Girl Commits Suicide After Being Bullied in KakaoTalk Chatroom

Girl commits suicide after being bullied in a KakaoTalk chatroom

From Kyunghyang News:

‘KakaoTalk Outcast’ Female High School Student Commits Suicide

Family of the deceased: ‘She was bullied in KakaoTalk chat room’

A female high school student recently committed suicide by jumping off the top of an apartment. Family of the deceased claimed that their daughter had been bullied by her peers. The police are investigating the accident.

On 14th August, Kang, a 16-year-old 10th grader in high school, threw herself from the 11th floor of an apartment located in Songpa-gu, at around 1:15 PM. The security guard who spotted her immediately called the police, but she was already dead by the time the police arrived. Kang wrote a will for her friends and her family before she killed herself. However, there was no evidence of murder. Kang’s family claims that their daughter committed suicide because she couldn’t tolerate verbal abuse in a KakaoTalk chat room from her peers anymore.

Kang’s father (48), in a telephone interview with the Kyunghyang Newspaper, said that his daughter showed him a snapshot of the chat room 20 minutes before she killed herself, showing abusive language from 16 male peers. He said her last spoken words were ‘I need help to solve this problem’. He also said that his daughter wept out loud by saying that she cannot go to school anymore because it was too painful to get bullied by her peers.

Kang’s father was about to bring the snapshot to the school and ask for any possible measures to protect his daughter from the bullies. But Kang committed suicide right after her father left for school.

Kang’s father said ‘my daughter had been habitually bullied by her ex-boyfriend’s friends, after she broke up with him last February.’

‘Last May, Kang got herself into a quarrel with them in front of a convenience store near her home, and then she was later invited to a KakaoTalk chat room, where the abusive language continued.’ According to him, the murder suspects did not admit their past actions until he showed them a snapshot of the chat room.

Police will carry out further investigations by summoning those who were in the chat room and they will be questioned as testifiers.

Comments from Naver:


Suicide these days has really become common. Probably because those who commit suicide are being glamorized so much by the media, many people think that suicide is a solution to protect one’s pride. And to those who commit suicide, we should label them as ‘losers’. I mean, because those who commit suicide either receive sympathy or are praised by the mass media, it gives an image as if suicide is like a good choice or something. But let’s not forget: the ugliest form of defeat in this world is suicide. It’s like, if you’re thinking about committing suicide, you’re basically acknowledging that you are the worst loser in the world. Suicide is defeat. So for those of you who are thinking of committing suicide, just DON’T DO IT.


Hi! I’m the bread shuttle of my school. Everyone teases me whenever they feel bored. They rob me, take my pens and tear my books. They even took my new backpack. My friend is also in the same situation cause he’s a geek too. They forcibly make me eat paper in front of girls and have me stay in a push-up position and keep me from going to after school classes and they beat me in the bathroom when I resist. My teacher knows this is happening but still pretends to not know anything. I just wanna die… what should I do?


When do you think a person dies? When a bullet penetrates their heart? No. When you are terminally ill? No. When you eat deadly poisonous mushroom soup? No. It is when you are forgotten by other people…get it? You attacker bitches


It’s so pathetic for you guys to say those things without knowing all the facts. All of the 16 people are my friends and they are having a hard time. It’s already fucking annoying without your fucking comments so don’t spit words like that out.


This is a friend of one of the attacker. He is having a hard time. He said he will sue everyone who writes extremely insulting comments.


This shows why men have to go to the army! How can they to bully a weak girl! How about extending the enlistment of [compulsory] military service to 10 years just like North Korea?


From what I heard from my tutee who is the female student of Youngdongil High School [presumed school where the girl came from], though the bullying was a problem, she was also a victim of sexual harassment. I wish there would be a proper investigation so that every attacker is punished.


Are you watching this T-ara? [T-ara’s member Hwa-young quit the group last month in a dramatic exit after it was revealed she too was bullied within the group]


They [the attackers] are regretting what they did and are going through a rough patch of guilt. But she didn’t die cos of those guys. This is a real witch-hunt. Who are you guys who just post malicious comments because of this fabricated article?


