Foreigner’s Photos of Korea in Early 1960s Amaze Netizens

Korea in the 60s 06

A series of photos, uploaded to Flickr by the son of a former US worker in South Korea, have gone viral on the South Korean internet. Netizens are amazed by the apparent changes the pictures document, with some likening the landscape to the Jurassic period and North Korea.

From Ilbe:

Korea in the 60s 01

Korea in the 60s 02

Korea in the 60s 03

Korea in the 60s 04

Korea in the 60s 05

Korea in the 60s 06

Korea in the 60s 07

Korea in the 60s 08

Beautiful pictures of rural area

Korea in the 60s 09

Korea in the 60s 10

Preparation underway for a state visit by American president Eisenhower in 1960. After the Korean War the popularity of Ike (Eisenhower’s nickname) popularity was such that (particularly in the pro-American atmosphere after the April Revolution). Eisenhower cancelled his trip to Japan on account of the anti-Security Treaty movement and anti-American protests and decided to visit South Korea instead, receiving an overwhelming welcome. Well over a million people gathered to greet him in Seoul with many orphans produced due to poor crowd control… ㅡㅡ

Korea in the 60s 11


Korea in the 60s 12

City slum

Korea in the 60s 13

Korea in the 60s 14


Korea in the 60s 15

A washing spot in Yongsan

Korea in the 60s 16

Anyang Hotel

Korea in the 60s 17

Korea in the 60s 18

Jeju Island

Korea in the 60s 19

A farmer using a water mill with the children playing in his field

Korea in the 60s 20

Korea in the 60s 21

Misbehaving Lolini

Korea in the 60s 22

Korea in the 60s 23

Korea in the 60s 24

Changgyeong Palace Picnic

Korea in the 60s 25

Korea in the 60s 26

In front of Chosun Hotel, Seoul

Korea in the 60s 27

Korea in the 60s 28

Comments from ILBE:


Fuck I love this


Why does it look so foreign ke ke


Southeast Asia today ke ke ke ke


Fuck I cannot believe Russia and America already had satellites orbiting around the earth. Equally amazing is that the Korea in those pictures launched a satellite as well just yesterday.


Wow the rural areas kill me, I want to live there.


I love you President Park ㅜㅜ


The first picture looks like something from the Jurassic period, I was expecting dinosaurs to pop out ke ke ke ke


I vaguely remember the 70s when there were shit loads of horse carriages in front of Seoul Central Station. Hardly believable huh? I fucking feel shit out of place when I go there now… ke ke


Looking a lot like North Korea, a bit shitty maybe..


Wow fuck. We used to live in that shit hole;;; President Park [Chung-hee] is our national father ㅠㅠㅠ


Jwazoms will go on about how pristine nature was back then and how well preserved heritage was back then. Fucking hell ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Upload some comparative photos with North Korea now. North Korea 2000s VS 60-70s South Korea


The airport photo made me think of the African wilderness


That li’l yankee lolini must have been going round poppin’ cherries all the same back then


Such a tearjerker… A miracle indeed…


These photos ought to be widely circulated so as to wake people up. But who took these??

Did you take these photos? Can you identify anyone in these photos?

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