TV Hosts Too Sexy For Morning Show, Netizens Disagree

TV presenters are too sexy for morning show

Clothes worn by female broadcasters on morning talk shows are embroiled in a controversy over sexual suggestiveness

From Sports Seoul:

‘Shameful Right in the Morning’ Female Broadcaster’s Super low-cut dresses are ‘Too Sexy’

The dazzling clothes of female morning broadcasters have netizens captivated.

On October 30th, under the heading of ‘commonplace morning program’, stills of female broadcasters taken from the KBS2 morning program ‘Good Morning Korea’ were posted in an online community. Within the photos, female cast-members are shown flaunting their shapely legs in short, tight mini skirts. As a refined program meant to communicate information, the camera usually stays above the waist, but the posted photos taken from the side reveal female cast-members’ full figures.

Particularly, the slender legs and exceedingly glamorously figure of female cast-member Jeong In-yeong, who boasts a height of 176cm, have attracted considerable attention. Shown wearing a tight purple mini one-piece dress, with her striking good looks and a body without an ounce of fat, Jeong is becoming known as the ‘Goddess of the Morning Program World’.

However, some netizens have expressed concern over the clothes. Some claimed clothes that reveal too much skin or too freely show one’s bodyline spoil the content of an informative program. As well, many said this clashed with the purpose of giving the morning news while maintaining a cheerful morning atmosphere.

The majority of netizens assert that the programs are using women’s bodies to attract attention, sparking a controversy around sexual suggestiveness. Netizens say the likes of, ‘It’s shameful, right from the morning start,’ ‘It seems like they’re shooting from the side on purpose to show more of the women’s bodies,’ ‘From the side, there are many times when it seems like the cast members aren’t wearing anything from the waist-down,’ and, ‘It’s too sexy.’ A portion of netizens are also saying, ‘These days everyone dresses like that,’ ‘People just like looking at nice bodies,’ ‘I really don’t know what sexual suggestiveness is.’

Comments from Nate:


But this seems just right in the morning.


ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke it reminds me of an old gagman (= Korean style comedian)


I saw something nice in the morning, it was nice so I’ll eat some beef. If I eat beef, what am I gonna do? I’ll turn on my computer and watch a porno.


Any program that helps me get my morning exercise is alright with me.


If you’re a healthy man, every morning… sorry.


It’s too bad I have to go to work in the morning so I can’t watch TV..


So what? Don’t wear that in the morning but wear it after lunch?? Who the hell posted this controversy? Where do I have to go to see this majority of netizens?


What an idiot this reporter is. That’s vulgar ?? So it’s not ok to dress down in the morning, but it’s alright in the evening?


Sure enough, the person who write this report was a woman ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. What’s good is good. It’s neat and looks good.


It looks like this reporter got up pretty early in the morning! ke Reporter! In the future keep getting up early so you can watch the morning dramas too cause you’re gonna change the world.


Only the pigs’ll be uncomfortable watching it, saying stuff like ‘aww man I wanna lose weight.’ [Note: 우씽 expresses anger or frustration]


Lose weight pigs; I lost 20 kilos and the world is different and my life is different. If that’s what it’s like for a man, imagine what it would be like for a woman.


Girls that wear short mini-skirts and other depraved clothing, listen to me. The world is going crazy these days and crazy perverts are everywhere, and even married women harassed (worst case even to the point of death) by their own husbands are common, while there are even women who lose their lives after breaking up with their boyfriends, so what it is you are thinking dressing like that, it’s difficult for your big sister to understand. Anyway, you have to be careful of your body, so when you meet someone you should be careful too. Because these days there are just a lot of crazy bastards… It makes your big sister sad when she sees you going out in miniskirts and sexy clothes and getting harassed by guys, so I’ll give you some advice. A while ago, there was a (university?) student called ‘XX’ that said if you’re less than 180cm tall, you’re a loser. This student was worried about his height and his appearance, so he ended his life. Conversely, looking at the case of National Mother Goddess First – Lady Yuk Yeong-soo, even though President Park was short in stature and his appearance was unappealing, she saw his inner beauty and his potential. Even if this Student XX is a loser, he would’ve been able to find somebody. In this manner, a wise person like First-Lady Yuk is not obsessed with appearance. I take care of people that have to escape their spouses. For your information, the following post is something expressing the teachings of elders back in the old days that many young people have expressed thanks for. Number 7 particularly rings true, and of course numbers 8 and 9 are important.
Men that must be avoided.
1. Men that smoke cigarettes.
– Especially men that smoke on the streets or in prohibited smoking areas.
2. Men that have bad drinking habits.
– Give him a lot to drink and see how he acts.
3. Men that like friends
4. Violent men.
5. Men with cold hearts.
6. Men excessively concerned with appearance.
7. Ill-fated men.
– There are probably awkward men, but as a person fascinated by the study of fame and wealth I promise you, life proceeds according to fate. People that can recognize ill-suited fate in this country are rare.
– One’s 20’s and 30’s are miserable, but some in the their 40’s and 50’s have explosive luck in their careers and with wealth. But the opposite can also be true.
8. Those that like people traitorous to their citizens and their ethnicity, such as Kim Dae–jung and Roh Mu-hyun.
9. Those that berate the hero-god of the Korean people, Park Chung-hee


