Illegal Chinese Fishing In ROK Waters Leads to Captain’s Death

Article from kukinews:

Chinese Captain of Chinese Fishing Boat Dies: Frightened, Other Illegal Fishing Boats Disappear Without a Trace

South Korean maritime police apprehend a Chinese boat fishing illegally.

South Korean maritime police apprehend a Chinese boat fishing illegally.

In the seas off the western coast of South Korea, there is a visibly significant drop in the number of Chinese fishing ships in the aftermath of the death of a captain of an illegally operating Chinese vessel. He was shot dead in a violent clash with the Korean maritime police during their raid on the vessel. The raid was part of a crackdown on illegal fishing in the seas under jurisdiction of South Korea.

The deadly confrontation occurred in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) west of Wangdeung Island, Buan County, North Jeolla Province. Known for its abundant fishing stocks, three to four days ago, it attracted a crowd of 200 to 300 Chinese fishing ships which resulted in over-fishing.

Most Chinese fishing vessels that were conducting unauthorized fishing there left in fear after the death of the Chinese captain. This excludes a number Chinese ships that had received South Korea’s authorization.

The morning (8:30 a.m.) of the 10th, Song, a 45-year-old Chinese boat captain, was shot by a member of the Korean maritime police. The police were mounting a crackdown campaign against an 80-ton Chinese fishing ship operating about 144 kilometers west of Wangdeung Island.

According to the South Korean maritime police, as a South Korean patrol was transporting a Chinese fishing ship that had been fleeing, after being found to have unlawfully operated in the South Korea EEZ, it encountered four other Chinese ships nearby that tried to seize the ship.

Infographic portraying how events escalated on October 10th.

Infographic portraying how events escalated on October 10th.

Chinese crew members wielded knives and beer bottles, and while fighting back [against the South Korean ship], boarded the South Korean ship, knocked off two coast guard members’ helmets, and tried to strangle them.

During the scuffle the search team leader, Kwon, shot blanks, but found the Chinese resistance remained strong. Just then a K5 pistol was fired. The Chinese crew members retreated after members of the Korean maritime police shot 3 blanks and 8 live bullets. They then also returned to their command ship.

Chinese boat crewmen caught fishing illegally in South Korean waters fight against South Korean maritime police officers.

Chinese boat crewmen caught fishing illegally in South Korean waters fight against South Korean maritime police officers.

The coast guard received a radio message around 08:55 a.m., saying that there was patient from a Chinese fishing vessel. Captain Song was transferred by emergency helicopter to Korea Hospital in Mokpo. Despite this, Captain Song was soon pronounced dead at around 11:12 a.m. A bullet about 1.6 centimeters in length was found in his body.

Korean maritime police officials stated, “Our officers responded in self defense in a life-threatening situation, in accordance with manuals on the usage of firearms.” They added, “We have five officers who were injured in the incident.”

In a regular press briefing, spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hong Lei, called for tough punishment of those responsible for the [captain’s] death, saying, “We find it shocking and express strong displeasure with it.”

Comments from Daum:

Honor the maritime police for killing that pirate!


Actions speak louder than a thousand words. May our maritime police keep beating up those sea-invading barbarians.


They set a good example!


The Chinese boat suddenly attacked the Korean maritime police… wasn’t it inevitable for the guns to come out.


The maritime police did a good job. Applause for you and keep up the good fight!


Looking at the video, it looked like an urgent situation where they had to use their guns.


Those maritime police who killed those pirates should get a medal of honor. The people of Korea would want it.


They did a good job defending themselves. Some of the maritime police died because of Chinese boats before. Did China pay damages? It is right to use guns if they are threatening.


If it were the Chinese maritime police, they would’ve already killed many people or sunk the boat.


The Chinese were attacking the Korean maritime police to get away with their boat? Then, it’s not really a “boat,” they’re just pirates. Pirate boats should really be sunk by cannons.


