Desperate Korean Family Commits Suicide Together

The Korean public has reacted sharply to the story of a family of three taking their own life rather than suffer in extreme poverty. Coverage traces the tragedy back to the mother, the breadwinner of the family, losing her job due to injury. Adding to the tragedy was the fact that existing government programs could have provided the family with health care and financial support, if only they had applied. Coverage echoed similar popular stories of personal tragedy due to inadequate welfare, such as the high school student who collected paper trash on the streets to care for her grandmother or the North Korean defector who turned to prostitution.

Article from Kukmin Ilbo:

Suicide of Three Women in Poverty Highlights S. Korea’s Fragile Safety Net, Drawing Despair Online.

A family of three residing in downtown Seoul took their lives after suffering financial hardship, prompting a cascade of lamentations online.

After the news broke, Netizens reacted with criticism, commenting, “Did this really happen in the capital city of the Republic of Korea in the 21st century?”

Park, a 60-year-old restaurant worker, was found dead in her house late on the night of February 26th, according to a report from the Songpa police.

Alongside the older women were the bodies of her two daughters, the elder daughter was a diabetic, the younger daughter suffered from extensive credit debt.

A white envelope was spotted besides the three bodies, on the front was written, “To our landlord, we are so sorry, this is the last month’s rent and utility bill payment to you.” Inside the envelope was ₩700,000 in cash.

A white envelope with monrthly rent and utilitily bil payment in it is photographed.

Three women committed suicide in their house on Feb. 26th, leaving a white envelope with a ₩700,000 cash in monthly rent and utility bill in it. The cover on the envelope reads, “To landlord, we are so sorry. This is the last monthly rent and utility payment to you.”

The three women lived in a basement room of a house in Songpa, Seoul. The room was just big enough to fit two beds side by side and was decorated with a framed family picture hanging on the yellowed walls. Now, the happy family in the picture is no longer alive.

The misfortune began with the death of Park’s husband, who lost a struggle with cancer. Despite suffering from hypertension and diabetes, the elder daughter received little medical treatment due to an inability to pay.

The family has been eking out a living while Park was working at a restaurant in a nearby park, the second daughter worked on-and-off as a part-time worker. The meager monthly income the two earned managed to barely cover the living expenses and medical bills for the elder daughter.

The family is said to have never been behind on their ₩380,000 monthly rent or on their ₩200,000 monthly utility bills. But unfortunately, about one month ago Park is said to have gotten severely hurt after falling down to the ground on her way home from the restaurant.

The injury forced Park to quit her job, cutting off the family’s only source of regular income.

Apparently driven to into a hopeless situation by the resulting financial crisis, the family turned to the extreme option of suicide.

The dead bodies were discovered by the police, who went to the basement home after the landlord, 73-year-old Lim, filed a report. The landlord said, “My suspicion grew after I found that there was no sound except for the television inside the room, so I reported it to the police.”

When the police arrived at the scene of the suicide, the windows were sealed with green box taping and there was a bowl on the ground containing ashes from a burned charcoal briquette. The door to the room was blocked with a bed behind it. The pet cat was found dead besides the the bodies. After seeing the white envelope, Lim murmured gently, “and she was such a nice person…”

Police speculate that the three women committed suicide as there is no sign of a break in or homicide.

Netizens said after the incident, “I long for a Korea where this kind of sad incident does not happen more so than a Korea that exports more goods and hosts international sporting events.”

Another comment said, “One woman’s injury resulted in the death of three women. Do we really live in a 21st century South Korea? This incident brings me to tears. Though sad at the news, I am, on the other hand, angered by the powerless government which failed to extend a helping hand to them.”

Comments from Daum:


While poor people were suffering in this wretched situation, a big sum of money was wasted on river beds. [referring to former President Lee Myung-bak’s controversial four-river refurbishment project] And we are even told to buy houses on bank loans by some bastards. [referring to the current government’s housing policy]


I am a mother with three daughters. I also have a hard time, but I can’t get any help from the government because our daughters are all adults.