We should get rid of KakaoTalk. People have car accidents because they were using KakaoTalk while driving, and people use KakaoTalk and kill themselves and aging happens due to KakaoTalk and fingers are paralyzed due to KakaoTalk and Hwa-young [from girl group T-ara] became an outcast due to KakaoTalk and we’re about to lose Dokdo due to KakaoTalk and unification is being interrupted due to KakaoTalk. I hope for it to be abolished as soon as possible.


Kang is 16 years old and yet she is a high school student?! [16 years of age in Korea is the equivalent to 15 in Western age]


Committing suicide is a big fault innit he he Maybe it’s an even bigger fault than leaving someone out in the cold


Ahh why didn’t she get out of the chat room….This fucking makes me choke when I think about it

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  • pj

    The attackers do not deserve any sympathy or compassion. The family of the young girl deserve sympathy and compassion. These children harassed and berated a young person to her death. This girl’s mother carried her for nine months in her womb; her father waited to see his new daughter’s face. They raised and cared for her only to have her treated cruelly. Shame on you for suggesting anyone do anything but turn our backs on these sick individuals. For these boys, their life will go on and this “incident” will be an anecdote. For this girl’s family a life long wound. Shame on you for suggesting these boys receive anything but castigation and for society to turn its back in disgust. What a disgrace. And shame on you who call them your friends. When you lie die with dogs you get up with fleas.

    • Ruaraidh

      Your harshly worded rebuke has struck me a deeply emotional blow. Now when I kill myself I hope you castigate yourself from society. No doubt while your flagellating yourself, you’ll shed bitter tears of regret thinking of my poor mother, who bore me for nine months only to have me ripped away 24 years later by your hurtful comment on the internet.

      Your post translated: Actions and intent are meaningless when assigning guilt, people being mean on the internet is serious shit!

      • Ruaraidh

        Just before my statement gets misconstrued because of sarcasm and irony, let me clarify…

        Hypothetically someone calls a girl an ugly bitch, she ignores it and carries on with her life. Meanwhile in another place, another person calls a totally different girl an ugly bitch, and she subsequently kills herself. The severity of those ‘crimes’ are exactly equal, yet you would suggest that the punishment should not be equal. You would in effect punish someone for something they did not do, more or less out of spite. This is why your statement was idiotic and worthy of ridicule.

        • BlackertheBerry

          Which lets me know that you’ve never been bullied. Yeah, being bullied isn’t just one isolated incident. It happens over a period of time and the severity of it varies from one group and situation to another. So, no, one girl being called a b*tch and moving on with her life is not comparable to another girl being called a b*tch and killing herself. Apples and oranges. People are not the same. What one can tolerate, another cannot. And they should be prosecuted because they didn’t just bully her in a chat room, but outside of it as well. Read the article. Reading comprehension and critical thinking are your friends, so don’t run from them.

    • Yu Bumsuk

      We have no idea what these boys wrote.

      Perhaps if her parents hadn’t got her a smart phone none of this would have happened.

      • Brett Sanbon

        My feelings are that smartphones just aren’t good for kids in general. My child will be 16, 16 years from now and even then (when smartphones are bendy and whatnot), I don’t think I would want to give her a smart phone. I may even just get one of those push-button phones where she can only call family or the police.

        That aside, I really doubt that it was this Kakao chatroom that caused her to do this. She has probably been bullied by this group since she broke up with their friend. They probably make her life miserable at school, outside of school, and even to the point that it goes cyber… No knowing now, but its really hard to think that 1 chatroom bullying session caused her to do this. It is very unlikely, anyways.

        • Yu Bumsuk

          Yeah I’m sure there was much more to it than this.

          I wonder if “bullying” is always the right term to be using in cases like this, at least in its English meaning. I wonder if harrassment or ostracisation might be a better way to describe it. While those are forms of bullying I suppose, they might give a more accurate sense of what the problem and potential solutions are. When I was a kid bullying was the full-grown 12-year-old girl down the road who used to wait for my friend and I to walk home so she could push us around, or the high school midget who got locked in lockers, or the Sihk kid who got is turban ripped off. Something you could block with a button wasn’t. Now it seems that any form of being mean or rude is bullying.

          As for smart phones, they give kids 24-hour instant access to X-rated material, something that seems to be forgotten in all their wonder.

