Jjajang Ramyeon Sales Soar, Becomes New Summer Staple

Article from SBS:

Jjajang Fever Takes Over Despite the Heat, Surpasses Naengmyeonn, Bibimmyeon

‘Jjajang fever’ has gripped the snack market. Although naengmyeon and bibimmyeon [cold noodle dishes] usually sell well in the hot summer, this year jjajang [black soybean paste] snack products like jjajang ramyeon are flying off the shelves.

Lately ‘meok-bang’ programs featuring jjajangmyun have been pouring out across television channels and the internet.

The popularity of these jjajangmyun meok-bangs is driving a change in the food market as well, so much so that convenience stores are expanding their supply.

Lim Chae-rin, Manager of a convenience store chain says, “Jjajang brands are selling the most. The store’s stock is quickly depleting despite our efforts to increase supply because of the large amount of customers.”

Bunshik restaurants with jjajang ramen on the menu have also started appearing.

Choi Nak-jeong, office worker tells us,”I think it’s quite unique that bunshik restaurants are selling Jjajang ramen and I think it tastes alright.”

The jjajang product sales for one supermarket for this month have doubled in comparison to last year.

Although it is customary for bibim-ramyeon to become the top selling snack as the weather gets hot, from May to the start of June this year, jjajang-ramyeon’s sales figures have surpassed that of bibim-ramyeon by 40%.

New product competition is also fierce as one recently released jjajang-ramen brand brought in 10 billion won [nearly 9 million U.S. dollars] of sales in one month.

Nam Soo-min, section chief of a ramyeon manufacturer, states, “You can taste the deep, rich flavor of jjajang that was once only available at Chinese restaurants.”

Netizens have also contributed to the jjajang fever by sharing new experimental recipes featuring jjajang sauce, such as kanjjajang and jjajang-ramen with hot pepper paste.

Comments from Naver:


After trying King Jjajang, it definitely is different from Jjapaghetti.


Honestly instant naengmyeon and bibimmyeon are the same year in and year out… nothing changes.. saying that we always eat them every summer seems like a sweeping statement…


Obviously, since jjajangmyeon is the most delicious noodle dish for the price.. It’s a little ironic that naengmyeon is more expensive than jjajangmyeon.


King Jjajang was buy 4 get 1 free at the mart today so I picked some up immediately haha


My love still goes to jjampong [spicy seafood noodle soup] <3


No matter how you look at it, doesn’t this article look like an advertisement? Why is there a mosaic blur covering every brand except King Jjajang?


I knew it from the second I saw the article… King Jjajang had something to do with this…


King Jjajang is way too salty and sweet. Jjapaghetti tastes much better.


The whole nation still loves bibimmyeon, just slice up some cucumber and throw in some sea snail and ice then slurp it up damn that’s good hehe


Instant naengmyeon is gross :(


King Jjajang isn’t very good.. I’ve even resolved next time to buy Jjapaghetti instead.. Are my taste buds just off?


These days naengmyeon is unreasonably expensive. There aren’t even that many ingredients and it’s not hard to make, yet it’s damn expensive.


You’re telling me that King Jjajang has beaten out all other ramyeon brands.. I think this might just be temporary


Isn’t naengmyeon freakin’ inhumanely expensive? Put a few noodles in some MSG flavored water and then cheat people out of 5,6 – as much as 10 bucks.


They’re all good, but let’s get rid of some of that MSG in Chinese food.

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