Two Koreans Executed in China for Drug Trafficking Offenses

Two Koreans receive death penalty in China for drug trafficking. One more Korean set to be executed soon.

Article from Asia Economy Daily:

Two Koreans have been given the death penalty after being arrested for distribution of illegal drugs in China. Two were executed on August 6th, and one more is expected to be given the death penalty for the same crime. This marks the first death sentence in ten years of a South Korean national in China. The last time was when in 2004 when two were sentenced to death for homicide.

According to a report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 6th, Kim (53) sold illegal drugs to Baek (45) in China’s Jilin Province. They were then sold to gang members in Korea. Both were given the death penalty.

Kim smuggled 14.8 kg (enough for 50 thousand people) from North Korea and sold it to Baek, who then resold to gang members in South Korea. They were arrested by the Chinese Public Security Bureau in Jilin Province. The South Korean consulate general in Shenyang was notified 6 days later.

In December, 2012, they were given a death sentence which they appealed. However the judgement was upheld in a second trial last September.

Another man, Kim (56) also is set to face execution. He was arrested in 2009 in Shandong on the charges of transporting illegal drugs. He received the death penalty in his first trial which he appealed in May 2012, but the judgement was upheld in the second trial.

Article 347 of Chinese criminal law states that any amount of opium over 1 kg, and heroin or methamphetamine over 50 grams that is smuggled, sold, transported, or produced carries a minimum sentence of 15 years of imprisonment, a life sentence, as well as the death penalty.

In the past five years, China has carried out executions on English, Japanese, South African, Pakistani, and Filipino citizens. On average the amount of illegal drugs in possession was 3 to 4 kilograms.

The Supreme People’s Court’s investigation during the first trial resulted in an order for the death penalty. Around midnight that day the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was informed that the execution would take place that afternoon.

Since the Korean government was informed of the arrest, they have ask Chinese legal authorities for a quick and fair trial and frequently checked on the status of the investigation. And they also have requested that the death penalty be avoided on human rights grounds, even though they are respecting the judgment made by the Chinese legal authorities.

While the Chinese authorities understood the Korean government’s stance, [they maintain that] drug offenses have a great effect on society. Due to this, under Chinese law status as a foreign national is disregarded and punishment is severe. Especially in judgments for capital punishment and execution being in the hands of the judicial branch, it is impossible to spare punishment for citizens of a particular country.

Currently, approximately 20 people are imprisoned for drug offences or homicide. They have received capital sentences in the first trial, but are expected to receive suspended sentences in the second trial.

No Gwang-il, spokesperson for the foreign ministry, while announcing the situation of those involved, “We find the execution of our countrymen in China for drug offenses very regrettable.”

From the time of the arrest and prior to judicial proceedings, the consul provided assistance to the two South Korean nationals. After the capital sentences were upheld, there were repeated calls for consideration of human rights.

Representative No added that, “Prior to the execution, the Korean government facilitated visits by the families as well as the consul. The government also plans to assist in the transport of the bodies to the families. Going forward, through inter-ministerial cooperation, we plan to make more efforts to keep Korean citizens from being complicit in illegal drug crimes. We will also continue to take actions that aid Korean citizens abroad who are in difficult situations for any reason.”

Comments from Naver:

Oh, that’s awesome, ke ke ke. Let’s have capital punishment in Korea again!! There will be so many guys to execute.. So many!!


If this were in Korea, they would be released really quick.


They deserve the death penalty. Goodbye.


Let’s learn what we can from China.


Park Bom hates this article.


We should get the death penalty again in Korea. Human rights [warriors] might go nuts but a criminal is just a criminal. Human rights are for the victims! There are way too many guys who would be getting the death penalty right now!


China is really cleaning up the trash.


Of course, it’s China. Because of the opium wars, they show no mercy when it comes to drugs. We should emulate them and be a country that shows no mercy to pro-Japanese collaborators.


