The Truth Shall Not Sink–Sewol Ad in the New York Times

Article from Newsis:

“The Truth Shall Not Sink” Second Sewol Ad in the New York Times

A full-page ad was published in the New York Times appealing for the support of the Sewol Ferry Act. This is the second time an ad was published in the New York Times regarding the Sewol ferry. Last May, a full page ad was published demanding the Park Geun Hye administration bring to light the truth about the Sewol ferry disaster.

sewol ad 1

The second Sewol ad was published on section A, page 13 of the New York Times on August 17, featuring an image of a sinking upside down Sewol ferry that had been dizzyingly wound with rope and manipulated by two large hands with the accompanying large text “The Truth Shall Not Sink.” Underneath is the following sentence: “Losing a loved one to a deadly accident would be anyone’s worst nightmare. For hundreds of Korean people, the nightmare has yet to come to an end.”

sewol ad

The ad says, “President Park Geun Hye and the Saenuri Party have shut their ears to the requests of the bereaved family requesting them to find the causes of the incident and prevent its reccurence and are manipulating public sentiment with false rumors. The bereaved families are sleeping in the open in front of the National Assembly Building and have been on a hunger strike for over a month in their efforts to find the truth.”

Also, “The illegally remodeled and overloaded ferry was a product of governmental corruption and corporate greed bred by the deregulation of safety laws.” It stated, “The main causes were brought about by President Park’s absence for 7 hours after this tragic disaster, and the lack of a government disaster status control tower.

The ad says, “The sinking of the Sewol Ferry is a man-made disaster caused by the greed, corruption and incompetence of the government. An independent fact-finding committee with the authority to investigate and right of accusation is the only way to reestablish a safe and democratic Korea full of liberty and justice.

The South Korean Democracy Movement (SKDM) sponsored this ad through online fundraising.

Comments from Naver:


Someone said this. “I remained silent when others were suffering in society. So later on, when I was in such situation, there was no single person who would come forward for me. The words I’m saying right now, and my attitude will eventually come back to me.”


It’s a pity that this Sewol issue seems to be exploited in political disputes.


A proper law that investigates the truth is the sole path that prevents another disaster.


What an international embarrassment, I don’t know where our country going.


The truth has definitely not sunk, but it’s a pity to see there is an intention to sink the truth. It’s not just our people, but the whole world is paying attention, so we need to investigate and bring to light the hidden truth. We can do it through a special law that allows for the authority to investigate and right of accusation.


If you remain silent when seeing other people’s injustice, no one would look out for you when you are put into the same situation. That’s quite scary.


Criminals are afraid of the law and being punished, but the truth is not afraid of falsehoods. If the right to investigate and right to accuse is scary, then you are afraid of the truth. You would become a coward in the eyes of the innocent students who died.


The government is covering their eyes and burying their heads in the sand…How much longer will they be able to cover up the sky with their hands? It would be less embarrassing to have the truth uncovered just one day sooner.


The ad has a great concept. The sentences explain the problem, and the image signifies the Sewol ferry disaster was modified, and fabricated. The establishment of a special law that provides the authority to investigate and right of accusation is surely necessary to find out without a doubt whether there are relations between the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and Blue House and who is responsible. If there is even an inch of ground in the truth finding investigation, there will forever be doubts remaining about our nation’s tragedy.


The Park administration has closed their ears and is driving the country towards danger.


Good job, I hope you put ads in all the advanced countries’ media including the United States.


Even though our country’s president received a report about such a grave situation, her whereabouts for seven hours haven’t been revealed and she nominated Chief Secretary Kim Gi Chun to talk at the hearing. She knew about this.

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