Ewha Womans University Invaded by Swarms of Chinese Tourists


From SBS TV:

Chinese people occupy Ewha Womans University, taking wedding pictures without permission

[News Anchor] Chinese Labor Day has started. It is expected about 100,000 Chinese people will visit Korea from the 27th for nine days, and Ewha Womans University is becoming a popular spot for Chinese tourists to visit. They want not only to shop around the school but to also take pictures on the Ewha Womans University campus.

[Reporter] The public parking lot in front of the Shinchon Station in Seoul is packed with tourist buses. All the tourists are from China. As they are getting off the buses, the Ewha Womans University area is occupied by Chinese people. It has become necessary for clothing stores and cosmetic stores to have signs written in the Chinese language and to hire workers who can speak Chinese.

“Hello. This is an aloe facial pack.”

Jang Jae-won/a clerk at a cosmetics store: “(Do you see many Chinese people?) About 60 percent. (Out of all visitors?) Yes.”

However, the students at Ewha Womans University are not happy about these Chinese tourists. Two women stepping out of the school’s library are not Ewha Womans University’s students. They are Chinese tourists. This time, male tourists are stopped. They are taking a picture of the library without any hesitation. The “No Trespassing” sign is disregarded.

Yoo Tae-young/Ewha Womans University student: “They come inside of the library and take a picture of the students studying. And they talk too loudly…”

The Chinese groom and bribe with tuxedo and dress are getting kicked out of the campus. They were caught taking wedding photos without getting permission.

Ewha Womans University janitor: It’s impossible to count… they are too many (Chinese tourists). When the school gets a report from the students, we kick them out right away.]

Why are Chinese tourists so obsessed with Ewha Womans University? When you pronounce the word Ewha in Chinese, it becomes leewha, which sounds similar to leepa, and leepa means ‘Something brings you a benefit’ in Chinese. In addition, the Chinese character Ewha means purity as well.

Wang Chunwe/a Chinese tourist: “In China, the word ‘Ewha’ has a meaning of wealth and light.”

Therefore, there is an ongoing rumor that taking a picture on campus of Ewha Womans University makes you rich among Chinese people. Thanks to the rumor, the stores around the school are enjoying some benefits, but the school itself is struggling with the tourists.

Comments From Nate:


The tuition of this school is super expensive. Shouldn’t it increase the number of guards? As for the Chinese tourists, they shouldn’t bother student by entering where they are studying. They were even trying to take wedding pictures on campus. That’s too much.


I can’t find any common sense in these people no matter how hard I try. I’m upset even though I’m not a Ewha student. I can’t imagine how frustrated they must be. Of course, if they were logical people in the first place, they wouldn’t do that.


And I thought Chinese couldn’t do anything dumber.


Try to visit the American East Coast universities.. like Harvard or M.I.T. Korean tourists are no better than Chinese people.


Chinese people make super loud noise in public places. Ji-ral in the library. Tsk tsk. Where is their gae-nyeom?


The thing I hate the most is that I don’t care if they take a picture of themselves or not, but there are many tourists taking pictures of students. I just want them to not take pictures of students. ㅠㅠ


To those who comment like “What if they were white? Would you have blamed them? You guys blame them because they are Chinese.” I’m worried about your mentality. I’m a current Ewha Womans University’s student. The problem is not whether tourists are Chinese or European, but the fact that these people are infringing student’s rights by intruding on the school where students are learning. The libraries are usually so quiet that students don’t even want to make breathing sounds, and tourists show up and making a noise by taking pictures without thinking to get permission from students. The school, which should be the place for students, is crowded with tourists taking wedding pictures and pictures for online shopping mall. The even don’t get the school’s permission. Do you think this is a normal scene for an educational institution? I think it is legitimate for student to raise the issue of this.


It seems like it’s a fault of Korean tourism agencies that include the school as a tourist attraction.


Just spend tons of money and leave.


Once I visited Ewha because my friend studies there, and I saw people taking wedding pictures! kekeke My friend hates it.


Can they just be quiet when they are on campus?


When you go to Jeju Island, the ones who make the loudest noise and bother other people are Chinese ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Their voices are super loud ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Please kick jang-gae and Chosun-jok out of our country.


Totally right. It’s super frustrating. The upper gate of ECC checks for student IDs, but the gate in basement level four doesn’t check for student IDs, so people can enter freely and walk around. They make noise in Chinese while we are studying, and take pictures. Makes me so upset


Ewha deserves it. They did the performance degrading the army and forced the government to abolish veterans’ extra point system.

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  • Gabrielle

    There is indeed a lot of tourists around Ewha and inside campus as well. This not only completely reshaped the neighbourhood shopping area – cheap, original clothes and shoes have long been replaced by expensive international brands, but tourists freely roam on campus disturbing students – even entering the ECC and other buildings near the main gate.