          • Yu Bumsuk

            Hmmm, I just checked Google Translate for “bullying” and it translates it as “wongta”, the same word used in this article’s title. If that’s what they’re talking about it’s kind of misleading to translate it as “bullying” as they’re dealing with a Korean phenomenon that doesn’t really translate into English. While wongtas may experience bullying they’re often living a life of self-imposed exile.

          • chucky3176

            “Wangtta” is not exactly “bullying”. It’s isolation, ignoring of the person, turn someone into an outcast, socially reject someone, look down on the person, etc. But it could be one of the tools or methods to use to bully someone.

    • mouse

      Thank you. So many people don’t understand the nature of suicide. It is not a cowardly act. It is one of desperation. People who suffer from depression are not in their right minds, they have little control and suicide is the only thing they think can stop the pain. It’s not even about dying, it’s just that they cannot find any methods to stop the pain. Korea doesn’t even have a good mental health system and stigma gets in the way of solving these problems.

      How dare these despicable people say that she was a coward and how dare these friends say that the bullies are suffering now. What complete and utter bullshit. They should have thought about that before.

  • Ruaraidh

    Not excusing cuntish behavior from those boys but I agree with the first Korean commenter. You better have a really legitimate reason to commit suicide, otherwise you’re a bitch and a loser.

    • Shawna

      If someone committing suicide should generally be considered a bitch and loser, what kind of legitimate reason, as you put it, would excuse them from that title?

      • Ruaraidh

        My statement paraphrased: Killing yourself for a trivial reason makes you a bitch and a loser.

        Your statement paraphrased: Why should the majority of people who commit suicide not be considered bitches and losers?

        Person 1 has position X.
        Person 2 disregards certain key points of X and instead presents the superficially similar position Y

        If you want to have an argument at least address my actual statements.

        • Shawna

          Well, it was a question, but if you want to translate or paraphrase people’s responses into what they apparently really mean, that’s fine. I know people say things that can be meant as sarcasm, but your ‘actual statement’ didn’t seem like it, so I was curious to know if there was perhaps a good reason for one to commit suicide that didn’t result in strangers condemning them without sympathy.

          • Ruaraidh

            The wording of the question you wrote implied that I’d said the majority of people who killed themselves could be considered bitches and losers. In fact the actual wording of my statement was that those who did it for a stupid reason were bitches and losers.

            There are probably lots of reasons for killing yourself that are legitimate and understandable. That was not my concern, I was saying that killing oneself over mean words is a ludicrous over reaction.

        • Anonton

          I maybe be a lefty, but i think we own and control our lives and if we wish to end it we should be able to.

          • Ruaraidh

            I even think assisted suicide should be legal, what’s your point?

          • Anonton

            My point is, people shouldn’t need a good reason. Its their lives.

          • Ruaraidh

            I said killing herself made her a bitch and a loser, not that she shouldn’t be allowed to do it. There is a massive difference between criticising someone for making a stupid choice and taking that choice away. Fuck, why do people read my statements and somehow add two and two to get five?

            Or was there no misunderstanding involved at all, and you actually meant that we must never criticise anybody’s actions, no matter what they may be or how stupid, because ‘it’s their life!’

          • Bruce Tutty

            Ruaraidh, i think the point is that although i understand you feeling she was a bitch and a loser for committing suicide, but your words are callously saying so….even if you only meant to be factual.

            You are right, it’s all about the context it is taken in, and a realistic person can be emotional wrong for a particular situation, while being factually correct.

    • Brett Sanbon

      These kids were around each other all the time. Im sure the boys knew where she lived. They may have gotten physical at times.

      If you have a single bully, its just annoying. 2 bullies are tough. A group is a nightmare. 16 bullies would seem unbearable. At that age its hard to take constant abuse from people. It makes you feel like an outcast. It makes you feel like there is no hope.

      Id say daily bullying from peers is enough to make a lot of kids kill themselves. From my experience, though, groups rarely bully individuals like this.

      Kids with poor self esteem cant make practical judgements. These kids who take their own lives are too hurt to think about the consequenses. They cant see far enough to realize these bullies mean absolute shit after high school.

      It saddens me when kids kill themselves due to bullies because, in most circumstances, it could have been prevented. No way to know for sure when they’re gone.

