Grieving Families of the Sewol Tragedy Stage Hunger Strike

Since the Sewol ferry accident on April 16th, 2014, the grieving families of the victims and their supporters have continued staging protests and holding vigils, often clashing with the police. There have been several sit-in protests as well as several large silent protests that serve as a reminder not only to remember the victims, but also as a way to pressure the government to make the structural changes that would prevent another incident of its kind.

Photo from news1:


Grieving families of those who lost their lives due to the Sewol tragedy gather for a hunger strike Gwanghwamun Square (Seoul, Jongro-gu) on Monday afternoon, demanding a special law be passed that would spur further investigation into the incident.

Comments from Naver:

The victims’ families shouldn’t stage a hunger strike if they think there should be a special law to investigate the incident further. Have a press conference – “We don’t all need special treatment!” If they just request that a complete investigation be made into the incident, I think they would get complete support from the public.


They should only do what’s needed… Isn’t special college admission too much? There weren’t just students among the victims. This is too much.


If people keep getting special treatment, they begin to think that it’s their right.


Why does only the Sewol have to get special treatment? How about the families of the victims in the Gyeongju resort incident, Sealand fire, bombardment of Yeonpyeong-do, Cheonan sinking and Daegu subway fire – why don’t they also demand a new special law and get special treatment? Don’t go overboard.


You know you will faint if you stop eating for a week, right? Don’t fake it like Lee Jung-hee did. If you really want to do it, do it properly.


Don’t be so stubborn. People who’ve been in sorrow and economic recession for months are getting exhausted.


I understand their sentiment but it’s excessive. Even the families of the fallen soldiers in the Cheonan Sinking and the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong didn’t demand special treatment. It’s too much. The majority of people will be repulsed. Sometimes silence says more.


It’s sad but I think they’re going too far.


Don’t go overboard…Are they really doing some business out of this?


Given they died while on a trip, it still doesn’t make sense they get better treatment than the families of the victims of the Cheonan that was blown up and sunk.


It’s all good that they demand a special law but I hope they don’t stage a hunger strike just because they don’t have it their way. Their children wouldn’t have wanted them to starve themselves on a strike like this.


What’s wrong is wrong. Be reasonable…


Do NOT pass a special law!


Let’s see whether they really don’t eat anything at all.


Would your children or families in heaven be happy about this? If it were me, I’d be so sad.


Stop it. You’ve overstayed your welcome guys.


Is your new job now crying over the Sewol?


No words………


I will keep an eye on whether they eat or not.


What are you doing……?

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