Taekwondo Academy Director Detained for Rape of Pupils

South Korea’s patriarchal society has often pressured victims of sexual crimes to keep quiet. But in the last few days a scandal involving the Director of a leading Taekwondo Academy has broken out across the capital.

Protection agencies across Korea claim that sexual abuse of children is rising throughout the country, yet the government and law enforcement bodies are not taking the appropriate measures to tackle this anti-social behaviour. In fact, according to recent media reports, only 40% of around 6,000 odd suspects were tried and convicted last year. Several cases in the last few years where rapists and child molesters have received lenient sentences have caused a huge public outcry in recent years, with calls now being made to change Korea’s tolerant stance on sexual abuse.

From Seoul Newspaper:

Taekwondo Academy Director Detained by Police for the Rape of Countless School Girls.

On 22nd June, Seoul Police issued a warrant for the arrest of Mr Im, Director of a Taekwondo Academy in Seoul, accused of inflicting numerous crimes against children including the sexual assault of teenage girls, and thereby violating the Youth Protection Act. In Gangwon Province, January 2008, while preparing for a Taekwondo competition, Im is accused of plying Victim A (19) with alcohol and saying “If you sleep with me before the competition, you will fight well.” From 2007 to April this year, Director Im is accused of habitually assaulting three female students. The Police have said that in May 2005, in the exercise hall, Director Im on the pretence of measuring the student’s weight, asked them to remove their clothes and then continued their training naked.

Students who were victims of Mr Im’s abuse have said that it “was difficult to resist Mr Im’s advances because it was their dream to use Taekwondo to attend a special university” and that “he forcibly took control over every ounce of our privacy”. Mr Im would regularly check the student’s cell phones and emails to check whether they were dating and then use his findings to demand further sexual relations.

A police official has said that “from the victims statement we can learn that they were fearful that rumours would lead to them being forced to give up Taekwondo” and that “rumours of more victims would lead to further investigation”.

Comments from Seoul Newspaper:


Children, youth and the socially disadvantaged should reflect on how violence is used. Let me know their names and see their faces.


Shoot these damn people like this in our society… People from around the world come to our country committing murder or rape. Just look at the last few years.


Becoming wise is really more important than studying. Wisdom is exactly the type of self-defence people need, teaches you how to identify the tricksters and how to exert punishments.


I just can’t understand why these freaks and bastards can’t just refrain from their sexual desires.


What Scum. He really is a bastard.


I too want to live a life like this.. gulp…


Ugh. I really feel sick. This guy can’t be afraid of God


40 year old with a 19 year old. Must be a good feeling. But what a scum bag…


This is so wrong. He will be soundly punished..


From now on, my future will be in becoming a Director of Taekwondo.


I’ve seen enough. Is the guy not embarrassed?


He should be castrated.


Death for rapists.


This is the spirit of Taekwondo in Korea!

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