Koreans Accuse London Olympics of Bias After Controversial Loss

South Korean fencer Shin A Lam sits in protest at loss

The reaction to South Korean fencer Shin A Lam’s loss in the semifinals of the women’s individual epee at the London 2012 Olympics has been swift and absolute. Shin’s controversial loss, which came amid ambiguous circumstances, and the image of her weeping in the middle of the arena are considered to be yet another offense against South Korea caused by flawed rulings during the 2012 London Olympics.

Numerous comments and articles have counted three other episodes during the Olympic games so far in which official rulings had complicated if not prevented South Korean wins:

  1. During a football match Sunday against South Korea, Michel Morganella made what was called a ‘Hollywood’ attempt to pull a foul by toppling over next to South Korean player Park Chu-Young. Park was given a yellow card, while Morganella was later expelled for tweeting the racist comment “South Koreans are mentally handicapped retards,” adding fuel to fire to an already hurt Korean national pride.
  2. At the judo men’s 66kg quarterfinals, South Korean judoka Cho Jun-Ho’s victory was overturned on appeal from his Japanese opponent.
  3. During the 400 meters freestyle final, South Korean swimmer Park Tae-Hwan was initially disqualified for leaving the starting blocks early, although he was reinstated on appeal.

In editorials, breakdowns of the reasons behind the numerous judgments against Korean athletes run from corruption among judges to plots by European countries to drive up their medal count at the expense of weaker nations.

Strong reactions, including talk of a boycott for the remainder of the Olympics, reference the feeling that Korea has been a ‘pushover’ when it comes to international competitions and is not being treated with respect. In general, the targets are the judges and officials at the Olympics, not one country in particular. Resentment has been aggravated by the fact that the judgments against South Korean athletes have often been to the benefit of Western athletes.

The BBC has also come under attack for having tweeted:

Shin A Lam is beaten in the bronze medal match of the women’s individual epee by China’s Sun Yujie. Lost, protested. Lost again.

which became headline news in Korea and a special feature on Nate. Media and netizens called the tweet ‘sarcastic’ and an additional insult to Shin.

The 2012 London Olympics are not the first time that South Koreans have protested perceived bias during Olympic events. Apolo Ohno is infamous for his slights against South Korea’s short track speed skating team. Even earlier, South Koreans had protested bias in decisions at boxing events in the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics.

South Korea has not been the only country to lodge appeals during the current Olympics, British gymnasts and an Indian boxer have also tried to overturn officials’ rulings.

From eDaily Star:

‘The Frozen Second’ Shin A Lam in Tears at Botched Ruling

Rising Olympic fencing star Shin A Lam, aged 26 from the city of Gyeryong, suffered an unfair defeat on the verge of victory.

On July 31st (Korean time), Shin, ranked 12th in the world, faced off against Britta Heidemann in the London ExCeL South Arena semifinals for the women’s individual epee. After the close match went into overtime, Shin unfortunately gave up the winning point to her opponent with just one second left on the clock. But Shin’s loss was the result of a botched ruling that defies understanding.

South Korean fencer Shin A Lam

In the first round of the match, Shin gave up two points to Heidemann but then scored a point of her own. With the score at 2-1, Shin began the second round moving more conservatively than she had in the first.

In the second and third rounds, both athletes failed to gain an advantage. After trading points back and forth, the score stood at a level 5-5 in the third round with 30 seconds left to go.

During the final clash, instead of a preemptive strike, Shin concentrated on careful defense. The tied score at the end of the round meant that the match would continue into overtime.

During overtime, the first person to land a clean point wins. Shin successfully landed six strikes, however, they were each ruled to be invalid as Heidemann had struck at the same time.

With just one second remaining, the round resumed and Heidemann was able to successfully strike her opponent. If the game ended with the score locked at 5-5, then Shin, having been randomly assigned a point advantage before overtime started, would have won.

However, the game resumed after Heidemann landed her point, despite the fact that one second had clearly expired. Looking at the clock in the arena, it still registered one second remaining in the match. There was a problem with the timekeeping.

Shin had clearly received an unfair judgment. Naturally, the South Korean coaching staff immediately lodged a complaint. Shin A Lam began to cry tears of injustice. Officials accepted the Korean complaint and reviewed the video footage.

After a prolonged review of the video and consultation amongst the judges, the final announcement came down that it was Heidemann who was the victor. Leaping for joy, Heidemann ran out of the arena with a happy heart at lightning speed. All the while, Shin stayed in the arena, weeping. According to fencing regulations, remaining in the arena is an indication of appeal to a ruling.

Once again, in what should have been the most fair and accurate of venues, a Korean athlete suffered a botched ruling that should never have happened.

Comments from Daum (1 & 2):


A fencing match where it was judged that not a single second passed while two fencers exchanged a full three blows. A football player draws a yellow card for a foul with a ridiculous move. A judo match where a unanimous 3-0 victory decision by the judges is turned into a unanimous 3-0 defeat. This is clearly an Olympics gone mad.


I can’t say anything but fuck this. And I’ve already said it many times. Pull out and boycott


The worst Olympics. In the future let’s not participate


We cross national borders and constantly receive botched rulings, all without a reply. This is so unfair


I felt so sad seeing Shin unable to leave the arena…


Those Europeans must have thought of South Korea as such a pushover…Korean officials really need to take a look at themselves


Lee Myung-bak, born in Osaka and resident of Gyeongsang Province, has definitely finished making our country into a global laughingstock [Note: comment is implying that President Lee’s Japanese birth has affected his policies]


These Olympics are a mess. Boycott and come home. Fuck


How does one second turn into one minute!! Those dumb son of a bitch judges


Come on Korea, is this a joke?.. What’s going on.. swimming, judo, now fencing. Isn’t this enough?..goddamn what kind of Olympics is this

the one:

Boycott the Olympics. That is the only thing that can save the Olympic Spirit


We liked and were played by the supposed country of gentlemen If these foul Yankee bastards were going to work everything out amongst themselves then what is the point of going to the Olympics. Shit I’m never going to watch the Olympics. Filthy, disgraceful, unfair, I’m furious. These scheming Yankee bastards


What bastard made this Olympic Spirit? Screw him and make a change. Dammit why? This kind of thing only ever happens to our country. In any case, good luck South Korean team


The chairman of the world fencing federation [email protected]
The vice-chairman [email protected]
The German on the board of the European Fencing Federation [email protected]
The corrupt Austrian judge http://www.facebook.com/barbara.csar
The German player who had no remorse http://www.facebook.com/britta.heidemann


Our nation owes you an apology. Stay strong…


Those insane judge bitches, they replay twice and say that one second is left and then say it’s over on the third time? What! The incredible arrogance of white people. At the swimming match when the American swimmer hit the water first, that was clearly where the corruption started. The judges suddenly looked over to the control box and inspected the electrical wiring. Colonial rule through fraud and trickery, those white bastards from developed countries have certainly shown some impressive skill at the London Olympics.. Those fucking white bastards! Did you see? White bastards will always racially discriminate.. but then, just take a look in the mirror as we suck up to these white bastards.!!!!