  • anon

    Korean people complaining about loud noise is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life…

    • jon776

      It’s all relative. A scientific and 100% accurate list of loud and annoying people in public by nationality/ethnicity:

      (lots of other groups)
      Nordic people

      • harvz

        Actually… never mind

      • Ami

        “(lots of other groups)” is such a pathetic cop-out. Being scientific and 100% accurate: I demand you make a single list of every existing ethnic group and nationality in order of loudest to quietest.

        • jon776

          Sorry, but it’s science and you can’t argue with science!

          • markus peg

            Science encourages that you argue. If one study shows that another study needs to be taken from every group, eg a Chinese study, Korean study ect.. to make it a fair study.

          • Wang That!

            source? no source then it bull shit… sorry

          • carmouflagger

            His ass

      • markus peg

        Maybe so but id like to add that I feel often it sounds louder as if people are shouting when its a language you don’t understand.

      • pingu777


        I thought they were really nice
        Unless the topic of hockey comes up

        • jon776

          Why do you think they’re at the bottom of the list.

      • iLoveYoungjaeAndXiumin

        Give me your sources, until then it’s bullshit.

      • mr.wiener

        Any group on mass in a foreign country can be fecking unbearable. I never go to Bali anymore because of all the bloody Ockers, and I say that as a fellow Australian.

    • ChuckRamone

      Only people that are quiet all the time can complain about others being loud.

    • Koreans can be grunty, but Chinese are truly something to behold when roaming in tourist mobs. I was a victim once, as a token white US military guy at the DMZ. A normal day turned to unease when I realized this group of 30-40 Asians wasn’t speaking Korean. One locked eyes with me, and I knew I was going to be the subject of a half-hour photo shoot as the pack collectively turned on me.

    • Yu Bum Suk

      Busloads of noisy tourists invading places that should be tranquil? Yes, Pot, meet Kettle, Kettle, meet Pot.

    • dk2020

      depends which country you’re in .. of course you’re going to notice a foreign language being spoken and people get loud and obnoxious when they are intoxicated ..

    • ILBE LEVEL 4

      Over generalizing over some mean comments on a Korean website you probably didn’t know until now. Great :D

      oh, by the way it all depends on individuals, not the ethnicity

      • MooDang

        I live in Korea and I read this site everyday. Yes it is a generalization, because it is generally true that when Koreans do anything, they do it as loud as humanly possible with no respect for the time or day or the ongoing activities of other people. This is true for even my dear Korean friends who I Iove and respect.

        Want to sell melons? Crank up a loudspeaker as loud as it will possibly go with a loop of you calling out prices at the top of your lungs.

        Need to inexplicably rearrange the furniture in your house at 7 am? Make sure you bone jarringly scrape every piece across the floor so that EVERYONE in your apartment complex knows what’s up.

        Own a nice coffee shop overlooking the hills? You better blast that M*fking kpop gangnam style garbage up to full tilt…else how will your coffee sipping patrons enjoy the view?

        Hiking up the mountain? Don’t forget your boom box with tape recordings of arirang and trot music. Otherwise what is the point of nature? Make sure you sing along so others can enjoy their mountain experience.

        Going to a PC bang or board game room for fun with friends? Show the warmth of your affections by yelling the same curse word 20 times every few minutes. Don’t forget, obscenities as best when loud as possible and repeated.

        Are you a Korean girl anywhere in Korea at any time? Make sure you remember to let out blood curdling whiny screams once and a while. For full effect make sure it is for a totally necessary reason, like being cold or having tired legs from walking up a hill.

        I like it here, but if earplugs didn’t exist I would have left after the first week. I say again, Koreans complaining about loud noises is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The real reason they are complaining in this case? Because it is FOREIGN noise…and Korea is best, number one, don’t forget.

        • dk2020

          you should move if its so noisy .. how dare they be loud in their own country!

          • Moodang

            Sorry, I forgot the golden rule… Koreans can criticize and complain about foreigners but not the other way around.

          • dk2020

            whine all you want .. still doesn’t change much .. either love it or leave it kid ..

          • Moodang

            Well by that logic there is no use talking about much of anything is there? You’re right, I’ll go do something productive (with my earplugs in).

          • dk2020

            life is too short to be miserable .. good luck ..

          • Sillian

            He doesn’t sound miserable. It seems he’s just using this opportunity to talk about how Korea has more places where noise is socially accepted or tolerated than he would like. I can picture the scenes he described xP

          • moody

            I think we should all move to Korea

        • ChuckRamone

          Well, I think it also has a lot to do with where it’s happening: a college campus.

