Korean-American Prostitution Rings Exposed in New York

Korean brother busted in New York
From NEWSis:

Korean-American-owned prostitution rings busted in US

Prostitution rings in New York City that were operated by Korean-Americans were caught, creating a stir. The New York County District Attorney’s Office and the New York Police Department announced on 21st that they arrested five prostitution rings for running and promoting illegal prostitution businesses, money laundering, and narcotic sales; three of the arrested rings were Korean and two of them were Chinese.

The number of arrested Korean-Americans were six: the owners Kim (46, Queens Fresh Meadow), Kwon (49, New Jersey Palisades Park), and Yang (Oakland Gardens), as well as their employees. ‘Somad,’ an internet company that had advertised the illegal businesses was also indicted for promoting prostitution. If they are found guilty of the charge, they will serve eight to twenty five years.

Over the course of the investigation, the police freed two victims of ‘human trafficking,’ relocating them in safe places.

As the police reported, the prostitution rings offered an ‘In-call’ service that brings in customers to their workplaces and an ‘Out-call’ service that sends the females to where the customers are located; the advertisement agency ‘Somad’ helped the businesses lure customers via advertisements on websites, cable channels, and local newspapers.

The prostitution companies also committed multiple felonies: setting up a fake company to laundry the money received by credit card, selling cocaine and etc.

The prostitution rings were busted while the Attorney General’s Organized Crime Task Force was investigating online prostitution advertisements, tracing Somad’s bank account. Also, the Department of Homeland Security participated in the investigation which had continued for fifteen months from January 2010 to May 2011 as well. The task force revealed that the businesses paid Somad 3.22 million USD for 35,000 advertisements.

The defendants who ran the prostitution businesses in Koreatown in Queens are Kim, Kwon, and Yang; the Korean-American community are at a loss of words by the news that they have been in the prostitution industry, setting up the workplace in suburban area.

Park Jae-hyun at Flushing said, ‘I feel extremely ashamed by that Korean-Americans are involved with the prostitution case, following the huge criminal impersonation case that happened recently.

Yoon Jeong-sook, the head of the New York Family Counselling Office showed concerns that ‘Prostitution and human trafficking issues involved with Korean business owners are appalling,’ and ‘not only the owners but advertising and driving companies are all part of the illegal industry. Without vigilant measures to tackle the issues, the reputation of Korean-Americans will surely nosedive.’

Comments from Daum:


The state of both Korean girls in Korea and abroad is spiralling out of control. How many of those girls claiming to have studied in the US, Australia, and Japan actually did study?


Once they come back, they’ll be called ‘New Yorkers.’


Aren’t those bitches stupid bullshit talkers that they went there to pursue a modelling career? When they can’t handle the cost of living in NY, they embark on a prostitution career. Those English or Japanese speaking bitches who claim to have lived abroad are all whores.


Shouldn’t the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family say something about it???


Shocked, you say..? ke ke ke Isn’t it one of those well known facts? Haven’t you watched ‘The expedition to Japan Series’?? It not just those prostitutes, the girls who’ve been traveling around Australia, Canada, and European countries are far worse than prostitutes. Whether they studied English or graduated from a community college, half of them are whores. In particular, innocent looking girls are the dirtiest! I know this Western guy who changed his mobile phone number to keep some Korean girls at bay, fighting over having sex with him. ㅠㅠ Those girls are the same ones who brag their fancy English skills, having surgery on their vagina [to make it like a virgin]; when the right time comes, they go to church and cry a river for their sins, marrying the dumbest guy.


Those prostitutes smearing the reputation of South Korea are shitty Southeast Asian Brides that married for the Korean passport. There should be a law on ‘run away brides’ who married via marriage businesses. Stop handing out the citizenship like flyers; stop selling the nation and limit the status of those brides as ‘permanent resident’ that requires renewals to keep the rights. (I demand pre-emptive measures to prevent the number of those brides from growing.)


Watch out when meeting Kimchi bitches studied abroad in countries like America and particularly Australia. They didn’t just learn the language, you’ll see them in Gangnam or Itaewon area on Friday nights..


This is nothing new; it’s the reality of the ‘massage industry’ that infected Korea since the mid-80s.


Thinking of getting married to Korean girls? You have to realise that it gives you a higher chance of admitting a prostitute as your spouse. Wake up, push-overs! ke ke


Are you seeing this, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family? This is what you’ve done. Yeah, you’ll make excuses and all. And hey, watch out for those people who’ve studied abroad; they’re less conservative on sex. We never know what they’ve done while studying there.


Yeah, Korean whores are so famous abroad. The whole population is much smaller than Chinese, yet we’ve got more whores available.


ke ke ke Oh Japan used to have the number one reputation for sex.. I’m so glad that we’ve finally conquered the number one title for this matter.


Those bitches eat ramyeon noodles whilst selling their bodies, and yet they’ll have a ‘brunch’ when coming back to Korea. So pretentious!


If those girls are Korean-Americans, it doesn’t matter; they’re Americans after all. But if they’re Korean? Don’t let them come back, no matter what.


I commend those Korean women, working hard to earn dollars.


Meh, it’s nothing new.. This nation is rife with people like those prosecutors bringing a defendant to have sex with her. Those prostitutes at least earn dollars, so I guess they are better than those in Korea. Ah, this is why I hate this fucking administration so much; it is ruining the future of Korea.


Prostitution, human trafficking.. This incident is so embarrassing for us though, it’s somewhat heart-warming to hear that they’ll serve from 8 years to 25 years; we’ve seen too many sex criminals receive suspended sentences without physical detention.


It’s just what the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family has done wrong, isn’t it? After all those years of trying hard to wipe out the industry, now we’ve got prostitutes in normal housing areas; it has gone to the extreme to the point where a prosecutor brings a girl to have sex in his office. It makes me wonder what would happen when the Ministry doesn’t allow us normal citizens to watch porn at PC bangs anymore.


It’s like the balloon effect: they squeezed the Korean market, and the industry has moved abroad.


The reputation of Korean girls is getting whorish every day; it’s THAT bad. Some crazy bitches claim that Korean girls are very popular when abroad, HA, seriously, go abroad and see the reality; many of Korean women married to foreigners have divorced, not coming back due to the shame of the failure. Those kinds of women are prostitutes in the US. Westerners may enjoy having sex with Korean girls while staying in Korea, but when those Westerners go home, they treat Asians like dirt there. If you’re not mentally prepared for such a crappy reality, you’re 95% likely to get divorced in due time. There are good reasons for such a high divorce rate.

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  • Well this is unsurprising, sex trafficking is the most prevalent form of social crime today.

