Seoul Subway Arsonist Caught, Netizens Eye Conspiracy Theories

A series of fire incidents have made recent headlines in Korea. Eight people were killed and fifty-eight people were injured in a fire that broke out on the 26th at a bus terminal in Goyang. On the 28th, an old patient suffering from dementia set fire to a hospital annex for elderly patients in Jangseong. Although the fire was put out by firefighters within 6 minutes after the call to 119, eight people were injured and twenty-one people died from smoke inhalation, most of them elderly patients in poor physical conditions. Later that day, there was an arson attempt in the Seoul Metropolitan Subway. There was no serious casualties and the culprit was caught shortly after the incident occurred. Some netizens came up with conspiracy theories.

Article from News1:

Police Arrested Culprit of Arson in Train at Dogok Station

A man in his 70s was caught by police for pouring a flammable material on chairs in a train bound for Dogok station on Line 3 of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway at about 10:54 a.m. The Seoul Suseo police department stated that the arson culprit was found in an emergency room at a nearby specialized burn center on the same day the incident occurred. He was burned in the arson attempt.

A fire broke out when the train stopped at the Dogok station, leading all passengers to evacuate and all trains on Line 3 to be halted. The person who first reported the incident to the fire department said, “I was in a compartment next to where the fire broke out. I could see the fire through the windows between compartments. As people began shouting ‘There is a fire!’ I called 119. Soon the train stopped at the Dogok station and an announcement told us to move to the driver’s cab. We waited a bit and got off the train through the doors in the driver’s cab.”

Seoul Metro staff said, “The fire didn’t spread much because of the fire department’s fast response.” As of 11:45 a.m. trains on Line 3 are running through Dogok station without stopping.


Comments from Naver:

If you think our country should bring back the death penalty, please upvote this comment!!! Definitely!!


If that man is a Saviorist, they should declare a martial law against Geumsuwon and bulldoze them with a tank.


First check whether he is a Saviorist bug.


The more I think about it….the more it seems like the recent fire accidents were caused by terrorists…


Clearly find out who’s behind this!!


It seems the Saviorists are on the rise these days…They want to divert attention [from the Sewol ferry accident] or are holding a grudge.


I hope they give the death penalty for a crime like that, whether the criminal is an elderly person or not.


Arson at Namdaemun, arson at Daegu subway, arson at a nursing home…arson at Dogok station…. These arsonists were all oldies. Have they gone senile…


You crazy man in your 70s, why did you try to kill innocent people? Age freaking gracefully.


They should first check whether he is a Saviorist.

Article from Newsis:

Culprit for Arson in Train at Dogok Station on Line 3 Was Caught…Suicide Attempt


According to the police investigation, he set the fire to kill himself. It was found that Mr. Cho had harbored a grudge for fifteen years against the government for receiving less compensation than expected in a lawsuit when his business was damaged by a overflowing septic tank.


Comments from Daum:

Don’t just assume he’s mentally ill. Investigate thoroughly about who’s behind him…
Hint: Korea Parent Federation’s trashy old men.


You crazy bastard, if you want to die, die alone. What a complete psycho.. That kind of bastard should be punished harshly. What if the fire spread…f**k..


He should be punished harshly..


It just feels like “they” are pulling strings from behind…


Citizens of the Republic of Korea, I hope you survive. Let’s survive until the ruling party is replaced.


It seems everyone was safe thanks to Mayor Park Won-soon.


From my understanding, I cannot get over the suspicion that those red-colored albas are constantly causing chaos taking advantage of the recent situation.


In my opinion, that old man might belong to the Korea Parent Federation or Defoliant-affected Veterans’ Association.


If you want to die, die alone.


They installed the platform screen doors for a situation like this, Mong-joon. It’s not for air quality… [Referring to Seoul mayor candidate Chung Mong-joon’s criticism of air quality control in Seoul subway stations with platform screen doors.]

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