        • Ill kim

          Hey moodang dont listen to the stuck up dk2020… I think you’ve written something witty & entertaining, describing your perspective of life in korea. What some don’t realize is that many of us are “KOREA-PHILES” and are interested in knowing the good but also the bad truths about Korea Whats wrong with that ? My country had as many opportunities as Korea to rid itself of poverty, but yet today SK is a prominent part of the oecd & well, my country’s a wee bit behind -so I have immense respect for korea & want to know about ALL the ingredients that go into making korea so special ! Kbang is one of the best places to get interesting news – news not told in PC korean newspapers & frankly Kbang has class & has classy members, even including the high strung Korean conservatives ! If your comment was actually vicious and hateful id have kept my distance but I didn’t find it to be so.You do sound frustrated, which is natural for someone who is homesick. I only hope dk’s incessant attacks stemming from a myopic viewpoint don’t dissuade people from sharing their legitimate experiences!

          • dk2020

            incessant attacks? um okay .. everybody likes playing the victim .. chill out its not a big deal ..

        • Jesus Christ

          Another bitter foreigner whose only god-given talent was speaking his native language and can’t return home b/c he’d be broke and jobless for the rest of his life lol

          • MooDang

            This is the problem…people who defend Korea very rarely debate the issue at hand. It is always… “well you are a loser” or “go back to your country if you have a problem.”

            This kind of refusal to debate something, or even take joking criticism of Korea is at the heart of why things don’t change.

          • Jesus Christ

            It doesn’t need to change, Koreans have done just about fine last 60 years without a significant number of immigrants and it will do just about fine without them next 60 years. You as an outsider don’t have a right to boss around and tell some 50 mil people to change their ways of life. Just because you are white, they don’t have to treat you like the king of the castle.

          • Dan

            Making noice means being acknowledged. Being acknowledged means ‘face’, ‘feeling good’. At least in China and Korea

          • Jesus Christ

            Korea’s economic achievement didn’t come from opening its doors to foreigners, it’s more like they started working as sweatshop slaves and selling stuff for the cheapest price. Foreigners only made limited contribution to Korean economy and they will only make a limited contribution in future b/c of its homogenous pop. Foreigners are welcome to stay but they can leave the country as they wish. Koreans can choose to listen to foreigners but can also ignore them as they wish.

            And you are basically asking the entire population to ‘grow up’? It’s just the way they are and they don’t have to ‘grow’ quote* quote*. They are fine as they are and they will be fine as they will be.

            If you don’t like it, you are more than welcome to GTFO

          • Moodang

            “Korea’s economic achievement didn’t come from opening its doors to foreigners”

            Are you serious? If you seriously believe that then there is no way we can debate this. Korea unquestionably jumped ahead light years after embracing the outside world. I mean from mud huts into, well, into now.

            Cell phones, Cars, flight, TV…Do you think Koreans made that stuff originally? Are you really that delusional? I’m not saying Koreans aren’t capable of that, I mean, Koreans are just as intelligent as anyone else. The problem occurs when you lock your country down and throw away the key, telling everyone that “we are the best” and that the outside world is dirty. That is why Korea is a small, weak country. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but all of this blaming japan, blaming america, blaming china is really a very childish and basically incorrect view of history that SO many Korean people have. It is actually quite sad to witness.

            If you want to see an example of such a country, look at North Korea. Yes that is what Koreans (or anyone) will do when left completely separate from the outside world, close off to their own devices.

            You can say “grow up”, but that isn’t what I said. I said “grow”. Very different…growing is something that every population across the world has to do continuously. Your Idea that “Korea doesn’t need to change” is ludicrous enough to where I suspect you may be trolling. The whole world needs to change…countries and people are ever evolving and continue to this day.

            You seem like some old conservative with a closed mind and a little bit of a brainwashed education. So I’ll leave you be.

            By the way, I love Korea and I’m not going anywhere just cause people like you are oversensitive to a little parody.

          • Jesus Christ

            Look at how many foreigners live in Korea and can you honestly say they contribute much to domestic consumption? Do they even make up a significant portion of the workforce? Nope, Nope. There is a difference between opening one’s market vs. opening one’s borders to immigrants. Korea’s success story came from opening its doors to foreign markets, not FOREIGNERS. There’s a difference. Korea’s economy will turn instantly shitty when it closes its doors to foreign markets. Korea’s economy will turn out just fine when it kicks out 90% of foreigners, or in fact 100% of English instructors.

            Why does your attitude have to be so patrionizing toward a group of 50 mil people? You are telling them to grow, you are basically giving them a direction when nobody asked for your pathetic opinion. Calling Korea weak b/c of the population’s closed-mindedness? You must not have read too many books beside English grammar books because its source ‘weakness’ comes from having only 50 mil in domestic market and its constant need to rely on international export to sustain the economy of this size.

            What do you honestly know about the country? It’s you formulating your little opnion about the whole country and its people without knowing, virtually anything.