Shin A Lam.. to be honest I don’t have much interest in fencing and I only really remember Nam Hyun Hee…You weren’t able to get a medal but you are a real winner,,, we will remember you as the best fencer..you did well

South Korean fencer Shin A Lam cries at controversial loss

From Chosun Ilbo:


They keep ruining events with South Korean athletes like this. Just boycott and come home, then the Olympics will be shamed and London will be shamed. This is very organized manipulation on the part of the judges and calculated neglect on the part of Europe toward weaker nations.


Every day another botched judgement. And only to the disadvantage of our country. They bring people who can’t even stop a watch correctly, the officials in charge are pitiful. If the purpose is a gentlemanly game then what can we do about the power of judges… while the whole world is watching… We will be forever unwelcome


I had no idea that one second was so long for Europeans. Such a long long one second… Dragging on as long as the European financial crisis. From the bottom of my heart I hope that they suffer an economic failure and live for a very very long time in awful poverty.

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  • Ruaraidh

    It’s a CONSPIRACY! Those damn dirty British are cheating so that they can be no.21 on the medal table.

    Only a half-wit would think that if the UK was manipulating the Olympics it would be doing so in Germany’s favour!

    • pm

      but you have to admit that BBC is biased

      • Boris

        Watch a German channel, the hosts will cheer more for German athletes.
        Watch a Chinese channel, the hosts will cheer more for Chinese athletes.
        Watch a French channel, the hosts will cheer more for French athletes.
        Watch a Korean channel, the hosts will cheer more for Korean athletes.

        BBC is British. Yes they will get more exited for Britain that other countries (and sometimes question the referee when it doest really make sense if Britain looses). But it is hardly a surprise, all of our countries experience the same thing. Of course if it goes to the point of accusing other athletes of wrong doings without evidence, then it is bad.

    • Nyancat

      Ah in case u didnt know Germany is the country with enough clout to supposedly pull the EU out of their current crisis or something to that effect.

      • lavista4u

        I’m not a Korean but Park Tae-Hwan disqualification in swimming was clearly biased and guess what it was only one judge and he was from Japan. With the recent feud due to comfort women issue between two countries, the Japanese went overboard with revenge.

        He was reinstated in hours, and if you see the footage, it was crazy decision, the judge should have been sacked

        • pm

          how do you know it was a japanese judge?

          • Nyancat

            I think he is talking about a separate incident and I’m sure he got his facts from a news article or something, about the nationality of the judge i mean.

          • lavista4u

            Its all over the news, Google it, besides, the commentators said it as well

        • Abcutt

          His judge was Canadian.

          Don’t believe everything you see. There is always someone who tries to blame Japan for anything.

          • chucky3176

            I never heard of Japan’s name coming up anywhere. It was first reported as Chinese quoting an Olympic official, then the newspapers corrected it saying China had nothing to do with it, and then named the Canadian official. The controversy died down after that, until the next one hit in the next day.

    • Raphael

      Conspiracy or not, the Olympic governing body is barely British, let alone the judges.

      • Anonton

        Yeah, we have the judges and the IOC to blame for this disgust. Not the host.

      • vetomon

        The Brits are Indian or black.

        Not white like some people from Norway, no they are muslim.

        Wait, may be white from Finland.

    • Ruaraidh

      Now 4 Korean badminton players have been disqualified, the rage and circlejerking on the Korean internet is going to be like the last days of Sodom.

    • Craig

      I think you mean no. 3 on the medal table…

  • 바나나

    i dont even watch this shit
    olympics real terror
    makes everyone enemies
    whats the point

    • Patrick

      Not in most countries.

  • Stories of butts

    Ive seen a lot of people online talk about the judges faulty ruling having to do with her being Asian or that the judges wanted countries in the EU to win.

    • pm

      probably not, but why didn’t they start the god damn clock then?

      • Stories of butts

        Maybe it was broken.

  • Matt

    It’s adorable that Koreans think Korea is such an important nation that Europeans (or white people in general) would be virulently anti-Korean, even while China and Japan have collectively already earned 36 medals and round out the top 3, along with the US.

    • Nyancat

      Whatever the case may be if the timing equipment had worked properly the Korean would have won, there is no denying that.

      • Matt

        Certainly. But it’s ridiculous to think that Europeans (or “white people”) are conspiring against South Korea, in particular. The West doesn’t exactly have historical grievances against South Korea. -.-

        • Nyancat

          That may be true but it was a pretty ridiculous decision and I guess that left it open to interpretation, they should have given some reason as to why they ruled in the Germans favor, now it’s turned into a veritable shitstorm haha

          • Anonton

            It could be possible that these judges did favour the germans over koreans.

          • Nyancat

            yep that’s a possibility as well, it’s sad though if that is the case the Olympics are supposed to showcase sportsmanship and fair play.

          • Matt

            They did a rematch, and the German won the rematch.

          • chucky3176

            Matt, you don’t know what you’re talking about. There was no “rematch”.

            Matt, by the way that’s the problem with you Europeans. I’ve been to Europe and while they did a good job preserving their history and culture, it’s falling apart at the seams. It has nothing that’s over South Korea which is a nation on the rise and blowing past most of Europe which is living on borrowed times with an artificially propped up Euro currency. Yet most Europeans don’t even know it. Ignorance is a bliss.

          • Matt

            Today I learned I’m a European. Awesome! Hopefully that’ll help with the ladies…

          • Nyancat

            @ Matt what the heck are u smoking man? can i get some of that? Oh wait I learned today I don’t smoke :P

    • kaizenmx

      You must suck at counting numbers, kid.


      Lay off the internet and go back to school.

      • Matt

        China has 23. Japan has 13.

        23 + 13 = 36.

        Math is crazy, yo.

    • pm

      why didn’t they start the god damn clock again?

    • TheNoob

      Totally agree!!! It happens in all sports South Koreans participate in, from the World Cup to the Olympics. Whenever something doesn’t rule in their favour they cry racism.

      • Zappa Frank

        in world cup is still well remeber by a lot the korean “sporting spirit”, in the world cup they hosted they were well know for that..and in fact no team complained..

    • Chucky3176

      Dude, look at the standings right now, it’s mostly China, Japan’s not even top ten. South Korea is fourth.

      • Matt

        I was going by total medals. But if you go by golds, that makes their claim even more ridiculous, because three out of the top five are East Asian, with two of those being Korean. lol.

        • Wang that!

          Matt, cultural lesson for you regarding Asians… There is no second or third place winners… just one winner and the first and second looser…

          Japanese, Korean and Chinese parents don’t care if your the 2nd smartest in the class. All they care about is if your 1st.

