TV Hosts Too Sexy For Morning Show, Netizens Disagree

TV presenters are too sexy for morning show

Clothes worn by female broadcasters on morning talk shows are embroiled in a controversy over sexual suggestiveness

From Sports Seoul:

‘Shameful Right in the Morning’ Female Broadcaster’s Super low-cut dresses are ‘Too Sexy’

The dazzling clothes of female morning broadcasters have netizens captivated.

On October 30th, under the heading of ‘commonplace morning program’, stills of female broadcasters taken from the KBS2 morning program ‘Good Morning Korea’ were posted in an online community. Within the photos, female cast-members are shown flaunting their shapely legs in short, tight mini skirts. As a refined program meant to communicate information, the camera usually stays above the waist, but the posted photos taken from the side reveal female cast-members’ full figures.

Particularly, the slender legs and exceedingly glamorously figure of female cast-member Jeong In-yeong, who boasts a height of 176cm, have attracted considerable attention. Shown wearing a tight purple mini one-piece dress, with her striking good looks and a body without an ounce of fat, Jeong is becoming known as the ‘Goddess of the Morning Program World’.

However, some netizens have expressed concern over the clothes. Some claimed clothes that reveal too much skin or too freely show one’s bodyline spoil the content of an informative program. As well, many said this clashed with the purpose of giving the morning news while maintaining a cheerful morning atmosphere.

The majority of netizens assert that the programs are using women’s bodies to attract attention, sparking a controversy around sexual suggestiveness. Netizens say the likes of, ‘It’s shameful, right from the morning start,’ ‘It seems like they’re shooting from the side on purpose to show more of the women’s bodies,’ ‘From the side, there are many times when it seems like the cast members aren’t wearing anything from the waist-down,’ and, ‘It’s too sexy.’ A portion of netizens are also saying, ‘These days everyone dresses like that,’ ‘People just like looking at nice bodies,’ ‘I really don’t know what sexual suggestiveness is.’

Comments from Nate:


But this seems just right in the morning.


ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke it reminds me of an old gagman (= Korean style comedian)


I saw something nice in the morning, it was nice so I’ll eat some beef. If I eat beef, what am I gonna do? I’ll turn on my computer and watch a porno.


Any program that helps me get my morning exercise is alright with me.


If you’re a healthy man, every morning… sorry.


It’s too bad I have to go to work in the morning so I can’t watch TV..


So what? Don’t wear that in the morning but wear it after lunch?? Who the hell posted this controversy? Where do I have to go to see this majority of netizens?


What an idiot this reporter is. That’s vulgar ?? So it’s not ok to dress down in the morning, but it’s alright in the evening?


Sure enough, the person who write this report was a woman ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. What’s good is good. It’s neat and looks good.


It looks like this reporter got up pretty early in the morning! ke Reporter! In the future keep getting up early so you can watch the morning dramas too cause you’re gonna change the world.


Only the pigs’ll be uncomfortable watching it, saying stuff like ‘aww man I wanna lose weight.’ [Note: 우씽 expresses anger or frustration]


Lose weight pigs; I lost 20 kilos and the world is different and my life is different. If that’s what it’s like for a man, imagine what it would be like for a woman.


Girls that wear short mini-skirts and other depraved clothing, listen to me. The world is going crazy these days and crazy perverts are everywhere, and even married women harassed (worst case even to the point of death) by their own husbands are common, while there are even women who lose their lives after breaking up with their boyfriends, so what it is you are thinking dressing like that, it’s difficult for your big sister to understand. Anyway, you have to be careful of your body, so when you meet someone you should be careful too. Because these days there are just a lot of crazy bastards… It makes your big sister sad when she sees you going out in miniskirts and sexy clothes and getting harassed by guys, so I’ll give you some advice. A while ago, there was a (university?) student called ‘XX’ that said if you’re less than 180cm tall, you’re a loser. This student was worried about his height and his appearance, so he ended his life. Conversely, looking at the case of National Mother Goddess First – Lady Yuk Yeong-soo, even though President Park was short in stature and his appearance was unappealing, she saw his inner beauty and his potential. Even if this Student XX is a loser, he would’ve been able to find somebody. In this manner, a wise person like First-Lady Yuk is not obsessed with appearance. I take care of people that have to escape their spouses. For your information, the following post is something expressing the teachings of elders back in the old days that many young people have expressed thanks for. Number 7 particularly rings true, and of course numbers 8 and 9 are important.
Men that must be avoided.
1. Men that smoke cigarettes.
– Especially men that smoke on the streets or in prohibited smoking areas.
2. Men that have bad drinking habits.
– Give him a lot to drink and see how he acts.
3. Men that like friends
4. Violent men.
5. Men with cold hearts.
6. Men excessively concerned with appearance.
7. Ill-fated men.
– There are probably awkward men, but as a person fascinated by the study of fame and wealth I promise you, life proceeds according to fate. People that can recognize ill-suited fate in this country are rare.
– One’s 20’s and 30’s are miserable, but some in the their 40’s and 50’s have explosive luck in their careers and with wealth. But the opposite can also be true.
8. Those that like people traitorous to their citizens and their ethnicity, such as Kim Dae–jung and Roh Mu-hyun.
9. Those that berate the hero-god of the Korean people, Park Chung-hee


Are you Park Geun-hye? [Note 그네씨 is derogatory short form for Park Geun-hye]


tsk tsk Why are you alive?

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