Netizens Show off Photos with Japanese Idol Shinozaki Ai

Japanese model and idol singer Shinozaki Ai is very popular in Korean male-dominant internet communities. Recently, an Ilbe netizen shared a few photos taken with her. He asked her to do the hand sign used by Ilbe netizens to verify photos. The Ilbe moderator deleted the original post but soon one of the “proof photos” was re-uploaded. Despite being a “recycled” post (repost), it garnered enthusiastic responses from the users. This also brought back attention to one of the most up-voted and commented posts ever on MLB Park from last year where a netizen shared his travel story to meet Shinozaki Ai in Japan. Unlike Ilbe, MLB Park forums have a polite and politically left-leaning culture. However, both communities seem to share common interests when it comes to female celebrities.

From Ilbe:

Ilbe proof photo with Shinozaki Ai that the admins democratized [deleted]


Why did they delete this historical proof photo, huh!!

Comments from Ilbe:

Maybe the admin wanted to keep Shinozaki Ai in the sanctuary.


The original post was one of the daily best posts during the daytime. The original poster is an Ilbe user living in Japan. There was a fan signing event of Shinozaki Ai near where he lives. If you buy her album, you can take photos with her. So he went to the event and took Ilbe proof photos with her when she didn’t know what it was for. The poster had his best day with a full erection.


Getting married to Shinozaki Ai and dying at 40 vs. living normally?


If Shinozaki supports Ahn Cheol-su the Indecisive, I would even vote for him.


She looked piggy even when she lost some weight. It seems she has lost even more weight in the meantime. Fucking cute.


Honestly, this is an epic proof photo. This bastard met her for real..


The hand sign looked weird. Then I realized he was bending his middle finger. Also, look at him trying to touch her boobs with his elbow pretending to be just doing the hand sign, ke ke ke ke. Down-voted.


The proof photos on Skate MLB Park made me more jealous than this. ㅠㅠ


This is more shocking than a proof photo with the President… I thought she was an angel who only exists in some fucking far far away foreign country and you can only see her through photos. But she was a real person.


Ah, she’s fucking pretty when she’s dressed up. I didn’t know because I only saw her in swimsuits.

From MLB Park:

[Proof photos] I took photos with Ms. Shinozaki Ai.

Let me tell you my story of meeting Ms. Shinozaki Ai. There was a performance by AeLL where Ms. Shinozaki Ai is a member at Tokyo Ramen Show in the Komazawa park. One day before the event, I was walking on the streets in Akihabara and spotted a claw crane machine at the Sega Game Center. I tried to pick up a Doraemon doll.


I wanted to give it as a present to Ms. Shinozaki Ai. I could just buy it but you know it feels better if you pick it up by yourself. My first attempt failed but the second trial was luckily successful. I was also able to pick up a figure from One Piece, too. It was a lucky day.


In fact, I can’t speak Japanese at all. My English is poor as well. I had to depend on my Konglish. I managed to find ways using my poor English, Japanese and gestures.

At the Shibuya station, I asked a Japanese person for directions to Komazawa Park. I said I heard I have to go to the Koenji station. He said “Just a moment” and looked it up on his smart phone. Then he told me to go to the Ebisu station instead and take the bus to Yoga. I thanked him and headed to the Ebisu station.

I got off at Ebisu station. There was a bus to Yoga across the street but I wanted to make sure. I asked a Japanese person whether the bus was going to the park. He asked me to wait a bit and ran to the bus driver. He confirmed that it was the right bus to the Komazawa park. I said “Hai, hontoni arigato gozaimasu” in Japanese to thank him. I took the bus and at last, I arrived at the park.


Since it was a day for the Tokyo Ramen Show, they were selling various kinds of ramen. Many of them looked tasty.



I found the performance stage. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take photos of AeLL’s performance because it was prohibited. I just took the following photo when I wasn’t aware of the rule.


