Man Abducted and Robbed After Blind Date

A man in his 30’s was recently abducted and robbed after a blind date set up through an online chat room. While the police are charging the suspects with burglary and bodily harm, netizens express concern that the suspects might be part of a human organ trafficking ring.

Article from Yonhap News:

A man in his 30’s escaped from his abduction in the middle of the night.


Arrests were made for abducting and demanding ransom from a man lured to the scene under the pretext of going on a blind date.

Seocho (Seoul) police said that they have arrested two men, Mr. Choi (36) and Mr. Cho (38), on suspicion of burglary and attempted bodily harm.

According to the investigation, they put veterinary anesthetic into Mr. Gang (36)’s drink. After the victim lost consciousness, they abducted and robbed him.

The results of the investigation say that the suspects lured the victim by engaging with him in a dating site chat room titled ‘Looking for a Man With Good Specs‘. Then they suggested the victim come on a blind date.

However, the women who went on this blind date were part-time workers who received 100,000 won each from Mr. Choi. Those women left early, but Mr. Choi made the victim stay saying, “There are more women who we’re going to meet tonight.” Then Mr. Choi put the drug into the victim’s drink.

After the victim lost consciousness, Mr. Choi took him to a car with Mr. Cho who was waiting for them outside.

However, the victim in this latest incident was unemployed and all he had was 160,000 won in cash. Moreover, his credit card limit was only 900,000 won.

The victim was locked in a soundproof office overnight, his hands and feet tied, and was moved to the trunk of a car the next day.

The police reported that “The suspects tried to threaten the victim’s family using a public phone. The victim managed to escape in the vicinity of Yangjae station after freeing his hands and feet.”

The police suspect there are more unreported incidents and are continuing the investigation.

Comments from Naver:

‘Looking for a man with good specs’, but the victim had only 160,000 won in cash, and his credit limit was only 900,000 won.


How fortunate he is to not have lost his organs.


Whether you’re a man or a woman, don’t meet anyone from online. There are countless idiots in the world. You can’t be safe even if you’re a man.


Both those who abducted him and the guy who was abducted are the pathetic ones.


Don’t just meet anyone. They say that even a ghost doesn’t know what a person is thinking. Why did the victim meet them after just talking online a few times?


The suspects paid 200,000 won to hire the part-timers, which was more than what the victim had in his wallet, ke ke ke ke. Idiots.


He could’ve lost his organs.


Ke ke ke, it’s so good to see that three jobless men in their 30’s are acting like this!


A man with good specs, but without a job!


I have no idea what they are thinking. It is insane and horrible for the suspects to use a veterinary anesthetic.


He’s so lucky to have escaped successfully. He should’ve known better at his age. How could he go on a blind date after getting to know someone online? He doesn’t seem very mature. Anyway the police should punish all the suspects and the part-timers too!


We should be careful when it comes to blind dates. No blind dates through online chatting.


He nearly lost his ‘organ specs’ when he was just planning on losing his virginity.


A heavy punishment should be given to the criminals. Otherwise, a copycat crime will follow..


Has good specs but no job! It’s hilarious!

Comments from Daum:

Oh my. He could’ve been killed. Is money that important to drug a person, abduct him, and lock him in the trunk of a car, and then threaten his family? Punish them severely.


What a horrible world! Why did he believe someone from the internet? You should ask your friends to set you up on a blind date. Anyway, what a relief that he is safe.


What kind of incident is this..


This seems to be what they call underground “log selling”.[Log selling refers to the victim’s innards being removed for the purpose of organ trafficking, thus rendering the victim’s body hollow and lifeless, like a log.] It’s a part of underground human organ trafficking. The suspects must’ve done this before. I think they’ve fooled the police.


Can’t you recognize it? They abducted a grown man even when they must’ve known he was jobless from online chatting. It didn’t make sense to demand a ransom from his family. I’m 100% certain that those bastards harvest and sell human organs. Based on the fact that they even have an office equipped with soundproofing, they’ve already done it more than a few times. The office must be some kind of midpoint where they keep human organs. They can’t and don’t need to mention that they are trafficking organs. That’s why they lied that money was the reason for abduction.