          • Matt

            I’m well acquainted with Asian parenting (more so than white parenting, for that matter). Needless to say, an “A” is usually quite sufficient, and I’m pretty sure the “Tiger Mom” approach has already largely fallen out of favor amongst Japanese parents (and has yet to fall *in* favor among most Southeast Asian parents, which are still quite Asian, to say nothing of Central Asians and West Asians..). Lastly, in all my life, I’ve yet to be in a class that ranks students by their smartness…

  • somesojuslammer

    Cheating happens every Olympics, it’s a FACT. Biased judged and Chinese doping.

    • John Holmes

      yes, you’re right, just chinese, americans, koreans, europeans, japanese, for sure don’t.. such navie vision..

  • Patrick

    In most sports when you consistently whine about everything that doesn’t go your way, your team gets picked on by the refs even more. The same holds true for a country that whines like this at every international event, be it the Olympics, or World Cups. Clean up the whining, except defeat graciously, while at the same time celebrating your victories and the calls will eventually go your way. Also remember that when you get the breaks yourself, appreciate those and understand that you got lucky yourself, rather than celebrate as if it was all a well earned victory and things will seem a lot less biased in the future. I’m looking at the Spain defeat to Korea in the 2002 World Cup, where two clear Spanish goals were disallowed in regulation, yet not a Korean seemed to care the next day. The list goes on. One further note, just like in MMA, where judges are forced to make tough decisions, if there is no K.O, biases and other things like human error may influence things, so take it out of their hands by dominating so completely that even a last second clock mishap doesn’t screw you over.

    • Patrick

      Just one more thought, it sounds kind of lame for a sport to randomly give out an extra point before extra time so that if things are tied at the conclusion of extra time there will be a winner. Is that really the kind of sport you want to participate in where there is already this luck element thrown in? With that said, at the end of the round, where the Korean story above writes “Shin concentrated on careful defense” looks more like cowardice and not engaging hoping to fall back on a luck point rather than seize victory. I know, in that case, in most sports in the world who the judges would rather see win, and that isn’t the person who’s waiting for time to expire but the person who is going after it.

    • Chucky3176

      So in other words Patrick, it’s all Korean’s fault.

      Gee.. why do we even bother to think otherwise.

      • Patrick

        The same general rules apply to everyone who acts this way. So in other words no.

        • Nyancat

          You do realize that she must have trained really hard for this event, get off your high horse, a certain degree of empathy will take you places. She had a legitimate reason for ‘whining’.

  • Zappa Frank

    i would like you to notice that comment:

    “I had no idea that one second was so long for Europeans. Such a long long one second… Dragging on as long as the European financial crisis. From the bottom of my heart I hope that they suffer an economic failure and live for a very very long time in awful poverty.”

    that’s all for a sport issue.. what can i say? Korean are really mature..
    By the way, judges are not all europeans..
    And more, i still remember the football worldcup in Korea, when koreans did everything was possibile of anti-sportive in order to get an anyway low position..
    Moreover, europeans barely know where Korea is, there’s nothing like anti-korean in europe.. in truth we barely know about the existence of koreans people..

    • Patrick

      A fourth place finish in the their World Cup is pretty respectable despite how many calls they had go their way. I will say that in regards to immaturity and the quote you mentioned, I was thinking there is more to it than just immaturity, which leads to these kinds of posts. I asked myself the question why do many Koreans seem to get so emotionally involved in these kinds of events, which leads to being so hateful when things go against them and so full of emotional pride when they win? I mean, I’m a Canadian living in Korea and I want Canadians to do well in the Olympics but if they don’t, it means very little to me. If they win, good for us. The next day I wake up, have a coffee and enjoy my daily life which happens to be vacation right now. In my opinion, I think a lot of the Korean emotion during these world events stems from many Koreans living in one of the most unhappy societies of all developed nations. The statistics for this statement were published in the Korea Times not too long ago. Too much work, too little pay, and overall life unhappiness I think means Koreans look forward to these types of events perhaps more than others to help them forget about their daily struggles. They can cheer for their country’s athletes and even pretend that it is they themselves competing, or as they would like to say, that that is their brother or sister. The next day they can go to work feeling better about themselves, probably still hammered from the prior night of drinking and probably not even being cognitive about the crappy job many will have to work through from 9 to 8. And that’s a day when an athlete has won something. During a day after suffering a defeat that same person is just angry with a hangover and feels everyone is out to get them and a shitty day of work is to follow. When they get home later that day they write on message boards “From the bottom of my heart I hope that they suffer an economic failure”. In other words, that may other countries’ citizens someday live a life that is equally as unhappy as my own own.

      • Chucky3176

        Really now Patrick. Are Canadians that much better and cool in accepting defeat and full of sportsmanship that Koreans lack? Is that why Vancouver rioted and went on violent rampaging with stores sacked because they lost the stupid Stanley Cup hockey game nobody outside Canada really cared about? Come on, you can do better than that. At least Koreans don’t go out burning and looting stores, and hurt people just because they didn’t like the result of the game and act like sore losers like Canada. That’s the problem with putting yourself morally superior above others, you are not superior. North America has had a long history of sports violence and riots, and controversies due to bad calls, don’t give me that bull shit, OK?

        • Patrick

          Has life gotten you down these days Chucky? Times are tough? Sorry to hear that. Look to the Olympics to bring happiness into your life. lol

          • Chucky3176

            Can you address my points, instead of the ad hominem attacks?

          • Patrick

            There is no real need to address your point Chucky. That’s because a one time incident like the one that occurred in Vancouver, specifically from Canuck hockey fans shamed the majority of Canadians who thought it was appalling and embarrassing. In Korea perennial whining, though not of a violent degree, is generally accepted and occurs at (most but not all) major sporting events that Koreans take part in. Hopefully this kind of event doesn’t occur again in Canada as it gives Canadians a bad impression around the world and allows others to assume that Canadians can therefore no longer take the moral high ground. We’ll hopefully all learn from our mistakes so this kind of thing never happens again. As for most Koreans, it only took you 2 days at this Olympics for the whining and cries of bias to begin, so we’ll like all see you again whining at the next big sporting event that you’re partaking in.

          • chucky3176

            Patrick, the Austrian judge is a close friend of some in the German fencing team, as well as their coaching staff and an official of the German fencing federation. Her face book page shows how friendly they actually were. Of course, this doesn’t prove why the Austrian kept manually resetting the clock to one second, after it was run out to zero. But when there’s no explanation why the game time kept expanding after the clock ran out, what are the other possible explanation? There’s definitely a chummy old boy’s club involving people who are influential in this sport.

        • Josh

          I don’t care about sports at all. On behalf of all of those who don’t care about sports, I would like to say that we have never looted or rioted because of a sporting event. We are morally superior.

          But seriously, nationalism is a disease and anyone who hitches their national or ethnic pride to a sporting event is fucked in the head.