          • Dan

            I am not sure why Westerners decide to live in Korea when they could live in a place like Japan? Any ideas?

            If you want to date a Korea woman, they are quite number of Korean ladies in Japan too…. So whats the point?

          • Jesus Christ

            So that they don’t have to face Japanese/Chinese trolls like you lol

            Not everybody who writes in English has a white face, fucking “I am a total Japanese/Chinese troll but I’m gonna fucking call myself Dan so people thing I am a white Westerner”

          • Dan

            Ich bin ziemlich weiss, obwohl die Frühlingsonne in Japan mir einen leichten aber nicht weiter beunruhigenden Sonnenbrand beschert hat.

          • Jesus Christ


          • Raphael_kB

            Let’s keep the conversation in English guys ^^

          • dk2020

            *eats ojingah* .. same old arguments everyday on kbang .. so predictable .. lulz .. foreigners have the same complaints in china and japan .. but sadly, being noisy behind a keyboard doesn’t do much .. higher cost of living and they scaled back the JET program in Japan I’ve heard ..

          • Dan

            Opportunity costs in Korea are too high.

          • Jesus Christ


          • dk2020

            Being that in any country you have to earn citizenship to vote and make change happen, sure .. meanwhile Asian Americans are gaining political clout by numbers in California where I live .. big difference.


          • Dan

            California sounds not that bad. I suppose I would have very low opportunity costs there. Same counts for Vancouver and Toronto.

          • Jesus Christ

            日本人なんて大変じゃないの? 福島も片付けてないのに他人の悪口をチョー楽しむ放射能民族ニッポンの民度wwww

          • Dan

            I suppose there were Western foreigners living in Korea before Fukushima… Why did they decide to deliberately live in Korea, and not in Japan, Hong Kong, or even Beijing? I simply don’t get it.

          • Jesus Christ

            What’s wrong with Korea? Why is it not ok to decide to live in Korea? huh?

          • dk2020

            lmao .. you guys are weird ..

          • Jesus Christ


          • Dan

            I was already impressed the first time you used it, not need to write a novel in Japanese.

          • moody

            “Look at how many foreigners live in Korea and can you honestly say they contribute much to domestic consumption? Do they even make up a significant portion of the workforce? Nope, Nope. ”

            For them to matter on domestic consumption maybe Korea should invit massive immigration of foreigners.

            What do you think ? :-p

          • moodang

            Jesus’ basic argument is that Korea is perfect and should not have to grow, change, or accept (or even listen to) foreigners advice. Korea is perfect and has become so without help from the outside world. Oh, but please keep buying our crappy cars (the designs of which were copied) and keep your army here when it suits us, to protect us from the bad Koreans. But do not let foreigners live here, Korea is a pure blooded nation, and thus no one should intermarry, or god forbid voice any social commentary about the wonderful and perfect place that Korea is. If you do then GTFO cause your a loooooser in your home country! Korea Sparkling!

            What can you do against such mentality?

          • dk2020

            Is there any anti-miscegenation laws in Korea? All you do is whine online with no solutions. You need to take that shit to the US embassy if its really that bad and file some complaints! SMH .. I’m American but I don’t think SK owes us ANYTHING! So high strung you really need to relax ahaha .. I think you’re getting burnt the fuq out ..

          • MooDang

            Sigh…it is not horrible in Korea. When did I EVER say anything like that? It is a place like any other. It has its quirks and illogical nonsense which is not above being poked fun at, criticized, and demeaned.

            My problem is with Koreans who have a knee-jerk, butt-hurt reaction when any outsider has ANYTHING to say about Korea other than how much they love kimchi. Even when it is the obvious truth. For example, Koreans know that prostitution is rampant in Korea. But if a foreigner mentions it, we get outright denial. “No, Korea is a very conservative country, the west is much more sexually depraved.” Who is paying for all the love motels? The ultimate cop out is “That is just Korean culture, you don’t understand”. I hear it about once a week. It is just one example, but the passing of the buck, and the absurd double standard, particularly in the media here deserves to be roundly discredited, mocked, taken lightly, and disrespected by foreigners and Koreans alike. That’s what I’m doing, I’m by no means saying I hate Korea, quite the contrary.

            No Korea does not owe me anything. No, I do not expect to elicit deep social change with my online satire. I like living here, but, I can and will call Koreans out on their xenophobic, woori Nara bullcrap. The netizens comments to this article were unacceptable to me, and I chose to give voice to another point of view, in a joking way at first. But the ridiculous insecure reaction has been an eye opener.

          • dk2020

            The netizens are talking about Chinese tourists not foreigners that live in the country .. yesterday was May Day and I protested for immigration reform in DTLA.. What do you think Republicans thought of that? Pretty much the same thing ..