Are you Park Geun-hye? [Note 그네씨 is derogatory short form for Park Geun-hye]


tsk tsk Why are you alive?

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  • Ruaraidh

    You certainly wouldn’t see skirts like that on an equivalent programme in the UK. Whether that’s a good thing or not, it’s not for me to say.

  • Nilerafter24

    Though not even related to the story above, I’ll bite.
    An excerpt from a netizen comment above:

    Men that must be avoided.
    1. Men that smoke cigarettes.
    – Especially men that smoke on the streets or in prohibited smoking areas.
    2. Men that have bad drinking habits.
    – Give him a lot to drink and see how he acts.
    3. Men that like friends
    4. Violent men.
    5. Men with cold hearts.
    6. Men excessively concerned with appearance.
    7. Ill-fated men.
    – There are probably awkward men, but as a person fascinated by the
    study of fame and wealth I promise you, life proceeds according to fate.
    People that can recognize ill-suited fate in this country are rare.
    – One’s 20’s and 30’s are miserable, but some in the their 40’s and 50’s
    have explosive luck in their careers and with wealth. But the opposite
    can also be true.
    8. Those that like people traitorous to their citizens and their ethnicity, such as Kim Dae–jung and Roh Mu-hyun.
    9. Those that berate the hero-god of the Korean people, Park Chung-hee


    -Smoking cigarettes is unhealthy. That doesn’t equate to the smoker being a bad person.
    -You give your man a lot to drink and expect him to act sensibly? How is this a habit as opposed to some deranged form of a drinking test?
    -Maybe the translation went awry, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like having friends.
    -That’s.pretty.obvious. …. Unfortunately most women don’t know that they’re married to violent men until it’s too late.
    -That’s.pretty.obvious.too ….. Unless there’s some kind of cold-hearted-men fetish going on in Korea that I’m unaware of. It’s also not something that’s easily detectable early on in a relationship.
    -Okay, I agree with this one. But from my experience stuck-up girls hook up with egotistic men so that their narcissism can feed off one another. A win-win situation.
    -Well, first off, I don’t believe in fate. Sure you can tell someone is on the wrong path in life but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re ill-fated. If you gave me a cent for every drug dealer/thug/loser that became a million-dollar rapper/rock star ….. People change. People learn. One’s fate is mostly in one’s own hand.
    -Well, I don’t know S.Korean politics so I’ll just leave that alone.
    -If political affiliation and opinion is a considerable criterion in a relationship, then that relationship is ‘ill-fated’.

    • Gabrielle

      I understood the smoker part as “someone who smoke next to other people without asking first whether they are bothered by the smoke”
      And the friend part, it’s probably “someone who care too much about how many friends he have”

      Actually, aside from the end, the list makes sense, and could be useful to a bunch of naive Korean girls (as well as many other nationalities…).
      As for the 8 and 9, I don’t know if he meant it as sarcasm or not, so I won’t debate on it.

      At any rate, this is not relevant to the morning miniskirt controversy. This is an interesting question. On one side, women should be free to dress the way they chose. But is it a choice? Whose choice? And who that woman is wearing miniskirt for? For herself, because she feels good in it, or to please someone else (the viewer? the producer?)
      That said, it’s an issue that is not unique to Korea, so no bashing here.

