Ambulance With Dying Baby Inside Stopped For Insurance Claim

Article from SBS:

Leaving a boy dying in an ambulance, a man stopped the ambulance for an insurance claim.


While an ambulance was carrying a child in critical condition, it rear-ended another vehicle. The driver of the rear-ended car then stopped the ambulance, telling the ambulance driver to deal with the car accident it caused. What happened?

Let’s go to reporter Han Se-hyun for more on the story.


A private ambulance struggles to move forward while carrying a 4-year-old with brain damage.

It honks its horn and sounds the siren.

[Ambulance: Car ahead! Clear the way please!]

The loudspeaker proves pointless.

The EMT who is fed up [with the cars not moving out the way] orders the ambulance to reroute to the nearest hospital.

[Emergency medical technician: Get to the nearest hospital!]

When the ambulance was about to speed up, the car ahead stopped suddenly, causing the ambulance to rear-end the car.

The driver of the car took photos of the accident scene instead of making way for the ambulance. Feeling a sense of urgency, the ambulance driver fought with the car driver, and then moved the car out of the way himself.

This is where the accident happened.

After the accident, the driver wouldn’t move his car. He said he needed to deal with the accident. The ambulance had no choice but to waste about 10 min on the road.

Shin Jin-woo, the ambulance driver : “I told him we would let the insurance cover the accident and to call later. That I had an emergency situation and had to go, but he said we couldn’t go until we dealt with the accident. He said he couldn’t trust us and just let us go. [The child] was receiving CPR at this point, so there wasn’t any time to waste arguing.”

The baby narrowly escaped with his life after being treated in the emergency room of a nearby hospital.

The child’s mother: “There are no words for how I felt. My baby was dying right in front of me…and was in such serious condition. Even when we said “there is a child inside,” the man didn’t believe us and didn’t get out of our way. I tried to pull his hand to make him see [that it was true], but he shook me off.”

The police are planning to investigate the driver of the car and charge the driver for intentional obstruction of an ambulance. This investigation will not involve the car accident.

More than anything, it’s disheartening that we have a social climate where institutions have priority over someone’s life.

Comments from Naver:


This news makes me upset. Thanks to people like him, innocent children are being hurt. He is a nut job.


That asshole’s personal information should be released to the public.


He will regret what he did only when he is in the same situation with his kid dying in an ambulance. Jeong Mong-joon Jr. keeps adding points to his victory.


Our uncivilized national character has yet to change.


The mother of the dying kid pulled on the driver’s hand to ask him to move out of the way, and the driver shook her hand off. I’m real pissed.


An ambulance is allowed to deal with the accident later. How can he drive without using common sense? I can’t understand how he stopped an ambulance and said he would let it go only after dealing with the accident, even when hearing all the crying of the mother of a dying kid. Your family or you could have an emergency too. If the driver reads this, you should reflect on what you have done.


Show a picture of that dumbass driver in the Sonata 3.


He must be joking trying to extort money with that crappy car. What an ass. Would you be like that if your parents were dying? Is your head just filled with shit? A baby is dying and you’re taking pictures? Gotta follow the law. Show his face!


That is another way of acting bossy. There is nothing that is more valuable than a person’s life. Was he making a joke? Put him in a prison.


His personal information will be on the internet! That man can’t act his age.


Does an accident matter when there’s a dying boy? Would he act that way if the kid were his? South Korea is going to the dogs.


The world is going mad. If the boy were his child, would he be able to act like that?


His car was horribly old. He is just crazy. I wanna smash his head in.


Anyone would have overtaken other cars if their kid was in an emergency situation. Why can’t those people think of others? Those kind of people should be put on a blacklist to let nearby hospitals know about them. Then they’ll understand what they did wrong when they’re in the same situation, tsk tsk.


Hey crazy ass driver of the number 62 bus in Namdong-gu Incheon Grand Park, do you know the baby almost died? In Korea cars don’t make way for an ambulance even when the ambulance asks them to.


If the kid had died, would you take responsibility for it? I assure you that car’s driver is a murderer.

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