To take photos with AeLL, I had to buy AeLL goods. I bought Shinozaki Ai’s T-shirt. I knew there was a handshaking event. Because I can’t speak Japanese, using body language, I managed to find a way to take photos with Ms. Shinozaki Ai. I got a ticket and lined up. I said to the manager, “I’d like to meet Ms. Shinozaki Ai” (in poor English…) And I was able to see her. I could hear her pretty voice from somewhere.

“Hello~~~~ Nice to meet you~~~”

Ms. Shinozaki Ai was speaking in Korean. At that moment, I got frozen and couldn’t properly speak. (Maybe I just kept saying “Arigato gozaimasu”;;;) Then I took photos with her.


It was so good. I was really happy at that time. Shamefully, I didn’t know how to express myself in Japanese when I met her. I just showed her some Japanese message using a Korean-Japanese translation app. (I was ashamed that I had to show her a machine translation.) I was so envious of the Japanese fans. They could say at least 2~3 sentences to her without effort. I showed her translated messages that I prepared in advance on my iPhone. She took my phone and read it. But that consumed time and the manager gave us a sign that time’s up.

I was just about to leave saying “Ah…hai…sumimasen…” I was so out of mind that I didn’t even try to get back my iPhone. Then she called me and said “I love you~~” in Korean after giving the phone back to me with a facial expression that she understood. I also said “I love you~~” and I was trying to turn my head and get off the stage because the manager was urging me to go. Then Ms. Shinozaki Ai called me again and asked me for a high five. We did a high five twice and she waved both hands to me while smiling. And I left the stage. She was incredibly considerate. Even though the manager was urging me to leave from behind, she called me twice.

Honestly, I’m a fan of multiple celebrities and when I like an idol, it doesn’t last longer than three months. My favorites used to change quickly. However, I’ve been a fan of Shinozaki Ai since 2010. She looked like a cartoon character and above all, I was touched by her angelic heart that I felt in the Komazawa park.



Here I had ramen and a beer. Tokyo Ramen Show continued the next day in the park.


I came back to my hotel. Drinking beer, I decided to meet Ms. Shinozaki Ai again next day. I was listening to J-Walk’s “Suddenly”…”Please let me see your shadow for the last time~~~♬”


Next day in the hotel, I met a Japanese woman who spoke Korean very well. I showed her the photos I took with Ms. Shinozaki Ai. She giggled and said it was awesome. I told her that I want to give a Doraemon doll to Ms. Shinozaki but I don’t know how to write a letter in Japanese. I couldn’t give her the doll on the previous day because I couldn’t prepare a fan letter that expresses my heart yet.

She said, “If it’s okay, you can write it in Korean and I will translate it into Japanese.” I expressed great gratitude to her and let her translate my letter. Then she said, “Instead of giving her what I wrote, it would be more meaningful for you to copy what I wrote.” That made sense.

In a cafe in Shibuya, I copied the Japanese translation she wrote while smoking. I tried to copy each letter as close as possible. There is some personal content so I won’t reveal what I wrote in the letter. Of course, I took you guys’ comments from the other thread into consideration.


I headed to the Ebisu station and then took a bus to Yoga. I arrived at the Komazawa Park again!!! It was lively, just like yesterday.


I finished watching AeLL’s performance. It was free to watch but I had to buy AeLL goods for the handshaking event. This time, I bought AeLL’s album and Ms. Shinozaki Ai’s photos. After getting the ticket, I was able to meet Ms. Shinozaki Ai again. When I was struggling with my poor Japanese, AeLL fans there helped me a lot. They helped me like it was their own responsibility. They let me know how to get the ticket and take photos. One AeLL fan even tried to give me their own ticket so I can take photos one more time. I was very grateful but I only took their kind heart. I was very thankful. Finally, I met Ms. Shinozaki Ai again.


The Doraemon doll was in that bag and that envelop had the fan letter expressing my heart. (Doraemon… Please get love from Ms. Shinozaki Ai… Dude, I envy you…)


These two photos above were taken with a Polaroid. I want to carry them in my wallet. I will be able to gain strength looking at these photos whenever life is hard, he he.