          • Josh

            i should clarify by saying that anyone who HAS national or ethnic pride is fucked in the head.

          • Tippy Long Stocking

            If you are not a nationalist yourself, then why are you using the word “we”.

      • Joyce

        Seriously. Hello? You’re completely missing the point. What the Koreans are being mad at is not whether they lost the game or not. It’s about the unfair, bad call by the referees. The FIE admits that they have made a bad call, but they won’t take it back. Let me repeat the point in different words. The FIE recognize that they have made a bad call, but they will still push their faulty call. You’re not any different from the Korean person who made the comment about the European economic crisis, mentioning “too much work, too little pay, and overall life unhappiness” Ha! Look who’s talking about “maturity”…

        • Patrick

          Joyce, Joyce, the FIE recognized they made the right call. You need to keep up with the news. Sure I’m different from the Korean person who made the comment. I’m not wishing failure on anyone. In the poll taken of Koreans by themselves they were ranked as the one of the most unhappy societies because of too much work, too little pay and overall life unhappiness. Your last line reeks of a 15 year old. I hope you’re not older.

      • Crystal

        As a fellow Canadian, I would have to say that it’s unfair to compare the “Korean spirit” to the “Canadian spirit” for a few reasons:

        1) Korea has more people than Canada, all crammed into land the size of Canada’s Labrador. When people are that densely packed into a space, culture and the associated mentalities are usually magnified.
        2) Korea is a highly racially homogeneous country whereas Canada has greater multiculturalism, hence Korea has stronger ties to its heritage than Canada does.
        3) Korea has been historically influenced by Confucian philosophy hence its citizens have a more collectivist mentality. Canadians (or the West in general) are fairly individualistic and value the self more than the community – generally speaking.
        4) Korea has spent a lot of its history being occupied by foreign countries. That’s why people have bonded together in an almost nationalistic manner to prevent further violations from happening. They’ve been pretty successful with it too, judging from the almost lightspeed economic advancements in the last two decades. Canada doesn’t have such heavy historical baggage to carry around, for better or for worse.
        5) I’ve lived in both Canada and Korea, and my general sense is that Canadians are much more laid back – to almost a degree of apathy – about issues involving our nation. Perhaps we have given up going against the forces and have allowed the Harper government to make decisions for us. Koreans are much more likely to protest if something doesn’t go as they wish, and for that I’d say they’re more effective at implementing change.

        Your analysis about Koreans being nationalistic due to overworking is, to some degree, true, however overly simplistic. There are many political, historical, geological, sociological and cultural forces at play. Why not adopt a more nuanced view of both Canada and Korea that fully appreciates the good and bad of each country?

        • Wang that!

          Good break down Crystal

    • Chucky3176

      But if you think about it, it’s all the more reason to be biased. Why piss off someone like China who has the big market, or the Japan who controls the money. Korea? Where’s Korea? Let’s just screw them because nobody cares about these backward dog eaters who live on rice farms. Nobody would come to their aid, and them stupid weak Koreans can protest all they want, nobody’s going to care anyway.

      I’m not saying that’s what happened, but just showing your flaw in logic.

      • Zappa Frank

        this is a persecution complex. the truth is that there was a judge mistake, like may othere are, have been and will be in the olympic game It may be unfair, but it’s normal… seems to me that koreans prefer complain, think that they are persecuted and heated.. seems they cannot accept that it was just a normal mistake, that there’s nothing behind because the rest of the world don’t care at all and so don’t have any reason to boicot koreans or do something against them..
        Moreover, in the football worldcup Koreans did all the worst was possible to arrive 4th, so long that in every other football competition they usually can’t even get the eliminations..
        So Koreans are relly quickly to complain others, but what we should say about koreans? that for a theaf all the others are obviously theaf as well.

  • k

    So some judges made a crap call without justification in a match in which a european and an asian were competing in, and suddenly all of Europe is in conspiracy against those asian people! ………………..be mad at the judges, but I hardly doubt all of Europe is in conspiracy against the South Koreans. Don’t gotta play the race card Koreans when it was probably just a bunch of sh*tty judges.

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  • Tippy Long Stocking

    “I hope that they suffer an economic failure and live for a very very long time in awful poverty” — quote of the year lol

  • Chucky3176

    Lot of emotional comments from Koreans at this time, which can seem irrational, but why can’t you people understand that people can say stuff out of frustrations but may not really mean it. There hasn’t been just one controversy, but there has been 3 medals ripped right off, in just 4 days in a row. It’s too much! There’s bound to be bad reactions from people. Are you telling me if three calls go against your country in four days, plus one Swiss calling you racist names, some of your country’s people won’t get angry? That Shin controversy takes the cake of being ripped off totally. If officials can’t count one second on the clock, then there’s something definitely wrong. It’s sort of same type of controversy that we saw in 2004 when South Korean gymnast Yang Tae Yang was denied the gold medal because the officials counted up his scores wrong. Each time the judges had chances to correct these mistakes but they refused.

    Yeah, I agree there isn’t any conspiracy by Europeans to screw South Korea out of medals. But I do believe there’s something to the charges that there are some cronyism and uppityness going on by the countries that are traditionally strong in some European dominated sports. Just look at the reactions by Western nations to the rise of the Chinese swimming team. Without any proof, Chinese swimmers are being discredited and attacked for using dope. They ask how can they swim so well “out of nowhere” without using drugs – all in a vein attempt minimize Chinese success in this area that they’ve always controlled and dominated. It must be a bitter pill to swallow. Same thing happened to World Cup 2002, without proof, Korea is accused of buying all the referees and rigged the games because nobody wanted to accept that a stupid oriental country like Korea can beat a great football country Italy. Funny but it didn’t stop Gus Hiddink from being heiled as one of the greatest football coaches in the world, and he got hired by countries who competed with each other for his services. Why hire a coach who won only because they cheated?

    • mr. wiener


    • Nyancat

      Too bad I can’t upvote your comment.

    • Boris

      > “Without any proof, Chinese swimmers are being discredited and attacked for using dope.”

      While I agree it is wrong, I think it has very little to do with her being Chinese.
      I mean, regardless of thir nationality, any athletes which smashes all the reccords including their previous performances will trigger the same thing: glorified at home without questioning anything, and charge guilty with no proof be jealous people abroad.
      I thing they should be checked carefully as while not impossible these cases are surprising. But that should be for the sports authorities to do, not foreign media.

      Koreans have to get use to it, sometimes thins are unfair, and great sportsmen lose because of mistakes or are wrongly suspected of doping be jealous people. It happens to Korea, and it happens to every other country.

      But blaming it on a British/Western plot is at least as stupid as people accusing athletes of doping with no proofs. It shows close-mindness toworws other countries and lack of understanding of how the the games work.
      Britain only provides the infrastructure. They can be blamed for faulty equipenents or poor facilities. But if a judge doesn’t handle issues it has nothing to do with them.

