Statistics Show a Multiracial Korea, Netizens Express Concern

Article fromYonhap News:

Multiracial Korea: For every 20 newborns, 1 is mixed-race


Korea is becoming a multiracial country.

According to a National Statistics Office publication on the 29th, in 2012 22,908 mixed-race children were born from multicultural families, 4.7% of the total 484,550 births.

In a multicultural family, one parent is native Korean and the other is either a foreigner or naturalized Korean.

Children born from two native Korean parents numbered 456,664, or 94.2% of all births. The remaining 1.1% were either abandoned or died shortly after birth, and the nationality of the parents is unknown.

The birth rate for multicultural families has been steadily increasing – 2.9% in 2008, 4.3% in 2009 and 2010, and 4.7% in 2011 and 2012.

97,701 mixed-race children were born in the five years between 2008 and 2012.

However, the multiracial trend is expected to slow down slightly.

This is because there is a downward trend for married couples consisting of one native Korean and one foreigner/naturalized Korean. In 2012, such couples comprised 8.9% (29,224) [of all marriages], down from 11.2% in 2008, 10.9% in 2009, 10.8% in 2010, and 9.3% in 2011.

A spokesperson for the National Statistics Office stated, “Tougher visa regulations for marriage immigrants has caused a decrease in the amount of multicultural couples.”

In 2012, among multicultural married couples, 71% were a native Korean man with a foreign (26.%) or naturalized Korean (2.7%) wife. Of these couples 22% were native Korean women with a foreign (70.6%) or naturalized Korean (7.2%) husband.

Within this group, the 71% of the husbands were Korean, 9.2% Chinese, 5.5% American, and 5.4% Japanese. Among the wives, 29.9% were Chinese, which was the the largest group, 23.2% Vietnamese, 22.2% Korean, and 7.8% Filipina.

"Over the past 5 years, a yearly  average of 7,880 Vietnamese women married Korean men."

“Over the past 5 years, a yearly average of 7,880 Vietnamese women married Korean men. (2011 National Statistics Office)”

Comments from Naver:

Deport Lee Jasmine!! When citizens are struggling with their lives, how can she demand previleges for foreigners?


Honestly, I’m a little worried.


Multiculturalism is important, but citizens should come first.


Let’s stop going on about multiracial, multicultural blah blah that has failed.




It’s not really multiracial, ke ke ke. It’s just with Southeast Asians. Stop importing them. If you go to the countryside, there are a lot of people from Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam… They only all hang around each other and I’m sick of it.


I hate multiculturalism… I live in Ansan and it is seriously scary.. I hear rumors of someone killing someone every day… A taxi driver said he was cut by a knife there… and I hear so much talk about illegal immigrants who came in droves…ㅠㅠ The Wongok-dong police can’t do anything about them anyway so it’s a lawless area ㅠㅠ If you touch a Chinese or Joseon-jok [ethnic Korean Chinese] the wrong way, since there are so many of them, their gang brings everyone along with them or they stab you with their knives. All over the country, everywhere, if foreign workers commit crimes, they come to Ansan to hide. I’m near the point where I absolutely do not want to live here anymore.


Illegal immigrant workers OUT, Lee Jasmine OUT

Lee Jasmine, a Philippine born naturalized Korean citizen, is currently a representative in the National Assembly.

Lee Jasmine, a Philippine born naturalized Korean citizen, is currently a representative in the National Assembly.


Even as every country now gives up on multiculturalism, our government’s policies bring us back in time… Multiracial society has more cons than pros. Everywhere I look and hear Joseon-jok causing trouble is the best example. It’s not too late. Personally, I think it’s best if we stop with the multiracial slogan.


Putting restrictions on illegal immigrants is an urgent matter.


Crimes committed by foreigners are rising and reverse discrimination against native Korean children is getting worse. Please stop with the policies that waste our tax money.


Foreigners are the same humans. However, I am against special treatment and policies for them just for being different.


Since it was promoted by the government, the numbers of course went up. A bad person like Lee Jasmine as a lawmaker treat Korean citizens like pushovers.


We too some 20 years down the line will all be having mixed kids just like Japan. Are you really that desperate to get mail-order brides from Southeast Asia just to get married..