            If you haven’t noticed, that’s East Asian cultures also .. it’s the same in Japan and China .. denial that there is a problem and blame others .. saving face .. that’s just the way it is for now because you’re the 1st generation of foreigners living in Korea outside the military bases .. Asian Americans have lived in the US for over 100 years and we still get crapped on being a minority .. it is getting better the more the foreigner population grows and actually assimilates into Korean society.

          • Jesus Christ

            Nobody needs to listen to your stupid foreign problems. GTFO motherfucka

          • mr.wiener

            Somebody need his nap.

          • mimo

            I feel like I’m the only one who understands what you’re talking about. Damn.. it’s weird how barely anyone is defending you lol.

          • Jesus Christ

            “Oh, I’m such a perfect, spotless Mr. foreigner and I get to say this and that and the local population Has to listen to me because I’m such a smart neutral-minded foreigner”

            How full of shit you are, never said Korea was perfect but it’s fine enough to function on its own without significant foreign population.

            Fucking whiney foreign bitches, I wonder why there aren’t any far-right activists in Korea beating the shit out of these losers, we got enough whiney bitches already, we don’t need to import more from abroad *sigh

          • MooDang

            Your right, how dare anyone call out a Korean person on their right to say things like

            “Please kick jang-gae and Chosun-jok out of our country.”

            This is Korean culture, and anyone who speaks out critically against racial slurs or the mindset behind them is a “whiney foreign bitch” who needs to be “beat the shit out of”. You really showed me the light, mien fuhrer!

          • Jesus Christ

            What is wrong with such concerns against immigrants, I don’t get it? There are always people against mass immigration and you are making the Koreans look like devil when all they want is a control on Chinese migration into Korea??

            All I wanted to say was, Koreans can choose to listen to your little foreign concerns, ore they can choose to ignore. Why do all these Westerners think they are entitled to have the host country listen to every one of their little concerns and change their throught and ways of life?

            Imperialism that is, they haven’t gotten out of that fucking habit.

          • Ill kim

            There is a reason one calls those chinese immigrants “choseon-jok” -could it be because they are part korean ? They do menial & low pay-high risk jobs most others shun & stopping them from coming won’t stop crime in your country. Yes the westerner vented his “little foreign concerns” but YOU ended up calling for violence. Why are you going ape shit over imperialism ? Imperialism is GONE – it replaced by corporatism,but thats besides the point- Koreans have, on their own merit become part of the american judiciary & legislature. John Yoo was deputy assistant attorney general. Why would imperialists put koreans in such high places in their imperialist government ?

          • Jesus Christ

            Just because the US government put some token Asian guy in a high-ranking position, doesn’t mean every single White man has given up his imperialist, white-centric mentality “Every country I visit has to LISTEN to what I say and act accordingly”, West-centric imperialist minds are still well and alive and this MooDang white guy is probably one of them.

            Regards to Chaoxianzu, I don’t regard them as Koreans and neither does 99% of real Koreans. They’ve already been brainwashed by Chinese communist education and consider themsevles Chinese, so you can literally fuck them in the ass and I won’t give a small piece of shift.

            BTW, Taiwan sucks.

          • Ill kim

            Calling for violence, you are going too far ! You THINK you are doing something of value- chasing phantom demons, you are becoming a real demon yourself. Having such causeless rage and hatred, you are injecting misery into your own life. First of all does it behoove a well educated citizen of a developed country to incite violence- that too for such petty reasons ? Koreans too emigrate to other countries and not only do koreans thrive there, the host country is better off as well for gaining hard working & resourceful emigrees. Sometimes miracles like this even happen —

            So just stop your hatred from snow balling, because the two way exchange of people & ideas between korea & the rest of the world will only accelerate from here on.

          • Jesus Christ

            Taiwanese dog pretending he’s so conerned for Korea when all he wants is to make Korea look bad so he can fulfill his eveil Taiwanese jealousy?

            Have fun hammering old Samsung computer monitors on TV haha

          • Ill kim

            “eveil” ? Hmmm.. Demented & Dumb -expected from a fanatic !

          • Jesus Christ





             |_|_ノ∪ \,, ,,/ ヽ

             |::( 6  ー─◎─◎ )

             |ノ  (∵∴∪( o o)∴)


            /\ └    ___ ノ

              .\\U   ___ノ\

                \\____)  ヽ

            Taiwan so better than 狗rea, Samsung so evil Taiwan so broke, fuck Korea, Taiwan number 2 after Japan, Taiwan so love Japan but Taiwan hate Korea because lying country

          • Sillian

            Jesus is mega trolling here… I wouldn’t want to feed him.

          • Jesus Christ

            God, why are you being such a neutralfag?

          • Ill kim

            Ok agreed. But none the less if he is korean, its just not right to incite violence . Posts calling for violence should not be allowed on kbang!

