South Korean ‘Honeypot Gang’ Targets Married Men

police honeypot korea
Police in Chungcheong Province have discovered a criminal gang running a ‘honeypot’ operation, enticing married men to have sex with a member of the gang and then blackmailing them.

In each case, the women threatened to say that the men had raped them, in one case even going to the police and making an official accusation when the victim failed to pay. On May 20th, police arrested five individuals in connection with the case, saying that they were accused of extorting a total of ₩43 million ($38,700) from three separate men.

While netizens attacked the women for their deception and immorality, many others pointed out how the men were responsible, saying that such threats are not uncommon for adulterers.

From Yonhap:

After having sex, ‘You raped me’… investigation into honeypot gang

On New Year’s Eve, Mr. Lim, age thirty-one, headed out for a drink with a friend.

At the bar, they ended up meeting some women and joined them at their table. Mr. Lim later went to a motel with a woman by the name of Ms. Jeon. It was at that point that the night went very wrong.

Ms. Jeon ended up accusing Mr. Lim of rape, demanding ₩6 million ($5,400) in compensation, money Mr. Lim paid to the woman. Ms. Jeon then demanded a further ₩100 million ($90,000), saying ‘if you don’t pay, I’m going to call the police.’

It was perhaps because of this threat that Mr. Lim suffered a brain hemorrhage on January 13th. Although he went through surgery, he remains in an unconscious condition.

However, a police report revealed that the woman who slept with Mr. Lim was part of a criminal gang’s ‘honeypot’ operation.

According to the North Chungcheon Police Department, on May 20th they arrested five individuals on suspicion of using sex to lure victims and steal their valuables. Among those arrested for theft and making threats were three women, all of whom have since been released.

Police say that the gang is suspected of stealing ₩43 million ($38,700) from three separate victims during a one month period last December. All of the victims of the ‘honeypot gang’ were either friends or acquaintances of the suspects.

The gang even went so far as to report one of the three victims, fifty-eight-year-old Mr. Jeong, to the police for rape after he failed to pay the demanded ₩70 million ($63,000).

The police report also mentioned how the gang planned ahead for cases where they would actually accuse the victim of rape, using disposable cell phones with which they wouldn’t contact their accomplices.

After obtaining confessions from the gang about their threats to the three victims, the police have begun examining similar cases from the same period.

‘We have heard about other honeypot operations run by gangs in the area, so we are expanding our investigation,’ said a representative from the North Chungcheon Province Police Department, ‘since targets of this crime can suffer greatly, even losing their families, we advise extreme caution.’

In Korean, a woman who sleeps with a married man and then extorts money from him is literally a "flower snake" [꽃뱀]

In Korean, a woman who sleeps with a married man and then extorts money from him is literally a ‘flower snake’ [꽃뱀]

Comments from Daum:


Since they made their living selling their bodies, send the women to a men’s prison and the men to a women’s prison and make them provide sexual services.



Why don’t you work for your money, bitches… it’s because of women like you that Korean women became whores to the Japanese. Now you face the consequences, you’re all human garbage


Wait, why did they let the women out on bail??? Aren’t they the one’s most directly connected to the crime????


lets put electronic bracelets on those honeypots…


Are these the only honeypots out there..does this mean that most sexual assaults are actually honeypots at work?


You have a few drinks and want to go that far with a woman you just met? Just quietly go home and solve your problems with your hand.


So then just record yourself every time you do it, there’s no law against recording yourself having sex. Particularly if you’re having a one night stand…just turn on a tape recorder and go at it. Then if they accuse you of rape, just accept their accusation. In the courtroom you can play the recording, get proven innocent, and then turn around and sue the woman for damages.


What a sad piece of news. Are we really living in a country where men and women meet and do things like that on a daily basis? It seems like these kinds of barbaric crimes are happening all over these days.

Comments from No Cut News:


Whether it’s a man or a woman, sexual crimes should be strictly punished. The law becomes a bad joke when it starts to forgive criminals just because they are female


what is this bs about letting them off?


