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  • Boris

    “The suspects paid 200,000 won to hire the part-timers, which was more than what the victim had in his wallet, ke ke ke ke. Idiots.” – This comment cracked me up.

  • commander

    Blind dates arranged in online chatting rooms put users, both men and women, in a life-threatening peril.

    Even downloading chatting apps on your smartphones can leads unwittingly to the installment of malware programs, which extract important information to bad guys for financial frauds.

    By the way, will the girls who were paid to meet guys on blind dates be punished as crime accomplice even though they do not know what was happening to guys but feel something fishy?

  • zachary T

    does anyone else think Koreans really escalated this? I mean when I first read ” guy gets robbed ” I didn’t first think “organ trafficking”. either that is way more prevalent in Korea than I think, or I am just naive?

    • Small twon

      Do you believe everything on the net ? Of course you don’t (I hope). Korea bang ..well they don’t make something up but they do spin news.. this article is good example. No newspaper mentioned “organ trafficking”. Just some bored folks write stupid urban legend and our good old trusty friend korean bang doing their trade mark spin doctor thing ..I am not sure why.. maybe they are bored ? or too many soju shots? well who knows..

      • Sillian

        No news mentioned anything about ‘organ trafficking’ but it seems many netizens brought it up. I wonder how much of this urban legend is true after all.

      • David

        How can you blame KB for simply translating what people say?

        • Small twon

          I don’t blame KB, I just simply stating they pick what they want from the comment section to make things more ..spicy.

          • David

            I was under the impression that they simply translate the most up voted comments on the original website. Have you gone to the original story and found that not true?

          • Small twon

            True, they do translate most upvoted comments but they pick most spicy or juicy comments for title. Plus they pick article from Yonhap but pick comments from other site. cunning and hard to blame spin doctoring.

  • Black_Plague

    There are times I wish that these trafficking gangs were attacked by the 707th SMB, and wiped off the map. This is one of them.

  • Peter Pottinger

    lol wut, if ur stupid enough to show up alone and stay when your ‘date’ brings 2 male “friends” you deserve to get harvested.

  • MyMotto

    My dorm roommate did dumb crap like this all the time…Every other weekend she’d let some guy she met on an dating app spend the night in our room. I dont know how shes not dead, raped, or abducted like this guy.

    • Small twon

      Forget her. worry about yourself. Buy baseball bat or whistle for yourself.

    • BSDetector

      Your roommate use Kakao? If so what’s her username?

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    What’s up with some Koreans being so paranoid about harvesting organs? If that was the case, they would have killed him, not just locked him in an office overnight.

    • Boris

      Maybe they didn’t have the equipment on hand to keep his organs fresh?

      • Trisha Tolkien

        Would a criminal organized gang of organ thieves be so daft as to not have the proper equipment available to perform their theft though? I suppose they could have had the equipment and been waiting on a specifically trained medical person.

        • Boris

          I was just being a twat with that comment.

          I doubt very much it had anything to do with organ theft.

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