          • Jesus Christ

            Re-read the fucking comment above

            Fuck all dyslexic people, seriously.

          • Ill kim

            Oh right- i forgot you’l be able to go back and edit your comment.

          • Reply

            He seems to be a whole lot more civilized than you.

            Korea is a beautiful country, with many civilized,intelligent, hard-working people. You do not seem to be one of them.

          • mr.wiener

            ….A foreigner pissed in your wheaties and stole your girlfriend?

          • Ill kim

            Hey its ok now -that guy JC has already been banned from kbang, so just let it pass.

          • mr.wiener

            Wow! in stereo.

          • Ill kim

            Its just that disqus is more difficult to understand than integral calculus!

          • Ill kim

            Hey its ok now! that guy JC has been banned from Kbang ( I think) so just let it pass -lets not stir up the pot all over again.

          • mr.wiener

            My bad.

          • Reply

            Please. That would only make some sense if there weren’t that many Koreans living abroad.

            I can understand that you don’t want to listen to people who have only bad things to say about your country. But you seem to be doing the same thing.

          • Reply

            There are far more Koreans living in western countries than there are western people in Korea.

          • Jesus Christ

            Honestly, why don’t you adapt to the country you live in and quit being a bitch? Of course, Koreans like anybody else hate nagging bitches lol

          • dk2020

            So whats your solution?? I agree with you on some points but what are you going to DO to better your situation for yourself and for other foreigners?

          • Moodang

            Open to suggestions!

          • pingu777

            I have to agree with most of your points. I mean there’s nothing wrong with having some foreign influence in Korea as long as it’s constructive, I mean sure there are some foreigners who whine about everything but there’s still a good number of them who have Korea’s best interests at heart and try to change the country for the better.

          • Moodang

            When did I “Boss anyone around” or “tell someone to change their ways of life” or expect to be “treated as king of the castle”… My point is, Koreans do way too much bitching and moaning about foreigners without being willing to engage and joke about their own problems. If the Korean people would grow enough to spend 50% of the energy they waste attacking everything not Korean, on actually trying to look in the mirror and fix some things that are broken, this country would go a lot farther. But just like your doing, the tendency is to lock down into an us vs them mentality, where any criticism coming from the outside is branded as totally outrageous. If my Korean students complain about how China is dirty, and I ask them to look around the streets of their own city (Which has piles of garbage everywhere), then am I being a “white imperialist” who expects to be the king? No, I’m saying if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones.

            Oh and by the way, a large portion of Korea’s progress in the last fifty years has been a result of finally interacting with other countries. Korea closed its doors for a large portion of its history and remained basically a third world country, which is what happens when you lock yourself in a room with the lights off…you atrophy.

          • Sillian

            It might be true that many Koreans are not very receptive to critical remarks from foreigners who are not seen as ‘insiders’ but those foreigners who are considered ‘in’ and speak fluent Korean tend to say something very different. There are quite a few foreigner celebs who criticize Korean society in fluent Korean just like Koreans would do and they are supported as long as they make sense. Yea…ideally..it shouldn’t matter whoever says it however as long as the message is legit but there is an emotional trigger like that…

            If you imply Koreans don’t bitch and moan about other Koreans and problems in Korean society among themselves, I gotta say it only means you are in a very thick expat bubble. Even if you only look at kBang articles, most of them are about domestic issues. You even said you read this site everyday. It is arrogant or seriously misguided to say Koreans don’t think there is any problem in Korea. That’s something that would really irk Koreans. As if only you, the enlightened one, see something that others don’t.

            Lastly…don’t waste too much time with Jesus. He’s proudly trolling.

          • MooDang

            Thanks for the message.

            I speak decent Korean, but you are right, the experience is much different the more language I learn.

            I know a lot of Korean people recognize the problems. I have fantastic Korean friends who are very open minded and wonderful, who are more than willing to talk about anything. I was more focused on taking the piss out of the netizens response to this article, and the Korea centric mindset it implies. Not all Koreans are like that of course.

            I suspect JC may be a troll account, but I do know some people who actually think like that, so it feels kind of good to expose his ignorance.

          • mr.wiener

            *sniff*, *sniff*, Is that cologne you are wearing called “defensive”?

          • Reply

            There are lots of Koreans living abroad.


    • dk2020
    • Jesus Christ

      And so is White people complaining about BO and bad smell lol

      • Moodang

        have you seen any NEWS ARTICLES lately where white people complain about foreigners BO? Didn’t think so. Why? Because muckraking against foreigners is shitty behaviour and discouraged in civilized nations.

        • Jesus Christ

          And this news article is about Chinese tourists simply making loud noises and chattering?