  • Kate

    Wow there is a lot of hate in the netizen’s hearts toward their own women…..I mean some Korean women and men were caught in prostitution and suddenly all Korean women are whores and particularly the ones who mingle with foreigners. Somehow foreigners are once again linked to the moral decay of Korea….so shocking.


    • Yu Bum Suk

      They’ve really outdone themselves on this thread. I feel sorry for some of my female students who have or who want to study overseas, usually at great expense to their parents.

      • Yesway

        Yes, and with such anger directed towards them by guys from their own country, I can understand it if they never want to go back.

        Those commenters are so bitter. Why? Because they’re jealous of those girls for doing something with their lives, while they probably never dared (since they rather safely staid with their parents).

        That and the fact that those girls are not interested in them.

    • Ruaraidh

      I wonder how many of the traffickers and brothel owners were men. Why aren’t they bringing down the reputation of Koreans abroad? Surely in a case like this, just being involved isn’t nearly as bad as orchestrating the whole thing.

      • dk2020

        Lots of brothel owners in SoCal are Chinese triad and Korean organized crime so they already got a bad rep. Surprisingly, there are a few infamous brothel owners that are women that were former prostitutes themselves you never heard of mama sans? I have heard the US is going to have stricter student visas rules because of it.

        • Ruaraidh

          I’m clearly not saying all brothel owners and human trafficers are men, just that not all people who work in the sex industry are women. Also the Korean comments accuse prostitutes of giving all Koreans a bad name, this is quite different to triads and organised crime giving just themselves a bad name.

          • dk2020

            I stopped reading the netizens comments a long time ago ..

          • I read netizens comments cos it just makes me LOL so much! Some of the shit they say is unbelievable and so over the top, it just makes me laugh! Hilarious!

  • Quentin

    dat misogyny

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Some people forgot to pay their bribe money that month

  • dk2020

    Well, this is what happens when cops start cracking down on prostitution in Korea. I do know escorts, strippers, and yes hoes IRL. Credit card debt gender inequality in Korea is the main reason why some of these girls turn to prostitution .. they are like everyday women but caught up with materialism .. it’s sad they exploit themselves sometimes ..

  • Guest


  • gupplo3551

    No surprises here… the usual insecure Korean men demanding that every woman who even looks at a foreign guy is a whore. And if you go abroad? LOL – you’re not even human any more. The guy at the end says this:

    “go abroad and see the reality; many of Korean women married to foreigners have divorced, not coming back due to the shame of the failure. Those kinds of women are prostitutes in the US. Westerners may enjoy having sex with Korean girls while staying in Korea, but when those Westerners go home, they treat Asians like dirt there.”

    I mean, it’s just one bitter, misogynist, creepy, false comment after another…And I guarantee this idiot has never even spoken to an American, been to the states, or knows anything about what he is saying. Oh? Divorce, you say? Korea’s divorce rate is higher than the States. LOL. So much for the “if you marry a Westerner you’ll get divorced nonsense” — if you marry a Korean you have a *higher* chance of divorce!

    And then there’s of course the obligatory throwing of all “Westerners” (IE: white men) under the bus, who–of course–“all enjoy having sex with Korean girls.” LOL. As if every white guy lives to be with a Korean woman, which is the Korean mythology…and by the way, if you hadn’t heard, all white men “treat Asians like dirt.” LOL, As if Koreans treat westerners any better. I mean, it’s just hilarious. But lots of Koreans believe like this.

    I cannot imagine ANY American ever saying anything like this about American women–ever. It’s so creepy and demeaning to Korean women. These kinds of comments are the reasons that Koreans have a reputation for being narrow-minded, misogynist, racists. Men own women—and if they don’t fall in line, they are whores. Period. So creepy…And koreans wonders why people think Korea is so creepy sometimes…And this is a country that is bitching and griping all the time that they deserve more respect? LOL.

    • holdingrabbits

      Korean whores are horrible…..that’s why they must exist in every city and town in Korea, to serve as a reminder…but not to be visited…especially not to be visited after a night of drinking with your company co-workers.

      • dk2020

        Do they ban foreigners from hostess bars like they do in Japan?

        • holdingrabbits

          No, they don’t. They just don’t offer any services and you’re stuck paying like 7,000won for a Cass.

          • dk2020

            Well the Korean ajjeoshis have no problem paying that ..

    • dk2020

      oh god, get off your high horse .. if you haven’t learned by now none of the netizens comments are ever nice .. its really open minded of you to judge a whole race based on that ..

    • Replying to: “and by the way, if you hadn’t heard, all white men “treat Asians like dirt.” LOL, As if Koreans treat westerners any better”

      It has always seemed to me that cross-cultural couples are on average much better at communicating and resolving conflicts. So while Koreans in relationships with whites may not be any better than their white counterparts, they both typically have much healthier relationships. Exceptions exist, but considering how common domestic violence and abuse is in Korea, anti-miscegenation sentiment strikes me as more of a protectionist gambit, because any woman would rightly want better than that.

      • dk2020

        Really? I’ve noticed most of the time there is a huge language barrier and miscommunication between WMKF couples in Korea, either the guy doesn’t know that much Korean or the women doesn’t know English. Most hapas I know are military brats, especially during the war some had mothers that were camptown prostitutes so thats why most Koreans still think of that stigma. Statistically speaking they are the minority compared to migrant wives from Southeast Asia.

        • holdingrabbits

          So Korea thinks of prostitutes as catering to only foreign men or something? I don’t quite get what you mean.

          • dk2020

            No .. but I’m saying that’s the stigma .. as you should know Koreans love blaming foreigners for their problems instead of recognizing and dealing with it, saving face. It’s unfair but that’s life in Korea as of now, with more multiracial families being visible and naturalized foreign wives like Jasmine Lee gaining political power, it’s getting better.. with the long history of WMKF couples and white men complaining about how oppressive it is in Korea. I’m surprised no white guy has had the initiative to get into politics to truly help change the system.

          • Keep in mind that dual citizenship is very difficult to obtain in S. Korea, and most whites in Korea have not been all-too eager to give up their U.S., U.K., Australia, etc. citizenship in order to obtain Korean citizenship. Jasmine Lee, on the other hand, was probably more than willing to give up her Philippines citizenship, if indeed she had to. That is not to say that whites have not participated in Korean politics. Indeed, they often do. However, the urge to hate whites, especially white males, is almost Pavlovian in the world today, and the anti-white sentiment in Korea far exceeds ill feelings for any other race. It is to this day the only country in the world where an old woman in a train station, a complete stranger, spat at me and started cursing in Korean just because I was a white man, and I was there. To be expected, the response from the crowd was feigned ignorance. Frankly, I felt sorry for most of the other Koreans around; I could only imagine the shame they must have felt.