      • Nilerafter24

        I personally will never buy into the argument that women wear miniskirts because they’re comfortable. A pair of cotton shorts or jogging pants are way more comfortable.
        So that aside, why do women dress sexy? The same reason men body build. To feel good about their bodies. They know that their bodies are pleasing to the eye. And that makes them feel good about themselves.
        Knowing that the opposite sex finds them attractive.
        In a world without men, no woman would wear a miniskirt unless she had no other clothes and that’s a fact.
        In a world without women, the only reason a man would body build would be to fend off all the potential butt-rapists.
        So yes, if the morning show is about serious issues, then showing a lot of leg is obviously distracting to the serious male audience.

        • Gabrielle

          Note that I said “feels good in it” not “feels comfortable in it”. Totally different concepts.

          And your theory about a unisex world is flawed by same-sex competition, which exists both among women and among men.

          • G$

            Not so flawed as you would seem to suggest, but he gets his point across. Take it as hyperbole, if you want.

    • Fire

      a friend of a female gender told me that female like cold-heart male because it makes them feel frustrated and turn on at the same time, “like a big volcanic explosion” was her word. Its not so bad to be a cold-heart male.

    • G$

      As soon as I got to #3 I was like, OK, this woman can go choke on a d**k.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Admittedly, skirts are a little short but here’s me not giving damn.

    Long as they do their job of reporting the news, it’s not a big deal. They’re not overly distracting, and it’s not like they’re flashing the camera or doing anything inappropriate for broadcasting…

  • Paul M

    They look really uncomfortable sitting on those stools.

    • mekko

      That’s what I thought as well. You’d think for something like this, you wouldn’t want to have to be worrying about flashing the whole crew all the time.

  • chucky3176

    Korea Bang is getting boring. Is this just about all the stories that are interesting out there? Where’s all the weird, the ugly, the outrageous, and the shocking stories? I think Chinasmack is far more interesting.

    • dk2020

      I agree .. and I’d rather chop it up with other East Asians then with expats.. too many on kbang .. waegooks will never understand ..

      • For someone who began by contributing really interesting insights to the site, full of balance and devoid of generalisations, you’re becoming a little bit black and white in some of your comments. I’d hate to see you start to go in for that whole ‘us vs. them’ nonsense that some nationalists like to perpetuate. Not all Koreans are the same, not all ‘waegooks’ are the same either. And didn’t you say you were American?

        Don’t let a run-in with one obvious troll ruin the otherwise good insights you’ve shared in the past. You’re better than that.

        • Sillian

          Precisely that’s what I felt too. dk2020 can contribute better.

        • dk2020

          Thanks James and you’re right, sorry if I have caught up in the trash talk which is easy.. I really didn’t mean to offend anybody else. I’ll try and keep my cool .. peace brother.

          • What a gent! Good on you. Trolls will always troll, and wankers will always be wankers. Take no notice of either.

          • Takes a real man to own up to making a mistake! You don’t see that very often on the internet!

    • PixelPulse

      I would like to see more stories like on chinasmack but a lot of chinasmack’s racist comments come from them complaining about the story itself (which itsn’t the stories fault) and the last thing I want to see is every sister site to chinasmack flooding with racism like before.

      • You’re unlikely to find ‘more stories like on chinaSMACK’ because we’re not working with China here. Like any other news cycle anywhere else in the world, some weeks are quieter than others, be patient.

        • PixelPulse

          Thats true, but then again I think its better to see boring news then outrageous ones with being getting injured or dying.

    • dim mak

      Come post on Chinasmack
      Help me flame the faggot expats, I’m getting overwhelmed

      • chucky3176

        I do read Chinasmack often, but unless it has something to do with Korea or Koreans, I stay out of other’s affairs. Japancrush is different since Koreans are mentioned in every other article.

  • don’t many korean women wear short skirts? :/

  • Sillian

    “Where do I have to go to see this majority of netizens?”

    That is my question too. I think these writers conveniently use netizens as an excuse to write their articles just about anything. Netizens said so!

  • MidniteOwl

    um… awesome?!

  • sinosoul

    love how that male host isn’t even in a suit, but the girls all look like they’re about to go hit da clubs at 6am.

  • Lillee

    seems like it was needed another ladygate….

  • It’s funny that these presenters will wear skirts so short that you can actually see up their vaginas, but daren’t reveal the faintest rumour of décolletage for fear of looking slutty.