When those Chinese execute Koreans, they fucking tell us not to interfere, but this is something for them to complain about??? All we did was take the appropriate actions toward pirates who were breaking the law and invading our seas!!! It was YOU who should not interfer with a crackdown on the pirates. Fucking Chinese!


The Chinese government intentionally ignores the existence of illegal boats. Nice work guys. Give them an award.


Nice job! We should’ve done that before!


I don’t understand. The maritime police chief should be given the right to use an automatic rifle rather than a handgun. So in the case of a threatening Chinese boat, of course he should be allowed to use one. Just like how the Chinese strictly executed Korean drug criminals, when the Chinese boats are threatening law enforcement in Korea, the boats obviously have to be cleared out.


Nice shot. Look at North Korea. Even though they have to be friendly with China, they don’t care about illegal Chinese boats. They just shoot at them. We should be like that! The only way to keep the Chinese away is to be like that. How refreshing!


The only medicine for thieves is the cane. If they do it again, just kill them right away.


Other guys like them all ran away … next time hit’em with a machine gun bang-bang-bang!


As a Seoul citizen, I’d like to send my congratulations! Kill those Chinese fuckers!


After all, it is the bullets that work with priates. Next time sink ’em with a cannon.


Strong complaint from China? What the fuck. They should be cracked down for over-fishing in someone else’s water. Why do those crazy people act like gangsters and try to kill our maritime police? The police did a good job. Give them the highest honor.

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  • Jahar

    I already read the Chinese side of this story. They saythe Koreans should just allow the illegal fishing, because not allowing them to fish there strains the relationship between the 2 countries.

    • Chucky3176

      After few days, the Chinese pirates were back in droves, raiding and pillaging Korean waters. They laid off for few days because they thought the Korean coast guards were getting tougher against the Chinese. But they soon found out from news reports that the killing was just an accident, as the coast guard officer meant to shoot another warning shot (he had already fired off several warning shots), but instead hit the pirate ship’s captain. They should have just dumped the body into the sea instead of trying to save his life and waste Korean tax payer’s money.

    • grand

      you need to check where this incident happened. according to chinese reports this happend in overlapping waters and south korea has no right to enfoce its law against chinese fishing boats.

  • Boris

    Chinese stealing resources or infringing territory of another? This has been going on for some time. If SK or JP had balls they’d arrest such people and imprison them for breaking the law. China is trying to assert it’s power over other nations in the region. They can either fold or group together. The latter means they have to put differences aside. Unlikely.

    • Chucky3176

      I doubt Japan has the same problem with thousands of illegal Chinese fishing boats fishing in 20 miles off of Japanese shores, like the Chinese does against Koreans. Japan’s problem is with disputed territory with China in the Senkaku/Daiyou islands. That’s a different kind of problem from what the Koreans are experiencing with China. For some reason, the Chinese fishermen don’t illegally fish in Japanese water, in a massive way, like they do against Korea. Why is that?

      Korea does arrest and imprison them until the Chinese post bail. The Chinese are well organized, and each of their fishermen pay into their own insurance companies who post bail for them if their boats get impounded by Koreans – usually running up to $150,000. Tells you how large their fishing industry operating in Korean waters are – that it could support entire insurance industries. Korea on average, impounds 300 to 500 Chinese ships a year, but that’s only a very tiny percentage of the actual number of Chinese boats illegally fishing in Korea each year. There are over a thousand Chinese ships illegally fishing in Korean waters, every single day. Once again, that’s every single day. There’s just too many of them for Korean coast guards to handle them all. Really the best way for South Korea to handle them is to use military force against those ships that don’t comply to arrests. But South Korean government is extremely reluctant to do that, fearing bad ties with China. So that only makes the Chinese pirates bolder, and not afraid of the Korean coast guards. Years of neglect by Korean government has only encouraged the Chinese fishermen to fish in Korean waters (because China wiped out their own fishing industries through overfishing and pollution, and they have no more fish in their waters).