          • dk2020

            LOL .. crazy old Koreans aren’t used to the change, why would they be? Foreigners outside the US military and their bases mostly have less than a 5 year history in the country and in Korean society in general. You ask why white men are hated? Maybe because some white men have condescending and intrusive attitudes? Why do some white people hate Koreans in the US, why is there racism? It exists but it’s not going to stop anybody from loving or marrying who they want to, there is no anti miscegenation laws. But there was no civil rights movement either that would change society’s perceptions on race, also Korea is a closed society unlike the West, if you really want change you have to get into politics .. that makes me respect Jasmine Lee even more the sacrifices she has made for mixed children and migrant wives, the betterment of Korean society.

            Oh and trust me Southeast Asians and black Africans get treated far worse in SoKo then white men .. whites aren’t stuck in the ghetto working the factory jobs .. no disrespect but you seem a little naive on Korean culture ,,

          • Let me get this straight, you are trying to justify racism against whites by blaming the attitudes of some whites, then you rationalize the racist behavior of the woman in my experience by saying that she was not used to seeing white civilians, and then you go on to make the claim that racism in Korea against other races is far worse.
            I have been to countless places that are much more isolated than South Korea and I have never seen anything like this woman in the train station. Racist attitudes of such a flagrant nature almost always spring out of cultures that foster racist attitudes of the same nature; they are not forced on anyone by the imposition of some villain. If you want a correlative to my experience, try to imagine some random lady spitting at you at a supermarket in Lincoln, Nebraska. If this ever happens, the chances are she’s just some loony crack addict and it has nothing to do with your race.

            Toward the topic of the discussion, it is wise to remember that everywhere you go, whether you like it or not, you are an ambassador of your culture, race, gender, nationality, etc. If you don’t like people writing Koreans off as racists, it goes a long way to not sound like one.

          • dk2020

            You act like racism doesn’t exist in the US which isn’t the case .. maybe for you because you’re white, and that was your first time experiencing racism huh? You do seem really naive ..

            Korea is a tough culture with a tragic history full of struggle, you say Koreans are racist and hard on foreigners, you don’t see how Koreans are hard on ourselves and racist especially against other East Asians like the Japanese? Yeah racism is wrong but its not seen that way in closed societies like Korea and Japan because they are not multicultural countries yet and most the ignorant ones haven’t been out the country and dude getting spit on by some old lady didn’t really violate your human rights, cops don’t fuck with you because your skin color, when foreigners start getting unjustly locked up and killed because they are white then that’s racism ..

            I grew up in LA and witnessed the ’92 riots .. I’ve been in fights with blacks, Mexicans. whites all on some racial shit, and I have run into old racist rednecks calling me chink and telling me to go back to China.. I don’t blame anybody but those people though, If you want to stop racism quit bringing it up and using it as a crutch .. just live your life ..

          • hun

            don’t bother

          • dk2020

            Người đã đi đâu?

          • I don’t intend to. At this point it appears he has resorted to flamebait. The conversation is over.

          • dk2020

            I win :) ..

          • ChuckRamone

            I’m an Asian American who grew up in a small town America. Believe me, there were incidents of racism, including fistfights.

          • Sillian

            “I have been to countless places that are much more isolated than South Korea and I have never seen anything like this woman in the train station.”

            That’s completely personal. Chances are, millions of other people can say something like that about other places due to their personal encounters. What do you think these French women will say? Or the Chinese students who got beaten up to a pulp or the Korean student who got his finger cut in Australia? Or the dead people killed by Russian skinheads. Or….


          • dk2020

            He doesn’t get it because he’s so self-centered ..

          • Kate

            I lived in Korea and I never had anything as horrible as what happened to you ever happen. I mean sure, occasionally I’d get a dirty look but I would say 95% of the time, Koreans were really, really nice to me. Like more unnecessarily nice to me and sometimes really flattering. I always had groups of school girls follow me around telling me I’m pretty and trying to practice English. I had lots ajummas compliment me and a lot of old men give up their seat for me. I was pregnant in Korea and honestly, Koreans are much more nice and friendly to pregnant women then Americans are. Before I was pregnant, I would go out partying and I would have Korean women buy me (a white girl) drinks just so I’d dance with them.

            Seriously, the Koreans I experienced were generally very nice people and very polite.

          • dk2020

            Kate I thought you said you were sexually harassed by byuntae ajeoshis? You know whats up though .. how to protect yourself and keeping pepper spray on hand .. I dunno, I’ve experienced worse racism in the US and I expect the older generation like the rednecks I’ve run into to be racist because it was acceptable when they were growing up during the Jim Crow era ..

          • Kate

            Yes, did have some perverted old and young men accost me occasionally. And I had a young, drunk, Korean guy try to rape me while I was walking home too. Probably targeted me because I am white and young and not horrid looking. But then again, I’ve had similar things happen in the USA from white guys to me. Probably cause I’m white and young and not horrid looking.

            Ironically, the most open racism I’ve experienced with me and my husband hasn’t been from whites, blacks, or asians or Koreans but actually from Mexicans. All the open racism my husband and I have ever encountered has been from Mexicans (exception where a Korean girl was really jealous of me and was giving me stink eye the entire time I ate my dinner at a restaurant, no idea who she was, but man she looked like she wanted to punch me). I’ve had mexican guys yell at me and my husband, “Why are you with that chink?”, mexican women look at me and my husband and baby and start talking about us and being just awful (They don’t know, but I understand Spanish). In Korea, Koreans never gave us crap, in fact Korean guys would ask my husband what his secret was and give him a thumbs up and Korean women generally thought we were cute together.

            I have no idea why Mexicans care so much about what a white girl and Korean guy are doing, but in my experiences, they do alot.

          • dk2020

            Yeah, I have had Mexicans talk trash to me outta nowhere too .. getting burritos from El Taurino some pisas would get mad because I would order in Spanish .. but I compare it to old ajeoshis taking crap outta nowhere, its out of their own insecurities I guess, and they’re blunt and have no class, usually its because they are drunk, it doesn’t effect the Mexicans that are my friends and family though .. most people if you show respect will give you the same respect back.

          • It’s great that you were treated well Kate. I certainly haven’t written off all Koreans as racist curmudgeons, although there are plenty of those, including some people on this discussion board. There is definitely a privileged treatment that pregnant women receive in Korea, but that kindness is given very selectively. I don’t know if my experience in the train station would have occurred if a white woman was in my place. It may have been different. Needless to say, I don’t expect Seoul to be quite as friendly as Glasgow, or as hostile as Oakland, but coming into its own right as an international city, it’s no longer protected from scrutiny. My experience was by no means an isolated incident, and while I am aware of terrible things happening to people in other places, I have not seen any society in the developed (including South Korea, in this context) world so bent out of shape about race, and for that matter, quite so hostile to whites, particularly white men.

