Koreans React to “Tiny Apartment in Paris”

Video from Huffington Post Korea:

Tiny apartment in Paris (8sqm only) from Kitoko Studio on Vimeo.

Comments (as of November 11th) from Facebook:

** Seo

This needs to be installed in goshiwon right away


Um… This works because the ceiling is high. This probably wouldn’t work in Korean buildings. (Right? Are officetel ceilings this high too these days?)




Reminds me of doing homework.


I like this house. hehehe I want to sign a contract!

** Lee

This reminds me of my place in Paris keke But where is the gas stove?


kekekekekeke wow


So cool!

** Jeong

You’d lose your mind in there.


so cool

** Cho

oh oh this looks quite nice, when you compare it to a goshiwon of the same size. Innovative.

** Yeom

The washing machine…


I was asking myself, “there isn’t a bathroom?” and then the moment I saw the bathroom I felt relieved for some reason. It also seems like the way the space is used could be like art. Amazing. ^^


They say it’s 2.5 pyeong [about 8 square meters].. How can someone live there keke It’s a goshitel keke I could only see a kid in their school uniform living there.

** Kim

Swiss army knife kekekekekeke


Ok great! I’ll get it for you hehehe Or.. just store my clothes, shoes, alcohol, books, and everything there!


Seems alright?

** Kim

I really wanna live here

** Lee

Awesome kekeke

* Cho

There’s space behind the wall

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