Busan Man Investigated for Distributing Anti-Park Flyers

Article from YTN:

Flyers criticizing President Park were distributed in Busan and the police has begun an investigation.

The police started an investigation as a thousand copies of flyers criticizing President Park were distributed in Busan.

On the 10th of June, around 5 pm, Busanjin Police Station in Busan revealed that an unidentified man handed out the thousand copies of flyers titled “The President is more frightening than MERS” around Busanjin-gu, Busan.

The flyer’s text reads, “Even when children died in the Sewol ferry tragedy, and now when adults are being killed by MERS, the President does not want to take responsibility for anything. We citizens are forced to fend for ourselves”

The police said they have been tracking down the man who distributed the flyer based on CCTV footage and witnesses.

Comments from Daum:


Every single word on the flyer is true.


President Park tells people to stop being fussy and arrests people under the pretense that they are spreading rumors. She bans the comment sections of the news, and hides behind her thermal sensors [that detect fevers]. President Park, the citizens’ lives are just as important (if not more) as your own. Break up the Park government and with a provisional government deal with MERS completely. Reveal all the information related to MERS, including who is infected and where they have been, in order to stop spread of the virus. President Park, there are plenty of people who are more mature and wiser than you are, and they are going to help you if you announce the information. Do not gamble with the lives of citizens. If you want to gamble, do it with your own life.


Busan is still alive.


When flyers in the street are better than Chosun Ilbo, Joongang Ilbo, and Donga Ilbo. [All conservative leaning newspapers.]


How is this a crime?


What’s wrong with that? He is just a proper citizen.


“Whatever, I couldn’t tour to the States because of you, Korean people! ㅠㅠ.” [The president was forced to cancel her trip to the United States due to MERS.]


Even Busan has opened its eyes? ke ke. Have Busan people realized that their princess is a fucking stupid? [President Park was born in Daegu, which is in the same province as Busan. Traditionally, conservatives receive more support from this province than its neighbor Jeolla, which is traditionally more progressive.]


For real, I do hope she is going to disappear from the earth. Damn chicken head.


Is this a country or a chicken coop?


When I read the content, there is nothing wrong with it.


But what the flyer said is totally right! Do the police investigate even when it is the truth? The delayed reaction to MERS is bad, but the anthrax case is even worse. When she visits the States next time, she should discuss this but does she really have it in her to do that?


It isn’t wrong~ These days if you say the truth, you will be arrested. It makes me scared~


How can the president of a country act like this? The country is in a mess.. It makes me scared and sad.


Is it only me who is reminded of King Seonjo, the worst king in Joseon?


Now more than anger I feel sadness about this reality. Why are innocent people being punished like this? If you ever had any conscience, please resign. The whole country is a mess from making the wrong choice. We’re not just stumbling along, but completely knocked out! You can’t live life all on your own. I do hope for a wise leader, one who can save this country…!


Do not arrest him. It is just abusing governmental authority. Let’s translate the flyer into different languages and distribute them at the airport.


I agree with this 100%.

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  • B

    Stupid country.

    Kudos to that man.

  • Xman2014

    Watch the news video at 0.17, look at the sign posted.

    The sign posted up on the telephone pole says “America which delivered a disease that is worse than MERS, yet the president can’t say a thing!”.

    The North Korean sympathizers are now blaming it on the Americans. LOL.. big surprise there.

    The chief of WHO criticized the Korean government for the slow response to MERS, but lauded the government’s current effort. WHO found that the spread of the disease are largely confined to hospitals. They pointed to the fact that Korea’s “hospital culture” where patients are nursed by their loved ones (instead of the trained nurses), and unrestricted visitor hours to the hospitals as prime reasons why this disease spread so quickly. WHO also pointed to the fact that due to cheap medical insurance, Koreans often go “hospital shopping” where they visit numerous hospitals and doctors for second, third, and fourth opinions, in a search for cures and treatments for such minor illnesses like the cold, as the reason for why so many hospitals got infected at the same time. WHO also criticized the Korean habits of shopping for brand name hospitals where the people prefer to wait 3 days in the emergency rooms of well known big hospitals, rather than to check themselves into lesser known hospitals.