          Since when did ROK issue teaching permits to dyslexic foreigners who can barely read their own language? LOL

          Seriously, I understand when college kids or recent graduates come to Korea to teach English since it can be fun and interesting. But if you still have that job at any age above 27 or 28, you should definitely consider UNJI (i.e. jump off a cliff).

          • Reply

            So Jesus is advocating suicide now.


    • asdfa

      This made me laugh because it’s true. Whenever I go to a touristy area I always hear someone speaking in Korean, because they are usually pretty loud.

  • harvz

    No matter the nationality, a large number of tourists flocking to an area gets old FAST.

    • mekko

      That’s why I loved the comments about the tourists at Harvard. HOLY SHIT are the annoying.

  • PixelPulse

    I agree with psb1, but the school should try to hire more security guards to stop tourist from coming in.

  • Ami

    Comment #7 (the big long one) is on the spot

  • ChuckRamone

    That’s why it’s best to be an underachiever and go to a crappy college that doesn’t have hordes of tourists. Harvard? Ewha? Toudai? Not worth the bother.

  • commander

    Why is it Chinese tourists in Seoul visit the all women university? The university campus has nothing special for travelers to bother to make a visit there? Is this popularity blamed on the Korean soup drama series that are big hits with the Chinese, in which female characters are often portrayed as obedient and docile in the Chinese viewers’ eyes?

    From my first hand experiences when I traveled in Chinea ad talked with thevChinese men about Chinese anf Korean women in a bus, I can say a considerable number of Chinese men find Korean women glamorous not only because of Koream women that are described as sophisticated and beautiful but also because of their handling withtheir husband–more respectul. When I asked a Chinese about differences about women of two countries, he, a graduate student with a university in Sichuan province, said although it is always the case, but the Chinese women are ususally more asertive than their Korean female counterparts.

    • Sillian

      Didn’t the article explain why? It looks like some superstition thing because of the name of the university.

    • Brian Murphy

      So, they are looking for women?

      • Pickle

        That’s what I was going to say.

  • kaguy

    “Try to visit the American East Coast universities.. like Harvard or M.I.T. Korean tourists are no better than Chinese people.”

    The person who said this in the Korean comment section above, must be a Chinese. When I was attending M.I.T, I didn’t see any Korean tourists invading class rooms and taking pictures where they’re supposed to be in.

  • terriblemovie

    Its normal for Chinese people in China to talk loudly in public. Chinese is a tonal language and the people are culturally accustomed to it.

    It becomes a problem when they visit foreign countries. A lot of Koreans I know who aren’t even the least bit prejudiced towards Chinese people find it annoying. They tell stories of Chinese screaming towards each other in the library. And honestly, Chinese sounds funny to non-speakers.

    I also see this frequently happening here in the US. Large Chinese groups would yell at each other in public and the whites/blacks/latinos/fellow asians would look at them funny.

    • Tony

      Taiwanese people don’t talk loudly. It is possible to speak Mandarin and not rattle the dinnerware.


    Hi, I am Korean and I actually understand why many people feel this way in Korea..
    To be quite frank, a lot of Chinese immigrants (and other countries like Vietnam or Philippines) in South Korea right now are under-educated and often act in “uncivilized way”. Thus, creating a stereotypical prejudice about them. I know that I do not represent all the Koreans. Not all Koreans are biased towards Asian immigrants, nor are all Asian immigrants in South Korea under-educated.

    • Justin_kBANG

      well said! 4lvgay. don’t unji.

    • Ill kim

      “oh, by the way it all depends on individuals, not the ethnicity” — you just typed these words in another comment under THIS VERY SAME STORY. OMG the hypocrisy is SO AWESOME ! HA HA HA! I can’t stop my guffaws!

    • Jesus Christ

      병신새끼 일밍아웃 하盧?

  • KCdude

    My experience in Toronto makes me think that Koreans are louder than the Chinese. It’s mostly because Koreans are not willing to speak English almost every time in which it makes the Koreans more annoying. I may be a Korean but I have no reasons to defend Koreans in general.

    • Jesus Christ

      네 다음 캐나다 촌구석에서 살면서 자기는 명예백인이라고 자위하는 동양페이스 트윙키 바나나

      명예백인 상상딸 ㅍㅌㅊ?

  • OMG

    Chinese and Korean tourists are noisy as hell, as I’ve seen in Vancouver, tons of these Chinese and Korean tourists talk like they’re still fighting the Korean War with bombs and shells exploding around them. LOL!!! Both of these groups of Asians are loud, obnoxious and annoying….

  • chucky3176

    Everyone here should read the god damn article. They aren’t complaining about Chinese people making some noise. They are talking about Chinese people going into class rooms while they are trespassing, going into classrooms while the students are in class, taking pictures, wandering around everywhere without thinking, and talking loudly in the hall rooms and libraries where everyone’s trying to study. In other words, treating the whole school as some kind of a zoo. I realize everyone’s being defensive here, but think about it, are these normal behavior anywhere and should it be acceptable because “Koreans are noisy too”? I’m not saying this is a big deal, because at least these tourists are spending their hard earned Yuan in Korea, helping Korean economy. I’m more irritated at the comments here.