Personally I can’t understand this push for multiculturalism. Countries like Sweden, France, and the UK already have people like paki-roaches (Pakistani workers) causing riots and their countries are all messed up. Leaders in those countries said multiculturalism is a failure, so why does Korea try to implement failed policies? The Ministry of Women needs to get itself together.


This doesn’t seem to be multiculturalism. It’s nearly all about Southeast Asia…


Korea is becoming trash. Most mixed people are part Southeast Asians. They go to school, get bullied and end up committing crimes. Korea, there is just no solution.


Our country just accepts that Europe’s failed multiculturalism is a good thing. There’s no consideration of the safety of its citizens. Please just make visas more complicated to get and quickly set about finding and deporting illegal immigrants.

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  • Mahmet Tokarev

    These kids aren’t even mixed-race. Most of them are 100% Asian. Probably a few of them are half-white/half-black, but thats a tiny number overall.

  • Tak

    Actually, I noticed that the European leaders sayng that mulicultiralism failed are all from the right. In my country, the fear of foreigners has been used by the leading party (right) as a kind of “political ploy” to divert the attention from the party’s failures. I’ve NEVER heard a party from the left saying that multicultualism failed (at least in my country). So no, multiculturalism didn’t fail in Europe, but that’s what the right would like the citizens to believe. “Fear the devil foreigner, not our incompetence” would be the motto of the right tbh.

  • Nathan Pham

    I actually agree with this article. I would prefer that the Koreans deport every Vietnamese who tries to enter the country from this point forward. I think it’s time for every country to close their borders. For those who think it’s racist, I don’t see White women immigrating to Asian countries and marrying Asian men, or willing to marry Asian men on their own land, tell me, how is that equality?

    If you say Whites are more willing to accept immigrants, one should consider that Whites took a lot of land from the natives and have a lot more land, so I think everything is even now. And if every White countries were to block immigration, then we wouldn’t object to that, as we’ll do the same. Quite frankly, we DON’T feel the need to propagate our own ethnicity.

    Each country can still maintain its ethnic identity without being racist or needing to invade each other, or thinking of themselves as a superior race. And if a country wants to create a new race between Whites and Asians(Canada?) called Hiswhitesians, 300 years from now, then that’s fine also. In the end, it’s about having something to be proud of or “unique,” or what it means to have a country basically.

    • poostain mcgee

      hahaha. Are you angry you can’t ride the white horse?

      “No white girls will bang me!! Close the borders!!!!!!!”

      Calm down Eliot Rodger.

      • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

        LMBAO Damn! You went in HARD!

  • bumfromkorea

    I’m deeply concerned for these kids. They’re going to be the first wave of the “other” in significant numbers in the Korean society for the first time in Korea’s modern history, and they’re going to get the brunt of the nativism and xenophobia. Combine that with the skyrocketing youth unemployment (thanks, Chaebols), and you got yourself an entire generation or two of ethnic wars.

    Maybe Korea needs to explore the concept of multi-ethnic/uni-cultural society – defining the “Korean” identity through culture rather than ethnicity (and there are many indicators that this concept is already taking hold). No country is going to have the US-level of multiculturalism (as no country at this time have neither the time (200+ years) nor energy to establish something like that), and this may be the only path left for Korea.

  • Smith_90125

    The only problem with that fact (1 in 20 are mixed) is that bigots “think” it’s a problem.

    The real problem in Korea is also the cause of the 1 in 20 stat: selective abortion. The older generation of Koreans idiotically aborted female foetuses so they could have males, one of the world’s worst male-female disparities in young people, along with China and India.

    And now those males are growing up and have no females of the same age to marry, so they bring in and marry foreigners. There are no females because Koreans were too busy aborting them.

    • UTD

      This is absolutely blatantly untrue. Korea has normal sex ratio amongst marriageable age. It’s only in the rural areas that there is a large sex ratio difference favouring middle to old aged men (45 – 99). Before you think this is a big problem, put this into perspective. Most of the men in those rural areas are well past their prime marriageable age. AND, the population in the urban areas where the sex ratio is normal, is almost ten times the rural areas with full of old men, since South Korea’s urbanization ratio is 90%.

