Netizens Show off Photos with Japanese Idol Shinozaki Ai

Japanese model and idol singer Shinozaki Ai is very popular in Korean male-dominant internet communities. Recently, an Ilbe netizen shared a few photos taken with her. He asked her to do the hand sign used by Ilbe netizens to verify photos. The Ilbe moderator deleted the original post but soon one of the “proof photos” was re-uploaded. Despite being a “recycled” post (repost), it garnered enthusiastic responses from the users. This also brought back attention to one of the most up-voted and commented posts ever on MLB Park from last year where a netizen shared his travel story to meet Shinozaki Ai in Japan. Unlike Ilbe, MLB Park forums have a polite and politically left-leaning culture. However, both communities seem to share common interests when it comes to female celebrities.

From Ilbe:

Ilbe proof photo with Shinozaki Ai that the admins democratized [deleted]


Why did they delete this historical proof photo, huh!!

Comments from Ilbe:

Maybe the admin wanted to keep Shinozaki Ai in the sanctuary.


The original post was one of the daily best posts during the daytime. The original poster is an Ilbe user living in Japan. There was a fan signing event of Shinozaki Ai near where he lives. If you buy her album, you can take photos with her. So he went to the event and took Ilbe proof photos with her when she didn’t know what it was for. The poster had his best day with a full erection.


Getting married to Shinozaki Ai and dying at 40 vs. living normally?


If Shinozaki supports Ahn Cheol-su the Indecisive, I would even vote for him.


She looked piggy even when she lost some weight. It seems she has lost even more weight in the meantime. Fucking cute.


Honestly, this is an epic proof photo. This bastard met her for real..


The hand sign looked weird. Then I realized he was bending his middle finger. Also, look at him trying to touch her boobs with his elbow pretending to be just doing the hand sign, ke ke ke ke. Down-voted.


The proof photos on Skate MLB Park made me more jealous than this. ㅠㅠ


This is more shocking than a proof photo with the President… I thought she was an angel who only exists in some fucking far far away foreign country and you can only see her through photos. But she was a real person.


Ah, she’s fucking pretty when she’s dressed up. I didn’t know because I only saw her in swimsuits.

From MLB Park:

[Proof photos] I took photos with Ms. Shinozaki Ai.

Let me tell you my story of meeting Ms. Shinozaki Ai. There was a performance by AeLL where Ms. Shinozaki Ai is a member at Tokyo Ramen Show in the Komazawa park. One day before the event, I was walking on the streets in Akihabara and spotted a claw crane machine at the Sega Game Center. I tried to pick up a Doraemon doll.


I wanted to give it as a present to Ms. Shinozaki Ai. I could just buy it but you know it feels better if you pick it up by yourself. My first attempt failed but the second trial was luckily successful. I was also able to pick up a figure from One Piece, too. It was a lucky day.


In fact, I can’t speak Japanese at all. My English is poor as well. I had to depend on my Konglish. I managed to find ways using my poor English, Japanese and gestures.

At the Shibuya station, I asked a Japanese person for directions to Komazawa Park. I said I heard I have to go to the Koenji station. He said “Just a moment” and looked it up on his smart phone. Then he told me to go to the Ebisu station instead and take the bus to Yoga. I thanked him and headed to the Ebisu station.

I got off at Ebisu station. There was a bus to Yoga across the street but I wanted to make sure. I asked a Japanese person whether the bus was going to the park. He asked me to wait a bit and ran to the bus driver. He confirmed that it was the right bus to the Komazawa park. I said “Hai, hontoni arigato gozaimasu” in Japanese to thank him. I took the bus and at last, I arrived at the park.


Since it was a day for the Tokyo Ramen Show, they were selling various kinds of ramen. Many of them looked tasty.



I found the performance stage. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take photos of AeLL’s performance because it was prohibited. I just took the following photo when I wasn’t aware of the rule.


To take photos with AeLL, I had to buy AeLL goods. I bought Shinozaki Ai’s T-shirt. I knew there was a handshaking event. Because I can’t speak Japanese, using body language, I managed to find a way to take photos with Ms. Shinozaki Ai. I got a ticket and lined up. I said to the manager, “I’d like to meet Ms. Shinozaki Ai” (in poor English…) And I was able to see her. I could hear her pretty voice from somewhere.

“Hello~~~~ Nice to meet you~~~”

Ms. Shinozaki Ai was speaking in Korean. At that moment, I got frozen and couldn’t properly speak. (Maybe I just kept saying “Arigato gozaimasu”;;;) Then I took photos with her.


It was so good. I was really happy at that time. Shamefully, I didn’t know how to express myself in Japanese when I met her. I just showed her some Japanese message using a Korean-Japanese translation app. (I was ashamed that I had to show her a machine translation.) I was so envious of the Japanese fans. They could say at least 2~3 sentences to her without effort. I showed her translated messages that I prepared in advance on my iPhone. She took my phone and read it. But that consumed time and the manager gave us a sign that time’s up.