Married men of the world, don’t spend a second of your time with these women. Sooner or later you will end up being threatened like this, you will regret it. There’s nothing you can do about it and it can ruin your reputation and your life.


Affairs and adultery always ends up ruining families.. come to your senses.


Come on you assholes, what are you doing as married men getting drunk and sleeping with other women?


And he was a married man? I don’t really feel sorry for him.


Forced into a life-threatening crisis,,, what a bs phrase~this is a crisis they made themselves~they blame everything on the honeypot~I don’t know what to say…they were just dogs who were caught having fun


Some foolish men always forget and think that just because the tail looks good she can be trusted


‘Oh you’re so handsome’ ‘you’re so good looking’ ‘You are definitely my style..’ men, you are fools if you believe comments like these!!! Only trust your wives~~~get your act together


Publicise their pictures, wouldn’t that be a great way to discourage future crimes like this? Show us their photos~


there’s going to be a lot of these…but it’s too funny, men paying millions of won for one night with a woman…

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  • ChuckRamone

    These guys fell for this? They must have thought too highly of themselves in the first place. “This beautiful woman wants me so bad she doesn’t care that I’m married and is coming on really strong.”

  • If you don’t sleep with strangers, you don’t have this problem. Cripes, if they had just paid for the “barber shops”, they wouldn’t be experiencing unhappy endings.

    I cannot feel any empathy for idiots who can’t keep their pants on. But that’s not to say I feel any empathy for the thieving blackmailers.

    • Think a little harder. This is a con. The men were almost certainly very well played, inebriated then attacked. They just didnt realize it. Even if they were cheating or whatever, that doesn’t mean in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER that they were responsible for their own blackmailing.

      • Get a clue. You’re trying to rationalize adultery.

        The idiots were looking to cheat. They’re no different than Johns getting busted for soliciting sex from an undercover cop. If they weren’t looking to do something wrong, they never would have been blackmailed.

        • harvz

          One is extortion, which is probably a serious crime in South Korea.

          The other is just immoral.

        • Winterbitten

          You’re trying to rationalize religions morals forced upon society.

    • tomoe723

      you think they just prey on married men? who knows how many unmarried men they’ve targeted as well.. vile tactics of most despicable korean girls..

  • commander

    This sexual entrapment incident came at a delicate time when rising drama actor Park Si-hoo was involved with alleged rape of a woman before out of settlement with the alleged victim. It also came after high profile sexual scandal shocked the nation that involved senior justice official accused of peddling influences for business favors in return fro sexual favors.

    A stream of sexual incidents highlighted how powerful the sexual enticement is not only for those at the high echelon but for ordinary people who presumably rarely encounters
    fatal temptation.

    It is easy to point an accusing finger at those who gave in to sexual temptation hinted by the sex and balckmail gang who must target psychologicallt fragile mem with their shrewd tactics.

    But it is unfair to place the entire responsibility at the door of male victims, though it is right to point out to a extent that married men should commit themselves to wives.

    Those gangs see married guys with spousal conlict or family discord as an easy sitting duck. Many ordinary people hardly find a fatal romantic relationship tha could cost their career, job and hard-built reputation. As a result, when those guys face a love affair, they tend to downplay potential consequences of an adultery. This underextimatiom is, I thinl, partly aided by the drama soups describing an adultery as a fact of life.

    But, in reality those who accept destructive lure have no understanding of how far he could go. Those guys must think a single misstep could put an end to a heretofore dazzling career.

    But they might refute the public condemnatkon, saying that for a single mistake, the price to pay for it is inexorably high.

    The lesson from this incident is to instally firewall against temptations from unknown people as distinguishing between what could be an amuzing deviaton and what could be an enormous price is almost impossiblein life.

  • Why the photo of a Japanese street (above the No Cut News comments)? This has nothing to do with Japan.

