Korean Netizens Respond to “The Society of Hate”

The Korean Facebook page Liberalism has generated many heated discussions on Korean society and politics. The posts on the page are usually aligned with the conservative perspective as understood in the Korean political context.

From Liberalism:

Comments from Liberalism:

It is our national trait to not be able to tolerate differences. “The opinions different from mine are all bullshit fabricated rumors. Those who are more successful than me must have used some cunning tricks to get there. If I have done the same, I would be even more successful than them.” This is even worse these days. Those self-acclaimed “mentors” who lecture about youth’s outlook tell you not to try too hard. They teach young people how to consider themselves as “slaves”. It’s so aggravating. While they bash unequal chaebol hierarchical society, it is them who inject the ideology of classism into young minds. It is their “teaching” that you better give up early because no matter hard you try, you can’t overcome those born with a golden spoon in their mouth. So young people don’t try. Then they passive aggressively talk shit about those pals who they occasionally hear became successful. What’s funnier is that those who indulge in inferiority complexes and hate, ignore different opinions and do not try anything too hard, thinking they are slaves, yet try to represent the public. Empty carts make more noise. The reality is not that bad, but why do all comments on social networks and internet news only say it’s so hellish? The answer is simple. While whiners who do not try hard complain on the internet, those successful and satisfied people are working hard in real life.

Byung Hyun **:

There have been some posts I can agree with and some other posts I had to disagree with on this site. This post is the one I can wholeheartedly sympathize with the most.


This reminds me of those Today Humor users.

Wonjae ***:

Too many people indulge in hate and anger for no reason. If they look carefully, they would realize it is not something they should be angry over, but they want to argue and fight. In this process, they feel a twisted sense of moral superiority as if they are upholding social justice. In fact, this can be often seen from those internet progressives (some left-wing cos-players who have no philosophical basis). Anger stemming from ignorance. They just cover their ears and do not listen even if you try to reason with them. The problem is that the internet conservatives who should keep them in check also began to show similar behavior. They are simply sick of those “enlightened citizen cos-players” and just bash them without understanding progressive and conservative ideologies. In this regard, internet progressives and conservatives increasingly resemble one another. In order to resolve this issue, we should get rid of irrational internet culture and promote the atmosphere for rational discourse. We should move beyond the political side taking. It is quite funny to see many citizens trying to bash each other merely based on political labels even though they are not politicians. It is urgent to establish the culture of rational and democratic debate among independent individuals. I want our liberalism to lead that social change.


It is the funniest when those who have bought into propaganda on various social issues say Tajinyo is pathetic, ke ke ke.

Seung Hun Kang:

Those uncivilized people who cursed at Jeong Seon-hee and Tablo are most likely happily listening to Cult Show with Jeong Seon-hee and enjoying the Return of Superman with Tablo now.


So when will Chung Mong-joon Jr. ever lose? [Whenever some news about unsavory behavior in Korea is reported, some netizens say “Yet another win for Chung Mong-joon Jr.” meaning Chung Mong-joon’s son was right about his remark about “uncivilized people”.]


Jeong Seon-hee’s remark wasn’t even criticism towards the candlelight protesters. If I remember correctly, she was talking about someone who stole a manhole cover in the midst of protests. For that one comment, she got attacked by the zombies. This resulted in not only Ahn Jae-hwan’s suicide but also the tragedy of the whole family of Choi Jin-sil, Choi Jin-young and Cho Seong-min. And now what? They have forgotten what they did and are creating yet another rumor about Jeong Seon-hee for showing up on TV. There is just no solution for them.

Mark Dong:

The problem is that those ochlocratic people have a delusion that they are enlightened and aware, and those groups who benefit from staggering the government take advantage of such ochlocracy. It appalls me that even the authentic traditional party of the Republic of Korea engages in such cheap trickery to seize power.


