South Korean ‘Honeypot Gang’ Targets Married Men

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Police in Chungcheong Province have discovered a criminal gang running a ‘honeypot’ operation, enticing married men to have sex with a member of the gang and then blackmailing them.

In each case, the women threatened to say that the men had raped them, in one case even going to the police and making an official accusation when the victim failed to pay. On May 20th, police arrested five individuals in connection with the case, saying that they were accused of extorting a total of ₩43 million ($38,700) from three separate men.

While netizens attacked the women for their deception and immorality, many others pointed out how the men were responsible, saying that such threats are not uncommon for adulterers.

From Yonhap:

After having sex, ‘You raped me’… investigation into honeypot gang

On New Year’s Eve, Mr. Lim, age thirty-one, headed out for a drink with a friend.

At the bar, they ended up meeting some women and joined them at their table. Mr. Lim later went to a motel with a woman by the name of Ms. Jeon. It was at that point that the night went very wrong.

Ms. Jeon ended up accusing Mr. Lim of rape, demanding ₩6 million ($5,400) in compensation, money Mr. Lim paid to the woman. Ms. Jeon then demanded a further ₩100 million ($90,000), saying ‘if you don’t pay, I’m going to call the police.’

It was perhaps because of this threat that Mr. Lim suffered a brain hemorrhage on January 13th. Although he went through surgery, he remains in an unconscious condition.

However, a police report revealed that the woman who slept with Mr. Lim was part of a criminal gang’s ‘honeypot’ operation.

According to the North Chungcheon Police Department, on May 20th they arrested five individuals on suspicion of using sex to lure victims and steal their valuables. Among those arrested for theft and making threats were three women, all of whom have since been released.

Police say that the gang is suspected of stealing ₩43 million ($38,700) from three separate victims during a one month period last December. All of the victims of the ‘honeypot gang’ were either friends or acquaintances of the suspects.

The gang even went so far as to report one of the three victims, fifty-eight-year-old Mr. Jeong, to the police for rape after he failed to pay the demanded ₩70 million ($63,000).

The police report also mentioned how the gang planned ahead for cases where they would actually accuse the victim of rape, using disposable cell phones with which they wouldn’t contact their accomplices.

After obtaining confessions from the gang about their threats to the three victims, the police have begun examining similar cases from the same period.

‘We have heard about other honeypot operations run by gangs in the area, so we are expanding our investigation,’ said a representative from the North Chungcheon Province Police Department, ‘since targets of this crime can suffer greatly, even losing their families, we advise extreme caution.’

In Korean, a woman who sleeps with a married man and then extorts money from him is literally a "flower snake" [꽃뱀]

In Korean, a woman who sleeps with a married man and then extorts money from him is literally a ‘flower snake’ [꽃뱀]

Comments from Daum:


Since they made their living selling their bodies, send the women to a men’s prison and the men to a women’s prison and make them provide sexual services.



Why don’t you work for your money, bitches… it’s because of women like you that Korean women became whores to the Japanese. Now you face the consequences, you’re all human garbage


Wait, why did they let the women out on bail??? Aren’t they the one’s most directly connected to the crime????


lets put electronic bracelets on those honeypots…


Are these the only honeypots out there..does this mean that most sexual assaults are actually honeypots at work?


You have a few drinks and want to go that far with a woman you just met? Just quietly go home and solve your problems with your hand.


So then just record yourself every time you do it, there’s no law against recording yourself having sex. Particularly if you’re having a one night stand…just turn on a tape recorder and go at it. Then if they accuse you of rape, just accept their accusation. In the courtroom you can play the recording, get proven innocent, and then turn around and sue the woman for damages.


What a sad piece of news. Are we really living in a country where men and women meet and do things like that on a daily basis? It seems like these kinds of barbaric crimes are happening all over these days.

Comments from No Cut News:


Whether it’s a man or a woman, sexual crimes should be strictly punished. The law becomes a bad joke when it starts to forgive criminals just because they are female


what is this bs about letting them off?


Married men of the world, don’t spend a second of your time with these women. Sooner or later you will end up being threatened like this, you will regret it. There’s nothing you can do about it and it can ruin your reputation and your life.


Affairs and adultery always ends up ruining families.. come to your senses.


Come on you assholes, what are you doing as married men getting drunk and sleeping with other women?


And he was a married man? I don’t really feel sorry for him.


Forced into a life-threatening crisis,,, what a bs phrase~this is a crisis they made themselves~they blame everything on the honeypot~I don’t know what to say…they were just dogs who were caught having fun


Some foolish men always forget and think that just because the tail looks good she can be trusted


‘Oh you’re so handsome’ ‘you’re so good looking’ ‘You are definitely my style..’ men, you are fools if you believe comments like these!!! Only trust your wives~~~get your act together


Publicise their pictures, wouldn’t that be a great way to discourage future crimes like this? Show us their photos~


there’s going to be a lot of these…but it’s too funny, men paying millions of won for one night with a woman…

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