Maths Formula Used in Call for University Head’s Resignation

Head of KAIST

Students at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), the preeminent post-secondary institute for science and technology in South Korea, have been embroiled in a bitter and protracted struggle to oust the chancellor Dr. Suh Nam-pyo. Since being appointed in 2010 Dr. Suh introduced a number of reform measures within the university such as ‘upper-adjustment of research-performance evaluation’, ‘undergraduate academic curriculum reform’ and ‘graduated-tuition and bursary system based on GPA’ scheme, which has proven increasingly unpopular with both students and professors in the university. Dr. Suh is frequently criticized for his unilateral implementation of ‘corporation style reform,’ and being generally unresponsive to the widespread criticisms.

A total of five undergraduates and one professor have taken their own lives since 2011. The university’s professors general committee and the student union recently called for his immediate resignation and roll-back on most of his reform initiatives. Recently, a banner has appeared on campus with a so-called mathematical formula that equates to his resignation.

From TodayHumor:

KAIST protest banner

ò2007 2012 SNP(t)dt = resignation

Comments from TodayHumor:


For those of you who are not familiar with integral calculus: The value of summation derived from the chancellor function SNP (Suh Nam-pyo) based on Time(unit: year) from 2007 to 2012, we obtain resignation. It is a mathematical expression that sums up the achievements of Chancellor Suh Nam-pyo since the start of his term in 2007, whose the outcome is resignation.


Goddamn it.. Now I don’t even understand Korean..


Integral calculus ke ke ke ke ke ke


I think I got the answer, either -1 or 0.


ke ke ke, maths you say? Why is there English in maths???


Hoel, total sum is negative


Two types of comments observed here… 1. ke ke ke ke ke this is ingenious, 2. -_-;;; I have no idea what people are saying, so I should just shut the fuck up.


Wow, I wondered what you do with all the mathematics you have to learn, but now I know ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke, KAIST you go!


KAIST students staging a protest by studying in front of the Chancellor's office

Students call for resignation, study-protest in front of his office

KAIST’s way of protesting


I can totally sympathize with that ‘why is there English in mathematics’ comment… ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


What is this ‘mathematics’ you speak of? Something you eat? – from fine arts and PE students


So the chancellor would actually understand what that banner says,,,, I had no frigging clue…. I really ought to have studied harder when my mom told me to study, dang

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  • M.N

    Sofa and i hope this man gets kicked out of the university.

  • lonetrey

    “Corporate-style reform”? He already sounds like someone I’d like to kick the crap out of.

  • Paul M

    추천눌렀냐: What is this ‘mathematics’ you speak of? Something you eat? – from fine arts and PE students

    Oh well done! Classic. Reminds me of the time when I was in my uni library and saw 5 PE students crowded round the photocopier trying to get it to work while oblivious to the instructions posted on the wall beside it.

  • Paul

    Do those (presumably heavily upvoted) confused netizen comments imply the typical netizen lacks a high school education?

    • Justin_C

      these comments were randomly selected rather than the ones with the most upvotes :{0

    • James

      Well, I’m a postgraduate student and I had absolutely no idea what that formula meant until I read the comments explaining it. Ironically, the only thing I understood was the Korean!

    • An anonymous boy…

      Most people don’t take integral calculus in high school in the US… Doubt the standards are much higher or different there. In college there is no reason for it either unless you are a physicists, engineer, economist, or math major. (maybe something else)

      • Brett Sanbon

        No love for us integral calculus enthusiasts?

  • Stories of butts

    Sorry, I no can math.

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