• lonetrey / Dan

    The future is coming! I seriously can’t wait for androids and robots from all those sci-fi movies. -sigh-

  • Outlook2Disqus

    Good Job!!!!!!!!

  • terriblemovie

    I’m really frustrated with how pessimistic certain Koreans are. They usually belong to the younger generation and lean to the left. Usually single, unemployed/financially struggling, and spends lots of time of the internet.

    They still believe South Korea is a 3rd world country, or that Japan makes the best electronics and robots, or that Korea is the only country in the world that cares about looks. Or that nordic countries have unlimited welfare for everyone. Or that everyone in the US is happily employed and rich. Or that North Korea would easily defeat the South Korean military and that we should surrender as soon as possible.

    These kids have never ever been outside of Korea or had a serious job, yet they believe anywhere is better than home.

    • David

      So do most people who have been everywhere. lol

      • rich carter

        that is the case for all the brain dead left wing liberals.

      • Chucky3176

        True to a certain extent. But South Koreans on the other hand when it comes to pessimism, they are in a class all by themselves. South Koreans voted that their country is the 117th happiest country in the world, worse than war torn Iraq and slightly better than Afghanistan who was dead last at 140th. What this country needs to do is to just kick off the shoes and just relax for few weeks doing nothing.

        • David

          Certainly replacing some of the false nationalistic pride with real pride and self confidence would Help. Quit driving the kids nuts in school and you will have fewer nutty adults. Perhaps weekends off could help.

  • commander

    The top prize for the KAIST team raises the hope for S. Korea’s advances in what is seen as a promising field in where robos could work in inhospitable conditons on behalf of humans.

    Kudos to S. Korea.

  • saint_pepsi

    Congrats, Korea.

  • Nigelboy

    What a joke. Korea ripped off and copied the Japanese robots. Japanese are the world’s best. Japan leads the robotic technology bar none, and Korea could only make a cheap copy. They can only bribe the judges. Koreans are the biggest liars and copy cats with an inferiority complex towards Japan. Koreans are jealous so they have to buy off the organizers. Nobody comes close to the Japanese in technology and creative thinking now matter how much you Koreans cheat. You Koreans are pathetic cheaters.

    • hi

      another peeping jap? the real pathetic one is……..

      • AKA troll_harder

        This sounds like the same Nigelboy who hates on anything Korean on Japantoday.com

        Reality causes him too much butt hurt…

    • AKA troll_harder

      Sounds like you are sick to your stomach with jealousy. Normally I don’t revile in others misery, but in your case… the next round is on me everyone (except you Nigel, you deserve your misery)! Bartender, I want a new bottle of Macallan 23 year stat on every table in the room!

      You should go back to Japantoday.com and keep on hanging out with Tina and the rest of your “buddies”… LOL

      • AKA troll_harder

        Typo… revel not revile…

    • Dave Park

      Certain technologies are worldly. TV’s, for example, at some point, companies are going to roll out very, very similar products. Same with smartphones.

      Fact of the matter is, you guys lost in this competition from what you may regard as a robot that was copied from an “original” Japanese one. But this robot outperformed yours and others to be number one. That’s the fact. It has ascended “your” initial design/programming from Korean minds and hands. They made it better.

      So, instead of being butt hurt and complaining about how you lost and how Koreans don’t have an original thought, if you’re a scientist/engineer, then make yours better for the next competition.

      Don’t be a sore loser.

  • KPKoreanPeninsula

    Great Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claude

    One day they’re will be a robot Ajuuma and Korea will be great!!!

    • Claude

      Opps, thats *Ajumma*. The Samsung Ajumma force 5000 coming to a department store near you.

  • commander

    It is praiseworthy for South Korea to demonstrate its technological prowess over other advanced competitors.

    What is worrisome is that those robotic scientists that took hom the top prize could continue their robotic research overseas.

    Specficially, if they study in the United States for a doctorate or in a post-doctor program, it often takes place that those talents decide to reside in the United States, lured by ample research funding and great discretion in choosing researching areas, without being encumbered by administrative workloads that they could face when they come back home and work at local universities.

    The rosy prospect for robotic research in South Korea, as evidenced by the top honor for the KAIST team, should be backed up by a policy of strong support ane a cultivation of next-generation of aspiring scientists.

  • Ideas2Disqus

    Positive Minded News from Korea. Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ThinkStraight

    Good job.

  • KP

    Great Job.

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