Korean-American Prostitution Rings Exposed in New York

Korean brother busted in New York
From NEWSis:

Korean-American-owned prostitution rings busted in US

Prostitution rings in New York City that were operated by Korean-Americans were caught, creating a stir. The New York County District Attorney’s Office and the New York Police Department announced on 21st that they arrested five prostitution rings for running and promoting illegal prostitution businesses, money laundering, and narcotic sales; three of the arrested rings were Korean and two of them were Chinese.

The number of arrested Korean-Americans were six: the owners Kim (46, Queens Fresh Meadow), Kwon (49, New Jersey Palisades Park), and Yang (Oakland Gardens), as well as their employees. ‘Somad,’ an internet company that had advertised the illegal businesses was also indicted for promoting prostitution. If they are found guilty of the charge, they will serve eight to twenty five years.

Over the course of the investigation, the police freed two victims of ‘human trafficking,’ relocating them in safe places.

As the police reported, the prostitution rings offered an ‘In-call’ service that brings in customers to their workplaces and an ‘Out-call’ service that sends the females to where the customers are located; the advertisement agency ‘Somad’ helped the businesses lure customers via advertisements on websites, cable channels, and local newspapers.

The prostitution companies also committed multiple felonies: setting up a fake company to laundry the money received by credit card, selling cocaine and etc.

The prostitution rings were busted while the Attorney General’s Organized Crime Task Force was investigating online prostitution advertisements, tracing Somad’s bank account. Also, the Department of Homeland Security participated in the investigation which had continued for fifteen months from January 2010 to May 2011 as well. The task force revealed that the businesses paid Somad 3.22 million USD for 35,000 advertisements.

The defendants who ran the prostitution businesses in Koreatown in Queens are Kim, Kwon, and Yang; the Korean-American community are at a loss of words by the news that they have been in the prostitution industry, setting up the workplace in suburban area.

Park Jae-hyun at Flushing said, ‘I feel extremely ashamed by that Korean-Americans are involved with the prostitution case, following the huge criminal impersonation case that happened recently.

Yoon Jeong-sook, the head of the New York Family Counselling Office showed concerns that ‘Prostitution and human trafficking issues involved with Korean business owners are appalling,’ and ‘not only the owners but advertising and driving companies are all part of the illegal industry. Without vigilant measures to tackle the issues, the reputation of Korean-Americans will surely nosedive.’

Comments from Daum:


The state of both Korean girls in Korea and abroad is spiralling out of control. How many of those girls claiming to have studied in the US, Australia, and Japan actually did study?


Once they come back, they’ll be called ‘New Yorkers.’


Aren’t those bitches stupid bullshit talkers that they went there to pursue a modelling career? When they can’t handle the cost of living in NY, they embark on a prostitution career. Those English or Japanese speaking bitches who claim to have lived abroad are all whores.


Shouldn’t the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family say something about it???


Shocked, you say..? ke ke ke Isn’t it one of those well known facts? Haven’t you watched ‘The expedition to Japan Series’?? It not just those prostitutes, the girls who’ve been traveling around Australia, Canada, and European countries are far worse than prostitutes. Whether they studied English or graduated from a community college, half of them are whores. In particular, innocent looking girls are the dirtiest! I know this Western guy who changed his mobile phone number to keep some Korean girls at bay, fighting over having sex with him. ㅠㅠ Those girls are the same ones who brag their fancy English skills, having surgery on their vagina [to make it like a virgin]; when the right time comes, they go to church and cry a river for their sins, marrying the dumbest guy.


Those prostitutes smearing the reputation of South Korea are shitty Southeast Asian Brides that married for the Korean passport. There should be a law on ‘run away brides’ who married via marriage businesses. Stop handing out the citizenship like flyers; stop selling the nation and limit the status of those brides as ‘permanent resident’ that requires renewals to keep the rights. (I demand pre-emptive measures to prevent the number of those brides from growing.)


Watch out when meeting Kimchi bitches studied abroad in countries like America and particularly Australia. They didn’t just learn the language, you’ll see them in Gangnam or Itaewon area on Friday nights..


This is nothing new; it’s the reality of the ‘massage industry’ that infected Korea since the mid-80s.


Thinking of getting married to Korean girls? You have to realise that it gives you a higher chance of admitting a prostitute as your spouse. Wake up, push-overs! ke ke


Are you seeing this, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family? This is what you’ve done. Yeah, you’ll make excuses and all. And hey, watch out for those people who’ve studied abroad; they’re less conservative on sex. We never know what they’ve done while studying there.


Yeah, Korean whores are so famous abroad. The whole population is much smaller than Chinese, yet we’ve got more whores available.


ke ke ke Oh Japan used to have the number one reputation for sex.. I’m so glad that we’ve finally conquered the number one title for this matter.


Those bitches eat ramyeon noodles whilst selling their bodies, and yet they’ll have a ‘brunch’ when coming back to Korea. So pretentious!


If those girls are Korean-Americans, it doesn’t matter; they’re Americans after all. But if they’re Korean? Don’t let them come back, no matter what.


I commend those Korean women, working hard to earn dollars.


Meh, it’s nothing new.. This nation is rife with people like those prosecutors bringing a defendant to have sex with her. Those prostitutes at least earn dollars, so I guess they are better than those in Korea. Ah, this is why I hate this fucking administration so much; it is ruining the future of Korea.


Prostitution, human trafficking.. This incident is so embarrassing for us though, it’s somewhat heart-warming to hear that they’ll serve from 8 years to 25 years; we’ve seen too many sex criminals receive suspended sentences without physical detention.


It’s just what the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family has done wrong, isn’t it? After all those years of trying hard to wipe out the industry, now we’ve got prostitutes in normal housing areas; it has gone to the extreme to the point where a prosecutor brings a girl to have sex in his office. It makes me wonder what would happen when the Ministry doesn’t allow us normal citizens to watch porn at PC bangs anymore.


It’s like the balloon effect: they squeezed the Korean market, and the industry has moved abroad.


The reputation of Korean girls is getting whorish every day; it’s THAT bad. Some crazy bitches claim that Korean girls are very popular when abroad, HA, seriously, go abroad and see the reality; many of Korean women married to foreigners have divorced, not coming back due to the shame of the failure. Those kinds of women are prostitutes in the US. Westerners may enjoy having sex with Korean girls while staying in Korea, but when those Westerners go home, they treat Asians like dirt there. If you’re not mentally prepared for such a crappy reality, you’re 95% likely to get divorced in due time. There are good reasons for such a high divorce rate.

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