Ms. Shinozaki Ai asked me to make a heart sign with her. So we did this.


She said “Hello~ Thank you very much. I love you~~” in Korean and I said “Happy to meet you” in Japanese. She made a smile. Suddenly she asked me for a high five. We did it with both hands. Since there were other people waiting behind me, I couldn’t stay for long. l had to leave.

Ms. Shinozaki Ai… I want to see you again. I will go see AeLL’s performance around next summer. Tokyo Ramen Show in the Komazawa park was an unforgettable memory for me.


Comments from MLB Park:

I’ve never been this jealous on this Bullpen forum before.. You took photos with my future wife. ㅠㅠ


Wow, I’m so jealous, dur dur. As you can see it from real photos, only her breasts are epic-huge but her other parts are so slim and long, ha… I envy him, dur dur.


Wow. I thought she just had large breasts but her face is epic, too, dur dur.


This is very much Bullpener-like; As I’m getting old, I envy the pure passion that makes you like a foreign celebrity this much. Voted up…


Honestly, this is the most enviable person ever I’ve seen on this forum. His passion. His encounter with Shinozaki.ㅠㅠ I want to buy his memory of touching her with his arms.


Awesome, clap clap. I grew more fond of Shinozaki Ai. It seems she’s good at speaking Korean. Will she ever visit Korea to perform…


Wow, I’m so envious of his experience, courage, will and passion. Wow, I can’t explain it in words. I pity myself for not being able to go and blaming it on money and time. Wow, I would give you something more than just an up-vote..Wow.. And I’m just asking this out of curiosity. Did something happen between you and the Japanese woman you met at the hotel? Everyone seems kind.. It seems there might have been something more than just kindness…ke ke.


I don’t give out my votes easily;; (as if it is something, ke) I wouldn’t even have batted an eye if it was some other celebrity. I give you an up-vote only because it is Shinozaki Ai. I’m so jealous. Out of all Asian women, I want to meet her the most..


What an Ai chan fan who takes action….. On this forum, I’ve been only mumbling like “Ai chan…gasp~” I envy you, dur dur.


I was visiting Tokyo and Osaka and came back to Korea today. So you went to the ramen festival. Around then, I was also in Tokyo so I wanted to go there because I like ramen. Then my friend working in Japan asked me why I would want to line up trembling on a cold day to munch on ramen. So I gave up. If I had known Ai chan was coming, I would’ve gone.ㅜ.ㅜ Although I wouldn’t be able to take photos with her because I’m reserved….I envy you.

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  • Mighty曹

    * Waiting for a Fred Fong BUKAKKE input.

    • guest

      Personally, I’m more excited for the incoming Rutim vs Chucky face off

      • Mighty曹

        One would always have more to say for sure.

  • bang2tang

    I hate Japan but I love JAV & gravure ㅋㅋㅋ

    • guest

      You hate Japan but you love Japanese porn and a Japanese bubblegum pop group

      Wanna know how I know you’re a lonely loser?

      • bang2tang

        uhm, I guess you don’t get it ㅋㅋㅋ

        • Peter Old

          Are you female?

          • David

            Really? You need to ask? Only lonely guys use an avatar like that.

          • mr.wiener

            Exhibit A: Mei mei

          • David


      • niptuck

        considering thats all the japs are good for, i dont see a problem with his comment.

        • Chinilpa

          While the Korean gooks are good at copying the Japs at everything. Korean electronics company, Samsung, has beaten most of the Japanese electronics companies such as Sony and Panasonic. Also, Korean suicide rate is now higher than Japan’s. Korea has the highest suicide rate in the developed world actually.

          I’m waiting for Korea to make quality porn like Japan one day because Korean gooks really suck when it comes to that

          • WTH

            Don’t fap too hard to your AV sessions.

          • Jerrybean

            Lee Dong Gook is a great football player, a little on the decline now but how could you say these thongs about him???