      This split occurs mostly because men are more “stuck” to the town of their birth. As Korea industrialized through the 1970’s through 1980’s, virtually every Korean who was able to do so left his or her hometown for a larger city in search of jobs and opportunity. In this great urbanization migration, those who were least able to leave were the firstborn sons, who were expected to tend the family farm and take care of their elderly, immobile parents.

      • Smith_90125

        Try reading instead of speaking from ignorance.

        South Korea’s already elevated sex ratio at birth climbed even higher during the 1980s, when sex detection—and therefore sex-selective abortions—became commonplace. The ratio peaked at almost 116 in the mid-1990s

        Peaked in the 1990s. That means 20-30 years ago there was a trend toward this, a generation where an excess number of males appeared with no females of the same age. That’s the age of the people giving birth to those kids of mixed ancestry. And you’re ignorantly pretending that it doesn’t exist.

        The problem isn’t going to go away for another 10-15 years. Expect more foreign brides in the future, especially from the Philippines which has now hit 100 million in population.

        • sonya

          I heard that abortion is illegal in korea? how did some women get abortions in korea?

  • UTD

    25 Sri Lankan gangsters with knives and bats, arrested for rampant violence against other Sri Lankans.

    Many Koreans not used to seeing such sheer blatant violence in middle of daylight. Majority of crimes by foreigners are committed against other foreigners. But the crimes don’t get reported to the police because many victims are illegals, who do not want to reveal their illegal status which will lead to deportation.

  • Aldrin

    Slippery Slope here: soon they’ll start importing niggers. With the already alarming numbers of allahu snackbars in SK, expect Boston Bombings 2.0

    • takasar1

      well, provided they don’t gag them, stuff them on a ship and keep them as slaves for 200 years, i don’t think they’ll have too much to complain about

    • sonya

      what??? no no korea should not allow muslims from middle east to live or study in korea, GTFO!!! big mistake, soon they will find out!

  • bultak23

    Many millions of Koreans live overseas. Why is it so bad to have Non-Koreans living in Korea? If these immigrants learn Korean and follow Korean customs how can you complain? I say that people that conduct themselves well is more important than where you were born or what race you are or nationality, personal character above race and character above family history.

    • Chucky3176

      Who said Koreans don’t want non-Koreans to live in Korea? Paranoid much? Koreans don’t want poor immigrants who will stress out the social services, and take away jobs. Yes, that means even Korean blooded people like the Joseonjoks from China don’t get a free ride, what makes you think this is strictly about race? You know the word poor? Even in the most liberal immigration countries have this same concern.

      • bultak23

        Did you read the article yet? Have been to Korea and seen how Koreans are ashamed to be seen in public with anyone that is not Korean? Have you read some of the racist comments posted from Koreans? 농담있지? You know that Korea is divided because of this kind of pettiness?

        • Chucky3176

          I have no ideal what you are referring to. Koreans are ashamed to be seen in public with non-Koreans? Who? Where? When? Which racist comments from Koreans? You are pulling out all these general accusations but show no examples and how you arrive at those conclusions. Is this your own personal experience you’re referring to? Or is this something you read online? Heard it on the news? Research paper that says Koreans are ashamed of being seen in public with anyone who is non-Korean? What is it? Of course I have been to Korea. I live in Korea. And it’s “농담이지?”, and not “농담있지?”. There, fixed it for you.

      • David

        So you are saying it is fine if rich people come and live in Korea? I have seen many comments talking about foreign English teachers (for instance) living in Korea. These people are certainly not poor and as their living there is temporary, they are not stretching the social security system..

        • Mustard Stain

          No!!! English teachers all have HIV, are rapists, have fake degrees, steal all our wimmins and don’t try to learn the language!!!!!

  • Brian

    You think Vietnamese and Chinese are bad? Wait til the blacks show up.

    • Krystal Hampton

      Don’t you mean wait until the racist, prejudice people show up, you know, like yourself? I don’t know if you were hurt personally, but it’s best not to bring excess baggage across the Pacific to folks who have no understanding of what you might say about race relations where ever you’re from.