      • Jahar

        One of the disadvantages of being a civilized country is you have to treat human life with respect, even if they don’t do the same to you.

        • givemeabreak

          really, so the Korean idea of ‘treating human life with respect’ is murder is it?

          • Jahar

            it’s murder, now, then? You know, they attack the coast guards with knives and other weapons when they try to board them. at best, self-defense, at worst, manslaughter.

            But, as per my previous comment, they can’t just give them warnings and sink them, they have to board them and arrest them.

          • IlluminatiAsia

            You’re trying too hard.

      • elizabeth

        The fishermen probably know that the Japanese are capable of being defiant to defend their sovereignty and there are no “ties” that can be used to blackmail them.

        • ken

          More than likely it’s simply a matter of distance. The western portion of Korean waters are rich in fish and very close, whereas one of the closest places to the China for Japan is an area swarming with Chinese and Japanese naval and coast guard activity.

          • Chucky3176

            I think you probably hit the nail on the head. The distance between Shandong China province and Korea is pretty close, if you look at the map. But it’s not just the west coast of Korea that’s getting plundered. It’s also Korea’s southern and eastern coasts that are also getting scraped clean. Some Chinese ships come so close to Korean shores that Korean residents can hear the Chinese fishermen speak in their own language. Also, South Korea and China have an EEZ agreement in the western Yellow sea dating back to the 1990’s, in return for South Korea allowing some Chinese ships to catch in Korean waters under the quota system. It’s this agreement that these illegals are exploiting as well. There is lot of worry in South Korea that the fishing industry will be wiped out with all that overfishing from the Chinese who cast harmful illegal nets and do not practice sustainable fishing. They just come and plunder, then will leave for good once the fish have become extinct.

      • Insomnicide

        “For some reason, the Chinese fishermen don’t illegally fish in Japanese water, in a massive way, like they do against Korea. Why is that?”

        Have you looked at a map? Korea is right next to China. If Chinese fisherman could screw with Japan, most probably would. However Japan is way too far from China for a myriad of boats to illegally fish there. Not to mention Japan have their own massive monopoly on the fishing industries.

        Not to mention the Japanese themselves often complain about Koreans illegally fishing in their waters and whaling. While ironically whaling as well as illegally fishing in South East Asian waters and Australian waters.

        It doesn’t help that the entire issue of illegal fishing is hardly regulated and laws are barely institutionalized nationally as bodies of water aren’t physically controllable…yet.

      • commander

        Yeah, Japanese fisherman is not that petty. They go as far as the Pacific to catch whales, an endangered species as the international community designates, saying that their cherished tradition of whaling should be preserved rejecting Western countries’ criticism.

    • commander

      S. Korea, China and Japan are all signatories to the United Nations Convention on Law of Sea (UNCLOS).

      Relevant UNCLOS articles provide that if a ship or a crew member is seized after being found to fish illegally in an exclusive economic zone of a member nation, the seizing country should be obligated to release them immediately if the bail is provided for them.

      (The Chinese captain’s death took place while the Korean coast guards exercise legitimate right to check and regulate ships suspected of illegally fishing in the South Korean EEZ, there is no violation of law because self defense is universally recognized in almost all countries.)

      (Plus, in this case there is no available option for China except diplomatic protest, which is already done. If China wants to seek diplomatic protection for the captain, international law requires the bereaved family to file a suit with a South Korean court against the South Korean maritime police. Only after all local remedies available for the bereaved family can China come forward to claim liabilities for S. Korea. As things stand, such a step by China is inconceivable.

      I think China verbal protest are made mindful of rising discontent among Chinese people with the death of the Chinese seaman, having fat chances of it escalating into diplomatic row between Beijing and Seoul.)

      If there is any dispute in the application of UNCLOS between member nations, the dispute is required to be referred to UNCLOS dispute settlement mechanism where a verdict is legally binding for the disputing nations.