    Anyway, this is a pretty scary case. I wonder what the burden of proof is in Korea to receive a guilty verdict on a rape case? I can’t imagine there’s any perfect solution to that problem, since it could be exploited to get off when guilty no matter where you set it; to get off if you require a high burden or blackmail people if you require a low burden.

  • holdingrabbits

    They’re simply asking for too much money, that’s the problem. There’s no one involved in this situation that isn’t a bastard, though.

  • y.m.

    Offering people sex then accusing them for raping you…..hmm sounds alot like those so called “comfort women” huh?

    • PsyFan

      WTF – you didn’t just go there!

      • rick 58i


    • Sillian

      Typical red herring attempt.

    • rick 58is

      hope you get hit by a bus

    • Sarah

      troll harder slanteye

      • Red Kloud

        Feigning outrage at a troll by using a racial slur that applies to the majority of Asians. Troll harder Sarah

    • jun

      hope your mother raped and murdered.

    • Keeping it real

      I totally agree with you. Comfort women are nothing but old whores trying to get some money.

      • Ill kim

        What an inhuman, hate filled & misogynistic comment. Look, if you have the balls, do this before you have the fortune to bed an intelligent, educated woman- tell her there was once this country , that without provocation, brutally attacked its neighbors and massacred their citizens,forcefully taking well over 200,000 women as sex slaves. Then tell her you, YOU HAVE SO MUCH DISDAIN FOR WOMEN, YOU LOATHE THEM SO MUCH that you think they’d gladly sleep with the jap soldier who may have murdered their dad or brother or husband or son or mom or neighbor or friend, all for some miserable pittance thrown their way. Reveal your true feelings ,then see what your chances are for the night !. Know what really happened to comfort women ? they were kidnapped, beaten, tortured, raped & gifted STDs in unhygienic conditions from which many of them died. They don’t want money, they want AN HONEST APOLOGY for what happened to them. These women had to live in misery their whole lives- today’s modern society, rightly so, respects them, but there was a time after ww2 when they were shunned by their own for the stigma of being with the enemy. So just can it insensitive clown & the same goes to the brainless buffoon you agree with.

        • Keeping it real

          They do want compensation you jackass. Also, the so called Jap Soldiers treated these so called comfort women better than their Korean counterparts. They didn’t kidnap or rape them. They were given compensation and a good time. Also, do not get mad because Japan kicked Koreas ass throughout history. It is in the Korean DNA to be Japan’s bitch. Do not be mad about this fact. Except it, the Korean women have.

          • Ill kim

            racist bigot, its accept- not -“except”, improve your english before you spew your hatred, if you’ve got guts , don’t edit your mistake.

          • Keeping it real

            Good catch. Don’t be mad just because I tell you how it is.

          • Ill kim

            Do you know, 400 years ago, one single man, Admiral Yi sun sin, with just a dozen odd ships under his command defeated an entire japanese navy of 300 + ships. How shameful is that ? “the great unifier Toyotomi Hideyoshi” was supposed one of the greatest monarchs of japan, and he got clowned by a man who didn’t even have formal training in naval warfare ? How sad and pathetic- so child, don’t try & teach me who kicked who’s ass through out history. For a long time technology & culture flowed from korea & china to japan, so mind your words. How can you be such an animal and say “they were given a good time” C’mon, be a human being, these poor women are all almost dead, they died in anger, frustration- they had their youth, their innocence , their happiness stolen from them. We men are such hideous creatures, we think a woman who is underneath us, having to bear our weight, our stench & bad breath, helplessly seeing our faces lit with glee while we violate her dignity & self respect-we fool ourselves so easily into thinking that a few pieces of rectangular paper will more that make her happy, that she has no feelings anyway- what if the tables were turned & an alien race with superior weapons came and annexed earth & ass raped all us men and then showered us with gold and silver ? I guess since we’ve been compensated and shown a good time no need for us to retaliate then , right ? RIGHT? Also you’re still factually wrong – jap soldiers did kidnap & rape “comfort women” & they do only want an apology- compensation is a moot point anyway, since they are so old

          • Keeping it real

            Yet, Korea still got its ass handed to itself. Korea cannot even compete with Japan. That is why S. Koreas are so touchy about japan. Always so offended by what japan says and does in its own country. How pathetic. S. Korea needs to mind its own business. And for the record, Takashima/ Dokdo, does belong to japan. How pathetic S. Korea is trying to fight this truth. By trying to inform the “world” that Dokdo is Koreas, all Korea is doing is showing that there is a dispute over these rocks. S. Korea is even too scared to bring this matter to the international courts. However, I would too if I had a illegitimate occupation of someone else’s land.

