Koreans React to “Tiny Apartment in Paris”

Video from Huffington Post Korea:

Tiny apartment in Paris (8sqm only) from Kitoko Studio on Vimeo.

Comments (as of November 11th) from Facebook:

** Seo

This needs to be installed in goshiwon right away


Um… This works because the ceiling is high. This probably wouldn’t work in Korean buildings. (Right? Are officetel ceilings this high too these days?)




Reminds me of doing homework.


I like this house. hehehe I want to sign a contract!

** Lee

This reminds me of my place in Paris keke But where is the gas stove?


kekekekekeke wow


So cool!

** Jeong

You’d lose your mind in there.


so cool

** Cho

oh oh this looks quite nice, when you compare it to a goshiwon of the same size. Innovative.

** Yeom

The washing machine…


I was asking myself, “there isn’t a bathroom?” and then the moment I saw the bathroom I felt relieved for some reason. It also seems like the way the space is used could be like art. Amazing. ^^


They say it’s 2.5 pyeong [about 8 square meters].. How can someone live there keke It’s a goshitel keke I could only see a kid in their school uniform living there.

** Kim

Swiss army knife kekekekekeke


Ok great! I’ll get it for you hehehe Or.. just store my clothes, shoes, alcohol, books, and everything there!


Seems alright?

** Kim

I really wanna live here

** Lee

Awesome kekeke

* Cho

There’s space behind the wall

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  • Az Ze


    • elizabeth

      Congrats for being the first to point that out. There isn’t one in the unit. It’s also little claustrophobic and tiring having to push and pull things in and out every time you want to do something. I’d prefer to live further from the crowd with a little more room and furniture.

      • Thor

        No wonder why parisian-born people live mostly outside of the capital, both for space and price.

  • k.ftw

    Just in case some people might misunderstand. My place in Paris is 110m² where I live by myself. The reason? I just don’t live in touristic and business centers, where non-Parisians (French and Foreigners) tend to live because they don’t know the city. Real Parisians don’t live in such a small place. Most of these tiny appartments were housemaids homes, usually on the last floors of buildings, that’s why it’s small.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I actually like this kind of aesthetics. It seems very cozy… though I imagine people might get tired of the small space sometimes.

  • AbC

    I know the apartment was designed for single people… But there doesn’t seem to be any space even for 1 night stands. Or can we assume that you should never invite a potential partner back to this apartment?
    A girl may still be able to suggest ‘lets go to your place’ if she wishes to take it further. For a guy, a doubt he can take it beyond second base once the lady see’s the place.

    • Guest

      What country do you live in that a guy has no chance if he’s living too small for comfortable sex? Can’t they just go to the girl’s place? Or improvise otherwise? I can tell you that in Europe, especially in the cities, living spaces of this size aren’t uncommon.

      • AbC

        “Can’t they just go to the girl’s place?”
        That’s kind of my point… You wouldn’t want to bring a date back for a one night stand if you live in that apartment.
        “Improvise” you say? Bed is not able to accomodate two whichever way. Table too small. No sofa/lounge. Chairs too tiny. You’ll be asking a lot from a potential partner to use the main entry/living floor…
        Where in Europe do you live that apartments like this is common? I have travelled across several countries in Europe and have heard of 15-20sqm single apartments… But haven’t met anyone with less than 10sqm as permanent accomodation.

    • jonny

      go to a hotel duh

      • AbC

        For someone who can only afford to live in an 8sqm apartment… A hotel room each time you want to get laid sounds very expensive.

        • jonny

          yeah like you get laid more than once a year. get real.

  • Chucky3176

    The shower and bathroom is Korean style, with the water drainage in the middle of the floor, and you take a shower in the middle of the room. You can wet down the toilet and sink, no need to use rags to wipe down. Just spray down the whole room with water.

  • That’s a wardrobe in an apartment not an mini apartment. I have one of those in my room, my clothes live there.

  • Anon

    Is this what you have to live in to get a chance in a big city?
    I’ll keep my bigass house in the countryside thanks

  • I wonder how to expel the smell after she cooks.. I hate the smell of cooking oil.

    • Thor

      In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a window in the “main room”.

  • Kai

    “After climbing seven floors…”

    hell no.

  • unkichikun

    Just to point that it’s illegal in France to rent an appartment under 9sqm.

    • elizabeth

      Regulation is the right way to go. Otherwise, opportunists will go all out to make money at the expense of the living standards of those who have little choice. As it is, it’s almost like civilization has regressed instead of progressing because people are now effectively living as servants did in the past in that small space.

      If I had my way, anything below 50 sqm should not be classified as an apartment. Even 9 sqm can barely qualify as a decent bedroom.

  • Thor

    Lol, this flat is so small, you couldn’t even claim housing benefit for it (the smallest surface needs to be at least 9 sq meters). I feel there’s a rather good space management but I’ve seen RVs doing better than that with a lot more room to move inside.

  • samm7

    Paris is know for having problems with apartments…

  • Lolsordpoodle

    What does kekekeke mean?

  • Smith_90125

    Rents in cities are on the rise and more and more people are choosing not to get married. Why are people surprised that micro apartments and tiny homes are becoming more popular?

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