      In a region where nationalism searingly escalates and mutual distrust deepens over dark colonial legacy interpretations, taking the dispute into one’s hands to force a settlement on one nation could provide a spark to the tinder box region.

      Politicians should overcome the temptation of using increasingly wild nationalism to obscure increasingly widening disparities in wealth, incrementally diminishing upward mobility, and subsequent seething grievances, and should exercise restraint to seek negotiated settlement for any discord.

      Peaceful settlement of disputes is the obligation for all UN member nations, and an indispensible principle in international law to promote peace and stability.

      • Boris

        “I think China verbal protest are made mindful of rising discontent among Chinese people with the death of the Chinese seaman, having fat chances of it escalating into diplomatic row between Beijing and Seoul.”

        While I somewhat agree with you (on this point), I also believe that the Chinese government doesn’t care that it’s people are fishing in foreign territory and tacit agree with their fishermen’s action. If the fisherman killed a SK patrol personnel, would they hand him over to SK? I some what doubt it (though you are free to correct me of this if there is a past incident of Chinese Government handing over people in such circumstances).

        • commander

          If there is an incident where a Chinese fisherman kills a South Korean coast guard while violently resisting police arrest for illegal fishing in the S. Korean EEZ, and the Chinese killer flees back to China, the South Korean government will request an suspect’s extradition from the Chinese authorities.

          China may, as you claim, not arrest and hand over the killer to the South Korean law enforcement authorities.

          But if the South Korean government suspects that the Chinese government is intentionally unwilling to capture the killer for extradition, Seoul will be also reluctant to nab and send a prime suspect in a future incident where a South Korean kills a Chinese law enforcement official or Chinese citizen.

          This reciprocity basically works in a way that makes states cooperate in law enforcement as long as there is no vital national interest involved there.

          In addition, if the South Korean coast guards failed to arrest and put down rebellious fishermen aboard an illicitly operating ship in its EEZ when a scuffle between the two sides left one or more South Korean official dead, then South Korea is strongly advised to beef up their maritime police force with great urgency.

          How could the maritime law enforcers fail to overpower wild Chinese fishermen, even though they brandish knives, and clubs murderously?

          South Korea needs to make sure such a case demonstrating a humiliating feebleness of its maritime police force won’t happen.

          • Monelisa

            “the South Korean government will request an suspect’s extradition from the Chinese authorities.”

            Oh yeah, that’ll work. The Chinese authorities will say “there’s no proof, but investigation should continue”.

            Remember the South Korean coast guard who got murdered by a knife holding Chinese fishing boat captain couple of years back? The Chinese captain got 30 years in prison for the murder. And what was the PRC government’s official statement? This is what they said:

            “China “does not accept” South Korea’s application of its law to reach “such a verdict.””


            This reminds me of those Korean drug smugglers who were executed in China. Most Koreans cheered, and praised China for getting rid of the scum.

          • commander

            As I said in the above reply to Boris, specifically one paragraph below the sentence you quoted, China’s unwillingness to arrest a murder suspect and accept the extradition request from South Korea will bring about the same reaction from South Korea in an incident involving a South Korean killer of a Chinese citizen.

            South Korean will be passive in taking up an extradition request of the South Korea criminal, saying that China’s arrest warrant is unacceptable.

    • Insomnicide

      A bunch of lower class fishermen illegally fishing is proof of Chinese government asserting it’s power over other nations in the region. Sure.

      • Boris

        Considering that the patrol was attacked and the fisherman killed in retaliation, instead of asking for a proper investigation, they (Chinese Government) ask for an apology. Now why would they do that? Afterall, the fisherman was illegally in SK waters, attacking SK patrol. Criminal activity, condone by the Chinese Government. Afterall, if it wasn’t they would not be asking for an apology for illegal activities done by their country men.

