Government Official Punished for Secretly Filming Woman Urinating

A South Korean court has given a suspended sentence to a public official who confessed to filming a woman on the toilet. The case drew national attention and disgust after the man, identified publicly only as “Mr. Oh”, was revealed to have passed all three of Korea’s most difficult civil service exams, a feat that would ordinarily earn someone immense respect. Netizens questioned how someone with obviously low moral standards could simply pass a test and be entitled to high government office.

According to the police, the woman spotted Oh’s phone over the top of the stall, jumped out, grabbed his arm, and started screaming. When police arrived, they found that Oh was so drunk they had difficulty putting handcuffs on him.

An illustration of the scene in the bathroom as the woman confronted Oh.

An illustration of the scene in the bathroom as the woman confronted Oh.

Article From Newsis:

Mid-ranking legislative public official says “no comment” after his trial for recording woman urinating.

On November 22nd, Judge Song Dong-jin of the Seoul Southern District Court sentenced 31-year-old Mr. Oh to an eight-month term in jail with a two-year suspended sentence, and forty hours of sexual crime prevention education. He was indicted for violating the Anti-Sexual Violence Special Act after having been caught secretly filming a woman using the toilet inside public restrooms.

In its explanation of the sentencing, the court said, “Mr. Oh was supposed to abide by the law to administer social justice, but he reformatted his smartphone (to delete evidence) while he was under police investigation, and caused a loud disturbance when he protested against being detained in the lockup of a police station.”

“However, we take into account such mitigating circumstances as his confessions and the fact that victims do not want to punish Mr. Oh,” the court added.

On late May 30, 2013, at about 9:30 p.m., Mr. Oh was arrested for using his smartphone to furtively video a 19-year-old woman urinating on a toilet inside a female restroom on the first floor of a building in Yeongdengpo, southern Seoul.

After the ruling at the court, Mr. Oh, dressed in a gray suit, told reporters, “I have no comment on the verdict. I am consulting with my lawyer on whether to make an appeal or not.”

Mr. Oh is a fifth-level public servant at the National Assembly, working in the legislative survey department, [South Korean civil servants range in rank from 1 to 9, with 1 being the most senior]. He graduated from the Korean National Police University and secured what is referred to as a “grand slam title” by passing three notoriously difficult civil service exams for the legislative, judiciary and executive branches.

Comments from Daum:


Now he is a four-title holder


A grand slam title holder is a rare breed. His personal information will be soon dug out into the open by Netizens, though his real name is not mentioned in the article.


I guess his sexual urges had built up during the years of studying for the exams.


He must be sacked from his legislative job.


I am deeply concerned about how such a trash could ruin the country after becoming the public official just by passing the right exams. Isn’t it right to revoke all his qualifications? I doubt his integrity. He needs to be socially buried. I doubt whether such a horrible act is correctable. I bet he will not fix his bad habits for the rest of his life.


I can’t figure out why victims do not want to have him punished. Harsh punishment and no suspended sentence for him would reduce the number of potential female victims in the future. Did he smooth things over with an out-of-court settlement? A public official is fired whenever he or she gets criminal punishment, even just with a suspended sentence. On top of it, that guy is highly suspected of doctoring evidence against him. There is a report that the police records involved with his case disappeared. I guess the disappearance is somehow involved with the fact that he is a graduate of the Korean National Police University.[…]

National Asembly building where the voyeuristic public offcial works.

The voyeur works as a senior official in South Korea’s National Assembly building (pictured above)

Comments from Naver:


Did he really want to see women defecating in a toilet stall? dirty shit! What a dirty pervert!


A grand slam achiever can easily sleep with girls just by saying to them, “I passed the three national exams.” He must be book smart, not street smart.


I am a man but I cant fathom at all why he took the dirty pictures.ㅡㅡ


Just by mentioning his background he will get an opportunity to meet girls who are willing to let him see see them peeing. Why did he have to do it illegally?