I do not understand those who complain that posts here are not neutral. What does it mean to be neutral anyway? This post bashed Tajinyo. If he defends them once on the other side, is he being neutral? That’s just being a fence sitter. It seems the admin never claimed his posts are neutral. There are hundreds of political pages on Korean Facebook. Why don’t you ask them all to be neutral??


“Enlightened citizens” got owned…

Se Jin Kim:

Refuters of this post must be at least mad cow hoax protesters, “How are you doing?” poster writers or supporters of the special law for Sewol.

Sinyoup Kim:

A weird conclusion was drawn. KTX was partially privatized after all, wasn’t it? The conclusion suddenly delves into politics… It wasn’t mere rumors at that time. The controversy sparked because some politicians made remarks implying privatization.. So in fact, KTX was partially privatized and I think medical privatization is still an on-going issue..


These days, when I think about independence activists and war veterans in the past, it’s amazing how they loved their country so much. In less than a century, no single person says they love their country anymore and they blame others and the country for everything. How did the old people love this country at young age even though they had no luxury to study abroad or learn English? How did they love their people? Sigh, the current state of the country makes me wonder if Koreans were really once like that.

Soo Young Lee:

There are too many people who blindly brush off different opinions than theirs as wrong. They also butt into everything.


Your post seems reserved this time. You could also mention the Sewol issue. A special law for a traffic accident? Such a ridiculous fuss.


Those “enlightened citizens” who bash this post cannot point out how it is biased and illogical, ke ke. They just call it illogical if they don’t like it. But they can’t say the reasons.


The conclusion doesn’t seem weird. It seems the post tells you to think critically and make rational judgement without blindly bashing or rumor-mongering. I don’t know how some people say this post is weird.

GongMin Jeon:

Those with the “If what I claim ends up being not true after all, who cares” attitude should get their mouth torn off.


Some say this is biased but this Liberalism page does not intend to be neutral in the first place.

Wooram Lee:

Ke ke ke ke, there are so many people who can’t resist the urge to bash everything, ke ke ke ke. Are those the peoole who rant about Chicken Geunhye and Rat Myungbak but get enraged at someone saying Roh-ala [making fun of former President Roh Mu-hyun]?


I have been reading this site for a while. I wonder. Is this site really for liberalism? If you want to promote liberalism, you should cover a broader liberal perspective on your examples and conclusions. I support and respect that you try to mention the privatization issue from a liberal point of view. However, it would be good if you deal with economic, political and social problems from a “real” liberal viewpoint with depth. I would assume that this only applies to your posts that I have chosen to read. Whenever you talk about some fact, you initially propose a good question, but end up delving into propaganda, privatization or pro-government contents. Hence, this site can be seen as just another venue for factionalism in the disguise of promoting liberalism. I hope you don’t find my comment unpleasant. I hope you cover issues from multiple liberal angles without factionalism. Real liberalists or free marketeers can find it uncomfortable to read this site because they might feel this is another site for propaganda in the name of liberalism.

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  • Chaddington

    No more hateful than American politics. From George Bush looking like a monkey, having the brain of ant and letting black people die in New Orleans because he’s a racist, to Barack Obama being a Kenyan born Indonesian Muslim Gay supporter who hates the USA. So, Koreans should give themselves a break.

    • David

      I think I understand what you are saying but for others let me clarify. You are not sayinng this about those two presidents, you are saying those are the comments their detractors make against them, correct?

      • Chaddington


    • Arkudel

      Because one group perpetuates an immoral, unethical, or illegal thing does not justify another group to follow suit. Change needs to begin somewhere and it does not come from the top — it comes from our lives and the way we interact with others; to write it off as acceptable has directly led to the egregious state of society not only in South Korea but in the rest of the world as well. Knowing that cruel behavior produces terrible consequence seems self-evident yet it is not; it is something we become insensitive and of which we must be reminded that we may better serve all of humanity by remembering that we are human and subject to the same hurts and agonies we afflict upon others.

    • Mihel

      No more hateful than American politics. […] So, Koreans should give themselves a break.

      Why would Koreans compare themselves to USA of all places?

