An account of Kim Yuna backstage at Olympics; Netizens moved

From Daum:

‘Yuna, who was crying her eyes out, suddenly..’ Eyewitness account of what happened backstage.. Netizens moved by the words of a broadcasting company staff member

김연아, 그리움과 애절함

‘Yuna cried a lot backstage. That was why the awards ceremony was a bit delayed.’

In contrast with her calm appearance after the women’s singles figure skating competition, ‘figure skating queen’ Kim Yuna (24) looked extremely sad backstage and shed many tears, according to an eyewitness account that was uploaded to the Internet. It has caught the attention of many people, and many netizens are crying together.

In a popular Internet community on the 3rd of March, a post titled ‘Kim Yuna is a delicate athlete after all’ has recorded a high number of hits and has gained a lot of public interest.

Korean digital TV staff member Mr. A, who was sent to Sochi to provide live coverage for the Olympics, wrote that Kim Yuna looked extremely sad immediately after the competition.

Mr. A wrote ‘women’s figure skating was a heartbreaking competition’ and ‘Yuna cried a lot backstage. That was why the awards ceremony was a bit delayed.’

He said that the atmosphere at the competition already put Kim Yuna at a disadvantage starting from the short program.

Mr. A said, ‘Yuna’s staff as well as the skaters from other countries all felt it.’ He added, ‘No matter what, I didn’t think she would get the gold. It just felt that way. No matter what happened, A Russian skater would’ve got the gold.’

Despite the fact that fans at the competition were unilaterally cheering for Russia and the judges giving biased scores, Kim Yuna skated her second perfect, flawless performance and calmly smiled as she rose up to the awards ceremony. Mr. A highly acclaimed her for this action.

He said, ‘I am grateful to Yuna because she delivered a clean performance despite that mess of a situation. I almost cried because although she cried like that backstage, she was smiling a lot and calmly rose to the stage during the award ceremony. Her mother also cried a lot.’ He added, ‘Even during the press conference when there were no cameras around, she thanked everyone one by one and also took pictures with others.’ He also wrote that Kim Yuna’s personality could be seen through these actions.

Whether Mr. A was really a broadcasting company staff member or not could not be confirmed. However, his words have spread everywhere on the Internet, touching the hearts of many netizens.

Netizens who read this article responded with comments such as ‘Yuna~ sniff sniff~, Tears come to my eyes whenever I read anything about you,’ ‘Thank you, Kim Yuna. Thank you for everything, and thank you for handling it honorably,’ and I had no idea you were so sad backstage. You may be heartbroken, but we will always cheer for you.’

Kim Yuna shaking hands with Russia's Sotnikova.

Kim Yuna shaking hands with Russia’s Sotnikova.

Comments from Daum:

자유인님: [8671 upvotes at the time of translation]

Yuna is the queen of the ice [pun on silver, 銀반=은반=ice rink], and Sotnikova will soon [pun on gold, 金방=금방=soon] disappear. In Canada, there is a flood of requests to review the scores. The Korea Skating Union can’t even protect its own athletes.

인생역전님: [responding to above]

You are a genius! Ha ha

산소같은여자님: [responding to above]

Wow, your pun is the best!

김태균님: [responding to above]

Oh, such wonderful words.

민뿅님: [responding to above]

You must feel better right after that. That was awesome, ke ke ke ke ke ke.

Kim Yuna crying backstage, but calm and composed on stage

Kim Yuna backstage and on stage

쉬엄쉬엄님: [5372 upvotes at the time of translation]

Kim Yuna, our figure skating queen forever.

들개님: [responding to above]

Yuna, please understand that we don’t know what to say except ‘thanks’……………!!!

쁘띠아빠님: [responding to above]

An inspiration of our era! I am glad that I live in this period!!!

Oulee님: [responding to above]

Yuna’s personality is like that of a queen, too. She is a really great role model. Thank you ~♥

JungMR님: [responding to above]

The world knows the truth, so this kind of article might just make Yuna feel uncomfortable. Yuna has already transcended beyond everything. What goes around comes around. Yuna is free. Only those who have sinned will carry that sin to the afterlife as a memento.

playerplay님: [responding to above]

Does spring come even to the lost fields? Is there hope if our presidency is illegitimate? Can we find a gold medal if it is lost?

카라님: [responding to above]

Despite Kim Yuna’s spectacular short program performance, the gap in scores between her and second place was too low. That’s because the winner of the gold medal had already been decided.

kataomoi님: [5047 upvotes at the time of translation]

Long live the queen. For Queen Yuna.

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