Park Bom, are you reading this? [Park Bom of 2NE1 has been involved in a drug smuggling scandal. A package of medication was intercepted by customs as all narcotics are banned in South Korea. After revealing medical records however, she has been cleared of wrongdoing. Some netizens though still consider her a drug addict.]


So what is Korea doing?! Korean judges who uphold the law should learn from that. Even cruel Oh Won-chun just got life imprisonment. [Oh Won-choon is an infamous Korean-Chinese murderer who, after trying and failing to rape the victim, killed her and chopped her into 300 pieces. He was sentenced to life.]


I wish Korea also had the death penalty.


If this happened in Korea, the sentence would be light.


Thank you. Let’s change out our high court for China’s.


We want stronger laws in Korea! Especially for brutal murders, there’s no need to think twice about it! Capital punishment!


Good job. Let’s kill Oh Won-chun.


We should also have the death penalty like them.


Let’s be like that and give out the death penalty when needed.


Korea needs strong laws, too. Not just saying we still have the death penalty technically…


Korea needs to learn something like that.


Woo Won-chun [sic] = Wu Yuanchun.. Stop letting him stay at a national hotel and send him away.. What are we doing??

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  • Chucky3176

    Good riddance getting rid of trash. China did the right thing.

    Out of curiosity, weren’t they Joseonjok ethnic Koreans from China who naturalized to South Korean citizens?

    Now if South Korea can get rid of 58 inmates who are on the death row since 1997, including two Chinese nationals. The death sentence hasn’t been abolished, the courts just haven’t carried it out, so it’s defacto abolishment.

    • Lui C Brick

      So basically you are trying to start the rumour that these arent “real south koreas” but actually joseonjok with South Korean citizenship? God.
      You cant help yourself can you?

      • Guest

        In shanghai there are toilet seats with signs saying “walk towards the bowl, walk towards civilization” because people just piss and shit on the ground. Yes, and this was in one the wealthiest chinese corporate offices in shanghai..

        • Anark1

          What does using the toilet have anything to do with capital punishment?

      • Jahar

        I believe he asked a question.

    • Wave_R1der

      Joseonjok or not, anyone bringing drugs to a country is to be punished by death.
      Drugs are things that slowly kills people, and the distributors are people who hurt others for their own benefit.

      • Lui C Brick

        That is a rumour started by Chuaky just here in this comment section.
        He is a master minipulator.

  • wrle

    like most koreans would agree. get rid of the drugo trash.

  • 금정산

    Drugs are bad.

    • wrle


  • HaydenG

    morons.. anyone who praises china is completely ignorant. The death penalty is not the problem, its the lack of a fair trial. When it comes to Chinese trials the confession is tortured out of the suspect.

    • Wave_R1der

      Praising a country is not being ignorant, but blindly praising a country is.
      I don’t think Koreans here are being blind about their praise. They just like the fact that China did the right thing. That is all.
      Besides, not all trials around the world are all fairer than China’s.

      • HaydenG

        China did not do the right thing. Confessions in China are obtained through torture instead of police work. Do you get it? Its common knowledge. In America or Korea the police collect evidence to present to an independent judge to decide your guilt. In China the judge and the police both work for the communist party which decides in advance you are guilty and then torture you until you confess. I’ve lived in China I was well acquainted with a city’s police chief I know how it works.

        • Wave_R1der

          And I can say I have lived in the US long enough to justify how fair the justice system is without ACTUALLY staying there.

          From what I see, you’re a very naive person when it comes to justice system. Do you know that people in USA have been convicted due to false evidence or lazy police work?

          Doesn’t mean it’s communist, it’s an evil, cheating country. China has some good parts too that even outshine USA you know.

          Seriously, your education in China is more to fear than facts. Lose yourself from the western propaganda and explore more than making assumptions.

          • HaydenG

            We don’t need any Chinese government paid commenters thank you.

          • Wave_R1der

            and we don’t need myopic, brainwashed people, your welcome.