      These comments are as stupid as a Westerner saying the China used their position as organisers to cheat in 2008 and they didn’t deserve all their medals.

    • Zappa Frank

      well the victory with italy we can say a lot, maybe korea won, but for sure it has been helped by reefer due to some mistakes (because at least we can say there have been some mistake that helped korea).. we can’t say korea corrupted the reefer, that’s true. But please don’t say it was a worth victory, that’s ridiculus. As matter of the fact in the next world cup italy won, korean didn’t even pass the first turn….
      However italians, that love football more than their mothers, never said something similar as what koreans are saying now about europeans..

      • chucky3176

        “However italians, that love football more than their mothers, never said something similar as what koreans are saying now about europeans..”

        That’s some bull shit short memory you got there. Italians didn’t say anything similar to Koreans, true. They said much worse, and Koreans were even harrassed in Italy, with many of them worried for their safety due to harrassments. Don’t forget the zillions of football riots involving the Italians and other fans from Europe who have killed each over this.

        I’m just a little pissed off and tired of you guys trying to paint Koreans as some uniquely flawed people who are sore losers, while the Westerners are some clean angelic beings with no flaws and an example of sportsmanship.
        Most of the anger in Korea is in the internet forums, it rarely goes physical, it’s not that bad as it is painted out to be by expat bloggers.

    • Jacintha

      What do you mean discredited? Or “swimmers” plural? Or “western nations” plural? It was one American coach shooting his mouth off about one cute Chinese girl who swam her best. Everyone loves her and calls him a bully in the international press. She’s successful and is going to be fine.

  • landry

    “Shin, having been randomly assigned a point advantage before overtime started, would have won.”

    LOL she should have fenced better. who wants a win decided by a coin flip. what a stupid sport.

    • Tippy Long Stocking

      Sorry, but even the FIE admit that the timing error was their fault and that she should have won.

      • Patrick

        Again, she should have won because there was a random point given to her at the start of extra time, but that point was simply awarded by the flip of the coin. That’s what landry meant when he said, who wants to win by the flip of the coin. And technically, if you read the whole story there wasn’t really a timing error. Due to the nature of the clock they were using there were no milliseconds. What they admitted is that they should make the move to better timing devices in the future. Unlike basketball or ice hockey when you can put up fractions of a second back on the clock, with these kinds of clocks they couldn’t. As the second had not entirely expired, when they restarted the clock the full new second would still have to expire, so really it could have been like .9 of a second, then a full second again. Anyone who watches other sports knows a lot can happen in a second. Games have been decided on last second baskets and goals so why not epee matches.

        • Tippy Long Stocking

          “Due to the nature of the clock they were using there were no milliseconds. What they admitted is that they should make the move to better timing devices in the future.”

          That sounds suspiciously like a timing error to me…

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    Thinking about this young woman, who has probably practiced very hard, these pictures are really sad. I’m rooting for her. I hear, the FIE is going to give her an award in light of these events, to acknowledge something was wrong with their system. If the ‘winner’ had any dignity or respect, she would forfeit to the true winner. here’s the article about the award to shin:


    • Patrick

      “the FIE is going to give her an award in light of these events, to acknowledge something was wrong with their system. If the ‘winner’ had any dignity or respect, she would forfeit to the true winner.”

      As of today http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/sports/2012/08/136_116384.html

      “The FIE said its “Directoire Technique,” which acts as the jury of appeal during the Olympics, reviewed South Korea’s protest, and also checked the regulations and analyzed officials’ testimony.

      “Consequently, the FIE ensured that a proper decision had been reached, respecting the FIE’s rules and regulations,” the statement read. “The Directoire Technique determined that the protest was groundless. It was thus rejected in its entirety.””

      So I guess that’s that. If there is a lesson to be learned from all of this. When we lose, sit down and cry about it. If we’re lucky we may even get a bonus special prize for participation.

  • xv

    Pretty ironic the butthurt coming from the Koreans when their own badminton players have been accused of throwing their matches (along with the Chinese and Indonesians)


    • Nyancat

      Apples and oranges man, those idiots threw the matches deliberately, the fencer on the other hand should have won if everything went smoothly. How do you even compare them?

  • Sojubang

    BBC was wrong to tweet in such a sarcastic way, but then again they do have a character limit, could have just come across wrong due to trying to fit too much info into a single tweet.

    Netizens comments don’t make any sense (as usual), just brainless rambling expressing their grief of having lost through a decision, by blaming Europe for having lost as apposed to the individual judges themselves.

    Were the judges wrong in that decision? Probably

    Are judges wrong in some decisions generally regardless of the sport/ competitors? Yes, it happens and has happened a number of times.

    Are the European nations and host nation ganging up on Korea?
    No and what sense would that even make, whats the goal here?

    • SlasherX

      I’m pretty sure that the BBC Tweet is a result of a character limit. All their tweets are really condensed and succinct. I can’t help but think that Nate is reading too much into it and adding to Korea’s ever increasing persecution complex.
      I would like to have seen how Nate would react if The Sun or The Daily Mail made a similar story. The British tabloid press is infamous for being so vile and acerbic it’s beyond compare. The fact that a tweet from the mild-mannered BBC is causing upset is certainly unexpected and misplaced.

      • I agree –– particularly the first tweet seems to be more about getting a coplicated message across. Having said that though, they did delete the last two “offending” tweets.

        And, yes, tabloids would make a more worthy target of hate!

  • Roy Jones Jnr

    If there was an Olympic event for incessant whining, surely Koreans would dominate.

    • somesojuslammer

      I’m sure the Chinese would be a strong contender.

      • Actually Japan took gold already in that one.

        • rainy days


    • Nyancat

      what about a doping event :P

    • Reggae is music!

      Wow dude, (Roy Jones Jnr) I like your name. All you whiners, and conspiracy theorist should go look that up!

  • Digitalsoju

    Nothing compared to what they made Roy Jones Jr. go through in the 88 olympics by cheating.

    • glenn

      True. Very true. It’s just a matter of who benefited from the system.

  • glenn

    I have to side with Korea with this one. The time delay should have been considered and corrected.

    But it reminded me of when Korea benefited from the same conspiracy in boxing n the past. I just forgot when.

    • glenn

      I forgot to mention the recent article between CHINA vs KOREA badminton game where both team got criticized for throwing the game.

      • Boris

        It seems like they got excluded from the games today. I guess there will be another round of complaints.

  • bultak

    koreans deserve special treatment.

    • Joyce

      No, they do not deserve any special treatments. All they deserve is the fair and rightful treatment just like what the Olympics stands for.

      • Crystal

        …And unfortunately the judges haven’t be very fair in this fencing match.