      • Shawna

        I can relate to this girl because I was in a similar situation with 2-4 guys during the last two years of high school (they were complete strangers to me). I think what you said is very well put.

        Even as a teenager, I hated teenagers and the way I felt, because you always hear the stereotypes of emotional teenagers who make a big deal over things that adults already know is ridiculous. I usually concluded that my feelings weren’t valid. A friend even forced me to report one incident to the school office, since I had evidence (gum in my hair). Nothing came of it. It only wastes time and a piece of paper.

        You start stewing in your thoughts. You know you can’t call in sick all the time (especially if you’re not talking to your parents about it). Adults at school don’t or can’t do shit, even if they know what’s going on. You can attempt to fight back, but that ends up with only you getting in trouble.

        The part of the article when the girl finally asked her dad for help, and it says she wept out loud really brings back the time I finally told my parents, but all that came out was gross, disgusting sobs.

        People seem to believe that suicide is selfish way out, but I can understand what they’re thinking is that it’s selfish to keep living and “whining/complaining” about what is supposedly considered nothing. They think they’re a burden on their family and assume killing themselves, even while knowing the family may hurt for a while, will eventually live a better life without them around. I had those kinds of thoughts, and while most think suicide is the easy way, I never went very far with that line of thought because I felt you had to be pretty brave to even attempt it. I did my best to never acknowledge their existence since it usually just encourages them further, so killing myself would just be a trophy to them. I did sincerely wish a lot that I would die by accident, or even better, wish something bad on the bullies (I hate that word, it sounds kind of innocent or childish). Your mind can go to a very dark place.

        *Sorry for any errors. I didn’t intend for this to be as long as it is, since I was attempting to condense all the things I want to say on this issue. People who take the time out and go out of their way to torment someone are incredibly sick.

      • Ruaraidh

        I don’t deny it was probably pretty awful for the girl, over a year and a half of being singled out for abuse. That having been said, suicide is still a really stupid reaction, surely there are measures one can take to break that situation down without killing yourself.

        If her parents were total arse holes and wouldn’t help her move schools or something, she could have done the classic 100 paracetamol ‘suicide’ for attention, and shocked them into action. Certainly that’s extreme, but much less so than actually killing yourself. Why seemingly get her dad’s help and then kill herself 20 minutes later?

        • Brett Sanbon

          “Why seemingly get her dad’s help and then kill herself 20 minutes later?”

          She probably wanted assurance that everything would be okay. Her father may have failed to console her in that vital last chance time-period. Or maybe she wanted to spill her heart out to him but didn’t have the courage. I don’t know, but I’d rather assume she was more along the lines of “young and unable to deal with the situation” than the alternative.

          It’s wierd though, as much as Korean men like to talk and can hold monologues (for what seem like hours), I don’t see them talking enough with their kids about important issues.

    • mouse

      Legitimate reason? Is there ever? IF you have no clue what you are talking about go away. Don’t blame those who are suffering for something you cannot understand. To a 16 year old, school is everything. And dealing with the pressure day after day is not easy. I doubt you would have been so strong in her place..

  • .

    Boohoo, someone said mean things about me on the Internet.

    What a lousy reason to commit suicide.

  • bigwin80

    Teenage girls- the most irrational and clueless demographic known to humanity.

    Teen girls offing themselves over nasty comments on the internet or at school isn’t a rare occurrence. It happens pretty much anywhere. Rather than be shocked, I just accept it as a normal part of society.

    They are at the age where their hormones are fluctuating and their minds are unstable.

    This isn’t surprising and no one should be charged for her suicide. People get harassed on the internet all the time. Most of us do not commit suicide because of it.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Your unapologetic rant is cheapening the reality of the situation.

      Brushing it off to teenage girls being “unstable” and “irrational” is a cop out for someone who probably needs to harden himself, otherwise he might feel a human emotion (regret).

      This is surprising, and I don’t know if anyone should be help responsible either, but the bullies need to be spoken to as adults so they can see that their actions can and do affect others. The mere act of bullying is cowardish and thats what these boys are. Cowards pick on people who can’t defend themselves. Cowards try to “rationalize” this sort of behavior as “part of growing up”.

      • bigwin80

        The “bullies” deserve no punishment whatsoever. Its the internet, no one should take it seriously. You have 50 year old grown men pretending to be school girls. 10 year old kids pretending to be martial arts masters. Scrawny and effeminate virgins pretending to be alpha male pimps.