Professional murder organisations are active on every chatting site. For example, they disguise themselves as a woman looking to rent his house, or a travel partner. They appear to be good-looking and nice. If people end up believing them, they might lose their eyes with chemicals or end up falling from a building. They are professionals, so you may not even have any suspicion that you are being fooled. A few days ago, they pulled out someone’s eyes using some chemicals. There was no news report on this, right?


By the looks of it, they must’ve committed more crimes.


They made the victim lose his consciousness, and abducted him. They are so cruel. The police shouldn’t let them out and should make them do labor in jail forever.


They put up a smokescreen that they tried to threaten the victim’s family for money. They probably wanted to harvest his organs for even more money. Investigate this case thoroughly. Living in Korea is so scary.


What made him go on a blind date without any money? He got abducted cuz he’s nuts! Ke ke ke.


Ask your acquaintances to set up blind dates.


He’s lucky to be alive. Don’t just trust anybody. There are many hideous crimes like human organ trafficking. How can you trust just anyone, tsk tsk.


People with good specs don’t even go on such blind dates.


Ke ke ke, 160,000 won in cash and a 900,000 won credit limit. These are the specs of Korea.


It was his good fortune that he hasn’t lost his organs.

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  • I love K-Pop…and kimchee!

  • Boris

    “The suspects paid 200,000 won to hire the part-timers, which was more than what the victim had in his wallet, ke ke ke ke. Idiots.” – This comment cracked me up.

  • commander

    Blind dates arranged in online chatting rooms put users, both men and women, in a life-threatening peril.

    Even downloading chatting apps on your smartphones can leads unwittingly to the installment of malware programs, which extract important information to bad guys for financial frauds.

    By the way, will the girls who were paid to meet guys on blind dates be punished as crime accomplice even though they do not know what was happening to guys but feel something fishy?

  • zachary T

    does anyone else think Koreans really escalated this? I mean when I first read ” guy gets robbed ” I didn’t first think “organ trafficking”. either that is way more prevalent in Korea than I think, or I am just naive?

    • Small twon

      Do you believe everything on the net ? Of course you don’t (I hope). Korea bang ..well they don’t make something up but they do spin news.. this article is good example. No newspaper mentioned “organ trafficking”. Just some bored folks write stupid urban legend and our good old trusty friend korean bang doing their trade mark spin doctor thing ..I am not sure why.. maybe they are bored ? or too many soju shots? well who knows..

      • Sillian

        No news mentioned anything about ‘organ trafficking’ but it seems many netizens brought it up. I wonder how much of this urban legend is true after all.

      • David

        How can you blame KB for simply translating what people say?

        • Small twon

          I don’t blame KB, I just simply stating they pick what they want from the comment section to make things more ..spicy.

          • David

            I was under the impression that they simply translate the most up voted comments on the original website. Have you gone to the original story and found that not true?

          • Small twon

            True, they do translate most upvoted comments but they pick most spicy or juicy comments for title. Plus they pick article from Yonhap but pick comments from other site. cunning and hard to blame spin doctoring.

  • Black_Plague

    There are times I wish that these trafficking gangs were attacked by the 707th SMB, and wiped off the map. This is one of them.

  • Peter Pottinger

    lol wut, if ur stupid enough to show up alone and stay when your ‘date’ brings 2 male “friends” you deserve to get harvested.

  • MyMotto

    My dorm roommate did dumb crap like this all the time…Every other weekend she’d let some guy she met on an dating app spend the night in our room. I dont know how shes not dead, raped, or abducted like this guy.

    • Small twon

      Forget her. worry about yourself. Buy baseball bat or whistle for yourself.

    • BSDetector

      Your roommate use Kakao? If so what’s her username?

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    What’s up with some Koreans being so paranoid about harvesting organs? If that was the case, they would have killed him, not just locked him in an office overnight.

    • Boris

      Maybe they didn’t have the equipment on hand to keep his organs fresh?

      • Trisha Tolkien

        Would a criminal organized gang of organ thieves be so daft as to not have the proper equipment available to perform their theft though? I suppose they could have had the equipment and been waiting on a specifically trained medical person.

        • Boris

          I was just being a twat with that comment.

          I doubt very much it had anything to do with organ theft.

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