Increase of ‘Human Flesh Capsules’ Smuggled Into Korea

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23,898 ‘Human Flesh Capsules’ Intercepted… Twice as Much as Last Year

Customs officials are looking into human flesh capsules they have caught

Incheon Airport Customs announced on the 31st that it had seized 23,898 human flesh capsules carried by tourists so far.

According to Incheon Airport Customs, those who tried to bring capsule into Korea were all foreigners, and their purpose was either to take capsules by themselves or to hand them to their acquaintances living in Korea.

Since human flesh capsules are considered to be harmful on the human body and are viewed by many as disgusting, Incheon Airport Customs has strengthened its crackdown on smuggling human flesh capsules. As a result, people are trying to look for a different way to bring human flesh capsules into Korea such as through international mail, cases of which have increased 100 percent since last year.

Human flesh capsules consist of dried powder made from human fetuses, and some people take it for improving their stamina.

Meanwhile, dog meat capsules also consist of dried of dog meat powder, and it is known that these capsules have an awful smell.

Last year, Incheon Airport Customs intercepted over 468kg of human flesh capsules in 1715 separate violations as well as other food supplements such as dried powder of Rock Mamushi snake and toad extract that causes hallucination.

Incheon Airport Customs said that people are trying to smuggle those food supplements in the form of capsules or power these days as customs strengthen the crackdown on food supplements.

Kim Do-yeul, head of Incheon Airport Customs said, ‘We have found pernicious ingredients in these food supplements. When you purchase food supplements in China or South East Asian countries, you should check the ingredients carefully.’

He added, ‘I recommend people not to buy food supplements that do not display the ingredients. Once purchased, you must report them to customs when you enter Korea.’

Comments from Nate


There are people who eat human flesh? Seriously?


Human flesh capsules really exist? So scary. How do they eat humans ㅜㅜ


Dirty janggae, Tsk Tsk.


We should have taken care of the Wu Yuanchun case in a better way.


Do not just blame China. Korea is almost the same. I heard over half of consumers are Koreans. I remember I saw that on TV before. Makes me want to vomit. What trashy bastards.


Is human flesh even nutritious? Just have beef.


Janggaes like to eat human flesh. When the Chinese national holiday comes, they kidnap children, take their clothes off, fillet their bodies like fish as if they were slaughtering animals. It’s not fiction. This is what happening in China, and the Chinese government made it illegal to do this. However, even though it is illegal, there are still a lot of demands for human flesh, and that’s why all human flesh providers like Wu Yuanchun came to Korea to do their business. […] What I’m saying is all true – I’m not exaggerating. We should watch Chinese people entering Korea. There is no database for their finger prints, and even if they are caught, they will enjoy their life in prison like Wu Yuanchun does right now.


Just spread words that cockroaches are nutritional supplements. They will be extinct within a few years then.


Do they really give these as a present? Those people have nerves of steel.


Food X-File aired an episode about those capsules, which made me shiver. Some Joseonjok or Chinese put bunch of dead babies in a fridge. The bodies were then dried and ground into capsules. When they analyzed the genetic composition of the capsules, they found both male and female genes. It seemed mutiple bodies were mixed together and since those babies has miscarried or died right after birth with diseases, the capsules are filled with all kinds of germs and viruses. It’s spine-chilling to see those ajummas trying to get those pills to feed their husbands or sons. How can they even think of consuming the same humans? The Chinese pharmacist had lots of those pills to sell under the table. Human trash.


Please kick out Joseonjok.


Please stop consuming stuff like that. If you don’t buy it, it won’t be smuggled in. ㅡㅡ Some people try to eat just about anything if they are told it is good for health. If you care about health that much, do exercise regularly. So dumb.

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