          • bang2tang

            They make a lot of soft porn…

          • Guest

            Japan has copied korea for thousands of years. They learnt by copying others so its no different in that aspect.

      • WTH


    • Kochigachi

      that’s coz you’re idiot

  • Japanese BUKKAKE starlets and K-pop prostitutes….keep the internet mojo workin!

    • bang2tang

      Got another variety beside bukkake?

    • Kochigachi

      Nice, another foreigner with Bukkake fetish.

    • wrle

      No. Don’t bash K-pop.

  • Chucky3176


  • Peter Old

    This is one reason I think military service is good for S.Korean men. It gives them the life experience to mature; which they often don’t get in their culture.

  • Brett

    What a loser. Bet he had just finished posting about how Japan should burn and Japanese are fuck faced pig lovers before he met her.

    • Sillian

      What’s up with such negativity, Brett? o_O Did you have a bad day?

      • Brett

        I haven’t been here or japancrush in months because it’s all one big huge “your country is shit” orgy. It gets kind of depressing after a while.

        • Sillian

          Those are political topics that attract that type of netizens. It’s not like netizens are one individual.

          • Brett

            It’s not limited to political topics, Sillian. And netizens don’t have to be an individual to not be nationalistic tools.

          • Sillian

            There is no completely clean message board unless moderation is very tight. But it does largely depend on the topic and the website. What I mean by “netizens are not one individual” is that it is not necessarily that the same people are saying contrary things. It’s more likely that different people are saying different things with different personal interests. Netizens are a diverse group. MLB Park netizens are clearly critical of Japan’s right-wing politics but you would almost never read any comment like what you wrote above. Even in Ilbe known for stupid antics, coarse language and lax moderation, you can find a good number of Japan ‘apologists’ so the arguments related to Japan are not just one-sided.

          • LOL

            How would he know? He can’t even read Korean or what they say.

          • Brett

            누구? 나?

        • Matt

          Welcome to the internet.

    • Pig

      They are

    • bang2tang

      it’s similar like Sora Aoi’s case ㅋㅋㅋ

  • tomoe723

    I don’t get it. He’s proud enough to post pictures of him with Shinozaki Ai, yet he censors his face with some cartoon graphic. Is this normal? Or it’s just this site’s privacy protection protocols?

    • Sillian

      I think some people just don’t want to reveal their personal identity to the anonymous internet crowd because not everyone’s gonna be nice, unless there is some sort of real profit that can make up for the potential abuse.

    • bang2tang

      it’s pretty normal for wota www

    • Guest

      who wants to let the world know that he’s an ilbe user???¿¿

  • FYIADragoon

    One of the great ironies of both Korea and China. Their obsession with the pop culture of Japan, while maintaining their “patriotic hatred” of the country.

    • Sillian

      It’s not a bad thing if political discord doesn’t practically interfere with civil or cultural exchanges. And hardcore haters aren’t usually the ones who positively pay attention to the pop culture of that country. We are not just talking about one person. People are different.

    • WTH

      I could say the same thing about the Japanese and their obsession with uploading anti Kpop videos and commenting on any Kpop or Kdrama related article on YouTube and other sites. Their monkey magic shows no limits. I sense a weeboo from Japan Probe/ Japapologist here. By the way Ilbe are the low life 2chan scum with no social lives.

    • chucky3176

      Unless it’s politics or bad international relations, rarely do Koreans bad mouth Japanese culture. It’s always things like the history/territorial disagreements that brings out the hostility.

      On the other hand, the Japanese will bad mouth Koreans no matter what it is. Korean men and Japanese women get along pretty well actually. It’s just the jealous Japanese men who feel they are inadequate that are insecure, so they lash out in Tokyo/Osaka or on the internet, but don’t have any courage to say the same crap to your face in person.

      • bang2tang

        Hallyu Star’s effect

      • David

        As opposed to you who are talking crap about them on the inter. . . oh. oops.