      • Chaddington

        First off, I didn’t ask that the Koreans do anything. Secondly, I was comparing the US to Korea, not the other way round. So, your question is truly baffling. I have no idea why you’re so angry, all I’m saying is there’s hate everywhere, which isn’t really controversial, so calm the muck down!

        • straws

          another day, another fail straw man

          • Sensible

            Wow?! You must be Korean?

      • Ken Morgan

        Because there is a lot of influence from the US on Korea. The massive military presence is a biggie. Happened in Japan too.

  • Joey

    Can someone translate the actual comic? I understand it but it’d be nice to have some more context…

    • poop

      People/the man tells you shit and it sounds good enough to you that you believe it, then you fight with others while the man keeps fueling your unnecessary hate.
      At least thats what i assume the short amount of comment means.

      • sgthappyg

        That sounds just like America, especially when talking about the non-sense that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri. The media and Al Sharpton tells people that this was racism and this just fuels everyone’s hate inciting riots. But, when the FACTS come out, this was just a police officer doing his job. The media doesn’t want to hear the truth and they just keep fueling the unnecessary hate.

        • iGleaux

          I’m so serious but you don’t find it odd that police are consistently so afraid of unarmed Black people that they shoot and kill on site meanwhile white people roaming around with guns and opening fire in public get taken into custody? That doesn’t come off to you odd?

    • Sillian

      The comic is not that important. Did you see the slides?

      • Joey

        Good point, I only viewed it on a mobile device earlier and couldn’t see that it was a slideshow.

    • Dark Night

      1st slide: Some artificially make other people fight each other
      2nd slide: and benefit from the discord between them

  • elizabeth


  • legrande

    Suicides, massive discontent, overall not very successful

    • Small twon

      yeah you are quite right. Korea is bad bad place,so stay away and mind your own bloody business .

  • angry!

    angry coreans are angry

  • Bogs_Dollocks

    The Hermit Kingdom is insular and turns on itself.

    It’s just history repeating . . .

  • bigmamat

    Is this article about politics or celebrity gossip?

  • firebert5

    So much for the “Just City.”

  • I could like the music or dramas of korea but never would go to live there, korea and their citizens really sucks.

    • Yesenia

      I’ve been to South Korea. The country is amazing, and so are the people. I would love to live there and marry a Korean

    • Sid Driver

      I think every country is somewhat similar in that you will meet good or bad people. And unfortunately the news and media often glorify the wrong things in a society because that’s what sells and based solely on that news you get a skewed notion of that country.

      Having lived here for 5+ years I’m often pleasantly surprised by the tolerance and patience Koreans have with foreigners living in their country not being able to speak their language and unaware of their customs, etc.

      Even after learning Korean and being able to eavesdrop on what other people say I’ve never heard anything really that bad at least compared to what I would hear people back home say to foreigners in North America.

  • goldengluvsk2

    focusing on the entertainment aspect of the post, its really sad to look how some lies and rumors can drive people to death… In Jeong seong hee’s case, -to basically put the blame on someone else for what their harsh actions caused- people also spread that Choi jin sil was the reason why her husband killed himself and those accusations led CJS’s to her own death… idk how Tablo and his family survived with that much hate tbh… Right now, theres a girl group member from Lovelyz that is n hiatus for people until now say “they heard she did this and that” and released it on the internet but her image is already damaged… People even tell someone they dont even know to go die like its nothing and then they think they can just go all “im sorry, i was stressed” when they get caught

  • Koreaforall

    “Korea is turning into a society of hate where the future is dim.”

    Growing up that’s all I saw on tv and in the neighborhood. So this is not something new.

  • Sid Driver

    I have to agree with the people regarding privatization. To be honest I’m surprised that the prices have not increased but perhaps only because the people complained and the government was set in motion to prevent this.

    For publicly traded businesses, their number one goal is to increase profit to push up their stock price to please investors… why would they not increase the price if given a chance?!?!?

  • frank

    more people need to realize that words hurt; words can even kill

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