    • Larson FL

      And saying “anyone who praises china is completely ignorant” isn’t ignorant? Mind your business first. So are you believing that the Korean suspect made his confession by torture though he was innocent? What a joke.

      • HaydenG

        It happens all the time in china retard. They torture you to confess. We have no idea if he really had drugs or if he was just organizing a civil rights group..

        • oh-keurae

          It’s quite obvious that you are neither Chinese nor have ever stayed in China for some time, and that your knowledge of Chinese culture and government comes from textbook description of affairs from decades, centuries ago. I don’t believe you have the right to say anyone who praises China is ignorant :)

          • HaydenG

            Either you’re a chinese government paid shill or a complete moron. Seriously who defends the Chinese government??

            You do realize that reporters without borders says Its easier for foreign journalists to visit NORTH KOREA than tibet right?
            They are building concentration camps there

    • Anark1

      lol. if there was no fair trial, then it only proved Korea sucks at diplomatic issues, they wouldn’t even dare to make a sound against China’s justice system to save their own citizens. Now how does that sound?

      • pinkvelvet

        Koreans not considering criminals as their own citizens seems a good thing to me.

    • gaiafires

      Who the fuck cares about if the trial is fair or not, get caught with drugs go get executed. Besides trials can only be unfair if the guilty party walks free which is not the case here, where the degree of their guilt is more in question rather than if they are guilty or not.

      • Boris

        “Who the fuck cares about if the trial is fair or not,” Did you seriously say this? You seriously do not care about fair trials?

        In Israel, if a settler accuses a Palestinian of throwing a rock, that guy could be arrested for up for 2-3 months without trial (or worse) all on the basis of a word.

        In Pakistan, if a Muslim accuses a non-Muslim of blasphemy, that guy could be arrested and end up in prison (or worse) all on the basis of a word.

        In North Korea, you are guilty when charged and at best get a show trial. In other cases, you’re probably killed on the spot or worse, taken to their infamous prisons.

        But I guess some people do not care about unfair trials as long as it gets the result they want. That is until they are the ones being unfairly treated.

        • HaydenG

          You are right except for the Israel part in which case you are dead wrong.

          Israeli police can only hold Palestinians for 96 hours (it used to be 8 days) before they appear in court. The only exceptions to this are “administrative detentions” which only apply in cases in which there is a national security threat. Currently less than 200 people are being held in administrative detention in Israel. Administrative detentions must be reviewed by the court every 6 months.

          Israel is a free democracy and Both Jews and Palestinians enjoy far more human rights than anywhere else in the middle east.

          • Boris

            Actually, I am not dead wrong.

            In the occupied territories, a settler can accuse, without proof (just on their say so) that a Palestinian has thrown a rock and that person would be taken into administrative detention. But if the opposite happened, at best, nothing will happen. At worse? Well, get a beating from the soldiers. Within Israel? You can sell land but as a Non-Jew, you cannot buy from Jews. At best, you can lease.

            And your last paragraph, does that include the occupied terrorities? Because if it does, that is bull. While supporters of Israel claim Israeli Arabs (or Palestinians) have “better” rights, this doesn’t extend to Palestinians living under the occupation. For example Law 125 (It gives the military officers the discretion to declare certain areas closed military areas where people can only enter such an area by permit from the Israeli Army Chief of Staff), has been used to take land off of Palestinians.

            Keep drinking that Israeli Propaganda Soda, man.

  • commander

    Capital punishment may be too harsh compared to penalty in other countries.

    But China had the memory of western-imported opium devastating its people and taxation resulting in the Opium War relegating China into a colony for colonial powers.

    In this sense, the harsh punishment for any crimes involved with narcotics may be understandable.

  • woonawoona

    it’s just drugs….. he’s not a serial killer. if china doesn’t want addicts, then kill all the addicts. free will people

    • free will

      By your logic, if you don’t want thieves then you should kill all the shopkeepers, if you don’t want rapists, kill all the women?