        • Chucky3176

          I didn’t bring it up, I merely responded to an unprovoked accusation.

      • Guest

        That’s complete and utter shite. Any affiliation/connection to Japanese pop culture is roundly condemned by Koreans. Pro-Jap = scum/traitor, whatever.

        No, as much as you’d like to believe, Koreans aren’t better than Japanese when it comes it this. But then it’s not unexpected to see you spout your Koreans are better than Japanese nonsense at any opportunity you can, even something as trivial as this.

        They are as bad each other.

        • Chucky3176

          Sorry, but that’s not true. Most Koreans don’t give a shit if someone likes Japanese pop culture. In the old days, many Koreans grew up adorning Japanese pop culture and imitations and copies followed. And the Korean government was afraid that the Japanese pop culture would overflow Korea and put importation restrictions on them. Yet they couldn’t stop the Japanese pop influence. But once the restrictions were lifted since over fifteen years ago, now a days, people just find it strange that anyone would follow that. They just shrug and say, “whatever that floats their boat”.

          • Rutim

            lol, the ban is still in public places/promotion in the medias. You could call Japanese culture in Korea as underground culture as it’s treated the same way and it’s been before ‘lifting a ban’ which wasn’t lifted at all.

          • Chucky3176

            Rutim, you won’t find Koreans go apeshit and launch mass hate protests against J-Pop, like Japan. lol. So childish.

          • bang2tang

            They don’t need to protest since there is no j-pop idol group who officially promoting in SK. It also seems some of them lash out on youtube typing some cold comments in J idol group PV, http://www...

          • LOL

            LOL, yeah, they all fail miserably when they give out concerts. The last concert was AKAB48 and they were laughed at.

          • bang2tang

            do you mean SKE48 debut performance at Seoul Drama awards?

          • Jpop

            Maybe the sucked so bad, the Koreans were letting them know. Not all “cold comments” are because they are Japanese.

          • Truck Furniture Maker

            As a foreigner with no dog in this fight that has lived for many years in all three countries (China / Japan / Korea). All three commonly badmouth each other and to pretend otherwise is lying or ignorance.

      • Guest

        “On the other hand, the Japanese will bad mouth Koreans no matter what it is. Korean men and Japanese women get along pretty well actually. It’s just the jealous Japanese men who feel they are inadequate that are insecure, so they lash out in Tokyo/Osaka or on the internet, but don’t have any courage to say the same crap to your face in person.”

        What you explained is exactly something out of what the korean media tells about Japan. Besides whats told on the media and on the internet, you dont actually know much about Japan nor Japanese people do you? Lol

      • Mann90

        With all the sexist stuff korean guys call japanese girls and towards their own country’s women, you really think they get along? You have to be joking if guys are getting jealous just for that, hell its mostly the girls nowadays that are turning anti korean knowing how they are being viewed.

        • Guest

          Dude, the majority of kpop/k-drama fans in Japan are women. The majority of Japanese tourists in Korea are women. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

          • Boris

            They have an idealised version of the Korean men from these dramas. Just as the Japanese Embassy in Paris has to deal with the Japanese who have an idealised version of Paris and then get there to see it is a shit place and end up getting panic attacks.

          • Guest

            Oh, they definitely do. I’m not disagreeing with you at all. Just like how Japan is not the fantasy land that anime watchers think it is. My point is that there are not hordes of Japanese women turning anti-Korean.

            Despite many peoples’ assumptions, most Koreans and Japanese (both men and women) get along extremely well in real life. It’s just the vocal morons online who make the most noise. You can tell Mann90 gets all of his info about Japan/Korea from online from all the exaggerated BS he’s saying.

          • whuddyasack

            I agree. Mann90 probably doesn’t even believe his warped fantasies. Those assumptions are just his wishful thinking. Notice how he brings up the overused “Korean sexism” argument? Actually, in Japan, their stereotype of Korean men is the opposite of sexism. As far as I know, there’s only one type of people who resort to using that card. They also happen to be the most desperate, misogynistic losers of all. The reality is that out of everyone, Japanese girls go for Korean men by a large margin.

