Korea Military Academy Expels Cadet for Having Sex with Fiancee

Netizens have attacked the Korea Military Academy after the it expelled a cadet for having sex with his fiancee while on leave. Although the school claimed the cadet violated the code of conduct, after the cadet appealed the decision to the Seoul Superior Court, judges overturned the expulsion, saying that the school had overstepped its authority and could “infringe on basic human rights”.

The elite KMA has been at the center of controversy over cadet sexual behavior before, including accusations of the school covering up sexual assault of a junior female cadet. While Korean soldiers are held to a higher standard of behavior than civilians, online comments still found the Academy’s intrusion on a cadet’s sex life to be unfair.

Article from Yonhap News:

Main gate of Korea Military Academy

The Korea Military Academy (KMA) expressed its intention to appeal the ruling.

A Seoul high court delivered a verdict against South Korea’s elite military academy, which expelled a male cadet for his sexual relations with his fiancee while on weekend leave.

In its ruling on the lawsuit that the expelled cadet filed against the Korea Military Academy (KMA), on January 1st, 2014, the Seoul Superior Court upheld a lower court’s ruling that ordered the cancellation of the expulsion.

The high court said in its verdict, “Sexual relations belong to the most intimate part of personal life, and it is hard to view such a relationship as detrimental to sexual discipline in the academy and as pernicious for social morals in general. The expulsion is an abuse of power and exceeds the school’s authority.”

The verdict added, “The code of conduct banning sexual encounters should be interpreted as prohibiting sexual acts breaching moral boundaries. An excessive application of that rule could infringe upon basic human rights.”

Cadet A faced expulsion from the military school for not revealing his sexual relations with his fiancee in November 2012, just one semester before his commission as a first lieutenant.

IN May 2013, A lodged a lawsuit against what he saw as the unfair punishment. He had recently received a notice of military conscription at the rank of private.

[Note: An expelled cadet has to serve mandatory military service at the rank of private like other able-bodied Korean men do. However, expelled cadets can serve a shorter period of military service as their time spent training at the KMA counts for their mandatory 21-month term. The obligatory service is imposed only on men, so if an expelled student is female, she is not required to fulfill a mandatory military service requirement.]

Previously, a lower court instructed the military school to reverse its expulsion in favor of planitiff A.

The military school said after the latest verdict, “We see A’s conduct as a violation of the obligation to maintain decent behavior, thus making the expulsion legitimate. We will seek an appeal against the high court’s ruling.”

Cadets in ceremony at Korea Military Academy

Comments from Nate:


In an adultery case, an adulterer is found guilty when there is material evidence, like a condom at the scene of an extramarital affair. Does it make sense that the cadet who was seen to enter a studio apartment with his girlfriend got expelled? No wonder the court found the expulsion to be illegal. [Note: Adultery is a crime in South Korea. Adulterers are typically punished with a suspended sentence when a spouse files a lawsuit that includes concrete evidence, an action which normally leads to divorce. In the KMA expulsion case, the cadet is reported to have been dismissed by the school after the filing of an anonymous report about the cadet’s entering an apartment with his girlfriend.]


Keep tabs on military generals rather than finding fault with cadets.


Even if he is reinstated, he will find it hard to get promoted within the military.


Does this mean the KMA should only recruit eunuchs?


Wouldn’t it be better to punish soldiers who go to brothels when on leave?

In another high profile incident that saw the military associated with soldier's private lives, Korean celebrities, alleged to be the celebrities Seven and Sangchu, were caught entering a massage parlor in 2013.

In another high profile incident that saw the military associated with soldier’s private lives, Korean celebrities, alleged to be the celebrities Seven and Sangchu, were caught entering a massage parlor in 2013.


The KMA is now turning its cadets into monks.

Comments from Daum:


The KMA is so out of touch


What is more surprising is that the academy figured out it even though the cadet didn’t talk about his sex life.


If the same argument applies, the KMA should dismiss officers who get married after getting their girlfriend pregnant before marriage. The expulsion doesn’t make any sense.


Is the KMA a monastery now?


Are they crazy? The cadet didn’t rape, he just had sex with his fiancee on leave, why did the school find fault with that? If that behavior is problematic, we shouldn’t have any officers left in our military.


I think the school authority must be working really hard..They even keep a close watch on cadets’ genitals..

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  • Joey

    Of course, Korean officers should be raping their subordinates, not having sex with their fiancees.

    • bumfromkorea

      I was gonna say, with that attempted coverup of sexual assault, KMA is saying “If you’re going to fuck someone, rape one of your classmates.”

  • bigmamat

    When the Korean government claims the right to punish citizens for drug use committed outside of the country then it isn’t surprising that a military school would police their cadets on leave. This is no surprise really.

  • Thais

    Dude.. what the fuck

  • commander

    Despite the vigorous effort to present good images of the military to the public taking advantage of the MBC’s popular sunday night entertaining program “We Are Real Guys,” where TV celebrities experience military life with other rank and file soldiers, the military apears to fail to adapt itself to the changing circumstances.

    Suicides and assaults at the barracks in the military still remains a serrous problem. And rumored favors for celebrities soldiers raises the fairness of the military conscription and service.

    And shocking event was the drunken sexual assault of a junior female cadet by a senior male cadet on campus of the KMA.

    In addition to the problems with personnel management, the military still find it hard to cope with threats from North Korea.

    Although news media services reported armed provocations made by North Korea, including Pyongyang’s shelling on the mritime border island of Yeonpyeong, and torpedoeing of a South Korean naval ship, South Korea’s combat readiness is not questioned seriously.

    Front-line islands were attached by an increasingly volatile North Korea without waging counterattacks.

    The sunken naval ship, on a regular mission of looking out for signs on the western maritme border of hostile acts by the belligerent nation, failed to detect a torpedo attack despite having radar and sonar systems against underwater attacks from the enemy.

    All of the problems are confounded by South Korea’s indecisivesness to purchase jet fighters to replace its aging fleet of warplanes without a sufficient budget to procure stealthy war planes amid an alarming arms race betweem a rising China and a militarism-nostalgic Japan.

    This preceded China’s aggressive announcement of expanded air defense zone. But the enlarged air defense zone controversially include the disputed submerged islet under South Korea’s control–called Iedo in Korean, South Korea is alleged to not have aerial defense ability over the disputed islet.

    This omnious security development came when Japan is testing water to strengthen its military power with reinterpretation of its US-imposed pacifist constitution.

    Adding to the problems is South Sudan-dispatched PKO unit of South Korea’s receipt of ammunition from Japan’s Self Defense Force unit in South Sudan.

    One of the harsh criticisms for the South Korean military is that they failed to predcit possible insecure development that could require more ample defense resources–ammunition for this PKO operation–for the deployed contingent.

    A long list of problems for the nation’s military is symbolically capped by the KMA’S seemingly anachronistic explusion of its cadet over sexual relations over his fiancee while he’s on weekend leave.

    The nation’s military is now in a pestering crisis that few appears to sense that would take a great toll on the nation when saber-rattling among neighboring countries is ignited into armed confrontations.

  • mei mei

    Korea is so conservative

  • zachary T

    so the guy waited until he had official leave then, with his fiancee… the woman he is going to marry… probably right after he gets commissioned so he knows he will have a good paycheck to support a family, and “celebrates” graduation a little early.. I am against the KMA on this one, Nothing should be done to this guy.

  • holdingrabbits

    Korea: Our soldiers are saving themselves for marriage.

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