    • dk2020

      uh yeah like they would show vajayjay on the news .. its just short skirts and nice legs I can appreciate that without being pervy ..

  • Kate

    Sheesh I’m a pretry hetero woman and they even captivated me, can’t imagine what’d it be like for a guy!

    • dk2020

      u have good taste kate .. ;p

    • G$

      I can’t agree with either of those comments….but, then again, I’ve lived in Asia long enough to find Asian girls not attractive :/ The girls in the pink and the one in the red are just kind of slightly above average to me and I’m mostly speaking to their figure and how they look in their skirts.

  • Drake

    Shocking stories?

    South Koreans are particularly active in the mail-order bride business, which is often a thinly veiled guise for human trafficking. Also, LAPD official said some 70-80 prostitutes were arrested every month, and 90 percent of them were Koreans.

    South Korea is famous for its distinctive culture and heritage.

    #1 Prostitution rate in East Asia
    #1 Rape crime rate in East Asia
    #1 Homicide rate in East Asia

    (UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Homicide Statistics) – The Cambodian government has prohibited Cambodian women from marrying S.Koreans on March 19, 2010 because many Korean Human traffickers have raped Cambodian kids and women and caused a lot of troubles.

    Korean brokers are actually bringing tons of Korean young women to Japan to be fucked.

    This is the truth that Korea doesn’t teach. Korea was a sex slave of Mongols and Chinese and sent forced labor to China for more than 1000 years. Korean society was very poor at that time, so many parents sold their daughters to the brothels.

    Rape and massacre of Vietnamese civilians by the Korean military.

    “Allies called Koreans : A report from VIetnam” by Diane and Michael Jones, Koreans enjoyed shooting Viet kids’ heads at close range or cutting pregnant women’s stomachs off.

    • dk2020

      can someone ban this troll for spam?

  • Drake

    Korean army massacred more than 300.000 civilians in the Vietnam War. Korea refuses to apologize or compensate the Vietnamese Lai Dai Han. To make matters worse, South Korea is engaged in human trafficking of Vietnamese women.

    More than 300.000 Vietnamese people were massacred
    More than 200.000 women were raped
    More than 35.000 children of mixed race were born by the brutal rape of the Korean military

    The South Korean government has never apologized nor paid compensation to Vietnam.

    South Korea is a outrageous country

    Koreans are devils?

    Genocide of Vietnamese civilians by the Korean military.

    • Sillian

      Here we have a typical Japanese nationalist troll on a mission. If you wanna pull fake numbers out of your ass, you might as well try realistic ones. Don’t try to exploit the tragic events in the Vietnam War for your restless propaganda campaign. Korean leaders have apologized to Vietnamese leaders and Korea has been aiding Vietnam with financial and human resources. Korea and Vietnam are in a very good relationship today. We know putting a wedge between Koreans and other people is one of you nationalists’ typical strategies but it has been revealed and analyzed for a while. Don’t make Japan look bad by your stupid campaigns. Don’t forget for a second that it is very easy to return the favor if we are to stalk and compile all the dirty shit from Japan. Grow up.

      • Drake

        I’m not Japanese, but live in Japan. I’m descended from European and English is not my native language. America is the most racist of all. They had concentration camps for Japanese or people who had Japanese ancestry.

        Here’s the problem: many South Korean’s are ignorant.

        Being called Monkey in Korea is not uncommon. I know, it’s different to call a korean monkey and a black woman monkey- but they don’t know that. Anyone remember the LA riots in 1992?

        I always knew that koreans in general are pretty stupid, selfish, arrogant and classless. Their culture is based on superficial, shallow values with deep-rooted beliefs that promote sexism, ageism and racism. Most of them lack any sense of humanism or justice and in many cases, just plain basic logic. The Korean culture is essentially a culture of abusiveness, especially towards women. Korean womens themselves, however, have absolutely no idea how shitty their society. It’s a pretty pathetic sick place. Their main website,, which is like the google of korea is so full of trashy articles just exploding with pure garbage, it’s sickening to just scan through the titles of the articles that come up every day. It is all genuinely sickening. It’s no wonder that it’s the #1 ranking OECD nation for highest suicide rate, ahead of Japan and China. What’s even more pathetic is how they are neverendingly fixated on ‘elevating the national prestige’, promoting a sort of sickeningly juvenile notion of nationalism, never shutting mouth. it’s sad, pathetic and disgusting.