        • HinDL

          Where was it the judges fault? The time stops automatically! at every hit. Since they had three double hits in the last secon the clock stopped automatically! at 0.whatever. But, as you should know by now, the clock in fencing did not support 0.whatever so when they started it manually! again, at command of the referee, it started at the full second again. This is not, and was never the judges fault. One can argue that the system itsel is broken, as the clock should be able to count 0.whatever, but it was like this for all the other athletes as well, since they do fencing on every olympic.

  • chucky3176

    The four Korean badminton players, 2 Chinese, and Indonesians have just got disqualified which was the right call. But now it reflects worse on the Olympic committee. If they got this call right, then why did they screw up the other three calls? Worse, they refuse to fix the Shin Aram case?

    • chucky3176

      Because the “Koreans deserve special treatment”, and the calls will only be correct when it goes against Koreans. lol.

      • Patrick

        No, no, no little Chucky. The whole point is that these things all equal out in the end. There are some mistakes that happen over the course of the events and some of those errors are at the hand of the refs, some are at the hands of the athletes and some the technology. Some aren’t even mistakes. We shouldn’t jump to racist and emotional conclusions and must trust our moral superiors in times like these. They can’t fix the Shin Aram case because nothing was broken. The choice to use that timing device was already made before the Olympics, although it turns out, a poor choice indeed. We can look at the game of football and their lack of goal line technology and say the same thing, but we must go along with the technology that was decided upon before the event began and let matters take their course. There is no point in crying over spilled milk, I was always told. We can all stand to learn from this. Furthermore, you probably don’t even watch the events, but of the other three calls ,they gave one back to Park Tae Hwon and he won a silver. And a Canadian lost his chance to qualify for the medals as of this result. No protest of the protest was launched.

    • Abcutt

      Let’s see how they react on this one.

  • k

    With Chucky, the conversation on the boards is always one thin hair away from a racist nationalistic rant against all the evil, morally bankrupt waygookins and their failing, horrible western societies which pale in comparison to the land of the morning calm. Chucky without u, who would make koreabang interesting? More importantly who would defend Korea’s honor?? Thanks!

    • Interested

      And in Ancient Greek time, no body give a shit to 2nd and 3ird places which were considered losers.

      • mr. wiener

        ….Well times do change, probably just as well, the ancient Greeks also thought women were beasts for breeding and that sex with young boys was pretty cool :P

  • Eddie

    LOL while I admit that the judges in this case made a terrible and stupid call, I have to chuckle whenever I hear Koreans claim there’s some sort of vast over-reaching conspiracy by the Western powers to hold them back. They really think that highly of themselves, and that their influence is that great. Sorry to burst their bubble but America and the rest of the Western world don’t give two shits about South Korea. If they’re going to conspire against anyone, it’s going to be the Chinese, a country with real clout.

    • chucky3176

      I agree with you Eddie, America and the rest of the Western world don’t give two shits about South Korea. Next time, don’t pretend that you do. What Assholes.

      • Patrick

        Well….I for one, as a person from the Western world does care a lot for Korea. I love this country so much. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have stayed here for more than 10 years. I think what Eddie is saying is that the Western world certainly doesn’t care enough about Korea that they are intentionally trying to fukk them over on the world stage like in sporting events like the Olympics. So in that case, I disagree with you Chucky. Just because people disagree with the way Koreans feel biased in most international sporting events doesn’t mean that the Western world doesn’t give a shit, or even two about Korea, in fact many do care. What we’re tired of is people like you who say if you don’t buy into the racist attitude and can’t see people, who do not, as pretending to love Korea that they are fakers. So fukk you.

        • chucky3176

          Woe, hold on there, Patrick don’t put words into my mouth. Where did I say the Western world is trying to fuck them over on the world stage? You talk about racism, I think a lot of people here in this forum are racist themselves, Patrick. l see it in just about every threads the way you guys pigeon hole, generalize and the way you guys talk about Koreans (generally in contemptual ways). My comments about the badminton disqualification was a sarcastic joke which you didn’t find it humerous. If Koreans start stereotyping Westerners, all of a sudden it ain’t funny anymore, I gather. Look at K’s post above as one example. That’s how I feel, but reverse the words, “Koreans” with “Westerners”.

  • Crystal

    So many Olympic-related scandals in such a short time. Referee misjudgments, badminton disqualifications, suspicions of doping, sections of empty seats at the stadium, displaying the South Korean flag at a North Korean soccer match, missing Taiwanese flag, the torch going out… It’s really starting to turn out to be a train-wreck of an event.

    • Steve

      There is also now a FIFA and Japanese soccer match scandal going on. Is it me or this year Olympics is plague with scandals. There is also the twitter/rule 40 scandals too.

      • Chucky3176

        Japan threw the match away.


        So the question is, why is Koreans in badminton gets punished by getting booted off with no second guessing or second thoughts, but not the Japanese? The Olympic higher ups got involved in the Korean team’s case.
        Four Koreans were booted off, as opposed to only two Chinese (there were two Chinese teams who were involved in the fix). Why doesn’t the Olympic executives get involved with Japan’s case and demand they be booted off?

        Same thing with the Woman’s volleyball when Japan in the qualifying pre-Olympic tournament, threw away their match against Serbia, which eliminated Thailand from qualifying for the Olympics. FIFA clears Japan’s tactics, but shouldn’t the Olympic committee get involve and boot off the Japanese team, just like they did against the Koreans?

        Why some countries are treated different than others? Does the Olympics decisions depend on each country’s GNP size and how many of their own people are high executives in key positions, and how much money is spent on Olympics financing and sponsorships by each country?

        • Chucky3176:

          Why some countries are treated different than others? Does the Olympics decisions depend on each country’s GNP size and how many of their own people are high executives in key positions, and how much money is spent on Olympics financing and sponsorships by each country?

          You’ve found the conspiracy Chucky! North Korea has definitely managed to get to 5th place because of it’s enormous GNP, high executives in key positions and Olympic financing and sponsorship!

          Seriously though, no-one is trying to stop South Korea from doing incredibly well at the Olympics. Team Korea’s actually doing really, really well! Better than Team GB :( I clearly didn’t bribe everyone enough, we’ve been diverting all koreaBANG ad revenue to European fencing officials but, so far, we only managed to stop one out of your three amazing fencers from getting medals.

          • Chucky3176

            You guys keep saying I’m claiming conspiracy and bribary when I’m not claiming those at all. Clearly you guys read into what you want to read. Instead I’m claiming discrimination. Some countries get more breaks from the officials than others. If this had happened to a German or Japanese fencer, they would have at least replayed that one second (which by the way the clock still stood at 1 second after the German was declared the winner), and the judges would have tried a lot harder to make this fair. But no, it’s only Korea, a third world country not known for sports, so who cares just get this over with.. point and game awarded to Germany.

          • I agree Chucky, I thought it was a real shame what happened with Shin and it certainly looked like a very long second. It took a lot of composure for her to not completely lose it while sitting on that piste all by herself – the British press loved those images and actually showed a lot of solidarity with her.