      • 금정산

        Not to be an arse about it, but those analogies aren’t fair because the ‘shopkeepers’ and ‘women’ aren’t doing something detrimental or illegal. But yeah, Woona’s logic is twisted.

    • PixelPulse


    • 금정산

      They are just addicts… not serial killers.

  • Coffee

    Where do you get enough drugs for 50 thousand people??

  • Lui C Brick

    This is what annoys Chinese people nowadays. Koreans pour into China and comit crimes and cause other problems, like picking fights, littering and other thugish behavior. Korea! Keep your law breakers inside your own country, we don’t wont to pay for dealing with them.

    • 금정산

      And what should Korea do about the Chinese thugs in Korea? Any advice? You know, since that situation is 50 times worse.

      • Lui C Brick

        Yeah whatever dude.

        • bumfromkorea

          Eloquence in its brevity.

    • wrle

      lol its very much the other way around. Its no surprise chinese tourists are considered the rudest in the world. Even by their own kind in hong kong and taiwan.

      • Lui C Brick

        Hmmm. Is that why there are signs through SE ASia saying “No Koreans!”???. At least China has an excuse. A country of 1.5billion, many of who are still in poverty. Koreans think their shit dont speak yet they are not liked because of their rude behavior.
        You dont know anything about China. Come to any Chinese city and you will see dodgy Koreans doing scams, pushing drugs and other crimes.

        • Chucky3176

          LOL, a Chinese person saying this? GTFO, will you? If it ain’t the pot calling the kettle black.

          • Lui C Brick

            Out of where? This article is about South Koreans playing up and making trouble for China. Dont spin it into an anti China rant that you are so famous for.

          • Chucky3176

            What I’m saying is, as part of a race that has been accused by Hong Kong to be a locust race, it’s amusing that you fail to take into consideration how many of your own countrymen are making so much trouble for other countries. Do you realize how many of your fishermen have hurt and killed Korean coast guards? Like I said, you can do whatever with those Korean criminals, but don’t come here and claim how superior you people are. It’s just laughable when a pig with dirt on his face comes on here and claims how dirty we are. That’s all I’m saying, so take my advice and leave, I got no patience fighting with you Chinese.

        • wrle

          Lol the rudest accusing others of being rude. this is why chinese are not welcome anywhere in the world. Even south east asians would much rather prefer a “rude” korean or japanese over a chinese. China is the kingdom of scamming and crimes. Selling babies from hospitals and using human poo to make food. It cant be compared to korea in terms of living standards or safety. Government too busy covering up accidents and blocking anything from the outside world. Koreans are sick of dodgy chinese committing crimes selling organs and polluting and shitting on the streets. Only good is hordes of chinese kpop fans that get million dollar plastic surgeries on their ugly faces. You can see them everywhere in myeongdong talking loudly and spitting with bandages on their faces.

        • Jahar

          I’ve been all over SE Asia and I’ve not once seen such a sign. Who’s spreading rumors now?

    • Chucky3176

      Relax, there’s only about 120,000 South Koreans in China. They’re not exactly overrunning the place, as the Chinese are doing in South Korea.

      • Lui C Brick

        Lol! you trust those figures? oh lol
        Trust me there are way more than that.

        • Chucky3176

          I trust Chinese government’s own census. As well, Joseonjoks hold Chinese citizenship, they are part of your 56 ethnic minorities. By your own Chinese law, they are your fellow countrymen. You should not discriminate against them.

          • Lui C Brick

            The Chinese government cant keep track of this.

          • Chucky3176

            Can’t keep track of what? So we’re supposed to instead believe your numbers pulled out of your ass? You really think China is some kind of a paradise that South Koreans dream of moving to? LOL. They are there only because they have to be there, to run the factories and businesses that employs Chinese workers. Without them South Koreans, many of your factories are going to come to ground still. You are delusional.

