Dash Cam Captures Taxi, Porsche Chasing Down a Drunk Driver

A newly released dash cam video shows unbelievable footage of two cars spontaneously deciding to chase down a drunk driver who ran over a motorcycle. After witnessing the other car fleeing from the scene of the accident, a taxi driver, with his dash cam rolling, and a Porsche 911 chased it down the highway, finally boxing it in against a barrier and holding the driver until police arrived.

Netizens applauded the behavior of both drivers, although they reacted with disbelief to news that the offender was let off with a fine in consideration of the fact that she was a naturalized foreigner married to a Korean.

From Kuki News:

“He deserves the Porsche”…admirable citizens chase a drunk hit-and-run driver…Victim ‘lightly injured’

A video of a Porsche chasing a hit-and-run Matiz drew attention online. Recently, SBS’s “The World Seen through the Black Box” aired an episode about two citizens who chased a drunk hit-and-run driver at night on June 9th in Daejeon. Taxi driver Ahn Byeong-su submitted a black box video that is described below.

Ms. Wu was driving in the far left lane at high speed. She crossed over the center line and hit a motorcycle rider, Mr. Jeong, who was waiting at a traffic light. As she began driving away from the scene of the accident, Ahn and a Porsche driver, Choi, who also witnessed the crime scene, together chased after her.

Wu sped off, driving into incoming traffic, before she made a U-turn as she noticed the cars following her. Choi tried to close in on Wu and block her path. However, Wu made a U-turn again. The chase continued. Wu kept driving dangerously in an attempt to shake off her chasers in a pursuit that lasted for 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

As Ahn began feeling frustrated, the Porsche quickly closed in on the Matiz, engine roaring, and blocked its path. Choi, Ahn and another driver successfully trapped her in the end. On the TV program, Ahn said “the hit-and-run driver was completely drunk”. He also showed the letter of appreciation he received from the police. The Western Daejon Police Department awarded Ahn and Choi 200,000 won each and a letter of appreciation. They were also given 40 bonus driving points, [In South Korea, drivers lose their license and must be retrained whenever their points are reduced to zero].

the taxi driver, Ahn Byeong-su

the taxi driver, Ahn Byeong-su

Netizens who watched the video applauded them. Netizens wrote comments such as “They are both so cool”, “He deserves to drive a Porsche”, “I got chills when the Porsche closed in”, and “I hope the bike rider wasn’t hurt too badly.”

What happened to the motorcycle rider Jeong and how was Wu punished? A representative of the Western Daejon Police Department said, “It could’ve been a fatal accident but luckily [the motorcycle rider] didn’t get hurt much. He was discharged from the hospital and gave a statement to the police.” He also said, “I can’t confirm how much she was punished because she was booked without formal detention, but she was fined. It was a serious crime but it was taken into account that she reached an agreement with Jeong and she is a naturalized woman (from Mongolia) who married a Korean man.”

Comments from Nate:

It was taken into account that she is a naturalized woman who married a Korean man….? Is it only me who cannot understand why that matters? How does it matter whether the hit-and-run criminal is naturalized, foreign or native??


The Porsche was freaking cool when it went Boooooaaaang~~. When the two guys got out of their cars, I got teary.

a white Porsche 911, similar to the one that chased the drunk driver down the highway

a white Porsche 911, similar to the one that chased the drunk driver down the highway


I guess she was able to recognize a Porsche even when she was completely drunk.


Crazy. Korean law seems crazy. Kick out the Mongolian bitch and her husband.


It was considered that she got naturalized and married a Korean man…..What bullshit is this?


It couldn’t have been easy to decide to block the crazy car with that high-end 911 turbo Porsche… That driver is a real man!! Everyone in the chase, well done.


The taxi that chased it along with the Porsche was also great.


Wow, fined? This really makes me angry. Drunk driving, driving in the wrong direction, and a hit-and-run. The crazy bitch was still just fined, ke ke ke ke ke. I guess naturalized women are able to get off with nothing but a fine if they commit a hit-and-run crime, ke ke ke ke ke. I wonder if Korea is for Koreans or for foreigners. This is f**king messed up.


Even if it was lightly scratched, it would cost hundreds of dollars to fix it for a Porsche. It would be thousands if it got lightly hit. He did a good job, risking his car.


How should I put this… When I watched the Porsche speeding up with the exhaust sound, I felt the thrill like when those cartoon heroes go berserk.

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