          • dk2020

            Try visiting Japan .. they got the ultra right-wingers in black vans yelling Anti-foreigner and Anti Korean parades all day in the streets of Tokyo just like a KKK rally in the US ..

            Man up dude, because you seem like a sissy thats never been in a fight in your life .. like holdingrabbits said he thought 50% of the Korean population was hostile towards him .. if you think its really that dangerous for you and you’re in fear for your life from the locals .. you should leave ASAP for your own safety .. amirite? Try visiting Congo next and tell me what you think ..

            The hypocrisy I see is foreigners complain if one foreigner commits a crime all foreigners get blamed for it by Koreans .. when you’re doing the same damn thing dummy .. blame the old lady for her actions alone, not all Koreans .. or live in fear the rest of your stay .. your choice.

          • Get a hold of yourself. From the almost reasonable person you were at the beginning of this conversation, you’ve devolved into a violence-obsessed race-baiting troll.
            Have I been in a lot of fights in my life? No. And I consider that a good thing. I’m not interested in discussing anything with you until you learn to talk like an adult, so if you don’t mind, please stop spamming KoreaBANG.

          • dk2020

            Try and stop me .. I don’t think I’ve cross that line threatening you in any way and i do think I’ve made some reasonable points.. Being I’m one of the only Koreans on KB I dunno maybe it’s insightful for some people from a Korean perspective .. if you want to join a board full of whiner expats in Korea check out Dave ESL Cafe .. but I’m gonna speak my opinion .. chobo siibaloma byungshin ..

          • Kate

            Well men run every society and Korean men run Korean society and because it’s a highly male dominated society Korean men are going to see foreign men as more threatening then foreign women. Foreign women don’t “threaten” Korean men’s place in society or their chances at scoring, in fact a lot of Korean guys talk about “riding the white horse” and see foreign women, especially white, as a conquest for their masculinity. Just like any culture really. Korean men can date/marry foreign women without any stigma or crap but Korean women can’t. It’s like that everywhere though, in the USA a white guy can marry a black girl without any stigma attached to him, but a white girl who marries a black guy is branded a ghetto slut.

          • dk2020

            Also Kate, you have to know there is a disproportionate 4:1 ratio of foreign men to foreign women as ESL teachers in Korea, this is the first generation of foreign women in SoKo .. the US military is also mostly men. It’s just men being competitive over women. What’s ridiculous is how white guys try to make it seem like Korean men are beta males in their own country ..

          • The most recent article is about a pregnant woman being mistreated. Curious that we just had that discussion, but it goes to show, the good graces of Korean society tend to be very selective and impermanent, as any other, but perhaps more than most.

          • dk2020

            Boohoo for all the white guys in Korea, they are so oppressed .. if you’re looking for sympathy look between R and T in the dictionary and cry me a river .. NOTHING is stopping your relationships idiot there are no laws prohibiting IR relationships, you’re hella naive and weak I would be surprised if any if your relationships last.

            Going by the pregnant lady article and your spitting humiliation incident that caused psychological damage, shouldn’t you be afraid of older Korean women instead of the men? You look like Alfred from Mad magazine ajaja mas puto, sogae haba siiiipsay ya! ..

          • holdingrabbits

            Yeah, I imagine it’s really hard for someone to want to enter the lion’s den that is Korean politics. You couldn’t get me to campaign for something in Korea at gun point. Someone would take your picture, put it on the internet, and try to ruin your life!

          • dk2020

            If Jasmine Lee can do it so can you .. foreigners should use her as a role model, she’s the Pinay Obama ahaha i got much love for her ..

        • We evidently meet different people. There is always a language barrier, but among the mixed couples I have met, the process of overcoming the language barrier strengthens their communication skills, patience, and understanding. That tends to strengthen relationships, even where language is still a barrier. I don’t meet many military families, but I’ve heard that what’s generally true for cross-cultural relationships in the civilian population isn’t necessarily so for the military population, so I am not talking about them.

          • dk2020

            Again, that is a recent small minority that you’re talking about, but that’s good if anything that proves interracial relationships do work and that’s progress, i’m happy for them .. but why do some white people have to disrespect Korean culture as inferior to white culture as the reason why? There has to be a balance, I appreciate the good and disregard the bad .. my baby mama is chicana and I love Mexican culture even though some aspects of Mexican society is jacked up. Gotta take the good with the bad ..

          • It probably doesn’t have anything to do with the superiority of one culture and the inferiority of another. Cross-cultural relationships follow all of the same principles of any other market. The grass is always greener on the other side, and perception is reality. Cross-culture couples aren’t always happy, but when people become invested in choices that deviate from the norm, they tend to be much more accepting of imperfections, and this is definitely the case with cross-culture couples. Again, there are exceptions, but that is how it tends to go. With that said, we can look at the Korean environment and apply the theory of markets, and it doesn’t take a very perceptive person to realize exactly why a Korean woman might date a white man, despite the strong opposition in Korean society. If you construe that as having to do with inferiority of a culture, those are your words and not mine. For the most part, they are only engaging in utility maximization, and through their perceptive filters, it seems many of them come to the conclusion that dating a white man is, on average, preferable to dating a Korean man. I can’t tell you exactly why they might think that, but at least it’s understandable in a market context.

          • dk2020

            LOL market maxization huh? cross cultural what? SMH .. yeah dude, I can tell you get all the chicks ..

            When you love all the women but hate all the men, having a victim complex like you do, saying they all want to stop you and everybody hates the white man?.. that’s racist.. in all my relationships I’ve never done that, do you have to make yourself feel superior because you’re white?. and I’ll let you in on a little secret. Korean moms are the crazy controlling ones, they run the household so if anybody is really objecting to your relationship it’s usually the tiger mom ..

          • I don’t make any suggestion that there are large quantities of white men in Korea. I don’t see how that even relates to what I wrote. If you want to talk about scarcity, then you’re actually supporting my points.

          • Guest

            yeah, but you believe in white supremacy?

          • Hmm, a white supremacist supporting interracial relationships. I was going to ignore your post, because you’re a troll, but with your razor sharp wit, I believe you could win a Darwin Award.

