Amid Controversy, Prime Minister Nominee Steps Down

Article from NEWSis:

Ahn Dae-hee’s Resignation May Hamper President Park’s Administration


Ahn Dae-Hee, recently nominated for Prime Minister, suddenly resigned 6 days after being named for the position. President Park Geun-Hye’s second cabinet finds itself adrift in crisis before the boat has even set sail.

Ahn was given the opportunity to become Prime Minister of the second cabinet, which President Park is forming in an effort to restore the government’s administrative power, lost after the Sewol tragedy. This plan has run into some trouble.

On the 22nd, President Park nominated Ahn as successor to current Prime Minister Jeong Hong-Won due to the belief that Ahn could take on the responsibility of eradicating the ‘bureaucratic mafia’, as well as reform and extensively restructure government organizations.

Especially during his time as a prosecutor, Ahn was known for his integrity, carrying out investigations into the corruption of former President Roh Moo-hyun’s inner circle and Grand National Party campaign funds without any special considerations. Pulling out the “Ahn Dae-hee card” was intended to restore the faith that was lost in the government due to the Sewol tragedy.

However, controversy surrounding Ahn’s previous post has caused him to step back even before the congressional confirmation hearing, thus destroying President Park’s plan.

The previous day, President Park ordered the introduction of the Vice Prime Minister who supervises education, society, and culture affairs in order to increase expertise and responsibility in policy-making through the three-person leadership (Prime Minister, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy) of the cabinet.

The Park administration was spurring the establishment of the second cabinet with the introduction of National Safety Agency and Innovative Human Resources Agency, which changed the system of 17-bu 3-cheo 17-cheong to 17-bu 5-cheo 15-cheong.

Ahn’s resignation has caused trouble in the making of the second cabinet, and the government shake-up has to start again at square one.

Since constitutionally it is upon the Prime Minister’s recommendation that cabinet members are chosen, only after nominating a successor to the Prime Minister is it possible to move forward. Since the Sewol tragedy, the cabinet’s administrative power has weakened and it appears that this will continue for a while.

It is more damaging that the Blue House’s system for personnel affairs is on the chopping block again due to Ahn’s stepping down as nominee over the privilege scandal.

Since Kim Yong-jun, formerly nominated by President Park for Prime Minister, also offered up his resignation due to scandal over suspicion of real estate speculation, the image of trust and principle is suffering a large blow.

In addition, there is growing worry that selecting another successor to the former Prime Minister will not be an easy task. It is because more strict moral standards will have to be applied to the new nominee because 2 out of 3 Prime Minister candidates nominated by President Park have already failed to take the position.

It appears that President Park will be working above all to find a new nominee for Prime Minister, which is urgently necessary to normalize the administration.

The Prime Minister candidates who were mentioned with strong support before Ahn was nominated are expected to be brought to attention again. They include Han Kwang-ok, Chairman of the National Unity Committee, Gyeonggi Governor Kim Mun-su, Saenuri National Assembly members Hwang Wu-yeo, Kim Mu-seong, Lee In-je, National Unification Advisory Council’s Vice-Chairman Hyun Gyeong-dae, former supreme court justice Cho Mu-je, former Chungbuk Governor Lee Won-jong, former Chungnam Governor Shim Dae-pyeong, President of Seoul National University Oh Yeon-cheon, Yonsei University president Jeong Gap-yeong, Kyeongnam University president Park Jae-kyu, and former National Intelligence Chairman Kim Seung-gyu.

Comments from Naver:

The lawmakers are worse than ever. Who’s trying to judge who? It’s ridiculous when lawmakers act high and mighty at confirmation hearings. Let’s hold hearings to examine the lawmakers first.


It looks like he quit because he’s sick of sabotage…


It’s very regrettable because he deserves the position. He’s 1000 times better than those worthless lawmakers.


This year must be one of the most unfortunate years for Park Geun-hye.


From now on, let’s have confirmation hearings for lawmakers, too. Then they will all be removed, too~~~~ They don’t deserve our tax money~~~


35 years as a prosecutor and 1 year as a lawyer. He must have been disturbed by the accusations on his clean and successful life. He must have lost morale because hypocrites were bashing him. Investigate into those loud-mouthed opposition party figures’ property and use their fortune as donations.


The current state of the country is disoriented and strange. Too many words with no action.


This country is rotten.


Lawmakers are trying to bring down each other. Whether they are from the ruling or opposition party, is there any lawmaker who’s clean? Why don’t they all resign so we can pick new ones then~~~~?


Would there be anyone who deserves to be nominated for Prime Minister in the Republic of Korea after all? Should they go scout a foreigner? In my opinion, a robot with artificial intelligence should become the Prime Minister.

Comments from Daum:

But don’t forget to donate more [as you promised].


Now let’s crucify the Chicken [President Park] who nominated that moneygrubber.


Ahe Dae-hee~ No way! [Pun on his name]


It is so disheartening that those guys pretended to be clean and made our President Roh Mu-hyun die through investigations. They should reform the prosecution. Prosecutors need to be investigated, too. Why do they only investigate others? Even at a glimpse, dirty laundry was revealed easily. Moon Jae-in is the best person to reform the prosecution and keep them in check. Let’s vote for him for next presidency in 2017. I hope Park Won-soon becomes the next President in 2022 to keep reforming the prosecution. And then Park Young-sun in 2027. If this happens, our country can become an advanced nation with no problem.


What about Wang Gi-chun [confused with Kim Gi-chun] who recommended this guy?


He failed to manage his integrity. Are there that few worthy talents in this country?


He will rake in money like crazy from now on.

먼길을 바라봐님:

Ah~ What’s the problem… Ministers can take bigger responsibility and the President can just take the job of Prime Minister~ So they can save the tax-payers’ precious money on wages. For Park Geun-hye’s governing style, why the hell does she even need a Prime Minister anyway? Maybe she can let Chief Presidential Secretary Kim Gi-chun take the job of Prime Minister like a one-plus-one deal.


He at least has some conscience to quit..


That’s the right consequence. Justice prevails.

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