    • bumfromkorea

      If I was Chinese, I’d be a bit more worried about the certain situation out in the West and the Southwest than some Gaoli Bangzi making troubles.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      China views Korea the same way USA views Mexico?

    • Jahar

      Pot calling the kettle black.

  • holdingrabbits

    Very surprised that koreabangers are taking the side of the netizens on this. The death penalty? Really? I know you’ll say “Yeah, but they’re polluting our communities with life-destroying drugs” or something, and I promise I’ll think about that as I walk past no less than 10 men urinating and vomiting on the street tonight.

    • bumfromkorea

      Let me get this straight. You read a comment full of people expressing their frustration at the lax (or lack of) police enforcing the law, and your response is “Ha, look at those Koreans vomiting and urinating on the streets”?

      • holdingrabbits

        Today I learned that alcohol is a widely accepted substance that in no way destroys lives or communities.

  • navert

    The worst thing about these articles is the ignorant Korean’s who comment on them. What is wrong the people here? I am getting so sick of the mindset among the majority here, it is so outdated.

    • Chucky3176

      What’s so ignorant about people getting fed up with lenient sentences for criminals and want something done about them? It’s gotten so bad to the point that Koreans wouldn’t mind Chinese style inhuman justice. I think this says more about the Korean legal system, the people who make the laws, and the drunk ass judges, rather than the people who are commenting online. Meanwhile, those government ministers who are paid big bucks to pass bills in the parliament, are instead, sitting out on the streets, protesting again, playing political games through populism. All words and no actions. They should do their jobs passing laws in the parliament, they’re not paid to sit around and protest.

  • bumfromkorea

    Meh. If you fuck up in another country and violate their laws, you suffer the consequences as they see fit. Don’t like it? Don’t visit China with drugs on you.

  • Chinese are Arrogant

    I read the comments by poster Lui C Brick, below.

    This makes my crotch crawl up my ass. Remember the time when that illegal Chinese fishing boat captain that stabbed and killed a Korean coast guard officer for trying to apprehend illegal fishing in South Korea? What did China do? They threatened and bullied South Korea to not arrest the captain and hand him over back to China. South Korea put the captain on trial, and now he got what, five years or something ridiculous like that. In the meantime, Chinese government and media were putting pressure on South Korea to release that fucking murdering thieving won ton soup captain. It must have worked because he got a real short sentence and he’ll be able to go back home to China a free man once he’s finished serving out his sentence which includes Korean culture/language/religion classes as daily routines. How does this work, I mean really? They have no gumption to kill anyone they want for any accusations doesn’t matter if they have proof or not, but others can’t do the same against their murderers and thieves? Who made the Chinese gods? They are so special?

    • Lui C Brick

      Yes, well your true colors are now showing.
      I know its impossible to talk to people like you, Wrle, Chucky3176, Bumfromkorea, because you guys are basically Korean ultra nationalists. You could never accept that Koreans can do a bad thing.
      China is the position of being a rising power and possiblt the next superpower. China borders many countries, China has 1.5 billions people of multiple ethnicities. You think anyo e could operate a country like that and not step on toes? Korea is a tiny speck and yet is hated around the world and sen as the most narcisitic and rude people in the globe.
      There must be a reason for that. You guys carry arrogance and cause problems everywhere you go. What follows korean immigration?? Porstitution. And now drugs. Look after your own problems.

      Like i said its pointlesswing Korean fto you guys. You are extreme right wing Korean facists. Just like your fore fathers Park Jung Hee etc.

      • wrle

        your comment just proves my point, you are incapable of any mutual respect which is why so many countries don’t like you. You really are delusional aren’t you? maybe you got dumped by a korean who knows. No one said koreans don’t do crimes. It’s just funny what you say because koreans and the rest of the world have much more to complain about chinese immigrants and china in general. Why do you think hong kong, taiwanese and even chinese abroad don’t like to associate themselves with china? Even nationalistic chinese people have told me their country has a long way to go to catch up to south korea. PRC brooding millions of delusional ultra nationalists like youself. A self proclaimed “superpower” who everyone laughs at. you should know better though about your country since you live in the outside world and have actual access to the global web and foreign people. Your country men probably think they are living in some paradise like north koreans.

