Kim Hyun-joong Expecting Baby with Ex Who Sued Him for Abuse

The information in this story reflects what Woman Sense had reported about Kim Hyun-joong and his ex-girlfriend (Choi) in their March 2015 issue. She is indeed pregnant with his child. However the past few days have revealed that the couple’s reconciliation was short-lived, and they do not seem to be planning to marry.

Article from TV Report

kim hyun-joong ex girlfriend

Kim Hyun-joong has reconciled with his former girlfriend. “In September he will be a father.”

Hallyu star Kim Hyun-joong (29 years old), has quickly reconciled with his ex-girlfriend. He has news that he will become a father this coming September.

Woman Sense, a magazine for women, published the news its March issue. It reports, “Kim Hyun-joong has gotten back together with his former girlfriend, two years his senior, and the two are expecting a child. The mother of the child is none other than the 31-year old Choi, who brought Kim to court for domestic assault and bodily harm.”

Cover of Woman Sense reads, "Back with ex-girlfriend involved in the abuse scandal, Kim Hyun-joong will be a father in September! "

Cover of Woman Sense reads, “Back with ex-girlfriend involved in the abuse scandal, Kim Hyun-joong will be a father in September! ”

Someone close to both parties told Woman Sense magazine that “Choi and Kim Hyun-joong have made peace with each other. Currently, Choi is 10 weeks pregnant- close to four months.”

The source added, “After the lawsuit, Kim Hyun-joong gave Choi his sincerest apology, and they started to date again. He is supposed to do his military service soon. Both families are in serious talks now about a wedding and how to deal with the baby.”

Meanwhile Kim Hyun-joong is busy promoting his first album in 2 years in Japan. As people find out about the very quick reconciliation with his former girlfriend, many are watching to see how the situation develops and what he will do.

Comments from Nate:

They’re both idiots.


You can never hit someone, but if you do you can’t just hit them once.


Could use this story ♥♥♥♥♥ -Im Seong-han


Even after suing him they still were doing it kekekekekekekeke Are you playing with us?


Wow.. Married life won’t be easy.. Even getting hit she still did everything ;;;


She’s the kind of woman who will ruin her own life.


His agency must be going crazy!


Man or woman, there’s no use trying to tell the difference between a shitty car and a Benz. Everyone just meets someone who is their equal keke


You’re the first to hit me so please marry me.


It’s like he took out her rib to make a baby… Hallelujah~


This is so surprising kekeke Kim Hyun-joong is who he is but honestly that woman is frightening..


They’re crazy ….. Don’t hit the baby ……………….


This is shocking…I guess the only people who know what’s going on between a man and a woman are themselves… Getting violent can’t be justified but…the woman might be regretting publicizing their problem because she ruined the career of the man she is going to marry after all, tsk tsk.


She’s not completely normal either.


This is a huge shock.


He gets a girl he hit pregnant before marriage .. and then he also hasn’t gone to his military service yet .. He’s young but I guess his career in entertainment is over.


Well aren’t those two such a good match?


Kim Hyun-joong: I’ll get us a house, you build up your pain tolerance.


?? That girlfriend with the [broken] rib?


Meanwhile she gets pregnant?

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