            I find a real disconnect between the online and offline world. Where I’m currently studying, it doesn’t matter if the student is Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean or even Chinese. They all blend like dressing in a salad bowl.

        • Jp girl

          I agree.
          Many Korean/Chinese male inslut toward Japanese woman.
          How we can get along with each other?sick of them.
          btw I’m Japanese girl live in Japan :/

          • Kr Boy

            What do you mean? Just last night, I picked up couple of them yellow cabs and I’m boinking one of them already. It sure didn’t take much longer than couple of hours. Now that I’m done with the first one, I’ve got the other one all wrapped around me. lol..

          • Jp girl

            Korean/Chinese male have no respect for Japanese female at all.
            They just doing sexual harassment comment for us on internet…How can we get along?sigh

          • jgs

            Honestly Japanese guys make disturbing statements about Korean/Chinese girls more frequently. Also, in both China and Korea, there are more guys who praise Japanese girls than those who hate them

      • shalom

        ‘Korean men and Japanese women get along pretty well actually.’

        Dude, seems it’s mutual – you have no idea how well the Korean ladies ‘go down’ in Kabukicho and other red light areas around Japan :)

        • James

          Yeah, but you have to pay them.

          I’d say Korean guys are getting the much better end of the stick here. You got flocks of Japanese women going to Korea to get some of that yonsama dick.

      • Jp girl

        >Korean men and Japanese women get along pretty well actually
        You just make your countrymen look bad…
        I’m Japanese woman and don’t care about Korean guys…
        But I would say I hate Korean like you.

        • Chucky3176

          I said “Japanese women”, not jealous bitter Japanese guys pretending to be a Japanese woman. And when I said “they get along well”, I meant in platonic ways, not necessarily in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. At least both groups tolerate each other. This is reflected in the fact that the vast majority of Japanese tourists to Korea are women.

          • Jp girl

            But I am actual Japanese woman…
            Do you think all Japanse woman love Korean man for real??
            Are you OKAY?Most of us don’t have good impression with Korea at all…sadly.

          • “But I am actual Japanese woman”

            I see, then you COME TALKING to me OK?
            Let us deal with a Japanese-Japanese business that you have no reason in AVOIDING.

            Just get in touch with me on Twitter, then you and me follow with each other, to do it in Direct Message, as we need privacy.

            Let me tell you what a real Japaneseness is like, come on.

            Till then, you can’t post such pictures shameful on any foreign forum, as you are not certified what you are unless you have a chat with me OK?

        • jgs

          “Foreign-born men who married a Japanese-born woman were predominantly born in Korea (2,335), the United States (1,474), China (1,084), UK (386) and the Philippines (195).”

          Stats say otherwise LOL

      • guest

        Japanese men and Korean women more get along pretty well too.

        • guest

          pic related

      • whuddyasack

        Korean men and Japanese women get along pretty well actually.

        I think this line of yours ruffled too many feathers, haha. The angry mob want you crucified for speaking the truth and you get the angry, jealous, bitter dejected losers coming after you such as wo-“Mann90”. I don’t think I need to reveal his identity, we all know what he is. Think “competition”, in the sense of mating rights lol.

        Having met or known thousands of Japanese females, I agree with your statement completely. Many have Korean friends, both male and female. I guess some people prefer to live in a fantasy world online, in real life Koreans and Japanese get along beautifully.

      • whuddyasack

        I also agree with you that Jp girl is not a Japanese woman. Emphasis on both
        words. I think the fact that he decided to present the most extreme
        example, i.e. Japanese girl making hate speech as what’s representing most
        Japanese women reveals the desperation for what it is. It’s a clear attempt to cloud vision and instil doubt. I know for sure that both you and I know real Japanese women. I think we can both agree that they’re not like that or Jp girl at all. For all we know,
        he could be Mann90 or someone we’re all too familiar with.