        I hope time will come when we do not have to hurt each other’s feelings. I also do hope they will open their minds widely to embrace the reality of differences among people from the same and different cultural backgrounds. But given the current situation in Korea, is better living in Japan(^.^)

        • dk2020

          you’re a weirdo .. weeaboo mode to the max ..relax though dude its just the interweb gaijin ..

          • Sillian

            Dude, check his posting history. It’s cute how he thinks he can fool me. You don’t have much experience with Japanese nationalist trolls, do ya?

        • Sillian

          Blah blah blah, I get that you are very obsessed with Korea. Of course, you typically claim you are not one of the Japanese nationalists since you don’t want retaliation against Japan LOL Don’t even think you can fool anyone who’s experienced with you guys playing all tricks. Your posting history has been checked and it can’t get any more obvious. No matter how hard you try to hide what you are, your topic selection, word choice, rhetoric, etc reveal everything about you. Pathetic really. I’ve seen many nationalistic types but I’ve never seen any creepier than some of these Japanese nationalists.

          • Drake

            As an independent human being, I have the right to voice out my feelings about Korean culture. Korea is just a copycat country. Koreans can’t hardly admit the superiority of other cultures. They think they have the best culture in the world. But the truth is, little is known about Korea and some foreign cultures just completely ignore them. Korea is just a divided and insignificant country and that likes to copy / steal others countries. Their technology, cars, and other stuffs that they are uber proud of are just copied from other countries like US and the Japan and they don’t admit they just copied. They keep saying theirs is unique, eg: Samsung vs Apple. Most Koreans are also arrogant people just because the country is rich, but actually you cannot find even a dash of classiness in their attitudes and mannerisms. Most of the time, it is pointless to argue with them because they lack depth of analysis and always become personal when you prove them wrong. Generally, I find Korean society pretentious.

          • dk2020

            The East Asian rivalry is really petty and stupid .. have some class and be above it .. no one is better than anyone else just based on their race.. racism, pride, and saving face is what perpetuates the ignorance and stupidity in both countries ,,

          • Drake

            Who are the most racist, petty and treacherous people in the world? Europeans, Americans or Koreans?

            Derogatory terms such as ‘yellow cab’, ‘KFC’, ‘easy girls’ ‘wife beaters’, ‘pimps’, remember what? Stupid Korean bitches?

          • dk2020

            You’re a yellow cab! Your mama is a KFC fool! Kentucky fried chicken? I love KFC but Popeye’s is better.. fobs are hella funny .. LMAO. I wear wife beaters with my chucks pimped out sonn! Yee!

          • Drake

            I saw Yo mama eating a dog and thought to myself…I guess you are what you eat. LOL

          • dk2020

            LOL .. your mama jokes make no damn sense, try to come up with something witty or take some more ESL classes bro ..

            your mama so stupid she thought a quarter back was a refund ..
            your mama is so poor she can’t even pay attention ..
            your mama is so ugly she looks like you!!

            see now thats funny! kkkk …

          • Drake

            LOL! Your mama sucks so much dick, she sells her cum to the sperm bank. Your mama got fired from the sperm bank for drinking on the job.

            Your mama been on japanese government welfare so long that her picture is on food stamps.

            If my dog had a face as ugly as your mama’s, I’d shave his ass and make him walk backwards. Your mama is so ugly she looks like you!!

            You’ll never be the man your mama was.

          • dk2020

            Weak jokes and you copied mine .. bakayaro yatsu waaakano?

          • Ruaraidh

            I thought you said you’d stop the internet bitch fights and shit-posting. Go to sleep Dale.

          • dk2020

            if I can reduce the shit talking to your mama jokes then I’m fine with that chingoo .. lols.

          • dk2020

            Here a pic of my pitbull Chocs .. you don’t eat him, he’ll eat you! What else you got? LOL, it’s so funny when East Asians try shaming each other into feeling guilty but it doesn’t work on me lulz ..

          • Sillian

            Independent human being LOL You didn’t even have to go there, man. All you do here is shouting that you are a stalker who’s bent out of shape for a negative campaign against Koreans at any irrelevant chance you can get. Someday you will look back and find your own obsession pathetic. Your kind is the most despicable troll who likes playing fukin mind games. Creepy as hell. Get a life someday.