          • Guest
          • holdingrabbits

            Welcome to the White Supremacy Club. Admission to the club is granted if the following conditions are met:
            1) You sound remotely intelligent and rely on reason to make an argument without falling back on insults.
            2) You acknowledge that the truth is more complex than some reductionist faux-nationalist (actually racist) argument.
            3) You disagree with certain people on the board.
            4) You believe there exists an instance in the history of existence that a Korean was wrong about something.
            5) You talk over someone’s head and they ignore what you said in order to further the “you’re a white supremacist” agenda.

          • dk2020

            corny as shit like usual ..

          • dk2020

            Koreans should read this guide on how to truly become reverse racists .. its written by a Korean girl too! ^_^

            White people who are confronted with their white privilege and the white supremacist acts they perpetuate have been known to cry, “You’re being a reverse-racist!” That is completely true: people of color have the power and control to create, perpetuate, and maintain brutal systematic reverse-racism that oppresses white people every day. As such, we have created this handy list on how to continue this oppression.

            1. Enslave their bodies.

            Ship them from Germany, Sweden, and other exotic countries. Force them to build entire cities, roads, bridges. Force them to plant and harvest all the food everyone eats. Let an entire economic system be built on their backs, with their blood and sweat. Later, deny them access to the system they have been used to build, and accuse them of being extremely lazy.

            2. Steal their land.

            If they were here before you, steal their land. This is essential. Basically, just go in there and take it. If you have to kill some of them to get it…no worries. If you have to kill almost all of them to get it…shit, no worries. After you steal their land, make sure you create laws to keep them from ever returning to it. If they try to return anyway, build fences, and let bands of POC vigilantes patrol the borders with guns. If they somehow get past the borders and into your country, no worries, you can always just deport them.

            3. Enslave their minds.

            From these systems, build a long lasting institution of reverse-racism until all the violence and microaggressions make many white people into suspicious people with a lot of internalized self-hatred, health problems, and mental illnesses. Then deny them access to adequate mental health care. Or, adequate health care of any kind, while you’re at it. ‘Cause, you know, fuck ‘em.

            4. Wipe out and/or appropriate their customs.

            Since many of their customs are savage and unworthy of preserving, wipe out their traditions of eating mashed potatoes and meatloaf, playing miniature golf, buying khakis at Banana Republic, and sleeping with thousand-count Egyptian cotton sheets. For the customs you think are kinda cool, culturally appropriate from them. Sometimes wear a beret and lederhosen, because Swedish culture is really exotic even though it’s inferior to ours.

            5. Break their espresso machines.

            With baseball bats or large hammers. Or, you know, just unplug them all.

            6. Call them “cracker”.

            As people of color, we have been rightfully accused of being racist to white people, especially when we call them “cracker”. As we all know, calling them “cracker” is egregiously offensive and horribly shocking because of this long, violent, reverse-racist history.

            7. Just keep being terrible to them.

            Do everything you can think of to make it so that white people make less money; their children are shot by cops; white women are at higher risk for assault and they are exotified until they no longer seem human; white men are beaten and thrown into jails because they look “suspicious” and “threatening”; they are racially profiled everywhere they go.

            8. Make sure most representations of them in the media are negative.

            They should almost always be portrayed as pasty, stringy-haired, rhythm-less, sexless, uptight, and booooring. Also, there should be very few representations of them and when they’re portrayed at all, they should always only be the comic relief, the silent exotic sex object, the Debbie Downer, or the incompetent sidekick. They are only allowed to be easily forgettable, one-dimensional characters. Sometimes use POC actors in white-face to portray these white people. By presenting this ONE image of them all the time, you will be able to convince the rest of the population that all white people are like this, thus ensuring a widespread belief in their inferiority.

            9. Keep telling them how beautiful they are not.

            White people know they will never be beautiful with their boring sour cream complexions and blonde hair (that was actually caused because of mutations). Plaster people of color on every magazine, show them in every television show and movie, and praise them as the most beautiful. When white people cry at these injustices, bottle their tears and sell them as health creams for people of color. Nothing like a soothing lotion made from the pain of white folks!

            10. Go bananas!

            Force them underground and away from the sun to become even whiter, while you laugh manically like the cruel, bloodthirsty, oppressive person of color you are! Take their thousand-count Egyptian cotton sheets to make POC-supremacist flags and hoods and march through the streets, spreading fear and terror. Every time a white person thinks your behavior is unfair or wrong, tell them that they should stop being so sensitive! We live in a post-reverse-racial society now! Jeez.

          • One more thing, next time you start a post with LOL or LMAO, I’m not even going to read it. There is such a thing as internet etiquette, please learn it.

          • dk2020

            ehhh .. well this convo is going nowhere .. deuces kid ..

          • There are more Chinese men than there are Chinese women, in the future, you’ll see more of the Asian male with white female, black female, or Latin female couples in the future

          • dk2020

            Fasho or more Asian men in general, most people don’t realize this is the first time foreign women or Western women have really been in Asia so thats why you’re barely starting to see AMWF couples in Asia now .. white men have had a long head start on that .. why is the default for interracial relationships always been white men and women of color .. dumbass gabachos like Noah aka idiot farm boy thinks he understands Korean culture after being there for a couple months and he’s god’s gift of whiteness to Korea LOL. Are you Mexican compa?

          • It will probably be a very good thing if more Chinese men and women mix with other cultures (by way of other races). That holds true for any society that is culturally isolated as China, or more on point, Korea. There have been periods in history where interracial relationships were common, and other periods where it was uncommon (although many would say that it is a recent phenomenon).

            However, racial mixing can have a deleterious effect if it’s based on nothing other than exoticism. That is at the core of many stereotypes about people who mix with other races, despite that it is rarely the case. Such a relationship would not be utility maximizing for many people, and they should rightly be discouraged.

            I have noticed that exoticism is just as prevalent among women as it is men, and Asians as it is whites. Despite this, interracial relationships of a few specific pairings are clearly more prevalent than others. This is why the theory of markets is crucial to understanding trends in interracial relations. The dating and marriage markets (related, but different markets) are efficient, and the differences in demand of one race of males vis-à-vis another is a product of market forces (often conflating race with culture). A few of these forces are average income, reputation, and associated benefits.

            There is no secret in China or Korea that having a U.S., UK, Australia, etc passport is like gold. A few fenqing type nationalists may disagree, but I am not referring to them. Additionally, the salaries in the west are significantly higher than their Chinese and Korean counterparts. Incomes in China and Korea are increasing, which is probably the primary reason why men from those countries have been able to date outside of their race more often. Finally, on the topic of reputation, which is a recurring theme in this and many other threads. Many people take issue with white men mixing with women of other races. These types of complaints are as much a sham as saying that “corporations are evil”, and they are most often perpetuated by hate, racism, tribalism, lack of confidence, etc. The goal of these complaints is to tarnish the reputation of white males, for competitive advantage. The flaw in this view is that it assumes a zero-sum game in the dating and marriage markets. As if a woman who is dating someone is claimed as a man’s property. It shouldn’t take a philosopher to demonstrate how atavistic that view is. To wrap up this post, it is wise to remember that you cannot alienate the males of a race without also alienating the females, and doing so is not likely to benefit you.

