Comic Special: Scared of the Dark

“Scared of the Dark” is a recent webtoon about a girl who has just moved out of her parent’s house, her adventures living alone, and her relationships. Written by author Jin Kim, it has gained popularity over the past few weeks. This is the fifth installment.

Dark 1 edited

Dark 2 edited

Dark 3 edited

Dark 4 edited

Dark 5 edited

Comments from Naver:

거북이똥 (duk4****):

Does everyone know this? They brought Sae around three o’clock, so wouldn’t Sae’s name be three? If they brought her an hour earlier, wouldn’t her name be two? [The dog’s name “Sae” and the korean pronunciation of the word “three” is the same.]

보르네용 (monk****):

I read the whole text of her mom’s nagging keke

FL (bus1****):

If you gave up in the middle of reading her mom’s nagging, speak up.

아스포델 (sela****):

Did anyone read the mom’s nagging word for word?

민 (jkt8****):

Last time, I said I missed Sae, but according to the webtoon’s timeframe and background, it’s been about 2-3 years but Sae looks just as healthy as before. Sae seemed older, and the writer seemed older. It doesn’t look like they’re sick. The last frame in the webtoon shows your worry over this. I’d like it if Sae was healthy and lived for a long time. I also hope the writer has a long life, and has luck with relationships and marriage!

이유 (jieu****):

If they brought Sae an hour later, the name would be four, two hours later, her name would be five, and three hours later, the name would be six. Four hours later, it would be seven, five hours later, it would be eight. After that, it would be nine, ten, eleven, twelve, then one, and two. Good thing they brought Sae at three o’clock.

서렌 (vo_o****):

What’s scarier than the nagging is that it looks like all of it was written by hand.

우류화 (rubi****):

I’ve seen this messy rented room in writer Noran Gumi’s webtoons…Did the writer Jin Kim contact writer Noran Gumi to get advice on interior decorating? People say that Gumi’s husband works in interior design! Ah I really want to hear about this.

날다람쥐 (bria****):

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

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  • Boris

    wasted time with this…..

    • 금정산


    • tomoe723

      so the 4minute concert mishap is less talked about than this web cartoon? wow! I’m curious about the safety manager who committed suicide over that. Poor guy.

  • 금정산

    I don’t why this would be entertaining. Does this appeal to anyone? If so, why?

    My first thought was something sexually suggestive:

  • bigmamat

    It must be a really big deal to move away from your parents….whopeeeeeee!!!! My first act would be to throw my clothes all over the floor. Eat buckets of ramen and leave my dirty utensils in the sink. Oh yeah and, purchase myself an oscillating fan that I keep in my bedroom with the window closed tightly.

  • icup ✔️

    i don’t get it… is this suppose to be entertaining?

    • Gerhana

      i dont think its supposed to be funny, its just supposed to be lighthearted. It could just be a reflection of a life event that Korean go through and how the situation always turned out, such as the mismeasurement of the furniture, leaving behind a pet, nagging mother, messy room….. the kind of things people dont ask but kinda charming to know

  • MIO

    I ALWAYS love the knetz comments on stuff like this hahhah xD so funny!

  • WannabeXenophile

    While the Korean cultural elements don’t relate to me, the nagging to do such and such is SO true! I’m as messy as her as well :-D

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