          • Drake

            Newspaper Reveals the ‘Truth’ About Foreigners in Korea


            Korean girls have a cheap reputation around the world; foreigners call them with a variety of derogatory terms such as ‘yellow cab’, ‘KFC’, ‘easy girls’… I feel ashamed of Korean women. I hope they stop making their mother nation a joke house.

          • ChuckRamone

            Copycat culture? People often say that all Japanese culture is
            ultimately derived from somewhere else, like China, Europe, or America,
            with a Japanese spin on it. Kanji? Chinese. Tonkatsu? Like schnitzel.
            Cars? Invented in America. In the 60s, 70s and even 80s, Americans
            regularly accused the Japanese of ripping off American innovation. It’s
            only now, that Japan has passed that phase of its development that those
            kinds of assertions are no longer made or have been forgotten to
            history. Modernism was, for the most part, invented by Western
            societies, and any developing or developed nation has borrowed from
            them. Don’t be such a hypocrite.

          • Adrian

            The fact that westerners developed modern culture does not mean that they are innately superior or only they are capable of creating it.

            One needs simply to know that North African, Near Eastern and Middle Eastern individuals developed the first Western civilizations or first Western civilized cultures. And while these cultures flourished, Europeans had generally not yet developed beyond savagery.

            Further, significant elements of Western culture (technologies and knowledge) came from other parts of the world, including the first civilizations of Asia, India, China.

            The westerners is also a great land grabber and carver all over the
            world, robbed and ruled Russia, China, India and many others, they are
            robbers and killers of millions.

          • ChuckRamone

            I agree with you. I’m only speaking of modernism as we know it. A lot of the building blocks of modern technology and discoveries originated outside of Europe and America.

        • holdingrabbits

          I guess I’m wondering where all your experience with Koreans comes from. I’m not saying that certain attitudes don’t exist among some people. I’ve met some horrible Koreans and I’ve met some great Koreans, but it’s just like everywhere else in the world. Nationalism is a joke everywhere, even in Japan, and the obsession with raising the national profile is something that I get tired of. But look, if you’re in Japan why do you care about Korea so much? Mind your own country of residence and let everyone else be.

  • PixelPulse

    Most of the show is shot from a front camera but I dont know why anybody would complain about the side camera since you get a beautiful view of their legs, the skirts and mini dresses are really short for just a talk show though. Maybe the producers should have a table of a single solid color so the ladies shouldnt have to worry about a crotch shot.

  • Kate

    Um on a side note I can’t help but think the reason women newcasters in the usa don’t wear these kinds of reveling clothes and the reason news companies don’t exploit their sex appeal like this is because those women would never allow it because they view themselves as serious professionals who are above showing their bodies off to appease the men folk and keep their job. Men newscastors do not do this nor are required and nether should women. Yes they are simply eye candy and I bet anything they are required to dress like this or be replaced with a woman who will. I don’t care what men say, women who are dressed like they are about to go clubbing are not taken seriously nor respected as a professional. Hooker skirts have no place in a professional work setting and women should be against wearing those kinds of clothes and demand to wear as equally professional clothes as the men. Reveling clothes should be reserved for the appropriate place, not a work place and the only reason a woman would wear such clothes to a work place is ether 1) she’s required 2) she is using her body to gain favor with the men and essentially sleep/flirt her way into a better position. 3) she’s an insecure attention whore who finds her only value in her looks. Those clothes are nether comfortable nor professional and if a woman worked in all woman work environment, I bet not one would wear those kinds of clothes or even heels.

    I’m all for women looking like feminine women, but a woman can still look feminine and professional at the same time by simply wearing longer skirts, a pretty dress suit, make up, etc. A woman does not have to wear a crotch skirt to be feminine or beautiful or appealing. These women are not be taken as serious professionals, a serious professional would not sit there in skirts so short they have to sit like their holding a tooth pick between their knees while the camera man tries to get an upskirt shot.

    They should demand better for themselves, have more respect for their own professional qualities and intelligence or start demanding the male host to wear short skirts too.

    • dk2020

      You don’t think these newscasters were wearing short skirts because thats the fashion in SoKo? If the station forced them to wear it then I agree with you ..