        Some people take the internet way too seriously. The girl who killed herself is just one of many examples. In the end, it was her own decision to take her life just because her feelings were hurt.

        • Brett Sanbon

          They didn’t just bully her on the internet. The article even states that there was an altercation close to her home at least once. They went to school together and saw each other every day. Can anyone be so thick as to think that this was solely because of a Kakao Talk chatroom?

        • BlackertheBerry

          You response to this is mindblowing. Some people, especially children (let’s not just heap this on girls), do take the internet seriously and follow through and can do drastic harm to themselves and to others. THe bullies should be punished, not just because their actions led to this girl’s suicide, but because they should know that ALL actions have consequences, not just that a girl killed herself, but that if they pick on the wrong person, they could very well lose their own lives because someone else may not take their actions as mere “pretending” to be something they’re not.
          Actions have consequences. Words have power. 50 year old men can lure 10 year old pretend martial artists out of their homes and kill them. That maybe an argument for bad parenting, but you can’t be so flippant about the power words can have, on the internet or in real life.

    • mouse

      16 people targeting you online and at school? Yeah right.
      You are coldhearted callous person.

    • Yesway

      You’re complaining about a teenage girl, while there were 16 BOYS bullying one girl.

      They were the ones with a severe problem and lack of morals, not her.

  • skippy

    This is such a sad story. The poor girl.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    Execution by lethal injection should the anwser to their malicious ostracism. It is the greatest mercy for them.

  • Paul M

    I don’t think anyone of us is qualified to pass judgement on the girl or the group of guys who were bullying her. Who knows what their relationship was like before she broke up with her ex, or how she treated him or his friends while they were still together (or how he treated her)?

    It’s also think it’s highly unlikely that being bullied was the sole cause that drove her to throw herself from a tall building.

    • Yesway

      Even if she treated him like total shit, a real man doesn’t need 15 other guys to help him target one girl, would he?

  • Markus

    Some of the comments here seem unreasonable to me

    Firstly suicide for adults can sometimes be thought of as sad people or losers (that’s just a generalization im not saying I agree or disagree)

    However when a teenager commits suicide I think it’s a very different situation.
    Being a teenager can be a very difficult time for many people and when all you know in life is school and school life is hell for you sometimes you don’t know where else to turn and being a young person you’re train of thought is exaggerated.

    The boys knew what they were doing wasn’t nice however I don’t think they wanted her to kill her self but this doesn’t exempt them from punishment. The school in particular should take harsh action and the parents of those students need to be accountable for their child’s actions.

    Obviously the dad wanted to fix the situation but had no idea what was going on in his daughters head… it’s a shame, if only he took her with him to the school to sort it out.

    So bottom line

    She was just at an unfortunate time in her life and didn’t have the maturity to deal with it, that’s not her fault. Likewise the boys were being immature and probably went too far without meaning to make the girl kill herself however they need to be punished somehow (but not for murder). I’m sure they are feeling guilty but that’s not enough. This doesn’t need to ruin their lives but it does need to shake them so they don’t forget what a mistake it was to have done that to the girl.

  • Patrick

    She probably should have went to her parents far sooner. Obviously, they spent little time together and rarely talked with her about her life. Instead they probably had her going to academies all night. In my opinion, this was poor parenting not to notice something that had been going on for so long and affecting her this badly.

    As for solutions, if it is just name calling then there isn’t much you can do about it but ignore it, but if it is physical, then where I come from (Canada), it is time to go beyond the school and get the police involved. That was the end of that. The bullies I knew in high school were in jail not too long after they graduated and having put them on police radar early on was a good step to getting them there.

  • somesojuslammer

    Her parents knew she was bullied and ignored it. They need to share in the blame, along with her school. Majority is obviously on the boys, but spread the blame around to all who fucked up.

  • k

    Her parents should sue the boys’ families…if they were in America, the boys would be charged and their families sued for damages. They should make an example out of these boys with a tough policy and litigation.

    • Bruce Tutty

      do you think that ‘making an example’ of them is bullying them back?