      • Dave Park

        Koreans and Japanese people get along quite well in real life. When I lived in Japan, I met a lot of Japanese people who were shocked when they found out that I was of Korean descent but not in a bad way. We drank, we danced, and we had fun. They called me out many more times afterwards.

        And even in South Korea, where I met a lot of international Japanese students attending Korean universities. All good people.

    • chucky3176

      Reminds me of the Korean tour guide in Japan, who got into a big trouble for putting up some small signs with some Korean language, to guide Korean tourists to Japan. She was a pro-Japan and had website promoting tour attractions in Japan, but she got attacked as a gook who was dirtying up Japan with dirty Hangul letters polluting Japan – eventhough she got permission to put up the signs from the town. The Japanese put up anti-Korean signs saying Koreans are polluting the place, let’s get rid of the Koreans. She apologized and removed all the signs, and the last time I heard, she had to stop promoting the place because of all the unwanted attention from Japanese. Serves her right for liking the place.

      • Guest

        Yea, illegally putting up stickers on trees lol It wouldnt matter if the person was korean or japanese, anyone would get bashed for that

        • LOL

          she had permission from the town, doofie.

      • Butsu

        When was this? They have hangul at a lot of tourist spots and on some subway lines (but I’d say the majority is japanese and english, sometimes chinese is added together with korean as well).

    • wrle

      Sadly the only “pop culture of Japan” Koreans or Chinese are interested in is AV and pornstars like shinozaki Ai. Porn is no doubt Japan’s best cultural asset.

    • Guest

      what obsession with pop culture? jpop is hardly popular outside japan, kpop is the one with thousands of teenage rabid fangirls in east asia
      Most koreans don’t really know much about japanese entertainment

      • bang2tang

        J-rock/visual kei quite popular before boom of K-pop (niche market/esp. among anime lovers).
        Indo’s TV station already showing J-drama (oshin, love generation, etc) way before K-drama. But that’s another case…

        I don’t know if snh48 able to make j-pop become more popular in PRC or not regarding negative sentiment toward japan. But jkt48 seems to be quite popular among teenage boys.

    • Mann90

      And the funny thing is, even though they hate Japan, its a status for korean guys to date/marry japanese women. Korean inferiority complex at its best LOL

      • Isaac

        I did not know dating a whore was considered a ‘status for Korean guys’.
        She’s not even that pretty.

        • Boris


      • W

        Yes, clearly these dudes want that girl for the status and not her big titties.

    • Insomnicide

      Well Koreans and Japanese both maintain a hatred of China and look down on Chinese people while their entire cultures are imitations of Chinese culture so….I guess you can say it goes both ways.

      • Boris

        “while their entire cultures are imitations of Chinese culture so” – While they do take a lot from China, their cultures are different. Not entirely different, but still different. Having been to all three. Even HK, Taiwan and Mainland China, though very similar have their differences. If you been to any of these places, you’d know it.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      handwritten, signature upvote on that one, so true!!

  • WTH

    Ilbe a forum with the credibility of 2chan

  • I envy her more

    • chucky3176

      She’s not that hot.

    • David


      • Big boobs, angel face. What else? lol
        I’m not talking about her life, cause I don’t know her.

        • David

          Awww OK, I understand. Yes, she is a hottie.

      • mcbride?

  • Kochigachi

    Seems Koreabang’s articles are getting more retarded

    • Magness

      Uh oh! This means this story made Kochigachi uncomfortable!!
      His little pea-brained Gyopo mind can’t conceive of the idea of korean dudes jacking off to Japanese girls. It’s ok man, you’ll be ok.
      Just a heads up, I’m sure Korean guys also wank over white girls and black girls too. Just like every other guy on earth.
      So your little pure blood fantasy of Korea might be slipping away forever :(

      • Guest

        Weaboos are so fucking weird

  • bang2tang

    Presento from 篠崎愛

  • bumfromkorea

    Mildly off topic, but I’m not sure if it would be a good idea to continue posting Ilbe as a source for Korean reactions to the news. Ilbe is fast becoming the of South Korea in terms of contents, politics, and social status. Their actions during the Sewol tragedy has all but confirmed their status as “the crazy, batshit-insane assholes who should be prosecuted and its site forcibly shut down”.