He traded pleasure from peeping women’s peeing for success in life.


I think he is the leadership material for the ruling Saenuri Party in the future.


I gave you a round of applause for your patience when you shot the film putting up with the odor in there. I guess such determination must have been the basis for your grand-slam title. Does he really like the smell of feces?

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  • bigmamat

    Oppa could have watched me pee! He was set for life! I love that one.

  • Ana Belen Ruiz

    I think ruining his career like this is too much. Everyone does stupid things when drunk. He must have sacrificed a lot to be in the position he is now. Maybe he has a family, what’s the point of ‘social burial’ for such an incident? If I was her, I just beat him and leave with his phone.

    • commander

      You may be right. It may be too much for him that the single misstep messed up his career that he spend so much time and effort to build up.

      But the problem is that he is a public official that will be tasked with important administrative work when he get promoted to senior posts.

      This means although the smartphone filming is a drunken misconduct, it is bad enough to discredit his probity and judgement as a public official.

      The ruling and the huge ripple effects that follow it may be too harsh for him on a personal level, but it may be good for the nation to winnow a publuc official from engaging in important decision makings early.

  • Mighty曹

    Having passed the Grand Slam he must have been seeking a higher achievement in toilet cam.

    • Guest23

      Either the stress of working his way to perfection finally made him go over the edge and he started his fetish collection or did this started before he made it to the top? either way, it’s a bit demeaning to film women like that.

      • Mighty曹

        Hahaha.. it sure made him go over the top edge of the toilet stall (with cellphone in hand).

  • lonetrey / Dan

    “Netizens questioned how someone with obviously low moral standards could simply pass a test and be entitled to high government office.”

    I question their standards and priorities… They say that like it’s the most obvious thing, when to me it seems like a totally unreasonable assumption.

    • Guest23

      Everyone makes it a standard that the officials/politicians must be superhuman in their actions, judgement, and morals, which is why they quickly move from one to another when they get disappointed, but this guy and his fetish is just supremely weird and stupid as it may be, he wouldn’t last in the long run if his private collection did get manage to get leaked.

    • Zappa Frank

      same to me, i don’t see any realtion between moral standards and passing tests.. maybe i could be quesion how someone who can pass difficoult tests cannot find anything better than this for his sexual pulsion, in korea it should not be difficult to find some professional help.

      • bigmamat

        I think they were suggesting that passing the test wasn’t enough, there should also be some kind of morals means test to go along with it. How the government would go about that I’m not sure.

    • bigmamat

      Really? Didn’t a couple of their ELECTED officials get ousted recently. I love the Korean moral code…anything goes just don’t get caught.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    A smart politician would have just torrented a porno…

    • Ryan Kim

      maybe he isn’t into japanese broads

  • chucky3176

    Just think of Jessica from SNSD sitting there on the toilet, farting, then pooping, and then peeing.

    Do you find that sexually arousing?

    I guess some people have some strange tastes.

    • Jessica is not arousing even if not taking a dump. Zinggg

    • Butsu

      If you would record that and show it to the fans, I bet some of the fanbase would be like “OH NO OUR GODESS! THIS CAN’T BE REAL!” or something along these lines. That would be pretty hilarious tho if you ask me. Not that it would justify creeping around and recording famous people taking dumps.

  • Give men power and they will film your wives urinate. – Confucius

  • RegisterToPost

    People aren’t thinking with ajeossi logic. He was drunk, so it’s OK. The court will let him off with a light sentence.

  • One for all

    It’s ok guys. He was drunk…..even the policemen said so.

    Everybody in Korea knows drunk ajeossis can’t be held accountable for their crimes, it is a violation of the ajeossi code and his basic ajeossi human right to degrade women as he pleases.

  • FYIADragoon

    Boy, that’s a curious fetish.

  • Cleo

    if he was coolheaded enough to pursue his interest then his drunkenness may also be a calculation in the event of capture redhanded.

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