    Yes folks, Koreans even go shopping for brand name hospitals, it’s not just brand name handbags or brand name jackets and shoes. It’s also brand name hospitals.

    These criticisms by WHO are completely different from what Korean media have been reporting on. The Korean media solely and squarely blames the government for all the MERS problems as government failing to quarantine and unable to do anything to contain the virus. Yet none of the media here have even attempted to examine WHO’s points about Korea’s bizarre hospital culture which did significant damage in spreading the disease.

    The big question is, is this government’s fault, or is this something that Korean people brought this upon themselves for being instrumental in creating this health care system?

    • adams

      Regarding the American part, it’s referring to the anthrax that was mistakenly sent here some weeks ago.

  • Chucky3176

    As much as I think this man’s stunts are just to spread anti-American hatred and its purpose is to undermine the current government, he still should have the freedom to do what he wants, as long as it’s not harming anyone. In Korea, there’s a law against spreading of unsubstantiated rumors in the public, which are too vague, and often misused and abused to silence the opposition. One fine example is former president Lee Myung Bak in 2008 using that law to silence the opposition against group of anti-US Mad Cow beef import vigilantes. That law has to be stricken out of the book, it has no place in a supposedly democratic country.

    • Michael Jackson Had One Glove

      You are the moderator of a site where members believe and claim that MERS was created by the US and “the Jews”. You are part of the lunatic fringe.

      • Chucky3176

        umm.. I don’t control what some of them write. If some of them write stupid things, I’m not going to stop them. I haven’t really moderated that site for a long time.

        • Michael Jackson Had One Glove

          You are part of it. Its not like its a forum with hundreds of members with a few idiots saying silly shit. There are about 5 active members including you. If you are over the age of 25 then you should feel embarrassed to be associated with and ashamed of yourself.

          • Chucky3176

            uh.. no. The site may have few active users, but it’s actually visited by thousands of readers from around the world each day, who do not post. That group also includes you. When I post, they’re not for the benefit of the active members. I post because I am doing my part to educate those silent readers. Obviously it doesn’t stop you from reading the site.

          • Michael Jackson Had One Glove

            Yes, I’m sure your fellow crackpots from around the world enjoy reading about the great Jewish conspiracy. Dirty Chinese. Evil America. 5000 year old Korean history that somehow means Korea deserves to retake half of Northern China and Eastern Russia. It’s good comic reliefy that’s for sure.

            I’ve always wanted to ask you loons a question. You aren’t as bad as some of the others, but don’t you think it’s quite weird how staunchly pro-Korea these guys are, how anti-every other country they are, but they choose not to live in Korea?
            Don’t you see that as a tad hyprocritical? Actively avoiding the military draft? Kind of weird. These guys seem to really want Korea to wipe out Japan and Korea.

            Most Koreans, certainly most gyopos would think your forum is an absolute joke. I think it’s time you grew up.
            I really think, as you get older you are going to look back and cringe that you had anything to Koreansentry. Fuck, I’d say you must cringe on a daily basis about the shite you see written there. Maybe not.

          • Chucky3176

            I do cringe time to time sometimes about what couple of them write, and I have told them so. To me it’s just a forum to present my point of view. If the forum has no merit, then why are you lurking around along with hundreds of others? I’ve been thinking of starting my own forum, you’re welcomed to participate with your anonymous ID’s, if you want. It would be opened to all trolls and viewpoints, doesn’t matter what your views are.

          • disgusting korean democracy

            So you wil strat your own JapanCrushSmackhBang, or simply, DestroyJaps. LOL. CanT wait for it.

