Park Geun-hye is Getting ‘Married’ to South Korea

Park's supporters made a preview of her wedding march with Korea.

Followers of Park Chung-hee have created mock ‘wedding invites’ celebrating the upcoming inauguration of the late dictator’s president-elect daughter, Park Geun-hye.

The invites were created and distributed by the ‘Association of Followers of Park Chung-hee and First Lady Yuk Young-soo’, and have attracted an amusing melange of disbelief, support and cringeworthiness from a light smattering of netizens.

From Herald Corp:

‘Park has been in love for 15 years’…wedding invitations sent out, what’s happening?

With one month to go before the inauguration ceremony for president-elect Park Geun-hye, a [mock] wedding invitation celebrating the events is circulating, attracting public attention.

The Association of Followers of President Park Chung-hee and First Lady Yuk Young-soo (hereafter,  the ‘Association’) made these invitations, likening the inauguration ceremony to a wedding.

The invitation, posted on the Association’s website, says the ‘bride’ is the president-elect Park and the ‘groom’ is Republic of Korea.

‘The above couple have been passionately in love for 15 years. They are finally getting married, with national support, on February 25th, 2013,’ reads the introduction to the ceremony.

The invitation also says ‘We decline all wreaths, gifts of money or any other kinds. Please simply bring your ‘We can have better lives’ [slogan for late dictator Park Chung-hee‘s Saemaeul Movement policy] spirit once again.’

The Association announced through its website that they produced the invitation hoping that Korea will develop to be above all the others in the world.

Park's supporters made an invitation to her wedding with Korea.

Translation of above:

You are invited [to the wedding of]
groom: Republic of Korea
bride: Park Geun-hye

The above couple has been passionately in love for 15 years. They are finally getting married, with national support, on February 25th, 2013. Let us all be one in celebrating this and give them a fervent applause.

Please share the glory of participating in the grand and solemn wedding, which is the largest fete in this century and will mark the start of the era of great union and co-existence.

We decline all wreaths, gifts of money or any other kinds. Please simply bring your ‘We can have better lives’ spirit once again.

December 20th, 2012

Association of Followers of President Park Chung-hee and First Lady Yuk Young-soo
Written by the Steering Committee for the Wedding of President Park Geun-hye

Comments from Nate:


What a show.


It hasn’t even started yet, just sit and watch.


Such dickheads… Phew anyway Park got elected, so I hope they don’t go overboard.


Then do they get a divorce in 5 years too…?


Ah.. makes me cringe..


Let’s stop running her down, when she’s already elected. What would people in other countries say about us? We’re making a mockery of ourselves.


Did you see some poet reciting a poem exalting Park at a ceremony for her, aired on the news? ke ke ke ke I thought it was some kind of North Korean or cult organisation. Shivers… It was a bit scary and creepy. Shivers…


Shit, I don’t like Park Geun-hye either, but what’s all this havoc before she’s even started her time? Support her, she got already elected anyway.. You talk about democracy, but where’s your democracy when you can’t even accept the election results?


There’re loads of things I don’t understand about Park’s fans, one of which is: why shouldn’t we criticise her because she’s going to be a president now??? They talk shit like ‘just follow her lead, she’s the president now’ but that’ll get this country nowhere near the peaceful union, dickheads ㅡㅡ


They can go and make a scenario for ‘Love and War 2018’ [a drama series about married couples in discord, risking divorce] in 5 years, tut tut tut.


I hope this is what Park really feels. And I hope she can keep this mindset for 5 years.


Ah…… ke ke I didn’t vote for Park. But she got elected, so I hoped she’d do a good job of managing the administration. What’s all this showmanship? ke ke ke ke ke ke


It seems to mean she’s determined to try hard. Those who oppose this kind of thing and say weird things are exactly the kind of people who only cheer for Korea when some big event like the World Cup happens…


A truckload of BS.


Does she mean to ‘have’ Korea? ke ke Creepy.


Ah ke ke ke It makes me cringe! ke ke ke ke ke ke

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  • Kate

    To bad she doesn’t actually have a husband, id like to a “first husband” of Korea ^_^

    • Yu Bum Suk

      Poor Denis Thatcher comes to mind.

  • holdingrabbits

    Most every country is referred to in the feminine, but here we have a masculine country (So up until now, Korea’s been gay and now it’s a little bi-curious). It’s been proven in the past that the country and its spouses have a 100% divorce rate, except in the case of our national father/supreme overlord, Park Chung Hee, who died tragically while trying to protect his beloved country from a bullet that had been fired.

    • Don’t forget Gojong – forced out by the Japanese – or his borderline retarded son Sunjong who signed the country over to them (he didn’t have any choice and he wasn’t aware of the significance of what he was doing so we can’t blame him).

  • Brett

    What a bunch of bullshit. I want to vomit.

  • Observer

    Sounds like they’re trying to build a personality cult, similar to another dictatorial family in the region…

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    So if she visits other countries, does that mean she’s ‘cheating’ on South Korea?

  • commander

    The idea of the wedding invitation is a complete lack of imagination. If Ms. Park proves to be a bad leader, then is it possible for the nation to file for divorce? I expect those overzealous supporters to play the same role when a poor managent of state affairs and corruption take place: sending divorce papers even if Park’s term of office remains.

    • It’s a pretty lame and predictable dig at the fact that she’s an unmarried woman who has dared to build a career for herself.

  • minhee

    seems like she’s ready to consumate the wedding aka fuck the groom

  • Paul M

    It’ll never work, celebrity weddings never do. I’ll give theirs 5 years max.

  • Joe

    This is boring. Where’s the article on the rocket launch?

  • Cleo

    I don’t think her “fans” should dress someone her age in this way. It’s really not flattering at all.

  • dk2020
    Interesting study, Korea has 3rd highest marriage rate in OCED .. I think it’s because most couples choose not to have children or only have one child nowadays ..

  • dim mak

    Cheesy stunt

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