I was just about to leave saying “Ah…hai…sumimasen…” I was so out of mind that I didn’t even try to get back my iPhone. Then she called me and said “I love you~~” in Korean after giving the phone back to me with a facial expression that she understood. I also said “I love you~~” and I was trying to turn my head and get off the stage because the manager was urging me to go. Then Ms. Shinozaki Ai called me again and asked me for a high five. We did a high five twice and she waved both hands to me while smiling. And I left the stage. She was incredibly considerate. Even though the manager was urging me to leave from behind, she called me twice.

Honestly, I’m a fan of multiple celebrities and when I like an idol, it doesn’t last longer than three months. My favorites used to change quickly. However, I’ve been a fan of Shinozaki Ai since 2010. She looked like a cartoon character and above all, I was touched by her angelic heart that I felt in the Komazawa park.



Here I had ramen and a beer. Tokyo Ramen Show continued the next day in the park.


I came back to my hotel. Drinking beer, I decided to meet Ms. Shinozaki Ai again next day. I was listening to J-Walk’s “Suddenly”…”Please let me see your shadow for the last time~~~♬”


Next day in the hotel, I met a Japanese woman who spoke Korean very well. I showed her the photos I took with Ms. Shinozaki Ai. She giggled and said it was awesome. I told her that I want to give a Doraemon doll to Ms. Shinozaki but I don’t know how to write a letter in Japanese. I couldn’t give her the doll on the previous day because I couldn’t prepare a fan letter that expresses my heart yet.

She said, “If it’s okay, you can write it in Korean and I will translate it into Japanese.” I expressed great gratitude to her and let her translate my letter. Then she said, “Instead of giving her what I wrote, it would be more meaningful for you to copy what I wrote.” That made sense.

In a cafe in Shibuya, I copied the Japanese translation she wrote while smoking. I tried to copy each letter as close as possible. There is some personal content so I won’t reveal what I wrote in the letter. Of course, I took you guys’ comments from the other thread into consideration.


I headed to the Ebisu station and then took a bus to Yoga. I arrived at the Komazawa Park again!!! It was lively, just like yesterday.


I finished watching AeLL’s performance. It was free to watch but I had to buy AeLL goods for the handshaking event. This time, I bought AeLL’s album and Ms. Shinozaki Ai’s photos. After getting the ticket, I was able to meet Ms. Shinozaki Ai again. When I was struggling with my poor Japanese, AeLL fans there helped me a lot. They helped me like it was their own responsibility. They let me know how to get the ticket and take photos. One AeLL fan even tried to give me their own ticket so I can take photos one more time. I was very grateful but I only took their kind heart. I was very thankful. Finally, I met Ms. Shinozaki Ai again.


The Doraemon doll was in that bag and that envelop had the fan letter expressing my heart. (Doraemon… Please get love from Ms. Shinozaki Ai… Dude, I envy you…)


These two photos above were taken with a Polaroid. I want to carry them in my wallet. I will be able to gain strength looking at these photos whenever life is hard, he he.

Ms. Shinozaki Ai asked me to make a heart sign with her. So we did this.


She said “Hello~ Thank you very much. I love you~~” in Korean and I said “Happy to meet you” in Japanese. She made a smile. Suddenly she asked me for a high five. We did it with both hands. Since there were other people waiting behind me, I couldn’t stay for long. l had to leave.

Ms. Shinozaki Ai… I want to see you again. I will go see AeLL’s performance around next summer. Tokyo Ramen Show in the Komazawa park was an unforgettable memory for me.


Comments from MLB Park:

I’ve never been this jealous on this Bullpen forum before.. You took photos with my future wife. ㅠㅠ


Wow, I’m so jealous, dur dur. As you can see it from real photos, only her breasts are epic-huge but her other parts are so slim and long, ha… I envy him, dur dur.


Wow. I thought she just had large breasts but her face is epic, too, dur dur.


This is very much Bullpener-like; As I’m getting old, I envy the pure passion that makes you like a foreign celebrity this much. Voted up…


Honestly, this is the most enviable person ever I’ve seen on this forum. His passion. His encounter with Shinozaki.ㅠㅠ I want to buy his memory of touching her with his arms.


Awesome, clap clap. I grew more fond of Shinozaki Ai. It seems she’s good at speaking Korean. Will she ever visit Korea to perform…


Wow, I’m so envious of his experience, courage, will and passion. Wow, I can’t explain it in words. I pity myself for not being able to go and blaming it on money and time. Wow, I would give you something more than just an up-vote..Wow.. And I’m just asking this out of curiosity. Did something happen between you and the Japanese woman you met at the hotel? Everyone seems kind.. It seems there might have been something more than just kindness…ke ke.


I don’t give out my votes easily;; (as if it is something, ke) I wouldn’t even have batted an eye if it was some other celebrity. I give you an up-vote only because it is Shinozaki Ai. I’m so jealous. Out of all Asian women, I want to meet her the most..


What an Ai chan fan who takes action….. On this forum, I’ve been only mumbling like “Ai chan…gasp~” I envy you, dur dur.


I was visiting Tokyo and Osaka and came back to Korea today. So you went to the ramen festival. Around then, I was also in Tokyo so I wanted to go there because I like ramen. Then my friend working in Japan asked me why I would want to line up trembling on a cold day to munch on ramen. So I gave up. If I had known Ai chan was coming, I would’ve gone.ㅜ.ㅜ Although I wouldn’t be able to take photos with her because I’m reserved….I envy you.

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