Shouldn’t she have at least received unemployment benefits? She had a sick daughter, and she couldn’t work at that time because she was hurt. In this case, the unemployment benefits should have been paid to her. How pitiful this is!


[Then presidential candidate Park Geun hye] delivered packed lunches to seniors who live alone at their houses during the election campaign.

노크테: [responding to above]

Politicians staged a show for votes during the election campaign. The problem is that naive people play into their hands.


This article is really heart breaking, bringing me to tears while I am reading it. I hope the three women will rest in peace. You are much better persons than some sons of bitches who filed for bankruptcy after stashing big money elsewhere and run away with impunity.


Please, hike taxes for the rich.


I was wondering whether the Blue House heard this news.

sysy: [responding to above]

I think Seoul City mayor Park Won-soon needs to check this out.

감성돔: [responding to 소마]

I bet this will be filtered out by the civil affairs secretary of the Blue House.

뽀더: [responding to 소마]

Don’t you know the President doesn’t listen?


There is no more hope in the Republic of Korea…


[Policy makers] ask people to have more babies in a country like this.


This is the grim reality facing poor people in South Korea. What has Park Geun-hye been doing?


ㅠ.ㅠ Ah..

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  • HaydenG

    they failed to apply for their eligible welfare but some how its some political parties fault for not providing enough welfare?? I swear when it comes to politics or the stupid bird shit covered rock in the middle of the ocean Japanese and Koreans become brainless sheep with absolutely no ability to think logically or reason..

    • Brett

      Just to be clear, in Korea, applying for welfare (and maintaining it) is a full-time job in itself. You don’t just get a check every month like many do in America, but have to constantly prove that you are consistently trying to find a job or can’t work for medical reasons. It is likely that this family found it to be too much of a burden.

      • HaydenG

        only one of them was disabled. Surely the other 2 could have managed to make their way to the office. It wasnt that they stopped showing up. They never tried to apply in the first place

        • Brett

          I have found nothing in the original Korean article that proves they had never even applied for welfare.

          The opening of this translation makes the assumption that they didn’t apply, but those bits of information haven’t come out.

          I think commander was trying to stress that there are, in fact, government programs available to the needy.

          I am not arguing either way for a “sheep’s” ability to reason. I only wanted to say that even government aid can appear to be more trouble than pride will allot its worth to the desperate.

          • anecdote for perspective

            they live in a basement – they sound pretty realistic about their circumstances – what does pride have to do with it?

            There’s got to have been a lot of injured, brain damaged and maimed citizens in Korea and China after the Japanese invasion. What happened to those families?

          • HaydenG

            A lot of people have the enabler mindset. Anyone in a bad situation they will make all kinds of excuses that that person is not responsible for their situation. They often encourage irresponsible behavior that leads to these sad stories.

          • bigmamat

            I see you’ve never faced serious hardship yourself. Cared for a disabled child or elderly parent. Never had a spouse that was laid off, or been without healthcare and gotten sick. You must live in an area where jobs are plentiful and pay well. Never been divorced or injured and couldn’t work. Never lost a job due to cut backs. Perhaps you come from a middle class family that has never known food insecurity or felt unsafe in your own neighborhood. You probably went to a fairly decent public school, have some college or a degree. Maybe your parents were professionals or even middle class blue collar workers. You must think that everyone in a democracy are born equal with equal opportunities and the same family support system. I guess you haven’t been keeping up on current events but a lot of hard working people lost everything during this recession. Not bums, not deadbeats, not illegal immigrants and parasites. Real hardworking middle class Americans have been reduced to living with relatives, sleeping in their cars, relying on the support from their friends and extended families. Very often bad shit happens to good people. People get cancer, they get injured on jobs, they get laid off. I hope none of these things ever happen to you.

          • Moniisek

            not only Americans

          • bigmamat


          • Moniisek

            “….Not bums, not deadbeats, not illegal immigrants and parasites. Real hardworking middle class Americans have been reduced to living with relatives…”

            I was reacting to that part of your comment. What you wrote doesn’t apply only to Americans.