        • Monelisa

          Yeah, that was one fucked up demand there by Chinese government. Holy shit, that was one fucking nerve to demand an apology and punishment of the coast guard who shot the gun in self defence! LOL… I mean seriously China? And top of it all, I read that the Chinese netizens are treating this as a serious attack on the Chinese citizens and their Chinese sovereignty! Boy… talk about extreme fucked up nationalism! Can’t the Chinese including the government and their people, see that the what the illegal Chinese fishermen are doing, is wrong? Instead all they see is their race “Chinese” being wronged by foreign powers. China never does anything wrong to other nations! Never! It’s pure bullshit nationalism PLUS racism. Only the Chinese lives matter, and who cares about everyone else attitude. It certainly explains why this topic of fragrant violations of territorial sovereignty of another nation, never makes the discussion table by Chinese nationalistic netizens, until someone dies. Then the discussion is always about coming to the defence of China and it’s rightful “sovereignty”.

          • mong

            nothing is worse than korean nationalism.

        • justice

          The Chinese government is right in asking for an apology. I mean where is the due process? if the person was doing something illegal, then he should have been arrested and tried in a court of law. not shot in cold blood. This is mishandling, if not murder any way you see it.

          • Boris

            The person was shot in self-defence or by accident. The Chinese government should be asking for a proper investigation. They should also be trying to stop their own people doing illegal activities. But I guess that is only ok if its a foreigner in China, but the other way round, you better apologies. This isn’t murder. They weren’t even shot in cold blood. The person was killed while attacking an SK patrol.

          • IlluminatiAsia

            Again, you’re trying to too hard. Instead of replying with multiple anonymous accounts, why don’t you make a discus account and ramble?

      • bumfromkorea

        A bunch of lower class fishermen illegally fishing in another country’s territory with complete legal impunity from the Chinese government, in spite of the said country’s repeated request for cooperation?

  • BarleyStalk12

    Nice job, Korean maritime officers. You have every right to protect your territorial waters from the Chinese, who think they own fucking everything within 1000 miles of their borders. Just ask the Vietnamese.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Not these Chinese. These Chinese just don’t give a fuck about laws. They don’t follow their own, why would they follow a foreigner’s?

      • seno

        damn banzi murdered a chinese brother!!! i hope Dennis Rodman helps kim jong stick it to them in the next LA riots!!!

    • Insomnicide

      I wouldn’t use the Vietnamese, who led KKK-esque riots killing 20 innocent Chinese tourists and workers this year, many of whom were actually from Taiwan, as an example of poor victimized people.

      • guest

        People from Taiwan are technically “Chinese.” You know Taiwan’s official name? The Republic of China. What’s the official language of “Taiwan?” Mandarin Chinese……

        • Korea1Disqus1

          taiwan more south east asia…… people there are black!!!!!!!!

    • grand

      first of all you need know that this did not happen in south korean’s territorial waters, it happend in overlapping EEZs of both china and south korea. south koreans have no right enforcing its law against chinese fishermen in overlapping EEZS. south korea is at fault here and needs to pay compensation.

      • Sillian

        I think some Chinese media’s initial reports have been debunked.

      • Chucky3176

        I know that’s what the Chinese media is reporting, but you have to realize they’ve been printing false stories, and you shouldn’t believe everything they print. The boats were discovered fishing inside the Korean EEZ and the chase ended in the overlapping EEZ. Korea still has juristiction. The Chinese meida also printed that there were recorded videos of the incident so the Koreans are lying. The Korean side next day, produced the captured video of the captain and his crew attacking a lone Korean coast guard officer. The Chinese media didn’t realize that the whole violence was video taped by the cameras installed on the coast guard’s helmets. Yet no Chinese media even bothered to report this either, right?

        • Chucky3176

          Sorry, I meant to say “The Chinese media also printed that there were NO recorded videos of the incident”.

        • Chon

          yes because the kroean media are just the epitome of truth and facts

          • Jesus

            China. The land of truth and no propaganda / lies.