          • dk2020

            LOL .. you don’t have a Korean girlfriend do you, if you do can you tell her to post her POV here? Is this a science project to you? You sound like you’re mating with an alien species. You still don’t know shit about Korean culture and you have a self-centered perspective. Boring ass analysis though I would expect from a cornball accountant LMAO.

          • 1. I wasn’t talking to you
            2. That’s CPA to you, pal
            3. At least I don’t vote up my own posts (if you don’t want it to be so obvious, wait for a little while after posting, but it’s still equally pathetic)

          • dk2020

            Fuck the votes fool kBang isn’t a popularity contest. I don’t give a shit if anybody hates me, I’m just sayin my piece. But if you say some more stupid shit I’ll take your head off Alfred E Neuman CPA . You from Texas? You don’t remember what happened to James Byrd Jr. .. you don’t think that was racist?

          • yesway

            Yes, perhaps with Chinese men or those from other Asian countries, but few women will want to date the angry misogynists that are so prevalent in Korea (yes, more than in other countries).

          • dk2020

            oh yes coming from a angry white guy you know whats best for all women .. smfh .. not all korean guys are misogynistic assholes, but all korean men get blamed for the ones that are .. white guys need to stop being so patronizing ,, see how I gave j lopez respect because he’s not a hateful idiot .. he’s not stereotyping all korean men like you are, probably because he’s another minority we can relate to how imposing white culture is .. you expect all minorities to automatically kowtow to you because you’re white? smh ..

          • Yesway

            Am having more and more of a hard time with Korean male netizens. Yes, there’s misogyny all over the net, but have never seen a bunch of men so violently obsessed with putting women down in the worst possible ways they can think off.

            With them it’s never the lame jokes, but always spewing hellfire. Probably while smiling shyly and slipping away when meeting women in real life. But oh, the hatred behind those smiles.

          • dk2020

            Alot of people talk shit and troll online with impunity .. doesn’t mean they are that way IRL .. and if they are whats the chances of you running into them .. slim to none.

          • He speaks with experience, for once.

          • dk2020

            stfu dude .. your dumbass probably dont even know a sentence of korean, noogu jinja babo ya siipsay ya .. lols probably dont even know any konglish either bish ass alfred ..

    • “I cannot imagine ANY American ever saying anything like this about American women–ever.”

      Ummm, American men have discriminated against American women. Women didn’t have the right to vote until 1920. Also, listen to today’s rap music. There’s lots of rap songs where they portray women as nothing but sex objects. Also, are you not aware of that double standard? A woman who sleeps with many men is called a “slut” or a “whore” while a man who does that; sleeps with many women, there’s no such terrible label for him?

      Your comment about Koreans made me laugh because it’s just as “narrow-minded” and “racist” as the netizens comments selected by koreabang. Stop your generalizing and accept that not ALL Koreans are like the netizens here on Koreabang.

      • Lillee

        Men sleeping with many women are also called “manwhores” you know..

        • redgirls

          Lot’s of them.

        • dk2020

          double standards mamas .. manwhores are respected as studs, no stigma ..

        • A man sleeping with many women is respected by many men. They’re what you call “players” or “playboys.”

  • holdingrabbits


    Staying at home, not working, not having opinions or thoughts, being a baby making machine, submitting to men=a good woman

    Actual prostitution=……?

    • Tsuyogadokei

      Remember, they don’t even want “a good woman” – she’s just a money grubbing whore, right?

      It makes you wonder what they actually DO want.

  • Tsuyodokei

    Somehow, I’m not shocked that only one comment out of all of them picked up on the fact that the girls weren’t exactly willing participants in the crime ring – which is why they weren’t prosecuted.

    • dk2020


    • They are generally considered victims! Because even if they would have chosen voluntarily (in this case probably not), they are squeezed out financially and by various methods. Don’t remember where the article was, but an American newspaper reported the details about a West coast prostitution ring and yeah, it wasn’t pretty. By the way, the Korean girls that prostituted themselves in Australia were and are prosecuted by the Korean (but not Australian!) government ! Think about that …long and hard.

  • Sillian

    Comments are predictable. Different topics draw the biggest attention from different demographics. For articles like this, it seems bunch of angry lonely guys flock together. Extrapolating and dramatizing internet comments too much is also stupid.

  • Yohan

    It’s sad to see most of the comments directed towards the prostitute women. Fact is that most of the Korean run brothels in America and other countries are targeting Korean male customers. It is very common for Korean men to buy sex from prostitutes both in Korea and abroad and it’s much more accepted among Korean men than Western men. Don’t complain about Korean women prostituting themselves when you are the ones who create the demand. Ask yourselves, are the prostitute women really doing something bad? I don’t think they are and they shouldn’t be stigmatized for providing something that is requested by men.

    • dk2020

      I agree .. the slut shaming is retarded ..

    • Kate

      I don’t think prostitutes are bad people (some are though) but I think the act of prostitution itself is morally disgusting, dangerous, and one of the most degrading things anyone could do.

      This “service” requires a woman to put herself in a situation that is extremely dangerous (i.e serial killers LOVE prostitutes) where she is as the whim of the man and if he just happens to be a psycho/fetishist/violent asshole then the woman pays for it. If prostituation were regulated and protection offered, the act itself is still degrading and disgusting. Having men, 10-12 a day, whom you have no idea about, of all ages and race and health and background, putting their hands on YOUR body, kissing you, touching you, putting their penis in you, and screwing you. There is nothing to be proud of in that line of work, even if men “see it as necessary for men”. Women run the risk of violence, infection, STD, rape, stigmatization, death and are seen as “damaged goods lower then human”. How many of the guys on this board would marry a prostitute? How many men in general would marry a prostitute? Men don’t want a woman whose work involves screwing every strange john that comes along. There is never any time prostitution is OK. These women don’t love what their doing, they are ether doing it because of need for money, want of money and luxury goods, or are being forced. Prostitutes are simply seen as sex objects for men to use and abuse, men don’t see them as human beings like their mother and sister, which is why violence is so pervasive among women in that work.

      Plus No parent brings home their little girl from the hospital and says “Gee, if she grows up and becomes a professional prostitute, I’ll be OK with that, after all, it’s a much needed service for men!”

      • dk2020

        totally agree kate ..