          • Isaac

            Dokdo is on Korea’s hands. Japan needs to mind their own business.

            Japan is too scared to bring Senkaku islands to the international courts. Am I right?

          • Keeping it real

            Takashima belongs to Japan. Get it right. I say let it go to the international courts for both Takeshima and the senkaku , and you will see that they both will be awarded to Japan.

          • Isaac

            “Takashima belongs to Japan.”

            Yes, by forcefully incorporating the islets in 1905. Prior to this, it has always been part of Korea.

          • Keeping it real

            to the victor goes the spoils. Its been this way throughout history.

          • Isaac

            Victor? You monkeys lost the war. Therefore, it should return to the original owner.

            I guess logic isn’t your strong suit.

          • Keeping it real

            Japan did lose WWII, however, not any of the conflicts with Korea prior to that. Korea didn’t defeat Japan. S. Korea doesn’t have the skill. They needed someone else to save them. Also, when japan lost, Takeshima was not specifically mentioned when determined Korea will regain its independence and land. Therefore, as it was never referred to, Japan still has the right to that land. Also, these monkeys have shit on you and your ancestors for ages. Do not be mad that your women are nothing but materialistic whores and your country smells like shit!!!!!!!! They and the “comfort woman” loved being Japan’s whores. Always have, Always will.

          • Ill kim

            Why even bring up the issue of japan defeating korea or korea defeating japan ? JAPAN HAS INVADED KOREA TWICE, WITH NO PROVOCATION AT ALL! why was japan the aggressor ? Why have the past rulers of japan been so blood thirsty ? These are the more pertinent issues. BTW japan clowned itself twice & korea emerged stronger twice. Those foolish right wing japanese should get their priorities straight- japan is facing a demographic nightmare and so much of the manufacturing by their companies has shifted overseas that the glory days will never return, plus now government debt is among the highest in the world, spending on social welfare is may reduce drastically and living standard for all japanese may deteriorate. If such a time comes, then having spent so much time obsessing over a tiny piece of rock, will in hindsight, have been a very stupid indulgence. Also what the dimwit right wingers dont realize is that all this nonsense is hurting japanese business to no end, especially when the world is collectively in an economic recession.

          • Ill kim

            Also you keep parroting the horrific views of the japanese right wing bozos so well.. but who are you hurting the most ? Yes all koreans must feel bad, but you are hurting the direct, innocent victims of japanese colonialism the most ! Then a korean will retaliate by saying that the devastation of the a-bombs was devine retribution- who will that hurt ? Not the retarded japanese right wingers or internet clowns like you, but the innocent victims of hiroshima & nagasaki. Right wingers will say takeshima is ours, then in order to finger all japanese, including all the innocent ones, some one will start laying claim to okinawa- so when will this hatred, this tomfoolery end ? FFS its 60 years since japan surrendered, when will the madness end ?- you are such a heinous person for perpetuating the pain and misery. In all of this it is the innocent people of both japan and korea that are getting hurt, so why don’t insensitive pricks like you just shut the hell up ?

          • nana

            You bring a good point about japan. By copying the Western corporate model, they have lost much of their industriall base. However, Korea is next. Capitalists everywhere demand at least seven percent return. Korea may not be able to yield that, so off to China korean investment has gone. Ultimately, the whole Pacific Rim will fall if the U.S. continues its off-shoring and loses dollar fiat.

