Daejeon School Botches Response to Student Attempted Suicide

Article from YTN

When a student jumped off the roof of his school building, the school announced the student had “mental disorder”


During midterm exam season, one student at a high school in Daejeon jumped from the school building.

Fortunately the student was not badly hurt. The school however has been causing controversy by revealing through a school-wide announcement that the student was suffering from a mental disorder.

Reporter Lee has more on the story.


On the 28th of April, a high school student in Daejeon jumped off his school building.

Though he fell three stories, it is being reported that fortunately, his injuries are not life-threatening.

The incident occurred during the midterm exam period, while students were doing independent study.

Even though many students witnessed the incident, the school still went ahead with the originally planned exam schedule.

A bigger problem was what the school broadcasted to all the students afterward.

The school twice made a school-wide announcement stating that the student jumped because he had anger management issues, and wanted to get attention.

The school said that the announcements were made to try and keeps the students calm.

[Interview: school staff]

Some students saw the incident, and an ambulance also was called to the school. The situation could be traumatic to some students, so the situation called for an announcement.

The students say that the announcement made them uncomfortable, no matter if it was true or not.

[Interview: student]

I’m not so sure that he is suffering from a (mental) disorder. And if it isn’t true, then the teachers have just made it really hard for a student to come back to school. So we all think that the school just tried to bury the problem …

Daejeon Office of Education has not started any investigation into the incident, despite the fact that a student jumped off a school building. There have also been complaints due to the inappropriate announcements made at the school.

[Interview with Daejeon Office of Education]

We would have gone to the school if there had been a more severe incident, such as if the student was severely wounded or had died.

Human rights issues in schools have been a hot topic recently, due to some harsh comments to students during school lunch time. [The Vice Principal at Chungam High School gathered all the students who did not pay for their lunch and said, “Do not come to school anymore. People like you harmful to others.] Due to the lack of any supervisory institution, the [negative] educational environment remains unchanged.

Comments from Daum:


Reveal what the school’s name is, right now!

최고가 되자님

Apart from anything else, the principal of that school, listen carefully. If your children are suffering from a mental disorder, do you want them to be outed at school like that? From the principal to the other school staff, they are all stupid and don’t have any idea what education is.


Why are there so many teachers who are psychotic and have severe alcohol problems as well as low intelligence. Lots of them are perverts too.


Well, if you compare it to that bitch who said she was so worn out after traveling on a nationwide broadcast then… The school’s behavior brings us back to the stone age.


What the students think is more mature.


He jumped off the school, why would they announce that he had a mental disorder without even checking? Also isn’t your medical history personal information? Are they crazy?


It’s shameful to have those assholes in our schools. Gangsters only pursuing money, leaving education and personality behind.


Office of Education, give me my tax money back!


It looks like the principal is suffering from a mental disorder.


Based on the news I think there are a lot of idiot principals.


눈위의 장미님

Hey crazy principal, you’re the one who has a mental disorder! The principal’s response to this was so bad.


The parents of those students should feel nervous since those teachers are only taking care of themselves.

그게 그래서님

The school is absurdly stupid.


Didn’t he jump because he was being bullied? If not, what else could it be? The school should have not focused on his personal life but on his reasons for jumping. It seems that the school tried to cover up bullying by quickly making that announcement.


How is it possible for that trash to teach students? The person who made that announcement is mentally ill.

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  • commander

    Another example providing strong rationale for structurally sweeping reforms for public education so that some unqualified teachers, both in teaching abilities and character, should be kicked out of schools.

    This revamping will also be able to reduce unnecessary private education which is the norm here if an overhaul of public education brings in and retains competent teachers in the ouster of completely unqualified teachers, offering quality education to students.

    • redwhitedude

      Or put a trampoline right where the student will jump.

    • Sid Driver

      The problem is with the hierarchy system here. As the teachers get older they have more rights and powers. The majority of weird/crazy teachers that I have met here are all in senior positions and abuse their power. The younger teachers can’t complain and if you have a corrupt principal or vp, then the whole school suffers. The teachers at the schools know who is good and bad but there is nothing that can be done about it. I’ve heard that teachers can’t be fired unless they do something really bad and even then, depending on what they’ve done, they could just be temporarily suspended or transferred to a different school.

      • commander

        You have a point. The present seniority-based promotion system should be complemented with thorough regular verification of teaching capabilities and character for teachers at public schools.

        There are so many free riding teachers at schools. They not only lack specialty in their teaching subjects, but also are ill-tempered to students.

        After retirement, they get ample pensions, too.

        Those unqualified teachers should be winnowed out of schools in a regular verfitication, hence an across-the-board reform package that has been greeted with a union of teachers.

        They complain that the authority of teachers has fallen to the ground.

        Restoring eroded authority and commanding due respect from students and their parents will be possible when we put the public education system on the telescope for an overhaul and retrofit it in a fully operational form.

  • ShootehAnon

    Ah, that’s the South Korea I know. Never disappoints. It’s easy, isn’t it? Just blame everything on the victim because they’ll never say anything.

  • faves_slayer

    ” that bitch who said she was so worn out after traveling on a nationwide broadcast then”


  • Karl Yang

    Kid should go for at least 20 stories next time. Fucking rookie lol.

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