          • bigmamat

            Sure I know that. I also know our economic policies have hurt the world economy. It’s just you need to frame your argument with people from their point of view. We were arguing about American policy. Plus I was debating with a person that is more inclined to look at anecdotal evidence than empirical. I understand this is global problem, 85 people have more money than 3.5 billion. Does anyone not think that’s fucked up?

          • Brett

            No one is taking responsibilityaway from anyone else.

            Back to your original post, no one ever reported that the family never applied for welfare. You made that assumption yourself to support your own argument that these people are “sheep”. Your comment was not only rude, it was misinformed and came off as “holier than thou”.

          • Brett

            Not a “basement” but they probably have to walk down 6 steps to get to their door.

            Most studio apartments outside of Hongdae are like that, too. It’s not some damp, dark, dungeon like you are presenting.

          • commander

            The family’s suicide gets spotlighted as a case showing a porous safety net, with even conservative media calling for a more systematic welfare system that leaves no one in a blind spot.

            As for whether the family are eligible for welfare benefits, the welfare minister said in a phone interview with a current affairs program of a cable TV that that the family may have been recognized as recipients though detailed requirements need examination.

            After this incident, the media outlets give wide coverage many families teetering on the brink of collapse in a poverty trap where, no matter how hard one try, it is next to impossible to extricate oneself from grinding poverty.

            I hope this sad story will change the public perception that seeking help from others when being in hard times is not a shame, prod the government to put more money and personnel into offering help to those in desperate need.

    • bigmamat

      Perhaps they didn’t know that these programs are available. Perhaps they were concerned they’d loose face. We don’t really know, perhaps they did apply and were rejected for some reason. Even in the U.S. it is difficult for an adult to get food stamps without a minor child. The amount is very low and often not enough for a person to actually live on for the entire month. I don’t know the statistics about Korea’s unemployment but in the U.S. right now we really only have 1 to 3 ratio for available jobs. That means out of everyone looking 2 people will go jobless because there is no job. If those two people are lucky enough to have family to help support them then they would not be eligible for aid unless the supporting family member is low income as well.

      • HaydenG

        Seriously? are you high? difficult to get food stamps????? Im single male in my 20s and I once just for fun checked on the california benefits site. I input my living situation and information and I qualify for 200 a month in food stamps. Its absolutely insane they would allow me to get food stamps.

        • bigmamat

          Food stamps are programs where the federal government distributes funds and sets broad parameters for qualifications but funds are also allocated at the state level and the program is administered by the states. That’s how the state of Florida was able to implement drug testing for social services even though there is no federal requirement. Although I do believe that recently a judge struck down the law. It may be that qualifying for food stamps in California has a different set of parameters. It wouldn’t surprise me that the income requirement is different in California than say Mississippi since the cost of living is different. Also, $200 a month doesn’t sound like much considering it’s California. And no I’m not high but I wish I was…

          • linette lee

            No able bodied should be qualified to get welfare. Why can’t they go work in Mcdonalds or sweep the streets? They have hands and legs. Why? They are too high up there they can’t work to make a honest living? They have to collect welfare and live off from the gov’t like losers?

            Not being mean or anything but let me tell you what I think. Here in USA I often hear people complaining about Mexicans and making fun of them. The Mexicans usually do some low wages dirty jobs long hours. They earn their living with their hard work. Then I see all these lazy a55 healthy people collecting welfare making tons of babies unemployed making fun of Mexican this and Mexican that. I find it especially hilarious because some of these lazy a55 people collecting welfare are also Spanish people like Puerto Ricans and Dominican. I truly wonder what makes them think they are better than the Mexicans when the Mexicans work hard making honest living. I have a cleaning lady that help me clean my apartment. She is Mexican and she is one hard working lady. I love her. Most cleaning lady from the agency are Spanish people. I only want the Mexicans. In the future if I ever hire a baby sitter for my kid. I only want Mexican and no other Spanish people from the agency. I see the difference in their work ethic.

