Rise in Abandoned Dogs on Korea’s East Coast

During summer holidays, the number of abandoned dogs increases to twice more than usual. The government has implemented an animal registration system using microchips but it doesn’t seem to prevent some people from abandoning their pets. Every year, more than 100,000 dogs are abandoned. If they are not able to find new owners, they are euthanised.

Article from SBS:

Number of abandoned dogs on the east coast has risen.


This month many abandoned dogs have been found around summer resorts. More than a half of them seem to have been abandoned by their owners after summer holidays. Mr. Cho reports.


A dog is tied to a tree in a parking lot at a pension in Gangneung. Tourists found him roaming around without an owner.

Ms. Jeong, who reported the abandoned dog, says, “I just tied him to the tree as I have young kids to take care of. I kept looking around to find where his owner might be but there was nobody.”

During summer holidays, the number of abandoned dogs near summer resorts has increased dramatically.

This is an animal shelter in Gangneung. 54 out of 58 abandoned dogs living here were found this month. It has been presumed that half of them were abandoned by summer vacationers.

Mr. Jeong, team leader at the animal shelter in Gangneung, says some people tie their dogs up in the middle of nowhere. Or, they just put their dogs down on the roads near valleys or beaches and drive away.

From this year, owners are able to register their pets. However, most abandoned dogs don’t have microchips.

Mr. Jeong, a manager of the animal shelter in Gangneung, says, “The reasons for abandonment are various; As pets grow, they are not small or cute anymore, and a bigger space is needed. People start to be annoyed by their shedding fur, behaviour, diseases, feeding, etc.”

The animal shelter keeps abandoned dogs for about 10 days so the owners may come and take their dogs. However, less than 20% of the dogs meet their owners again. Only about 40% of abandoned dogs are sent to new owners, while the rest of them die a natural death or are euthanised.

Comments from Naver:

They are living creatures. Be responsible for them.


That’s really wrong. How uncivilized.


Humans are the scariest [beings] in the world.




Those who abandoned dogs should be treated the same by their children.


If you can’t take responsibility for your pets, don’t try to raise them in the first place. Throwing them out because they are ill or they are not cute any more as they get older, or because they are too active. Why do you throw away dogs like they are trash?


If I find you abandoning dogs during holidays, you will be dead.


They abandon their family..


Honestly, people who abandon dogs should be reborn as dogs and should be thrown away too. Then they will realise the pain they gave to their pets.


Don’t raise them if you’re not responsible.


I’m raising 2 dogs and can’t understand those people throwing dogs away on the street. Why do they start to raise pets in the first place?


It is pissing me off. They are devils. Abandoned dogs may keep waiting for their owners to come back..


They are such SOBs. Even calling them sons of bit**s is too generous for them. Dogs don’t abandon humans.


This is so cruel.. They are just heartless.


They are worse than a brute. I hope they will be punished some day.

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