    • Chucky3176

      uh… no. Not even close.

      • bumfromkorea

        The race rhetoric alone against theimmigrant workers inKorea alone deserves that label.

        • Chucky3176


        • Vgb2800

          lol you’re kidding me right? Ilbe mocks blind nationalism which got them known as “pro-Japanese” by rest of the netizens while stormfront is known for promoting white superiority. ilbe doesn’t promote any kind of racial superiority. it is more like the extreme opposite of stormfornt lol

      • Magness

        Of course you are going to say that. You post at Korean Sentry. So I don’t think you are really a balanced arbiter on these matters.

        • Chucky3176

          You have no ideal because you can’t even read Ilbe if you wanted to. Ksentry is a nationalist site where a less than a dozen guys that get together to rant. Ilbe is the least nationalistic site, and subject of politics is just one of the many topics offered for discussions, and many of the posters frequent there tend to have conservative politics. Ilbe is like Youtube in that it offers variety of interests and comments. Any person can make a stupid comment against some group, but it doesn’t mean everyone there agrees with it like what you find in 2ch for instance. Sites like Stormfront on the other hand, have only one common goal, which is to promote the superiority of the white race. Ilbe has no one common goal other then to meet and discuss any type of topics you can imagine. Comparing it to Stormfront is retarded, and even Japanese 2ch. You won’t find too much anti-Japanese sentiment in Ilbe, as you will find anti-Korean majority in 2ch.

    • guest

      Prosecuting users of a site and having it shut down because… you don’t agree with their opinions, or because they tell slightly crude jokes? This llbe hate seen in south Korea really is pretty ridiculous, just grow up, no need to get so upset over something someone says on the Internet.

      • bumfromkorea

        Slightly crude? They called the victims “fish cake soup”, called the victim’s families “유족충”, and openly wondered if the female victims had orgies with the male victims before the ship went down. That’s not slightly crude – that’s positively psychotic.

        • John Smith

          why so mad tho? lol…

    • Sillian

      I don’t think this site has ever been about showing ‘appropriate’ comments. What matters is whether Ilbe is relevant on the Korean internet. Everyone keeps talking about Ilbe. Various news media outlets including mainstream TV stations, professors, influential social commentators, etc. Ilbe-related articles on Naver or Daum usually get a large number of comments. Ilbe itself gets a number of posts with hundreds or even thousands of upvotes with hundreds of comments everyday. Ilbe has caused some controversies that received nationwide publicity. If I’m correct, Ilbe has bigger traffic than any other Korean online communities. Just like you can’t ignore the biggest Japanese forum site 2ch just because you don’t like it when you describe the Japanese internet. As long as this site gives the overall context about where Ilbe stands in Korea and how there are significant opposing voices against Ilbe, which has been done through many articles here, I don’t see any problem.

  • mei mei

    but there are many Idols in Kpop look better than her, the only thing she has its her boobs

    • David

      But they are really nice boobs. : ) lol Men have occasionally been known to be superficial.

  • ==

    KoreaBANG (X)

    IlbeBANG (O)

  • KCdude

    I do not really like Ilbe like the rest of us. But there’s a simple solution of hating Ilbe. Just ignore it and life will flow in a normal way.

  • Yaminah Jamison

    Well I personally think this is a cute story. I’m jealous since I wanted to meet Ayumi Hamasaki when she was in NYC a few years ago but couldn’t because I had to catch my trains to get back home *sad face* But I’m happy he was able to meet her. I never had that experience with someone I’m a huge fan of.

  • drinkitbitch

    Umm these must be epic losers who spend too much of their time jacking off to 2D women. She isn’t even pretty….. wtfff

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