Netizens Blast Korean Govt for Canceling Dokdo Building Project

Article from SBS:

Building project in Dokdo cancelled. Korean government says, “It might inflame tensions with Japan.”

dokdo building korea tension


The Korean government has cancelled a building project on Dokdo Island that it had previously pushed ahead with to strengthen its claim to Dokdo. The Korean government’s action was affected by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs’ view that the building project might cause tensions with Japan.

Mr. Pyo(journalist) reports.


The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has announced that it withdrew its construction plan on Dokdo Island.

The building project has been a way to reinforce Korea’s ownership of Dokdo against Japan’s distortions of history since 2008.

Between 2014 – 2017, the plan was to construct a two-story building including generators, desalination facilities, and evacuation facilities.

The Korean government allocated a 3 billion won budget for the project this year.

However, On October 1st, Korean government decided to continue maintaining the status quo after having a meeting with the relevant ministry.

The Korean government accepted the opinion expressed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that this action might inflame tensions with Japan or bring about further conflict.

An official representative: We are postponing it rather than canceling it completely. There are opinions that we should be careful overall.

Therefore, Pohang Maritime Affairs and Post Office, the managing department of construction, cancelled entirely the bid notice for selecting construction companies.

The superficial reasons given by the government and Pohang Maritime Affairs and Post office for putting off the plan were for necessary safety inspection and concerns about environmental pollution.

As a result, construction projects like scientific centers or banks that contribute to reinforcing the Dokdo claim and raise safety standards are also being suspended.

Comments from Naver:


Isn’t it weird for Japan to be irritated about what we build in our territory? Korea is the best when it comes to kowtowing to others.


[The government] seems to be anti-Japanese outwardly but pro-Japanese deep down. Ya right, this is the right way to do things.


Why does the government care about what others think when Dokdo Island is our territory?


Never trust the backstabbers Japan and North Korea.


What, this is extremely disgusting.


Inflaming Japan? What is this bullshit? Are we living in Japan? This is Korea and why does the government care about what Japan thinks when it comes to construction in Korean territory? Am I living abroad? This is absolute bullshit.


Now the government is being pro-Japanese in public.


This is just like President Park. Look at the Korean government being intimidated in front of Japan.


What is this bullshit? What’s wrong with Korea constructing in Korean territory with Korean money?


Who the heck is wary of neighbors when he puts pots in his own garden?


Are there still pro-Japanese lawmakers in Korea even though people suffered at the hands of Japan only 100 years ago?


Now Korea kowtows to another country even when building something within Korean territory. What a great country.


Trying to please Japan as well as North Korea. Korea is a pushover idiot in North East Asia.


What the heck is this? Doesn’t Japan talking about comfort women inflame tensions with Korea? What an insane country this is.


Why do we have to care about Japan when it is in Korean territory?

Article from Munhwa Ilbo:

Korean Government Gave Secret Instructions to Keep the Dokdo Island Situation Calm

On November 1st, in a closed meeting of Ministers concerned about the Dokdo building project, the Korean government decided to cancel a Dokdo building project and withdraw the bid notice about construction on the island. Afterwards, it was revealed that the government ordered representatives to prepare for the cancellation of the bid and respond well at the very beginning so that this wouldn’t cause any issues.

According to a document that was exclusively obtained by Munhwa Ilbo on November 6th, Korean government stated that the project has been postponed as there are some problems that need additional inspection for safety, environment, cultural properties etc. The government also ordered the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work together to fill in more detailed information.

According to the document, the government said, “The ministry officials concerned should respond as one voice based on a determined reaction to persuade the parties concerned.” Also, it has been discovered that the government commanded them to conceal the truth and lobbying activities, saying “To prevent this from becoming an issue, the Minister of The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries should initially respond by explaining this to representatives in the Gyeongbuk area.”

Moreover, it has been revealed that the government ordered detailed countermeasures to be made, saying “Prepare specific measures including alternative enterprise and project transitions after the Cabinet Office holds a meeting of the relevant authorities. Prepare properly so that The National Assembly doesn’t need to consider the budget next year.“

According to this document, suspicions have been raised about the clarification materials announced by Prime Minister’s Office on November 5th. Also, they are expecting blowback from the people towards the government for its submissive attitude and humiliating diplomacy.

According to the clarification materials prepared by Prime Minister’s Office, “Media reporting that government cancelled its Dokdo building project are not telling the real story. The building project was cancelled because there are more elements that need examining such as safety control, environment, cultural properties and so on. Other than that, nothing has been decided. We will make detailed plans after additional inspections.”

Comments from Daum:


Park Geun-hye’s government is rubbish, pro-Japanese, and deceiving people. The incompetent and weak Park should resign immediately.

배나온 기마민족님:

Pro-Japanese government. By pro-Japanese groups for pro-Japanese groups.


Haha this is suffocating and tragic. However weak Korea is in an aspect of diplomatic policy, however Korea protects itself under the hegemony of the world powers, are we supposed to emphasize the logic of the old days to every single citizen in Korea?


The Korean government might as well sell the nation..


I don’t know which country our government belongs to.


Let’s bury pro-Japanese groups in the sea in front of Dokdo. I can’t bear Lee Myeong-bak and Park Geun-hye.


This is so absurd. I’m so ashamed of being Korean.


What is this insane government? Wake up.


The pro-Japanese idiot chicken government never disappoints. Why don’t you just devote Dokdo Island to Japan?


Like father, like daughter.


People who always shut their mouths, isn’t it time to resist? I don’t understand the people who always keep quiet like the dead no matter what the government does.


Aren’t we supposed to drag them out?


Lee Myeong-bak also told Japan to wait, and not create any problems regarding Dokdo. All the traitors, tut.


This is not the Korean government but the Japanese government.


The right thing to do is to disband this government that is giving up its sovereignty.

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