• markus peg

    It really does sound like a movie plot.

  • commander

    The amount of defrauded money is an indication of how lonely those widowed women have been, and of how negligent their children in taking care of their mothers.

    Reportedly, many seniors, left living alone, are often found to have been dead a long time after death, and this is called lonely death in Korea.

    I think one of effective remedies to swindles targeting seniors and lonely deaths is communal housing.

    In a documentary broadcast on TV, I saw many people in a northern European country, young and old, living together in one building where they take turns to cook for all residents at a spacious kitchen and have dinner at a dining room, without invading privacy.

    Many people lives in the communal housing, so a team of several persons, organized based on each’s private schedule, just do the cooking one to two times in a month for all residents. Doing so, they have dinner at a common dining room in a chat with other residents if they want to. Of course, each room for residents have a kitchen so they can cook for themselves.

    I think communal housing is one of the best solutions to the increasing number of seniors and one-member households.

    • bigmamat

      You’re taking about warehousing your old people like we do here, I see the motivation behind it. I just don’t think it applies here, these women don’t appear to have wanted to be put out to pasture if they were still receptive to a man’s advances.

      • commander

        You’re right. Those women are allured with sugar-coated words into fraud.

        By the way, do only retirees live in warehousing? In the broadcast, I remember seeing some young people live there too cause it spare them the trouble of fixing dinner especailly when they eat dinner alone.

  • David

    Why do they always blame the victim? It is one thing to make sure your mother or father (or any elderly person you might know) stay informed of scams and to help protect them before it happens, but to call them names after the fact is just disgusting and mean.

  • If these women had killed themselves when their husbands passed away this would’ve never happened
    Confucius weeps.

  • vonskippy
    • One for all

      silver-haired refers to his age….cassanova refers to his tongue/pick-up ability

  • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

    Old people need lovin’ too.

  • mei mei

    woa nobody want to be lonely…..

  • Gerhana

    “It’s a lonely life we live now, so let’s start relying on each other.”
    “Let’s look after each other in our golden years”
    “You need someone next to you who can take care of your affairs.”

    I think the fact that these horrible pick up line works means that these elderly women might live in an isolated life and desperate for human contact and intimacy. The problem may actually be solved with more family contact and gathering. Its not their fault, anyone living alone for a very long time would do and believe in anything for intimacy.

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