      • PixelPulse

        It may be fashion, but Kate has a point. Mini dresses and short skirts that are one flight up a staircase to flashing your underwear is not professional either for work on tv or off tv. There are some fashion that shouldnt be worn to work and clubing outfits are one of them.

        • dk2020

          Yeah, not professional wear for news but I thought in the streets of Seoul, Korean women wear miniskirts even in winter, and its freezing .. my dongseng wears miniskirts because she works out and feels sexy in it, she looks great too. I don’t believe in slut shaming and its their choice how they want to dress. I thought Korean women dressed conservatively until a couple years ago until this fad of women showing off long legs became a trend..

          • Kate

            Dk there is a difference between street fashion and work attire. Street fashion is not professional. Lots of american women wear tank tops that show their clevage but as a professional teacher I wouldn’t wear that to teach in. As a professional, you should not be wearing clothing that is reveling. It had nothing to do with “slut shaming” but to be a respected professional. And it isn’t just their choice on how to dress in the work place. Women and men need to dress in a way that is not attention seeking, offensive, suggestive, or reveling when working around customers, peers, and bosses. I love to wear tank tops but little children shouldn’t be getting an eyeful of boobs every time I bend down. A married father shouldn’t have to look at a womans butt cheeks every time she bends over because she wears crotch skirts. Its just being respectful of those who have to work around you who do not want to look at your body whether it is nice or not. I had to ask my korean teaching TAs to wear longer skirts because they kept flashing my students their underwear. My students shouldn’t have to see an adults underwear and ass cheeks.

            And like I said women who wear reveling clothes are not taken seriously as a professional. These women would look just as nice in longer skirts and if they truely are good at their job then they have no need to show the whole lower half off. The news company is just using these women as masturbation material for male viewers, they aren’t respecting these women as professional news ladies.

          • dk2020

            I agree with you Kate it’s not professional .. did you ask your TA’s why they thought it was appropriate to dress like that in school, or they didn’t realize how that would effect the students.

          • Kate

            Well none of them were educational professionals. They were just young 20 yr old girls who wear the street fashion. I don’t think they ever really thought about what is appropriate around children. Anyway I eventually got a new one who actually was an unemployed teacher and she was of the highest professionalism and only wore skirts that reached her ankles.

          • PixelPulse

            I dont believe in slut shaming too, but there should be a level of professionalism when it comes to work. You lady can wear a short skirt if shes working out or doing whatever, if it makes her feel good then go for it but theres a line with how you dress or talk when it comes to work and mini anything crosses it.

    • If you don’t like it, don’t do it. If the show needs women dressed in conservative clothing to please its audience, then it’s not going to be on the air much longer. And the opposite is also true. As for not taking women seriously who are dressed that way, I disagree. The only time someone’s dress gets in the way of my ability to take them seriously is when they don’t seem to care, such as wearing PJs to a job interview. And even then, I would be more likely to think there could be a reason that I’m just not aware of.
      The points that you make are just repeats of the tired old cliches about women who dress in revealing clothes. If anything, it is the influence of opinions like yours that makes it so difficult for women to follow a path of their own choosing.

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  • dim mak

    No such thing as too sexy

  • DZO

    Ok, the people who are posting what’s suitable and not suitable for South Korea obviously have never been there. In your opinion for your country, it’s probably not appropriate. But have you seen the cleavage heaving newscasters in Spanish and American programs?

    Anyways, I work at a high school in Seoul and the teachers themselves are always in heels and border the lines of mini-skirts all-year ’round! Rain or shine, or even snow sometimes. This is pretty much the standard for women in Seoul. Even students would get away with it on “special non-uniform days.” (Not that i agree with underaged students dressed this way thats just wrong).
    If you’re really against it, you’re barking up the wrong tree. You would have to complain to Seoul fashion and the deep rooted culture of women, because this show is only a branch and not the root.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    The one in purple.
    Damnnnnn sonnn

  • A Lu

    Tv shows using hot girls in miniskirt to attract audience? No way…

  • They should complain the SHOW’s Tables & tools being inappropriate than the clothes of the TV Hosts. Females do that way On & OFF cam. period

  • Guest

    who? they all look alright

  • 東洋i♡asianwomen美人

    needless to say, there’s no REAL woman outside of the Far East! FACT!!

  • Boris

    Pictures aren’t clear. I can’t really say if they are hot or not. Its probably to do with how they are dressed.

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