Comic Special: Cheese in the Trap

Popular webtoon “Cheese in the Trap” has mesmerized its mostly younger audience. The thriller romantic comedy webtoon is about a female college student, Hong-Seol who meets an upperclassman, Yoo-Jung and the adventures that ensue. The author of this webtoon, Soonkki, has won numerous awards for this true-to-life webtoon realistically depicting the troubles young people face today like rising tuition, relationships, and group projects. There are also plans to make it into a drama. We present the first chapter of the series. The website LINE has more translated chapters, so you can continue readoing herehere.:

cheese in the trap 1

cheese in the trap 2

cheese in the trap 3

Comments from Naver:


How many times have I read this all over again?


I thought he was simply approaching her, kekeke. I thought it was gonna be a regular romance…but it wasn’t…keke


The thriller romantic comedy starts now, keke.


We readers are the criminal investigation unit of the CSI.


I call myself a reader, but I’m a detective.


From Hong-seoul’s point of view: Did this upperclassman eat something wrong?/Is he sick?/Did he hit his head on something?


After seeing the kiss scene today, I feel like reading this from the beginning.


Seol got fucking pretty.


How many times have I read this all over again from the beginning? keke


Omo [oh my goodness].


Reading this again commemorating their kiss, I’m not the only one doing this, kekeke


The second person who saw the kiss scene and reads it again from the start.


Commemorate the kissing, I’m starting to read it again!


Ah, is this already my 5th time reading it all over again. This devilish webtoon..


Oh, it’s the college of liberal arts.

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  • Mr Line

    I think it would be wise to remove the post, because Cheese in the Trap is licensed in English by Naver….
    You might get a DCMA…

  • b

    This isn’t news! come on..

    • Sillian

      Isn’t this a website for what’s hot among Korean netizens? This is not necessarily a news site.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get what’s so great about it.

  • MIssHana1007

    the story line is so typical. the comic is so over-hype.

    • Sophia Dalke

      SRSLY. Just reading that generic dreck I could here the k-drama music in the background. It’s like any other Korean or Japanese story of inconvenient love and harsh societal pressure. Dime a dozen. And the art is really basic.

  • anondicks

    First of all,
    Cheese in the trap is based in COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY, NOT high school.

    It’s EXTREMELY disrespectful of the artist to repost their comic here when they explicitly said not to. There is an official ENGLISH translation to be coming out I believe so it’d be best to reroute readers there.

    • Sid Driver

      While anondicks may have a point, (though judging by name and use of caps I wonder if this is a troll…) I would like to thank whomever posted this for bringing it to my attention. Because of this I will now proceed to find and read the comic. Thank you!

      • David

        REALLY??? Can I ask what you found so interesting? I really want to know. Also, and this is not meant as a trolling, could you tell me your approx age? I only ask because I wonder if this webtoon has a appeal for a certain demographic which does not include me. Thanks.

        • Guest

          It was left at a cliffhanger, so one feels like continuing the story even if the story doesn’t happen to blow your mind.

          • David

            Just because it is a cliff hanger? I find that hard to understand. Every series anywhere (cartoon, comic book, manga, t.v. program, movie franchise) ever does that. Isn’t there something about the actual webtoon you liked?

          • kainah

            It was a great webtoon. It is more than a cliffhanger. Though most of it would make you think which is which, whether the heroine is just being paranoid and over sensitive, or her impulse is correct and the sunbae she is afraid of really has ulterior motives under his sleeves.
            If you ever change your mind and feels interested, you can watch more chapters through, they have instructions how you could read the webtoon at naver (where the original is being uploaded) and they tone it and translate. As of today, they are at Season 3 Chapter 49.

        • Sid Driver

          Haha, I’m 34. I find it interesting because it’s a different look into Korean culture. (If you look outside of the love triangle story it’s very interesting). I’m not sure if you moved out and lived on your own during University but it’s a much different experience then living at home with your parents. It’s kind of cool to see similar things that the characters experience but because of the culture they may handle things differently.

          The drawing style is pretty cool too and it reminds me of some of the better illustrated comics I read when I was young. If it’s not your cup of tea, no need to bash it. It’s entertaining and I enjoyed it.

          • David

            Thank you for your honest reply.

  • Tico

    That was… boring. I can’t believe I kept reading… expecting something… ANYTHING. I guess I was hoping for something subversive or meaningful, this just made me feel frustrated. Her whole life is dependent on a guy “losing” his paper and saving her? STUDY HARDER, ASSHOLE.

    • guest

      That’s because this is only Chapter 1. This is a Web comic SERIES meaning there’s a lot more but Koreabang only showed a sample which is Chapter 1.

      • icup ✔️

        the first chap is suppose to draw you in… but it did not for me. it felt like i read someone’s daily diary with no expectation of any form of excitement or thrills.

    • BBMayMay

      this is just a chapter from a webtoon

    • David

      I know people say this is just a chapter from a webtoon but the characters in here (all) show the emotional maturity of a 10 year old. How can this be laudered for being realistic? I understand if people like it and are entertained by it but the situations and problems are not handled in a realistic way they are pure fictionalized romantic notions. My opinion.

      • Guest

        its a webtoon for teens lmfao thats like reading a shojo manga and complaining about its lack of realism

    • Ok

      …She actually studies hard enough to be second place in the whole department of her school which is REALLY impressive btw. They both put in the same amount effort but he’s smarter. And she didn’t ask for it. What I like about the main character is that she actually never relies on other people and always tries her best.

    • Ok

      And its not her whole life, its one year of free college. Calling her an asshole is too much, when you haven’t even read beyond this post.

  • Xia

    Why do Asian comics/manga all feature whites as if they were Asians?

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Probably the same reason some treat blue and green as natural hair colors:
      Because I don’t know.

    • guest

      They’re white?!?! They look like cartoons to me

  • Eric0912

    Interesting post (and this is supposed to be a copying country, right?), but boring webtoon. Does anyone know of something more substantial, in English?

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