      • jon776

        What you think of prostutition is irrelevant. Everyone has the right to their own body and if they wish to do porn, sell themselves or fuck every person they encounter, it’s up to them. Almost everything negative about prostitution is related to its state of being illegal and unregulated and people like you who judge and shame prostitutes.

        • dk2020

          nordic hoes are the best huh?

          • jon776

            Wouldn’t know. I think there’s like 2? The rest of them are asian or russian.

          • dk2020

            It’s not like Amsterdam’s red light district? All the prostitutes are imported?

          • 1. The Dutch aren’t Nordic.

            2. “The vast majority of the prostitutes from De Wallen are foreigners, as
            are their pimps and human traffickers. More than 75% of Amsterdam’s
            prostitutes are from Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, according to a
            former prostitute who produced a report about the sex trade.”

          • dk2020

            So it is sex trafficking? I would think that would be complicated with immigration laws and that it would make it really hard for the prostitutes to leave that life if they wanted to.,.

          • jon776

            Immigration laws? Europe? Yeah, we’ve got them somewhere.. now where did we put them.. hm.. nope.. guess we lost them.

          • jon776

            Welfare is too good to become a prostitute and the police shut down any brothels they find immediately. Also, women are pretty casual about sex, so, it’s easy for men to get laid. There are a few native prostitutes, but they are usually “luxury escorts”.

      • Jay

        Plus No parent brings home their little girl from the hospital and says “Gee, if she grows up and becomes a professional prostitute, I’ll be OK with that, after all, it’s a much needed service for men!”‘

        The same could be said of janitors and garbagemen.

        • Kate

          Actually if that were the best my kid to do, I wouldn’t care. Sanitation workers are city employees and have good healthcare packages and pensions And their job is the reason we all aren’t dieing early in life as they are more key to preventing the spread of infectious disease then doctors. Janitors are also very hard working people. Both are respectable jobs.

        • dk2020

          fuck you dude! my parents were janitors before they owned a small cafe by the airport .. fuck all the superficial and materialistic bullshit! That’s why I can’t relate to middle class white people, can’t relate to the immigrant struggle of being in poverty ..

          • jon776

            So what? He’s right. Not even poor people want their kids to become garbagemen.

          • dk2020

            well some people don’t have a choice do they? at least its legit honest work .. you don’t respect the factory workers or blue colllar workers? I hate smug bitches just because they have money thinking they are better than everybody else..

          • jon776

            Exactly, some people don’t have much of a choice. The same goes for prostitutes. They shouldn’t be judged, shamed or dehumanized like they were in Kate’s post.

          • …and people shouldn’t think they’re better than prostitutes/porn stars and being in porn is legit work…

          • dk2020

            I know some porn stars and prostitutes IRL that are friends, I’ve been to raves and smoke weed with them .. once they know you’re not after sex and treat them with respect they are the coolest, I’ve gotten some really expensive gifts and they are the best wingmen .. taught me everything I needed to know about women ..

          • you got nothing better to do than *brag* about knowing prostitutes and smoking weed? you must be so cool.
            This is what the majority of Korean-American males act like. Gangster hip hope wannabes

          • dk2020

            LOL yeah dude you really know me, think what u what and keep laughing asshole .. thats how we roll in LA homeboy ..

          • That’s where you get your gangster culture from. Koreatown should be demolished and those expired visa Koreans should be deported.

          • dk2020

            LMAO ..what an idiot yeah like that will ever happen …mas puto wey .. too bad I was born in Gardena too so I can’t be deported :) I’m a US citizen! LOL byungshin siibal sekki .. Jahah? Are you Arab?

          • Mexican influence …check
            Trying to be cool… check
            sex culture …check
            everything coming out of your mouth is a blueprint of stupidity and gangster wannabe.

            You are a disgraceful fuck. your parents must be one stupid fucktard for raising you.

          • dk2020

            Ahahaha u really are mad huh? Wow you are a judgmental prick! Damn internet tough guy! Thats how you feel cuzz? Let it all out! Let the healing begin! LOL you’re gettin ratchet as fuck! Hahahaha

          • dk2020
          • Everything coming out of your mouth is retarded. You have the mentality of a 12 year old. You know why? Because you listen to rap music and follow what others think is “cool”. grow the fuck up retard.

          • dk2020

            LOL u mad bro? yupp I love rap! The rachets love it too! Don’t be mad cuz you an old fart ahaha .. the half viet homie Tyga ..


          • ….so people who listen to rap are retarded and act like 12 year-olds? Man, my family must be all types of messed ups…..

            Stereotyping to the extreme, much?

          • Honestly I don’t know what him being even Korean has to do with it. I never understood why when someone is non-Black liking things that stereotypically black people suppose to like is being a ‘wannabe.’ Besides, how is a American of Korean decent suppose to act or be like? How is a black person suppose to be? How is a white person suppose to be? If he wanna like a subcutlure, music, etc and more importantly, was raised in a neighborhood where such things are the norm, then that’s his business. You don’t know him nor his life. It just always annoyed me when people seriously think a certain ethnicity is suppose to like a certain thing, like it’s in their frickin blood. Seriously, seperate skin from stereotype; one is what ou’re born with.. the other is learned. No lifestyle, subculture, music, whatever is for only what a race is suppose to be in.

      • “serial killers LOVE prostitutes” – That is your own subjective opinion. Most girls have pimps for a reason. You act like “serial killer” is a frequent occupation, while such crimes are incredibly rare.

        “Lower thAn humanS” typos and grammar – are you really a Native speaker?…

        “These women don’t love what their doing” – how do you know?

        “they are ether doing it because of need for money…” – Aha, so you don’t do your job out of need for money? How about the majority of other people? Those girls could also clean dishes or assemble electronics in a factory. Don’t you think they have a reason they chose this job over cleaning toilets?

        “Having men, 10-12 a day” – I think that is highly optimistic. Probably more like 0-3 per night. …if you ever frequented a 24 hour coffee shop, you would be hard-pressed to not notice those girls in the early mornings hours. They did (in Korea) never seem particularly unhappy or lacking in confidence. After all they’re selling their ***** for $150+ a shot. But sure it’s all involuntarily, because you always went to school, university and work voluntarily! So why is this even a criteria?!

        • Kate

          First, you’re an idiot if you don’t think prostitution is dangerous and that prostitutes are not easy targets for psychopaths. Those lovely pimps for “protection” are often the ones who beat and rape and force women into prostitution. Pimps are scum.