    • Justin_kBANG

      stop talking sense, chucky

      • mr.wiener

        It frightens me when he does that, he sounds so……reasonable!

    • Jurippe

      All East Asians hate each other. Nothing new, carry on.

      • K Ssam

        yeah cause white people love each other. like the french and americans. germans and the brits etc

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  • Really

    I’ve seen them invading a holy place too. There are signs everywhere shows well not to invade those place. They even wear their shoes inside the place. Omg, I was so mad.

  • moody

    Not sure about Chinese tourists behavior in Korea, but Korean Expats behavior in China is simply terrible.

    They think they are the center of the whole fucking univers and that we all revolve around them.

    Stand talking in the middle of a door opening / at the end of an escalator / in an elevator and preventing it’s doors from closing even others are in the elevator waiting.

    Incredibly loud neighboors, I fucking know, my bldg is like 60% occupied by Koreans.
    The Chinese are more quiet neighboors (and that s really a sentence i never thought i d be writting)

    I find it quite difficult to swallow to read such comments about proper behavior coming from Koreans.

    Or are they any different back home and do we just get the shiity ones ?

  • harvz

    The Kbang comments are way better than the translated ones. Great thread. Would read again.

  • Jang

    The first comment complains about the “high tuition.” Huh? The average cost for a 4 year degree in S. Korea is W6.67 million.

    It can’t be that expensive at Ewha?

  • MK

    It’s not like the Japanese and Chinese make up a huge portion of Korean tourism. Oh wait…

    Chinese people shouldn’t visit Korea. Let Korean tourism suffer, let there be even fewer jobs for their graduates. Better yet, don’t support Korean actors and artists and watch the production values of their dramas go down because they rely on foreign investment to subsidize their own entertainment. At the end of the day, Korea needs Chinese rmb but Chinese don’t need Korean won.

    • Hamilton

      Good. Also take all your illegal immigrants, foreign brides, and factory workers with you as well. Not just in Korea, but also from my country. Tell them to stop coming to take over all our neighborhoods and schools. I don’t like seeing my city turning into a huge Chinatown, while complaining about white racism.

    • Jesus Christ

      Here’s an idiot who thinks Korean economy, size of $1Trillion/yr runs on tourism and entertainment. BTW, are you a Chinese citizen who makes over 500,000RMB? If not, you’re not welcome.

      Why are you so fucking stupid?
      Do you eat human flesh? There’s a rumor Chinese like to eat children lol

      • Sillian

        Lol you are acting like you got a keyboard warrior rep to protect as an ilbe user. Calm the fk down… Just address the points without all this personal attack bullcrap…

        • Jesus Christ

          Shut up, moralfag. So what if I’m an Ilbe user, huh, what are you going to do?

      • MK

        Where in that comment did it say that Korean industry is only run on tourism and entertainment? But the fact that the comment elicited such a vehement, crass and uncultured response from you is amusing.

        • Jesus Christ

          Do you consider youself fucking stupid? Do you eat human flesh? Are you a PRC citizen who earns less than 500K RMB? If none of these apply, my comment shouldn’t elicit such a crass and uncultured response from YOU

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  • 5J

    Two words: Photo bomb. Ruin their photos and they’ll move along pretty quick and they can’t retaliate if they’re trespassing.

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  • Popopo

    Dear fucking angered chinese users, no Korean has a problem against tons of chinese tourists in other places of Seoul, but their behavior in Ewha has gone too far. My friend in Ewha got photographed close-up by a sneaky tourist and uploaded on some Chinese blog. No one can be rational after being treated that way.

  • GJM

    Heh heh, MooDang, I love you and your post made me laugh out loud, and I quote,
    “Want to sell melons? Crank up a loudspeaker as loud as it will possibly go with a loop of you calling out prices at the top of your lungs….Need to inexplicably rearrange the furniture in your house at 7 am? Make sure you bone jarringly scrape every piece across the floor so that EVERYONE in your apartment complex knows what’s up…Hiking up the mountain? Don’t forget your boom box with tape recordings of arirang and trot music. Otherwise what is the point of nature? Make sure you sing along so others can enjoy their mountain experience….Going to a PC bang or board game room for fun with friends? Show the warmth of your affections by yelling the same curse word 20 times every few minutes. Don’t forget, obscenities as best when loud as possible and repeated…Are you a Korean girl, anywhere in Korea, at any time? Make sure you remember to let out blood curdling whiny screams once in a while. For full effect make sure it is for a totally necessary reason, like being cold or having tired legs from walking up a hill.”

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