Illegal Chinese Fishing In ROK Waters Leads to Captain’s Death

Article from kukinews:

Chinese Captain of Chinese Fishing Boat Dies: Frightened, Other Illegal Fishing Boats Disappear Without a Trace

South Korean maritime police apprehend a Chinese boat fishing illegally.

South Korean maritime police apprehend a Chinese boat fishing illegally.

In the seas off the western coast of South Korea, there is a visibly significant drop in the number of Chinese fishing ships in the aftermath of the death of a captain of an illegally operating Chinese vessel. He was shot dead in a violent clash with the Korean maritime police during their raid on the vessel. The raid was part of a crackdown on illegal fishing in the seas under jurisdiction of South Korea.

The deadly confrontation occurred in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) west of Wangdeung Island, Buan County, North Jeolla Province. Known for its abundant fishing stocks, three to four days ago, it attracted a crowd of 200 to 300 Chinese fishing ships which resulted in over-fishing.

Most Chinese fishing vessels that were conducting unauthorized fishing there left in fear after the death of the Chinese captain. This excludes a number Chinese ships that had received South Korea’s authorization.

The morning (8:30 a.m.) of the 10th, Song, a 45-year-old Chinese boat captain, was shot by a member of the Korean maritime police. The police were mounting a crackdown campaign against an 80-ton Chinese fishing ship operating about 144 kilometers west of Wangdeung Island.

According to the South Korean maritime police, as a South Korean patrol was transporting a Chinese fishing ship that had been fleeing, after being found to have unlawfully operated in the South Korea EEZ, it encountered four other Chinese ships nearby that tried to seize the ship.

Infographic portraying how events escalated on October 10th.

Infographic portraying how events escalated on October 10th.

Chinese crew members wielded knives and beer bottles, and while fighting back [against the South Korean ship], boarded the South Korean ship, knocked off two coast guard members’ helmets, and tried to strangle them.

During the scuffle the search team leader, Kwon, shot blanks, but found the Chinese resistance remained strong. Just then a K5 pistol was fired. The Chinese crew members retreated after members of the Korean maritime police shot 3 blanks and 8 live bullets. They then also returned to their command ship.

Chinese boat crewmen caught fishing illegally in South Korean waters fight against South Korean maritime police officers.

Chinese boat crewmen caught fishing illegally in South Korean waters fight against South Korean maritime police officers.

The coast guard received a radio message around 08:55 a.m., saying that there was patient from a Chinese fishing vessel. Captain Song was transferred by emergency helicopter to Korea Hospital in Mokpo. Despite this, Captain Song was soon pronounced dead at around 11:12 a.m. A bullet about 1.6 centimeters in length was found in his body.

Korean maritime police officials stated, “Our officers responded in self defense in a life-threatening situation, in accordance with manuals on the usage of firearms.” They added, “We have five officers who were injured in the incident.”

In a regular press briefing, spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hong Lei, called for tough punishment of those responsible for the [captain’s] death, saying, “We find it shocking and express strong displeasure with it.”

Comments from Daum:

Honor the maritime police for killing that pirate!


Actions speak louder than a thousand words. May our maritime police keep beating up those sea-invading barbarians.


They set a good example!


The Chinese boat suddenly attacked the Korean maritime police… wasn’t it inevitable for the guns to come out.


The maritime police did a good job. Applause for you and keep up the good fight!


Looking at the video, it looked like an urgent situation where they had to use their guns.


Those maritime police who killed those pirates should get a medal of honor. The people of Korea would want it.


They did a good job defending themselves. Some of the maritime police died because of Chinese boats before. Did China pay damages? It is right to use guns if they are threatening.


If it were the Chinese maritime police, they would’ve already killed many people or sunk the boat.


The Chinese were attacking the Korean maritime police to get away with their boat? Then, it’s not really a “boat,” they’re just pirates. Pirate boats should really be sunk by cannons.


When those Chinese execute Koreans, they fucking tell us not to interfere, but this is something for them to complain about??? All we did was take the appropriate actions toward pirates who were breaking the law and invading our seas!!! It was YOU who should not interfer with a crackdown on the pirates. Fucking Chinese!


The Chinese government intentionally ignores the existence of illegal boats. Nice work guys. Give them an award.


Nice job! We should’ve done that before!


I don’t understand. The maritime police chief should be given the right to use an automatic rifle rather than a handgun. So in the case of a threatening Chinese boat, of course he should be allowed to use one. Just like how the Chinese strictly executed Korean drug criminals, when the Chinese boats are threatening law enforcement in Korea, the boats obviously have to be cleared out.


Nice shot. Look at North Korea. Even though they have to be friendly with China, they don’t care about illegal Chinese boats. They just shoot at them. We should be like that! The only way to keep the Chinese away is to be like that. How refreshing!


The only medicine for thieves is the cane. If they do it again, just kill them right away.


Other guys like them all ran away … next time hit’em with a machine gun bang-bang-bang!


As a Seoul citizen, I’d like to send my congratulations! Kill those Chinese fuckers!


After all, it is the bullets that work with priates. Next time sink ’em with a cannon.


Strong complaint from China? What the fuck. They should be cracked down for over-fishing in someone else’s water. Why do those crazy people act like gangsters and try to kill our maritime police? The police did a good job. Give them the highest honor.

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