      • Brian

        Don’t kid yourself. Asians, in particular Koreans, hate blacks as much as westerners do. More even.

        • Krystal Hampton

          No actually they don’t. They don’t know anything about black people and what they do know come from people like you. Why don’t you go to Ferguson, MO and let your rage out on those black people? Or how about you step away from your computer and actually say that to someone, you troll.

  • Liliana Moore

    If Koreans don’t want their country to be multicultural then maybe they should just stay out of other countries as well.

  • demure guy

    oh my God….all these rascist comments

    please remember that no country will survive on its own in an age of globalization. you all act as if its only south korea thats facing multicultural marriages.

    get off your high horses and wake up.

    other asian countries also face multicultural marriages.

    stop being hypocrites.

    you sell kpop to other countries and invite them to visit south korea and when other countries come and settle there you all go apeshit about these undesirables have to be in your country?! f*** off. Might as well let your country be hermits

  • dark

    Xenophobia at it’s best. Easy to point to farmers and men in “disadvantaged” situation for marrying outside of S. Korea, while women look for life of luxury.
    Don’t be like the Talibans in Korea – protecting their right to breed.

    • light

      Look at all the Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, etc.

      How many new Asian immigrants from poorer countries are they taking per year and giving them citizenships, as the Koreans are taking? (at least enough to alter the future genetic makeup of the entire country).

      Yeah thought so.

  • pat

    In defense of Koreans… they are also prejudiced against Joseon-jok, Korean-Americans, and North Koreans… making whatever this is not exactly fall under the definition of racism.

    These Westerners here lambasting Koreans are hypocrites, my experience in Korea was far better than my experiences in both North America and almost all of Europe (and I’m clearly a ‘foreigner’ btw). My only conclusion is that they simply see this as a socially acceptable opportunity to attack others.

    I also saw a vastly higher percentage of mixed couples in Korea than in anywhere in the West, and this included black/Korean and brown/Korean. Also, amazingly, Korea has a higher percentage of mixed marriages and mixed babies than anywhere in the West (and this is with a vastly lower non-homogeneous population).

  • Average-size Lord Fauntleroy

    Koreans commit far more crimes than all other races in South Korea, except for Mongolians.


    Get this in your uneducated heads.
    If you’re calling for a certain race to get out of Korea because of crimes other members of their “race” commits… and you’re Korean–GET THE FUC% OUT OF KOREA!

    I mean it. Get out of here! Go! If you said it, go book that plane now!

    Leave Korea to the Koreans who have intelligence and the ability to use logic (or who are at least nice).
    Leave Korea to us professional, college educated teachers, engineers, students, etc. WHO DON’T COMMIT THE CRIMES!

    On top of it, leave Korea to the majority of the poor workers as well, whose percent of committed crimes are well below that which Koreans commit in terms of overall numbers AND percent.

    “In 2010, the data shows, police around the country charged 1.8 million South Koreans with crimes, about 3.8% of the overall population of 48 million. By contrast, 33,586 non-Koreans were charged with crimes, about 2.7% of the country’s foreign population of 1.26 million.”

    The second-biggest group, the 127,000 Americans in the country, had a crime rate of 1.6%.
    For Chinese it’s 2%.
    For Vietnamese it’s 2.6%, still 1.2% lower than that of Koreans.

    On top of it alll… On top of it all is that children and the elderly are taken into the Korean numbers, so in considering them not likely to commit crimes, in examples such as sex crimes for instance, Koreans commit 6.6 times more crimes.
    Is it any surprise? With Koreans we’re considering a population of all types of people. With foreign people, a great number are people who took the time to finish at least a Bachelor’s in college. Why exactly do you fear us and treat us like shi%? It’s because the schooling of so many here is absolutely void of practicing that kind of logic.
    Now if you still don’t understand, please select which of the following you are. Choose 1: (I’m high on meth/I’m stupid)
    “According to the CIA, children under 15 and elderly people over 64 make up 27.6 percent of the population of Korea. According to Korean Immigration Service figures, children under 16 and elderly over 60 make up 8.2 percent of the foreign population. If these low crime demographics are removed when making calculations, the foreign sex crime rate is 22.7 per 100,000 foreigners, and 151.7 per 100,000 Koreans – meaning in this case that the foreign sex-crime rate is 6.6 times lower.”