          • takasar1

            you quite obviously dont economics

          • Ill kim

            Lets see how korea competes with japan- they have left japan far far behind in shipbuilding. Korea has handily trounced japan in semiconductor production – including DRAM manufacturing, NAND manufacturing & mobile SoC production. Korea is No. 1 in oled production worldwide, and is far far ahead of japan in lcd production . Korean companies are No. 1 in TVs & computer monitors. Infact no one outside of korea has been able to crack the problem of mass producing large size AMOLED panels profitably. Koreans were the first to make a flexible rechargeable battery. Korea is ahead of japan in production of rechargeable Li ion batteries, especially for hybrids & electric cars. The annual profits of ONE single korean electronics company is more than ALL its top 10 japanese competitors COMBINED ! The second richest man in japan is a “son” of korea. Korean companies have many more patents in 4g lte than the japanese. Hallyu is much more recognized world wide that its japanese equivalent. Korean doctors are more renowned than their japanese colleagues in the field of plastic surgery, as are korean car designers (the latest hyundai sonata was not designed by peter schreyer). Want me to clown you more ?

          • Keeping it real

            Japan is
            the 3rd largest economy in the World compared to Korea, which isn’t even within the top 10 and is ranked 15. So there you go. Oh, “The second richest man in Japan is a “son” of Korea.” You Koreans are pathetic. Always
            trying to mention and take credit for people throughout the world who just happen to have Korean ancestry. You notice he doesn’t live in Korea. I don’t blame him or any of the other successful people who just happen to be Korean who CHOSE to live anywhere but Korea. Since
            you like to take credit for Koreans throughout the world, how about taking credit for Seung-Hui Cho, who was a senior at Virginia Tech in 2007, that shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in two separate attacks,
            approximately two hours apart, before committing suicide.

            “Infect no one outside of Korea has been able to crack
            the problem of mass producing large size AMOLED panels profitably.” How do we know that Korea didn’t steal this technology from someone else? According to you newspapers, Korea is a country where plagiarism and academic fraud are common. To back up this statement, Recently, SAT testing has been cancelled in an entire country for a recent test leakage. Prior to that, in 2007, some 900 students who took the January SAT in Korea had their scores cancelled because of suspicions some students had previous access to the questions. This is unprecedented. Never heard of such a thing ever happening. But this is Korea.

            Ex. 2
            163 unqualified students (464 were investigated based on reasonable suspicion of fraud) were fraudulently admitted to 8 international foreign schools in Seoul within the last year. Of course these students’ parents were doctors, lawyers, politicians and celebrities. You know, people who should have integrity. But then again, that is Korea for you.

            Ex. 3
            More than four in five professors at 4-year universities nationwide (Korea) do not report plagiarism committed by colleagues, a survey showed Wednesday. Professors said
            performance-based evaluations contribute to prevalent plagiarism and weak ethical standards.

            Threecelebrities Kim Hye-soo, Kim Mi-hwa, and Kim
            Mi-kung were caught for plagiarizing their Master’s theses this yearalone. Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents.

            National Intelligence Service (NIS) meddled in last year’s presidential election. This is against the law; however, it didn’t stop the NIS from doing it. The Police who were responsible for doing the initial investigation, before the prosecutor’s office took over aresuspected of destroying evidence involving NIS probe. The officer who did it is alleged to have said that he accidentally deleted it
            while working on the computer and that he had no intention of destroying any evidence associated with the NPA case in question. Yet, this took place just a few hrs before the NIS Prob.

            Ex. 6
            Hanjin Shipping Chairwoman Choi Eun-young operated a paper company in an offshore tax haven to avoid taxes , as well as Hwang Yong-deug, president of Hanwha Station Development; Lee Deog-kyu, former director of Daewoo International; Yoo Choon-sik, former chief of Daewoo Motor’s local affiliate in Poland; and former
            SK Securities Vice President Cho Min-ho and his wife Kim Young-hye

            Now go back to doing what Koreans do best: Lie, cheat and steal. Im done with your stupid chimchee smelling ass!!!