          • bigmamat

            I don’t live in a state where there is a historically large Latino community. It has only been in very recent years that Mexicans have moved into a small area in my region. I know little or nothing at all about which Latinos are hard workers and which are deadbeats. I use a great amount of caution when assigning certain behaviors to different groups. I’m also not even close to being wealthy enough to employ a Mexican maid to clean my house.
            As for McDonald’s it’s pretty obvious to me that you are one of those people who haven’t been keeping up on current events. A lot of people do work at McDonald’s and they aren’t teenagers. The McDonald’s workers have been staging protests all over the country in recent months lobbying for better pay. The average McDonald’s worker is 30 and has a kid but makes under $10 an hour. Not nearly enough too employ a maid, even a Mexican one.

          • linette lee

            I don’t have problem if both parents are working full time struggling to support their family and need help from welfare check. I think those family where both parents work and struggling should get welfare help. Also welfare should be for the sick and the old. But unfortunately many are not like that. Many knows how to play the system. They don’t get marry so the mother can claim single with kids. She then goes making tons of kids so her welfare check will be bigger. The father doesn’t work but live there. The mother doesn’t work nether. They get subsidized housing and medicaid full medical coverage. The father also go outside and have more kids with other women. They also do the same thing collecting welfare. None of them work but get everything free from the USA gov’t everything covered. These people live better than you middle class hard working people like me and you. Last week I went to fill a drug in the pharmacy and my copay was like $50 just for copay. And I am already paying monthly for medical insurance. I am always working but always broke because all hard working middle class Americans are broke.

          • bigmamat

            I have the same problem. I have worked since I was 15, but never feel secure. However, I don’t look at individual cases around me and see what you see. I do know of people who have baby after baby and no skills to support them. The state takes care of them but they don’t really live well. They live day to day. I also know two women that were on public assistance but are now homeowners and working good jobs. they worked hard went back to school and improved their lives. I’m not in the least bit resentful of people who need help. I’m also not concerned with the few who take advantage of the system. There will always be crooks and liars no matter what kind of society you live in. I just can’t get pissed off at people even less fortunate than myself regardless of how they got there. It’s misdirected anger. What does irk me are people who have had every advantage but think they earned everything without help. Those people are delusional and narcissistic.

          • linette lee

            “I’m also not concerned with the few who take advantage of the system”

            Not a few. There are so many it’s overwhelming. Google and see which states have so many of these type of people faking playing the system to collect. It’s much much much more common than you think. Some of these welfare people are not even poor. They have better cars than you. Their kids wear Jordan sneakers and Juicy Couture. And I am not criticizing only certain ethnic groups. I pass by the medicaid office and I see people of all colors. I am sure some are legit but many of them are faking to get aid. Also when you have situation like this, the fakers are taking the benefits that can be used to aid the people who really need help. Like my girlfriend’s father he is not poor enough to get medicaid but not rich enough to pay for his surgery. He has been working all his life, a hard working middle class man. He should be able to get some gov’t aid to cover the cost. The fakers get full medicaid coverage and never work one day in their lives.

          • Yaminah Jamison

            Um…. you do realize that there are many legit single moms out there who can barely get a child support check right? How the system should be working and how it is actually working are two different thing. There are people over 50 working at McDonald’s still struggling to make ends meet. Many places don’t pay enough just to keep up with basic standard of living or to even pay rent. Please don’t generealize the whole country of the US like that because every state is almost like a different country with different wages and standards of living. It’s such an ignorant generalization that barely touches on reality.

          • linette lee

            ” there are many legit single moms out there who can barely get a child support check right? How the system should be working and how it is actually working are two different thing.”