    Your Bullsh** about foreigners committing crimes is embarrassing.

    Here’s more:

    We have a name for certain people in America who are unintelligent, xenophobic, and do whatever they are programmed to do
    You racists are Korean rednecks!

    Speaking of idiots. Here a popular video from MBC only an idiot could believe.
    Why then would they show it on TV?… would people believe it? Ha… Have you seen Korean guys at clubs? No Difference. And who is keeping these prostitute hovels in business? Not the “foreigner” community, save for a small fraction of the business.
    Don’t embarass yourselves!

    At least there are sensible people who can make a mockery out this with some good humor:

    Overall, the Korean media is a joke and the lack of ability for so many people here to think outside of what they’re programmed is so sad.
    How can you possibly know different if all your education consisted of was memorizing content from a book, then repeating the info on a test?

    Koreans who are truly brilliant dedicate their lives to understanding the geniuses throughout the world that contributed to the plethora of art, poetry, literature, philosophy, science, methods of using logic, critical ideas that can only be gained by investing precious moments in reading from these masters, pondering the thoughts in an environment of friends who have a shared interest, and developing skills of your own. They don’t have to be told to be “global”, but by now you should know why this word is repeated so often. Because a country that is cut off from the mountain of greatness is just… a 3rd world country.

    It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a teacher or journalist, but have no more ability than a peasant farmer. That’s what I’ve seen in my time in Korea. A few exceptions, to be sure… but the understanding that it’s okay to fake it and cheat students out of their education is why hagwons need to exist and why families pay out so much money when the information should have already have been learned at school. A shameful, sadistic, deformed sort of Confucianism is at work here. Even the students are taught to pretend, writing anything on the page and no one cares until test time. And my fight to provide real education has been a battle against a wave of people who want to keep faking it.

    I’m tired and I’m done with this sickening system.

    The tactic of Koreans with low intellect is to 1. state the crimes of other people and ignore those that Koreans do, 2. Use statistics written in a way to purposely mislead. 3. Much like religious fanatics, they only aim to prove that they are right and that Koreans are the pure, master race of the world. Wow… sounds like we’re talking about North Korea, doesn’t it?

    A lot of Koreans have never emerged from the setbacks that occurred in the 20th century. Everyone doesn’t just automatically have the standards of the modern world magically appear inside them. Not enough time has passed, so that’s why we’re seeing such baffling stupidity in the news and out of people’s mouths (and in comments sections of websites).

    SOME Koreans are very smart (did you voluntarily add to the discussions during college?), but many suffer from what I see here. I’m so sick of the hate. Damn you who look down on me for imaginary crimes. Damn you for designing cities and culture where you’re always far across from a table from someone. Damn your materialism; the snotty youth; the young guys who told girls to go away the few times I hit it off; the old people who “aishh”, gave angry stares, and said hateful things just about everywhere my girlfriend and I went; and the English teacher who was the #1 reason I got anxiety (psycho+stupid=Fuc%ing nightmare life. Weekly beratings about things that didn’t make sense, while she couldn’t manage the simplest things and gave students wrong answers, I estimate, 80% of the time).

    Remember, scumbags… 1.6% for Americans. 3.8% for Koreans, and that’s counting children and the elderly. And that doesn’t mean I’m saying all Koreans are criminals. Crime is higher in many places in the world–just quit this racist nonsense, because you’re making yourselves look as stupid as that MBC video.

    Read through all of these sites I linked before posting any more of you 3rd world level logic.

    Goodbye Korea. I’m sick of your idiocy and hate. Soon I’m departing, off to travel to recover from your toxic society.

    • Sillian

      For murder, robbery and rape, the crime rates were 0.047% for natives and 0.044% for foreigners in 2010. For murder alone, the rates were 0.002% for natives and 0.007% for foreigners. (Yes, higher for foreigners but these rates are very low to begin with). For rape alone, the rates were 0.008% for natives and 0.002% for foreigners.

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