      • Chucky3176

        Like I’ve always said, if you want respect, then you have to be respectful. You come on here and throw around crap like this, that’s what you get. A Chinese claiming Koreans littering and dirtying up China? OMFG. Don’t blame others, blame yourself, read what you wrote below and how about reflecting how ridiculous that sounds.

        • Lui C Brick

          AS usual you guys dont understand.
          EVERY chinese knows about the problems of China. You think i’m some progaganda robot? We all have our problems with the CCP. We know there is pollution. And bad toilets etc.
          You were the one chucky who said that the Koreans were actually Jeosonjeok so you could try to pretend that it wasnt real Koreans. And excuse me, i have visited Korea twice. You are going to pretned that the whole of Korea is not full of sex workers?
          The reason why i say you are all ultra nationalists is because you believe that Korea never does anything bad and EVERY thing negative about Korea must be paid propaganda from China (or Japan). You walk around like you are being picked on by everyone. You blame China (and Japan) for all your problems. Illegal fishing. Crime rates in Korea. Pollution. Losing some market shares. Losing ship building contracts.
          China has bigger problems to deal with.
          And THEN we see Korean drug dealers pushing drugs in our cities to our childs. And you wonder why we get angry.
          I dont care about pop cultures. Dramas?? Chinese dramas are shit. And Korean dramas are about one cm higher. But still shit. Kpop all that stuff means nothing to me.

          Admit you were wrong. Your citizens did crimes. So accept it like a man.l

          • chucky3176

            “Korea never does anything bad and EVERY thing negative about Korea must be paid propaganda from China (or Japan)”

            Can you prove where anyone said that? Where do you see anyone defending the executed drug criminals? It seems to me, everyone approved of what China did, including most of the Korean netizens who are clapping China. Can you point to me where anyone is blaming China and Japan? But then you come on here and blasts “keep your criminals under control and stop polluting China”. Well what about your own criminals? May I suggest you control yours? May I suggest you stop your thousands of Chinese pirate boats from coming over wielding weapons, and stealing fish and murdering coast guards, and generally acting like animals? May I suggest you control your illegal immigrants and criminals from flooding into Korea?

          • RaphaeI

            If you haven’t realized, lui is japanese :)

          • Racist bozos are brainless

            Yeah dimwit, he’s japanese, that’s why he’s wasting his energy defending the chinese :)

      • bumfromkorea

        Hey! You summoned me. Might as well. I’m bored.

        It’s hilarious to listen to someone who has established himself as the worst kind of Chinese ultra-nationalists in one comment thread lashing out and calling everyone who disagrees with him ultra-nationalists. It’s especially hilarious claiming that those commenters (including me) could never accept that Koreans can do a bad thing in the same thread that basically has everyone saying either “good riddance” or “tough titties” to the Koreans that were executed. You got yourself a serious reading comprehension problem that should be addressed before venturing out to the English-speaking public arena again. Or you know, public places in general.

        I also liked the part where the guy waving the “Glorious China” flag in a CCP setting (can you even see this image? : or is it blocked by your uber-authoritarian CCP?) is labeling me as an “extreme right wing Korean facists[sic]”. The extreme right wing Korean “facists” would be frothing at the mouth for labeling someone like me as one of their own.

        This is very interesting though, accusing Korea of “arrogance”. This is consistent with the frustration over the Korean pop culture’s prominence in the region where China sees itself as the rightful hegemon. Sorry your people like the Korean drama/pop music so much (to be honest, I’m not a big fan of it either – I think Jun Ji Hyun is pretty hot, but I thought that drama was really stupid), but that’s what happens when you restrict your people’s freedom of expression and gulag anyone who has the balls to protest – you stunt and regress your own culture.