            But you do sound like a conspiracy nut which is why “we guys” (again, this is not Dave’s ESL café, we’re not a united bunch, nor are we a forum like Korean Sentry) keep calling you one. I really, really don’t think that cock-up happened because they looked down on Korea for being a “third world country”. That is absurd. This is what makes you sound like a crazy old woman on a park bench shouting at pigeons like the whole world is against you. It isn’t!

            Now go and do something useful with all your time, love and energy. You mean well but a lot of people who, like you are prone to jump to conclusions and make sweeping generalisations about things, will assume that all Koreans are like you and your endless nonsense.

          • bobdob

            You duh man James. I mean that in a good way! ;)

        • YAHOOoo0000

          To Chucky3176, Only one Chinese team was involved in the scandal.
          The other wasn’t.

          I can’t really blame any of the teams involved, I would have done the same if I was in their shoes. But I would’ve probably not make it so plain obvious.

          None of the teams really cheated, if anything it’s more like unsportsmanlike.

          The way the matches are set up are to blame.
          If you had a system where if you tank a match so you get a better chance to advance to the finals and maybe get a medal, can you really blame anyone for trying to manipulate it?..

  • YAHOOoo0000
  • Paul

    I watched the Judo match. Japan clearly won. Anyone who knows the rules would see that.

    The Japanese guy was sad he didn’t have a clear victory over the Korean.


    I am a white American and am so disappointed in these circumstances and the resulting racial comments from ALL sides. Good, fair-minded people are good, fair-minded people regardless of nationality/color/ethnicity. These people involved in unfair play are no better than white collar criminals – doing whatever it takes, at whatever the cost, without conscience, to better position themselves at the expense of others. Jerks

    • Truck Furniture Maker

      I am a purple American and as such I support purple snozzberries.

  • Lou

    I have to say, I am astounded by some of the comments about ‘white people’ and ‘Europeans’ on this website. We would never say anything like that about other nations in England, as I think that nowadays we are one of the most inclusive nations in the world, welcoming with open arms people of every race and colour! I have no doubt that some of the judges decisions in the London Olympics could be disputed. However, this would be due to individual decisions from multi-national officials and not a country-wide conspiracy! We have had our own fair share of disappointment but that is sport….and life! You are doing brilliantly and keep vying for 3rd spot with us Brits…and that is great…may the best man (or woman) win!

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  • Eddie

    theres always going to be a conspiracy in every olympics

    takes me way back to Roy Jones Jr. losing to the korean in Seoul

    • bobdob


  • jj

    Seems like this olympics is all about racism. Not only south korea, but other strong Asian countries like China..

    When a white win lots of golds and breaks world record –> TALENTED

    When an asian does that –> DOPING.

    They just can’t handle the fact that Asia is going to take over them.

    Look at US. Built by the black, owned by the Chinese and Japanese.

    Look at Europe, the falling empire.

    Look at Asia, the rising star.

    • pj

      Please, I see accusations of doping against all the athletes. I have read Korean website that say the only way Michael Phelps can win is by doping. We have no idea who is or is not doping, unless you are out there doping them or taking a urine sample of the athletes and testing it. Yes, yes, Asia, the rising star. With six out of ten in debt in Korea, I’d hardly say the future looks bright. And that is not to be mocked or ridiculed I don’t want to see any people suffer. By the way, the Blacks didn’t build the USA nor is it owned by the Chinese or Japanese. If you look at the Japanese you will see they have been in a decade long recession with no signs of abating. As for China, what a success story. However they have a vast portion of their population still living in poverty. Instead of creating an us versus them scenario, when you start to see that we are all in this very short life together, you will have a shred of humanity and see with a compassionate and open heart. Good luck and many blessings.

  • Welp

    Korea complaining about corruption or botched rulings in the olympics is the most hypocritical thing I have ever seen in my life.

    • pj

      Absolutely right! It is the pot calling the kettle black. Disappointing how ugly and nationalistic the Olympics are, not to mention what a cash cow they are for corporations

  • Pingback: Tearful Korean Fencer Dubbed “Ri Chun-hee’s Successor” « Haha China()

  • Pj

    Who cares? It is just a game. I know plenty of Koreans who are racists. Don’t tell me Koreans are angels in the arena if fair play ant tolerance. Witness the badminton team and the pervasive homophobic culture. Lighten up, Korea has a lot to be proud of in these Olympics or do you just want to vent your nationalist pride?

  • Pj

    Who cares? Korea should be proud of their Olympic results, instead Koreans just see themselves as victims of the oppressor. Call the west racist and wish doom. How loving and what a kind spirit. Korea is not paradise. Korea is well known to be racist, xenophobic, not to mention homophobic and misogynistic. This is just a game. Get over your nationalistic pride. You aren’t competing .

    • WIll

      olympic isn’t just a game This isn’t about nationalistic pride this is about what is right and what is wrong. You’re not in a point

  • Billy

    Korea should stay out of all future Olympics and other international sporting events until Koreans develop a good sportmanship and discard their xenophobic victim mob mentality.

    • C84

      Billy should stay out of commenting on all message boards and lay off the internet until IT learns not to generalize entire countries.

      • Billy

        Funny C84 but I used to live in Korea for four years and have seen how Koreans respond to various sporting contests – and in general they react in bad grace. I have also lived in six other countries so have a good scale of comparison. What I hate about Koreans when when they lose (in almost every single Olympiad or world cup they compete in), there is a petulant response, with tantrums, talk of conspiracy against a nation, cheating etc, which does not appear to happen in most other countries. (The above Korean sit in after Olympic defeat was not the first!) When Korea does win, rather than a joyful response, you will witness a rabidly nationalistic chest-thumping variety of celebration – as a foreigner, rather than join in, you may want to get out of the way. Unlike most other countries, and perhaps a holdover from the days of Korea’s rightwing military dictatorships, the general population easily falls into lockstep with what their media tells them. You see this happen again, and again and again. Usually it concerns the “honor” of Korea, and how some “foreigner” conspired to insult it. Recently, there has been a spate of media reports about foreigners trying to “steal and corrupt” Korean women: a racist trope often promoted by media there and unquestioningly accepted by a xenophobic populace. What about the Dokdo dispute? Even this week, Korea’s President exploited anti-Japanese sentiment to visit the islands; the media ran with it; and then a footballer felt the need hold up a “Dokdo is our territory” sign to taunt Japanese players after Korea WON its third-place play off against Japan. Disgusting, but with Koreans track record and sense of fair play, not entirely surprising.

        • C84

          Billy – then get the f*** out of SKorea, stop posting about a country you don’t like, and stop writing rambling nonsensical generalizations about people you hate, okay?

          • Billy

            Very interesting C84; if I didn’t have any facts at hand about Korea or thoughts worth sharing about my experiences living in that country, I would have probably would have written what you just wrote.