      • BlackertheBerry

        So, I guess in your mind, putting a serial killer to death is also inhuman? We should just let people go because we’re afraid of what exactly? Hurting their feelings? Showing people that actions have consequences? Making them grow up and be held accountable? God, I feel sorry for my kid. It’s stupid people and bad parenting that’s going to make her have a very limiting childhood.

  • Seanshine

    Its said that most korean netizens are teenagers ranting. With an unfortunate situation such as this, the comments alone make me ashamed to be a human being. Someone once told me that there is no difference between man and beast. I thought there was, a conscience. No sympathy, no empathy, no remorse. What is right and wrong behaviour is seriously blurred here. Its the role of adults to teach children that they are in fact ‘their brothers keeper’. If we say they are not at all responsible for this situation the more damage we do to ourselves.

    The people who bullied this girl are no longer her problem..they’re OUR borderline nusiance to society. To me they are just as damaged, a loser as the commentors claimed she was.

  • Cleo

    why aren’t the teachers stepping in? I can’t imagine this going on for long in my primary and high schools

    • Brett Sanbon

      The ironic thing is that I’ve heard students are starting to abuse their teachers more than each other. There are videos on Youtube with these little fucktard boys groping their teachers in class, cursing at them, and even threatening them.

  • FYIADragoon

    Jesus, god help Koreans if they ever discover THAT site. You know the one.

    • a

      You honestly think Asians don’t have their own versions of 4chan? I bet 2ch is even worse.

  • 바나나

    Poor girl
    haters gon hate

  • Cassidi

    Having a weak heart on the internet is very dangerous. I wonder why she kept going on Kakao? Out of curiosity? Hoping that something will change?
    This girl was only safe in her own home, and even then she was still haunted by the thoughts of what will happen tomorrow. Not being able to enjoy your life at such a young age is scary to me.
    I do believe that the boys feel very remorseful, and that their acts will stick to them for the rest of their life. Maybe they’ll pay off their dues by protecting another person who is being viciously bullied. And maybe this will make other bullies aware of what they’re doing to the victims, what their driving them to.

    • Yesway

      Those boys don’t necessarily all feel remorseful. Some will probably, but some bullies have a complete lack of empathy for anyone but themselves. They will only be sorry others now condemn them.

    • Bruce Tutty

      maybe a weak heart is dangerous anywhere, but most parents tend to view the internet as little more than a television but with a lot more channels…they aren’t emotionally invested in it in the way the web-experienced are.

      a bit like music fans…went from enjoying the performance, to wanting their babies.

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  • Yorgo

    Many of these comments are proof that you all are as fucked up bastards as Korean netizens. Maybe worse.

  • Seanshine

    @MOUSE.. I agree with all your statements. “Who feels it knows”. They havent walked a day in her shoes. And making awful comments about her being a bitch ass loser after the fact does nothing but spread negativity and unjust condemnation.

  • Yesway


    This was not a cool who chatted online with random strangers and could have gotten offline to solve the problem. She was being harassed by 16 (!) boys for months that she knew in real life.

    And now those beasts think people should feel sorry for THEM? Useless trash.

    There are few men in the world that are as disgustingly sexist as Koreans.

  • lonetrey

    Examples of bullying are becoming more and more prominent in this day and age, with the revolution of communication through the world wide web. I hope this issue can start seeing change soon.

    • Bruce Tutty

      The pencil might be mightier than the sword, but the sword keeps the pencil sharp.

      if we put in place laws that go beyond what a society is capable of then there will be trouble. In developed countries this shows up as tougher laws to stop youngsters from being disciplined, but as the state does not also teach them to be more considerate to begin with, you just end up with a large generation of unruly teens…worse than usual i mean.

  • Yesway

    And when you were a teenager your feelings were hurt by teenage girls who did not want to date you. That’s why you claim that they are irrational. For whoever does not want to date you, must be stupid.

    However, that you seem to have such a complete lack of empathy for someone who was targetted for months by 16 others (all boys, meaning they were most likely ALL physically stronger than her), shows that those teenage girls who rejected you were far more rational than you thought.

    A lot of assumptions, I know, but what I wrote is probably near the truth.

    • Yesway

      This was @Bigwin

  • Yolo!!!

    People need to understand that suicide is a illness. They need help with treatment plan or social support. Nuff said.

  • But why did she do that. Suicide is never a option.

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