          • Ill kim

            How magnanimous of you to fuck off !

          • Keeping it real

            Its ok little prick with a big mouth who acts all big and bad on the internet. I piss on fools like you for lunch. You wouldn’t even have me break a sweat. Now go back to wishing you had a girlfriend and do something with your life.

          • Ill kim

            you piss for lunch ? Oh I didn’t know you are geriatric, explains a lot ! I have heard japan is no.1 in adult diaper manufacturing- please purchase a few, it will help with hygiene.

          • nana

            North Korea will never be incorporated into South Korea because the latter is too poor to handle it. The GDR was the number 10 economy in 1989, while Korea today is only 15. West Germany was number 2 in exports, after the USA (still is).
            Westerners struggled and sacrificed mightily to protect and develop S. Korea through direct cash, military troops and aid, economic and technical expertise and open trade borders.

          • nana

            Japanese are honest and friendly toward foreigners and value things above money and social status. I found this lacking in Korea/CHina. And let’s be real here, the poor attitude accorded foreigners in Korea is a function o Korea’s hidden inferiority complex.

    • The fact that this gets a 16 votes up so far is a good indication of the kind of people that populate this website. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go throw up my breakfast.

  • echo1o1

    Looks like korean women are learning from the whores of the west.

    • MooDang

      Pass the buck, it is the Korean way!

    • mr.wiener

      Is that what your mum was doing on her holidays?

    • moody

      Wow, you sure are one sick puppy
      Doesn’t all that hate sort of make your stomach rot from within or something.

    • Sarah

      troll harder slanteyes

  • KCdude

    It’s all for the money. This is about gaining money in the most controversial way. The concern that Koreans loving money more than people and dignity is what I can tell as a Korean-Canadian living in Korea. It’s up to the point that I’m getting scared of Koreans and their wacky inhumane attitudes.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    강간범 아니예요!
    helpful Korean phrase for foreigners when getting interrogated

  • wafflestomp

    Theres a LOT of this in the USA, just the women usually press charges and ruin the man’s life, instead of asking for money.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Sleeping with strangers isn’t illegal, and I don’t look down upon people who do. They don’t deserve this when they were just looking for mutual satisfaction.

    That said, the risks that come with the action are their own to take, seeing as how they’re trusting people they don’t know with their own bodies.

    In the case of a fake rape claim, I’m not sure how the victims could’ve gotten out of it if the honeypot gang had better abilities to pull off these scams…

  • bultak23

    these juicy sluts really have got nerve. their parents must have dropped them when young.

  • Ill kim

    Spare a thought for that guy lim ! Only 31 & in the hospital for a brain hemorrhage surgery !. He wont be 100% the same as before that’s for sure, there must have been some permanent brain damage. He literally (almost) worried himself to death & it seems he didn’t even commit an actual crime ! Those women badgered the poor schmuck for 90k dollars, after bleeding him for 5.4k ? -that’s the most heinous thing they did IMO. 90,000 bucks is more money than people manage to save in a lifetime

  • CauseICan

    I want to be a Flower Snake!

  • Abdul Alhazred

    Some men respond to this sort of thing with an acid attack so that everyone can see how ugly the girls are on the inside.

    • Ill kim

      Internet access is now available in the depths of hell as well ??

    • moody

      Some men respond to real rape accusations in the same manner.
      it only shows how weak the men really are

    • Red Kloud

      Projecting much Abdul? Tell us how you really

  • ordna

    That’s why, as a married man, it’s a good idea to fuck hookers and not someone that you’ve met.

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  • Dave Park

    Rape is no joke. Its because of women like them that rape is not taken seriously in this country.

    Granted what the men did was wrong but I feel that adultery pales in comparison when it comes to extortion.

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  • ptirk666

    This is terrible. These women are almost worse than male rapists. They are damaging the entire feminist cause by giving men more ammunition against female rape victims. Despicable

  • Ryan Reyes

    two types of scum really I have no concern for adulterers or those that knowingly engage in the acts.

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