          • C84

            I think you are utterly clueless about Koreans, that you haven’t lived there at all, and you’re just a Japanese pretending to be a Westerner. Nice try, all generalizations.

        • C84

          I mean, I feel sorry for you that you have had to spend four years in hell in a country which you clearly despise, full of evil xenophobes who trample on the poor little innocent Japanese and foreigners. What a tragedy for you that you have wasted so many years in wretched S.Korea when you could have just moved to Japan, which is so much more “friendly” and so welcoming of Wapanese. However, if you want to move on with your life, I would suggest you not bring up past buried anger and spend your time with the people you like – probably the Japanese.

          • Billy

            Haha, what are even talking about? You seem to have a dog in this fight pal. You automatically assume I’m a “Wapanese” because I pointed out the failings of Korean sportsmanship? Hilarious – all these insecurities about the Japanese and the siege mentality you display when its comes to legitimate observations of the Korean experience… sounds all too familiar.

          • C84

            I feel sorry for this Japanese troll who feels so utterly distraught by a sign that a soccer player held up that it feels the need to come to a blog site about Koreans and make nonsensical generalizations. Utterly hilarious, stick to 2CH, troll.

          • C84

            Actually, you know what, you’re right. You’re not a Wapanese, you’re a Japanese troll. My insecurities? You’re the only one who’s insecure, why do you need to write a cathartic whole paragraph of “grievances” which really demonstrate that you have never lived in SK. You’re one of the Japanese right wingers, I’m sure.

          • 0_o

            C84 if you read through the comments of this article, the general perception of South Koreans are as what Billy has wrote. Even without being in Korea, there’ are many western news articles headlines similar to “S Korea attacks ‘biased’ judging”. And with your baseless generalising comments, you are no better then and I’m sorry to say…a racist pig. You have done nothing more then to confirm the generalised image that is already been felt so either say something intelligent or shut up.

          • C84

            O_o, nobody f***ing asked for your opinion, so don’t interfere in other people’s arguments. You are the racist pig. You have also said absolutely nothing of intelligence whatsoever, completely overlooked Billy’s comments, and I’m going to tell you now, shut the f*** up before you embarrass yourself more.

          • Kmll (aka C84)

            O_o – I think you should reconsider inserting yourself into other people’s discussions. You’re basically doing the exact same thing that Billy is doing with all the blanket statements about people based on the actions of a few individuals. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were Billy himself under a different screen name. I do think you’re the one who needs to stop acting stupid, act like an adult, or just shut up. Okay?

            [Note from Moderator: Please don’t use sock puppets.]

          • Matt

            C84, nobody f***ing asked for your opinion, so don’t bitch about other people’s comments. You are the racist pig. You have also said absolutely nothing of intelligence whatsoever, completely overlooked 0_o ’s appeal to moderation, and I’m going to tell you now, shut the f*** up before you embarrass yourself more.

          • jess

            and you mr? are you also a racist? Shut up your fucking mouth!! if you are korean. You must accept your loses..

          • WIll

            no one asked yours either so fuking stay out of this

          • no one asked yours either so fuking stay out of this

          • C84

            Matt, nobody f***ing asked for your opinion, so don’t bitch about other people’s comments. You are the racist pig. You have also said absolutely nothing of intelligence whatsoever, completely overlooked other people’s appeal to moderation, and I’m going to tell you now, shut the f*** up before you embarrass yourself more.

          • Billy

            C84 and Kmll: Perhaps you are both the same person?

            Not once did I lower the tone of this “debate” by using aggressive language, or debase myself by making racist or ad-hominen attacks. No F-bombs from me!

            So, on the basis of my experience of living in Seoul for almost three years, and my extensive observations of “uri-nara”, one can only assume, you are both Korean nationalists/nativists easily excited over over sporting events which prove the otherwise inherent greatness of your land? Yes, how mature and wise to look at these sporting events in such a way, for they are of great consequence – especially when these games have long since concluded, they will always be remembered.

            Who will ever forget the towering feats of the Korean archers, or indeed the Venezuelan fencer? It’s very important to win and present your nation on an international stage such as this and show what a great nation you are, for these sporting events are the one true barometer of any country’s greatness. The whole world is really fascinated as much as you are in each one of these glorious triumphs!

            You are right. Koreans (like you) are not insecure, xenophobic, nativist, or racist (especially when it comes to Japanese or American), and your posts above do NOTHING in any way to prove what I had been saying from the very beginning. It’s all very transparent really.

            Perhaps those Korean footballers were right – politics has its place to air national grievances and assert territorial claims. What better place to show the watching world (obsessed as it is with Olympic football and canoe slalom) that your country is right all the time and is superior than all others (especially its nearest neighbours). That’s what sport and olympics are all about – right?

            Let’s hope next time, the Germans players hold up signs claiming Danzig when they play Poland, or the Irish against Britain re: Northern Ireland. What about Israeli players attacking German players with signs and protests about the holocaust? Maybe Shia Muslim athletes could grandstand against their Sunni counterparts?

            I guess the Koreans have been victims since time immemorial and deserve special rights above everyone else. So, like its fencers, boxers or speedskaters, its best to join in and sit down in protest with the aggrieved sportsmen and women of Korea and DEMAND justice against a bleak unforgiving world until Korea gets justice, victory and the world sees how truly great she is!

            All hail the the maturity of Korea’s democacy, society and sense of itself. Apologies for being part of this Japo-Sino-American conspiracy to belittle the make glorious benefit of south Korean nation.

        • Atze

          Billy i totally agree.
          I see a lot of parallels with the crybabies from China, go to chinasmack and read the comments about their disqualification in Badminton, amusing to say the least. I think the Koreans and Chinese are structured quiet similar when it comes to this sick nationalism and poor sportsmanship.

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  • Jess

    Get lost..its your time now..not every single minute, day and years
    you think you can have it all the time? Dont be selfish..dont be pushover your self to win. Give other chances to win..
    So stop crying like a baby..its shame to see you crying in front of many people. Grow and go back to your own country and cry at load..

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  • WIll

    I sincerely feel sorry for you guys for being so retarded that you are not getting the point. The fact is that a person lost her long waited medal that she prepared for four years and it is because of a wrong decision made by the referee. I don’t understand why you have to bring out national pride and racism shits in this. As someone said below, this happens not only to Koreans but athletes from many other countries in every Olympics. The point you would like to make is that this shouldn’t happen.

  • Nic

    British gymnasts did not attempt to get a judges ruling overturned as you falsely claim. If you actually read the article to which you refer you will see it was Japanese gymnasts and they were rightly successful.

  • Truck Furniture Maker

    I seem to recall a Roy Jones fight during the Korean Olympics; did Koreans get upset about that ;).

    • Sillian

      did Koreans get upset about that ;)

      They did. That smiley might mean you made a wrong assumption.


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