            Exactly, that is the problem. The fakers are taking the benefits away from these legit people who really need help. Like my girlfriend’s father he should be one of those people getting welfare assistance. Like the families and single parents out there who are working hard with jobs, struggling, should be getting welfare assistance. Then you have these fakers who knows how to work the system, don’t have a job and never work, and just keep popping out kids with different women or men, for the sole purpose of collecting check when they can’t even provide for their first child. The USA gov’t should not regulate welfare in a way to encourage able bodied to collect welfare by making babies.
            I think all single moms should work. They should be working full time and place their kids in gov’t agency daycare. They shouldn’t stay home. The welfare check should be in addition to her low income. Enforce collecting child support…suspend their driver license or jail or whatever necessary. When they are in jail have them work. No healthy young people without jobs should be collecting. There should be job placement. Probably jobs most people don’t want but what to do? They need to work in order to qualify for welfare. Welfare should be for the sick, the old, for children without parents, and working people with financial hardship to pay for basic needs. Not for healthy young people who sit home in front of a TV.

          • atrapforletrice

            The majority of people who receive welfare in the U.S. are employed at least part-time – they are NOT people who are too lazy to find a job and work. You are extremely ignorant. In fact, many states require that you be either employed, a student, or in some kind of work-study program to receive assistance. I suggest you educate yourself further on the subject.

          • linette lee


          • linette lee


          • Jerome

            You’re a huge fucking retard.

          • Macklemore

            As a Puerto Rican, I can tell you immediately that the difference is that Puerto Ricans are citizens of the United States. As citizens, Puerto Ricans are absolutely entitled to government assistance if necessary. Dominican and Mexican nationals WITHOUT U.S. citizenship are, well, not citizens.

            Now, it’s shitty to categorize someone as lazy based on their nationality. I stay away from that. My stepsister is Puerto Rican, too. Lazy as shit, 24 years old with a babysitting job that pays $200 a week. She likes that job because she can sit down all day watching K-dramas and listen to K-pop while a toddler is a sleep in his crib. She collects unemployment because she’s off the books, being paid in cash by a relative. My grandfather, meanwhile, has 12 children that he raised, four of them who were not his own blood, and he worked all of his life and never once got on government assistance even though he was entirely entitled to it as a US citizen of Puerto Rican origin. He only recently stopped working, at 78 years old. My father also works hard to support his family, his wife works, I work, and my two younger sisters all work. We’re Puerto Rican. We don’t think we’re better than any other Spanish-speaking nationality. Our friends and relatives are Dominican, Mexican, Venezuelan, etc. It would be entirely retarded for us to think we’re somehow better than anyone else, immigrant or not. Don’t assume that Puerto Ricans or Dominicans in general think lowly of Mexicans. And just to be clear, there is such thing as positive racism. Your statement that you only want Mexicans because you like their work ethic is a racist statement. You think that Mexicans, based on nationality alone and no other outside factors such as, you know, the individual person, are the best workers. That Mexican cleaning lady of yours, you love how well she cleans! Mexicans are the best for cleaning your house! Nobody cleans a house like a Mexican!

            See how shitty that sounds? Not every Mexican is a lazy-ass sponging off of the government and not every Mexican is an honest hard-working person. Wide generalizations are stupid.

        • Jerome

          You’re a retard.

      • Yeah programs in the US are so hard to get in, and even harder to stay in. I can’t imagine what it would be like in South Korea.

  • Mighty曹

    This may have been an avoidable tragedy but there may be other underlying reasons for them to take such drastic measure. Maybe they never got over the loss of the husband and father.

    Curiously, why did the second daughter only manage to work part time and was in debt?

    Mrs. Park even placed the white envelope on top of a tissue box. So thoughtful.

    • tsk, tsk

      then they would have suicided right after losing him instead of tuffing it out and surviving the tragedy, no?

      If they are not evildoers themselves or choose suicide over getting humilated with their crimes revealed, then I don’t see why they would opt out.

      What wold have happened if they had gotten evicted? Would they become homeless?

      I can’t believe Koreans are this suicidal. This is like some kind of kim ki duk movie EXCEPT people in kim ki duk movies don’t kill themselves.