          • Chucky3176

            No not exactly. You should give me more credit that that. But it will generally focus on Korea, along with Japan-China-USA-world relations. I’m even thinking of publishing the translations of Japanese netizens on Korean topics, into English. There will be no restrictions on ID’s, nor any moderations, and trolls and all viewpoints will be welcome, even you Japanese nationalist netoyu’s. But same IP’s will be revealed to prevent sock puppets.

          • disgusting korean democracy

            “But same IP’s will be revealed to prevent sock puppets.”
            LOL you sound unfair ….

          • Papi

            The thing is for a lot of these guys they from affluent backgrounds where the parents have been very successful economic migrants (American/Canadian dream). Usually this would be a good thing for their sons but its a little dangerous in a culture like Koreas which spoils and indulges it’s male children to a ridiculous extent. You would have to imagine none of the sentries are female.
            Never wanting for anything in life has soured these guys motivation to really do anything in life and results in not having any friends, career goals, a partner ect this means they get trapped into a vicious circle where they are so bitter about their dismal lifes they lash out at percieved threats (Jews, Chinese, Japanese) thus spending more and more time online under various IDs insulting or even inpersonating these threats in some weird cyber war that only they care about and of course the longer online the less chance of forming meaningful relationships offline.
            Those who study the problem have noted with concern that rather than being “angry young men” these people are aging without showing any signs of changing their behavior. This means community leaders talk about the ‘2030 problem’ that is the year when many of the parents of the sentries will begin to pass on and any inheritance will be a lot less than expected due to the large costs of sustaining their sons well into adulthood.
            After this the sentries now in their 50s will emerge into an outside world having to look for work without any experience or social skills. A very bleak future awaits them.

  • bigmamat

    Ok so the left wing in Korea is pro North, anti-American. Were they the one’s telling the Sewol victim families to shut up or is that strictly the Ilbe guys? I’m just trying to figure out what this guys affiliation is and what’s his stance? Park didn’t do enough but how would the ruler to the north do more?

    • bumfromkorea

      He’s pro-North only in the minds of the fringe right-wing nutbags (who doesn’t seem so fringe these days…).

  • woonawoona

    This is one of the most unsettling aspects of Korean culture/law I’ve experienced here. Free speech really doesn’t exist here…

    • troll_harder

      Under this current administration… the ROK is going backwards…

    • Sillian

      He can be punished for libel only if the ‘defamed’ (Pres. Park) personally sues him. In this case, he will be fined for some petty crime like throwing a big lump of trash on a street like last time. The problem is setting the right priorities of course.

      • Xman2014

        But they will scream he will be tortured in jail and will die there.

        The reality will be, he’ll be fined for littering, slapped on the hand, and released in couple of days.

        • bumfromkorea

          Which is totally cool for it to happen in a supposed democratic country.

      • Anonymous_Joe

        Sillian: “He can be punished for libel only if the ‘defamed’ (Pres. Park) personally sues him.”

        I don’t think that’s true. He can be prosecuted for defamation even if some concerned citizens group presses charges as happened in the Sankei Shimbun case.

        I would be happily shown to have been mistaken.

        • Sillian

          You are right. I thought 명예훼손 is 친고죄 but it is 반의사불벌죄. So you can be sued for defamation by the prosecution as long as the victim isn’t explicitly against it.


          FYI, these pictures show the manual and legal basis for the police when they deal with people who spread such flyers.

        • Sillian

          Pics added.

  • disgusting korean democracy

    Korean Presidents historically have nothing to recommend them aside from bluffing with propaganda “Japan as the abolute root of all evil”.

    • KoreanPeninsula

      Go choke yourself.

      • disgusting korean democracy

        And.. from commiting suiside, getting assasinated, or arrested anyway after serving their terms. What can you say about it? LOL

        • Point2Disqus

          You mean suicide you idiot.

  • DisqusWorld

    Out of all people. Busan man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ibyangin

    대한망국, 만세~, 만세~, 만세~!!!

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