs an experienced professor. At least he had the good grace to admit he’d been thrashed and say sorry, that at least is worthy of some respect.

    • Charliedog1

      Experienced in what?

      • Ruaraidh

        Public speaking, logic, forming a reasoned argument, defending a point from criticism… Need I say more?

        • Charliedog1

          Oh yes right, Experienced in articulating why he should keep his job.

          • Ruaraidh

            Yes, because being a professor requires a set of skills that set you out as an intellectual. Being a big-talking internet nobody on the other hand requires a singularly limited skill set, fortunately for yourself.

          • Justin_kBANG

            i think it was Mill who said well-reasoned public debates were the seedbed of the liberal civil society – because having a public forum in which two differing ideas could battle out their well-honed arguments based on factual information would enable the public to form their opinion and guide public policy. as a regular In Parliament Today, I tend to agree (although now it seems a bit of moot point since the opposition and coalition are interchangeable…) internet board usually serves us poorly in that regards but still a good place to see different opinions :)

  • mr.wiener

    very brave behind a keyboard. A mewing child in real life, Why am I not surprised [better not say to much, people in glass houses and and all that.

  • PixelPulse

    Let it be a lesson to all that thinking youre smart on the internet is not the same as being smart irl and on the spot.

  • Paul M

    …and to complete his victory Prof. Chin slyly flips the bird to the loser (see top picture).

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Nice pic of the professor giving his middle finger to the world

  • Sillian

    Prof. Chin leaves his footsteps on every corner of the internet.

  • Lillee

    Kudos for sexy Prof. Chin,winning the debate and some ca$h^^

    Ilbe is so..weird…

    • Sillian

      And he donated the ca$h to some organization for laid-off workers.

  • 3arlyBoy

    Considering the majority of eCons I run into in cyberspace come off as stubborn I applaud this man for admitting defeat. I do wonder if he’s learned anything though, and won’t just show up online a week later with a different user name back to his antics.

  • dim mak

    Pft. That’s just a factual error, he should’ve known better. Never give in ideologically to liberal traitors.

  • Lovely

    I like how he is giving the middle finger in the top picture lol surprised no one commented on that…

  • elizabeth

    “If you are surrounded by people who only agree with you, fiction could be fact as well. That’s how he got his confidence up.”

    “…fabricating fiction out of unfounded rumours and conjectures and
    making it all up until someone refutes your claim, then suddenly turn
    around and back away by saying ‘well that is what I was about to say, we
    should clarify this now’.. this is not just limited to conservatives,
    but equally applicable to progressives as well…”

    Thumbs up to you both!

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