          As far as my grammatical mistakes, I often type using a smart phone and it is too much a pain in the butt to go back and fix typos. Although for someone calling someone out on grammar mistakes, I see many in your own post. Don’t you know you don’t start the beginning of a sentence with conjunctions? Or did you not pass middle school English? Your use of commas is horrendous. Although I don’t really care at all, but if you’re going to be a grammar nazi then please don’t be a hypocrite

          Sure, everyone does their job for need of money, however some do their job because they genuinely enjoy it and some people do their job because they are forced too (like the millions of sex slaves across the world) You know those exist right? You are aware that forced prostitution is a huge issue in almost every country in the world? Or did you know that the average age a girl starts prostitution in the USA is 13, because they are usually forced by one of those lovely pimps? Have you ever read anything on sex slavery or the statistics that have been done on prostitutes? .


          And how exactly do you know or not know whether those girls in Korea were happy? Did you interview them? And my estimates are not exaggerated, I’m sure many prostitutes do see 10-12 or more men a day and I’m sure your estimates are not under exaggerated, I’m sure some prostitutes see 0-3 johns.,

          No, I certainly don’t believe all prostitutes are forced into prostitution at all. There are tons of women who see it as “easy, fast cash” with next to no work on their part and yeah, some certainly do make great money. I also understand that in different countries, such as Korea, prostitution is encouraged among men. I know there are different cultural perceptions of prostitution.

          And yeah, I am proud that I don’t have to spread my legs or jerk some 50 yr old dude off to make a living. I worked damn hard on my education and my career and personally, I do consider being an elementary teacher to be better then a call girl. Yeah, I don’t make nearly as much money as the high paid ones, but I never wanted to screw losers for money ether.

      • And I remind you: No parent brings home their little girl/BOY from the hospital and says “Gee, if she grows up and becomes a professional JANITOR, garbage collector or geriatric nurse, I’ll be OK with that, after all, it’s a much needed service for SOCIETY!” – notice something?!

  • I love Korean pies :)

    • YourSupremeCommander

      My fav is the Korean bearded clam.

  • Jang

    S. Korean men have always been able to rape their S. Korean wives without punishment, now that that may soon not be the case Korean men are all mad at Korean women, blaming foreigners as if they’re to blame for Korean women becoming prostitutes.

    • dk2020

      Da fuq ajeoshi, this ain’t the 60’s or whatever, rape is never acceptable ..

    • Sillian

      So logical. Aren’t you the guy who claimed that ‘manslaughter’ is not considered in Korea? -_-

  • Jang

    Yes it is or was only until recently. Korean men urged to stop beating and raping their wives by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

    • Sillian

      How did you even get there from the fact that they updated the definition of rape? You used ‘that blog’ as your link. That’s revealing.

  • MeCampbell30

    I commend those Korean women, working hard to earn dollars.

    I lol’ed at that.

  • Angelica

    Some of those male netizens talking about Korean women studying abroad being whores is just disgusting in my opinion. Like Kate mention in her comment, some netizens seem to have lots of hate to their own women. However! The male netizens seem to dismiss the fact that SOME of their own fellow male citizens go to Southeast Asian countries to mingle and perhaps run away and leave girlfriends and babies behind (like what is happening now in the Philippines).

    • Sillian

      Trust me. If the article was about the Korean guys causing trouble abroad, there would be just as much bashing on Korean guys. Depending on the topic, internet comment sections like this can be a gathering place for frustrated people to vent out, not for serious discussion.

      • dk2020

        Thats true .. the VA Tech and Oakland gunmen come to mind .. those guys were scumbags ..

  • TrickyNishidake

    Ouch. Their comments kill any desire to troll I might have once had.

  • Katie

    The reputation of Korean girls is getting whorish every day; it’s THAT bad. Some crazy bitches claim that Korean girls are very popular when abroad, HA, seriously, go abroad and see the reality; many of Korean women married to foreigners have divorced, not coming back due to the shame of the failure. Those kinds of women are prostitutes in the US. Westerners may enjoy having sex with Korean girls while staying in Korea, but when those Westerners go home, they treat Asians like dirt there. If you’re not mentally prepared for such a crappy reality, you’re 95% likely to get divorced in due time. There are good reasons for such a high divorce rate.

    Where are these stats from. I would like to note some things:

    1. The divorce rate is higher in America than in Korea. The rate is not 95%.

    2. Discrimination and misogyny is everywhere. You have exaggerated it, especially in your comparison with Korea and America.

    3. The number of misogynist comments from Naver is too damn high.

  • where can I get one?

  • In Truth

    Korean ‘Comfort Women’ were voluntary prostitute not sex slave?

    Korea’s ‘crackdown culture’ – now it’s brothels
    By David Scofield

    Prostitution has been a component of Korean culture for literally thousands of years, and any attempt to eliminate this still viable cultural artifact will not succeed if it does not address the demand for sex services within South Korean culture.


    • dk2020

      So what? what are you going to do to help asshole? Nothing right?

      I love them hoes though .. fuck your slut shaming stupid beeetch!

  • Jojo

    Not really related … but … could someone explain me for once why prostitution is legal in Korea and pornography isn’t? Isn’t that a HUGE contradiction and rather hypocrite? Either the other way round, or both allowed or both forbidden …

    • dk2020

      Prostitution is illegal in SoKo .. it’s tolerated in the red light districts like hooker hill in Itaewon. Every once in awhile there are police raids and shake downs but most of the time it’s business as usual ..

  • Paul

    I’m a westener and I like Korean woman , they are so beautiful.

  • get cops to shut it down!

    flushing, queens off northern & murray hill around the train station — i can name about 10 more locations (ROOM SALONS/Karaoke stand bar). how do i know? i’ve been there. my friends have been there. i’ve spoken to the girls out of curiosity. the girls are there for “company” and to pour drinks and sing for the men…. but tip or ask them to hang out afterwards and they’ll do more. FOR A FACT. BECAUSE MY (GROSS) FRIENDS HAVE DONE IT. and they won’t stop because the girls are just so gorgeous and slutty. CAN WE PLEASE GET COPS TO SHUT THIS DOWN?

    • dk2020

      Then call the cops you snitch .. they are not always prostitutes you fuckin idiot the same can be said about strippers that fuck in the VIP room if the customer pays enough .. it happens .. byunshin ass white boys .. u mad they don’t speak engrish huh? lame ass hater ..

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  • Balotelli2012

    Korean men is certainly behind this and the sexual misogyny mentality never stops for a second in Korean society. They should implement changse, even China did back in the 60s.
    According the East Asian womens rights statistics, Korean falls far behind China and Jpan. The men can’t do housework to save their lives and the women must be good little housewives.

    Korean housewives protest almost daily, frustrated by their slary husbands “late night” business deals

  • Toshiaki Haginoya

    I’m sure they are future comfort women demanding apology from the U.S.

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