      Maybe this is fake news to keep company with Japan’s genuine suicides – because those kdramas … god help you if you drank that Kool-aid.

      • Mighty曹

        Of course, it was a conspiracy to one up the Japanese.

        • jerome

          You’re both retards.

          • Mighty曹

            You’re the only retard here for not seeing the sarcasm.

          • Jerome

            The ‘sarcasm’ isn’t what I’m responding to here. I see your fucking avatar all over this site and pretty much the entirety of your opinions are bullshit. God damn, you’re a piece of shit. All your snide implications make me want to puke into my own ass, then drink the shit-puke I just made and then puke all over you.

          • Mighty曹

            ‘fucking avatar’, ‘all over this site’, ‘entirety of your opinions’, ‘snide implications’. Yet you read every one of my comments. Even a real retard would have simply ignored my posts and moved on. Try ramming your fist up your anus and puke shit over yourself. This may keep yourself busy from reading my comments.

          • Jerome

            That would help keep me busy, yes. It would probably be easier if you just lay down and died in the snow, to save the world from hearing your dick-pulling, bigoted opinions. Or whatever passes for opinions in the stinking shit-smear of a neighbourhood you infest. God damn it, but this is a beautiful fucking world and you make it worse with your presence.

          • Mighty曹

            You took enough time out to rest your fist to write all that? I suggest you spend less time ramming your own ass and go outside and save the world. Go spread your gospel as I watch you suffer in my mere presence. Asshat

  • Koreans too tuff for suicide?

    Korea sounds in my mind like a cold stark environment – but the food is very cozy and comforting so it is odd that after so many generations on the planet, there should be such despair. Chinese people have been poor for a long time – and remain poorer than many Koreans and culturally we don’t take suicide in stride unless under violent immediate duress.

  • James

    This is so goddamn sad.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Stories like this break my heart… and helmet. And I am sure meanwhile some 20 year old douchebag 1/2 mile away zooms down the street in some $500k Lambo his father bought him.

      The world is so fucked up.

      • Mr Kim

        Sad indeed. However the only douchebags I see driving around in Lambo’s are balding middle-aged loosers going through a midlife crisis, purchased with money they swindled through their ‘business’.

        • Joe

          The mid aged douches all drive expensive four door sedans. The sports cars I’ve seen were being driven by children. Seriously, this guys are in their twenties.

  • suppertime

    Korea has almost no social safety net, it’s a right winger’s wet dream in that respect. Yet Korea has very high taxes (at least for people working at companies that automatically report and withhold income taxes). Where does all that tax money go? Military, maybe?

  • From what I’ve read, people are calling for better promotion of benefits that are available along with better benefits. Also, this family would have had difficulty qualifying with the mother working because of some stupid thing called “assumed income.” Because the three of them fall into the working age range (something like 20-64 or something) they would have an “assumed income” of 500,000-600,000 won even without a job. That added to what the mother made (1 million won a month) would have meant their income that the government considers for benefits would be 1.5-1.6 million a month. The minimum cost of living for a family of three to qualify for welfare benefits is 1.3 million won. (Meaning the minimum a family of three can live off is estimated at 1.3 million won a month, which it absolutely ridiculous.) And sadly this isn’t the only suicide because of poverty. Just this week a father killed himself and his child and a mother killed herself and her 4-year-old son because of poverty.

    • Chucky3176

      Earning $1500 a month is about minimum wage for family of three, it would be difficult, but not such a horrible situation.Their problem was that they were in medical hardship with the father passing away with cancer, and one of their daughter being ill. This is because their income would have been eaten away by medical costs. Universal Health insurance in Korea only covers up to 60% of the cost, for the rest, most Koreans have supplemental private health insurance to cover for the rest. But for a poor family they probably couldn’t afford it. If failure with social welfare had happened, then I would say it was the failure of the health insurance system. Perhaps the government should look harder to increase coverage to at least 80% to help the lower income people.