        Oh, and speaking of ethnicity, how’s the barbaric subjugati- I mean, peacefully and happily co-existing with the Tibetians and Uighurs going? Good? Hopefully the situation won’t get too, uh, stabby over there.

        Aw, it’s okay. I understand the “frustration” you’re feeling. It’s that stupid One Child policy that screwed the sex ratio up. Don’t worry. A wise word from a wise man for you:

      • Ho Li Cow

        Are you even aware how much Chinese prostitute themselves around the world? Just couple of years ago there were 133 people busted in Santa Anna California for prostitution involving Chinese immigrants. And just recently another bust in Switzerland. The only reason why you make such stupid comments is how unaware you are because none of these prostitution stories get printed in your extremely censored newspapers. And let’s get this straight. Korea is not hated around the world. Korea is a big unknown, and often gets mixed up with North Korea. Polls after polls confirms that, although familiarity of Korea is getting better with positive numbers. China on the other hand… how many countries have problems with China? It has no real friends, other then maybe their puppet North Korean government. When even your own brothers in Hong Kong call you guys “locusts”, and French hotels say “no Chinese’, you seriously have issues with image problem. And then you have embarrassing stories like this which doesn’t help.

        • Jahar

          China itself has more prostitutes than any other country in the world. It makes me laugh when people defending china refer to prostitutes in other countries.

      • bultak23

        judging a person by race can never be a replacement for judging someone on character or merit. if you do you’re going to be disappointed one day… at the very least! it is hard for some people to do this though, they see people as categories not as individuals and they are fearful of people different from themselves. If these type of people don’t like me its fine, I’m quite happy with it.

      • Jahar

        You sound just as impossible to talk to as he does. well done!

  • vonskippy

    Good to see that China thinks it has all it’s other troubles solved so it can handle the vast problem of selling drugs. Can’t wait for them to line up all the cigarette vendors and the alcohol manufactures and shoot them in the head, those of course being the two biggest drug dealers in the world.

    • skipon

      stupid logic. You can’t deal with one problem because there are other possibly more important problems? this is just like Japanese netoyoi’s denying Chinese complaints about historical revisionism because ‘oh look at Tiananmen and how they treat Tibetans!’
      a problem is a problem and doing something about it is not dependent on the absence of other problems.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I’m a little surprised that Korean netizens were mostly on China’s side.

    I guess their choices were:
    [support drug trafficking] or [support China’s government]

    …. not much room for discussion, I suppose.

  • Irony knows no bounds

    anyone who thinks a human should be killed because they want to do drugs needs to join ISIS and head back to the stone age. Korea’s (and China’s) antiquated mindset about any mind altering substances other than SOJU or Cigarettes is beyond reproach, despite the fact that Koreans suffer from one of the highest rates of alcoholism and cancers related to their….wait for it…DRUG habits. Alcohol and Tobacco are DRUGs and two of the WORST for abuse and issues, you small minded peasants. But sure, its totally ok to head 30 meters in any direction at ANY time, and have the ability to literally drink yourself to death or ruin your marriage on any given night. But God forbid a regular person would want to smoke some non cancer causing substance once in a while to chill out from the hectic lifestyle and center their mind. Irony simply knows no bounds.

    • Joe

      Glad to see some sense in this thread finally. It took a lot of scrolling down to find it.

    • gaiafires

      smuggling drug to give to other people is different than using it for yourself. trying to sell enough drugs for 50 thousand people is doing the devil’s work there bud.

      • irony knows no bounds

        let me get this straight then. So pharmaceutical companies, cigarette companies, liquor companies who distribute addictive substances to billions (that kill millions), is kosher and what? God’s work, right? Yet for example cannabis, which has yet to have a single medical journal recorded overdose and has zero chemicals, is highly illegal and even punishable by death in many asian countries. Let me guess, you think the Earth was created 6000 years ago too?

        *additional slow golf clap for effect*

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