      • mcastro

        Korean still showed more restraint then the Chinese in Vietnamese water.

        8 Vietnamese dead.

  • Dave Park

    They fish illegally, and when confronted, they resist violently. Let there be more deaths that fall onto these criminals who have given up their humanity.

    • Dari al-Washad

      If you are seriously wishing for more people’s deaths, rather than working on strict enforcement and removing the root economic causes holding up this illegal industry, then you yourself are subhuman. By your own logic, the same death should fall upon yourself and upon those you love.

      • Lady Pink

        What are the underlying root economic causes you speak of? This only damages China’s reputation in the world. I don’t think all the stolen/robbed fish is worth the damage this is doing to China. And how do you suggest Koreans enforce this without causing harm to the fishermen? If you look at one of the diagrams above, four other Chinese fishing boats came to the rescue of the Chinese ship that was being boarded by the Korean coast police. If each boat carries 20 men, that’s 5 boats, almost 100 men, against about half a dozen Korean coast guards that were trying to board the ship. If you’re outnumbered like that, what do you suggest the Koreans to do? The logical thing to do seems to me, is to carry aboard sub machine guns and shoot any fishermen who refuses to put down their weapons. That’s the proper law enforcement for the next time.

        Seriously, Korean coast guards are only growing this problem because they’re not being tough on the violators who have gotten bolder and bolder. Instead of saving lives, their soft action is only making more violence for the future and it will cause even more deaths on both sides.

        • Chelsea Graves

          I’ll chime in:

          If you’re gonna shoot one, you shouldn’t just let the others go. You’re absolutely correct that there is a shortage of force in the sense of manpower needed due to the sheer scale of the problem. What happened here hasn’t helped at all – the vast majority of fishermen get off scot-free and the risk of punishment is remains too low as a deterrent. To disincentivise the fishing, the risk of punishment needs to be increased, and as blasting them out of the water is probably going to cause a geopolitical nightmare, the only direct option is mass detention, even if it means calling for the manpower of the military. An indirect option is economic pressure in other areas, but unlike with the US, given the size imbalance, China has the upper hand in any economic tit-for-tat.

          As for the underlying economic pressures, appealing to the international reputation of China will get you nowhere — these fishermen don’t care about their country, they care about money, and as long as fishing, legal or illegal, remains their best shot at improving their economic situation, they’re gonna keep coming.

          Maritime enforcement is only treating the symptoms — the root causes are a structural problem withing the society of China itself and it’s up to the Chinese to continue their economic development to the point when fishing is no longer so attractive, and their environmental enforcement so that the domestic food supply becomes sustainable. Unfortunately the rest of the world can’t do much to change this, they just have to put up with it and make trespassing as unattractive as possible without damaging their own trade with China.

    • Insomnicide

      The biggest problem I would said is that law enforcement is one sided. If there was some mutual dialogue between South Korean Maritime police and Chinese maritime police incidents like this could have been prevented. If only Asian nations could cooperate like western nations, we wouldn’t have these issues to begin with.

      • Lady Pink

        Pretty hard to do when the Chinese government themselves are not going to stop their own fishermen from fishing. South Korea for years have been asking cooperation from Chinese government’s deaf years. Remember, China’s Yellow Sea coasts are facing ecological disaster from severe pollution and severe overfishing which completely depleted their fish stock. The Chinese government is not going to tell their own fishermen not to go to Korea, and ask their fishermen to starve.

  • HaydenG

    They should use Chinese fishing boats for naval canon target practice. Seriously.

    • grand

      clearly, the south koreans are not as idiotic as you.

    • rich carter

      i hope so. why the fuck should korean maritime officers risk their lives in close combat when they can just blow these fuckers away?

  • Lady Pink

    Wow, those Chinese fishermen come well prepared! Look at the first picture above, of that Chinese fisher ship. Look at those blue barricades that were installed on that ship, to hinder the Korean coast guards from boarding easily. It looks like the fisher ship is ready for battle. Chinese can’t make any excuse and say this is all an accident.