      With the mother falling and injuring her arm, and her daughter seriously ill, and another daughter needing to be home to take care of her sibling, they are well within their rights to apply and probably would have gotten the basic living allowances which would have tied them over until the mother got well. As in most cases in South Korea,close families and relatives would have stepped into help. In South Korea, people don’t commonly starve to death. But none of the people around them who could have lended a hand, had any clue that there was something wrong. The landlord also said the family never missed a single payment, and he didn’t know they were having a problem. All this leads to my conclusion is that they decided not to ask for help from anyone, probably because of the shame factor, and no amount of welfare would have helped them. It’s not a welfare system’s failure, it’s the society’s failure, causing alienation for those who are considered “losers”, preventing suicides, setting up suicide hotlines, and educating people about the signs of suicides must be all taken seriously. Yet in Korea, none of this is being looked into. It’s just basically, they’re stringing it and hoping for the best. Suicide is one of the biggest reasons of deaths in South Korea. The problem will just get worse, unless somebody does something concrete.

  • atrapforletrice

    Stories like this male me hate it when people look down on people who are welfare/receive government assistance. Where I live in the U.S, there is a lot of stigma and misunderstanding of welfare and many people honestly believe that welfare recipients are just people who are too lazy to work. But look at this family’s story: The husband lost a battle to cancer – something that can happen to ANYONE – and the family started struggling while having another family’s member’s health decline. I don’t know what it’s like in S. Korea but in the U.S. situations like that are often the cause of people to apply for and receive welfare. I often ask people who belittle those receiving gov. assistance “what if you or your spouse died tomorrow or became sick/injured and couldn’t work? then what? would you still be able to pay your bills without help?”

    Anyways, this is a tragic story and it breaks my heart. RIP to the three women and to the husband who lost a fight with cancer.

  • Tzuebuff

    At least they didn’t flush the money down the toilet like in “The Seventh Continent”.

  • whitewalker

    Look at life from their viewpoint: did they have any realistic hope of things ever getting better? Life for them was just a daily struggle to accumulate enough money to spend another month in that grim basement room. No education,no hope for better days ahead. I watched a special on TV today about this family-people were cleaning out that room, and disposing of their pathetic belongings-it was heartbreaking.

    • Hinata Shoyo

      nailed it

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  • Jimmy .

    People need to be responsible for themselves unless extreme circumstance exist. The two daughters were working age and able bodied. Why didn’t they work? Diabetes is not an excuse. If they had to work 12 hour days to make ends meet, that’s what you have to do. It’s life. Maybe they were just lazy and wanted the easy way out. It’s selfish behavior. Yeah some people have better lives and some worse, some born into poverty, some born with silver spoons. Korea netizens that are blaming the Korean gov’t for their death need to stop. You live in a first world country with plenty of jobs around.. so many jobs that the businesses have to import labor. Handouts make people lazy and entitled. Just look at parts of the USA. People won’t get a job because welfare pays more than minimum wage. They contribute nothing to society and drain the society like a leech. Then those people have kids and the cycle continues. You’re not too good for that “dirty” job if it’s your only option. Nobody owes anyone anything. It’s a cold world and most people have to work hard to survive. 바이팅!!

  • nigger

    lol this is fuckin hilarious

  • Guy Forget

    While native Koreans struggle and die (yes, believe it or not, korea has TONS of POOR IMPOVERISH PEOPLE still), the Korean government gives free healthcare, childcare, insurance, services to immigrants and migrant workers. And the Korean government wants to increase funding to promote more multicultural families and give more money to these immigrants and migrant workers. Doesn’t this remind you of some other countries that did this and now look how great their society is.

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  • pravin

    Had they spoken about their problems to some of their friends/ co workers…. Atleast there would be 1 good Samaritan to help them

  • Dave

    This is a very sad story but you have to ask for help to get it. As the saying goes in Korea “you can’t lay under the persimmon tree and wait for the fruit to fall in your mouth”.
    If these people has asked for help, maybe they would have received it.

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