    • guk

      probably because they are sick and tired of being harassed by Koreans. unfortunately it looks like their preparations are not enough against these scum

  • FYIADragoon

    Good riddance. They should authorize lethal force. Korea needs to grow a pair. Either that or they need to do some more sophisticated calculations of the economic benefit gained from each fishing crew and charge double that as bail for each crew that they arrest.

    • Dan

      If they didn’t have balls, no one would have died. Can’t do anything about the hundreds of fishing boats swarming in. Bail won’t do shit.

  • rich carter

    just bomb the fucking ships. if there are some chink body parts floating around maybe they will think twice about it. koreans are way too civilized towards chinese.

  • grand

    china stated that this incident happened in over-lapping EEZs of china and korea. according to an agreement by both countries, south korea has no right enforcing its law against chinese fishermen but their own fishing vessels. south korea is clearly wrong here and need to pay compensation to the murdered chinese capitain.

    • Chucky3176

      This is absolutely false, which are being reported by Chinese press. As the Korean article posted by Sillian states, the Chinese were fishing inside Korean EEZ, then fled and were caught by Korean coast guards at the place where the Chinese are claiming they were fishing. The Chinese media are printing all kinds of false stories including claims that Chinese fishing boats have never fished inside Korean EEZ, that there were no recorded videos, and that the Chinese fishermen did not resist yet Koreans used violence. These are stories in their media which are designed to rouse up the Chinese nationalism. South Korea has given all the evidence including video tapes to disprove the Chinese media, but the Chinese side have nothing to counter them.

      • truth

        so its true if its from the Korean media?

        • IlluminatiAsia

          Alright, we are all ears. Please provide us your evidences.

  • sick

    absolutely disgusted by all the comments on here calling for more deaths of fishermen. I expect this from Korean internet but not here. you people make me sick

  • corea!

    seriously, this place is tapped by nutty Korean nationalists. just look at all the sick comments being posted. Chinasmack and Japancrush don’t get anywhere near the level self-defensiveness and hate displayed here. go back to korea and post on their boards

    • Guest

      You’re completely wrong. A lot of people who post here are NOT Koreans. Japancrush and this site are overrun by Japanese nationalists who are extremely defensive when a sensitive political issue pops up. A lot of people who post here are not Koreans and vice versa on the sister sites. The Chinese netizens have made tons of extremely hateful, xenophobic, and racist comments against Koreans and others as well – sending death threats and threatening an entire country over an alleged laser incident a few months back. The Chinese nationalists are just as horrible people as those from other countries.

  • Dai nihon tei koku chōsen

    Once again, Chinese ‘verbally’ protests but do nothing against these murderous scum. the only language these chon fuckers understand is force. the only solution is ethnic cleansing.

  • netouyo

    Chinese Government is belittling S.Korea and Japan and so are Chinese fishermen.
    Its just that simple. Note ex-PLA soldiers fishing in those other’s territories.

    • Guest

      Trying too hard.

  • Kevin

    what happens when you give kimchi pigs guns. the only time a korean should see a gun is when its pointing at him

  • Yamashita

    once again the true nature of chosenjin is shown. this is why all zainichis need to be deported or disposed of, lest they start causing more trouble and chaos

  • Korea1Disqus1

    Chinese, Overseas Chinese ( Taiwan, HK,) real fuckers in Korea………..

  • Guest

    The coast guards should have used guns the MOMENT the pirates are boarding the patrol ship by force!

    Usually force by authority should be last resort, even if a man were to wave a knife in a park, I wouldn’t think it’ll be right to shoot him unless he was about to get within stabbing range of someone.

    In this scenario though, it sound like the patrol boat was actually at risk of being overran, worst harm would have been caused if the pirates got their hands on guns and the control of the boat!

  • BostonBiBimBap

    If you fuck around in Korean water you will die……. it is that simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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